Have Faith 1 – In the Beginning

A/N : A new one! yey! Masyado pong fiction ang kwento na ito. Sana po magustuhan niyo 🙂



Where am I?


Why is it so bright in here?


Am I even in a room?


Why am I wearing white?


Why am I alone?


There are too many questions in my head, could someone please answer me?!


“Richard.” A deep booming voice said.

“Sino ka?”, Richard answered back.

“Hindi na mahalaga kung sino ako.” The voice continued. “Alam mo ba kung nasan ka?”
He looked around for the last time.  The place where he is is pure white. There’s fog on his feet, and he can’t see if this area has neither a beginning nor an end.

“No. Where am I?”

“My son, you’re in heaven.”

“Heaven? I’m in heaven? It can’t be! I still need to be on Earth, I have too much unfinished business like .. like .. “, He stopped. His own memory is betraying him. He can’t remember anything.

“Like what, Richard? I’m sorry, but you see, once you enter this place, you leave all of your mortal experiences behind.” The voice continued.

“So, if I’m in heaven, then you must be –“

“Like I said, it doesn’t matter who I am. I’m just this voice speaking to you.” He interrupted.

“Oh, anong problema?” The voice said when he saw Richard worry.

“Hi – hindi ko alam. Parang .. parang may naiwan ako. Parang may nalimutan akong gawin. May .. may hindi tama.”

The voice closed his eyes. Even though Richard couldn’t see him, He can certainly feel Richard’s presence. He can feel his movement, He can see his thoughts, and above all, He can feel what’s on Richard’s heart. And the mortal is right – there’s this space in his heart that’s longing for something.

“Do you mind if I go back?” Richard anxiously asked.

“Kung pababalikin kita, paano mo malalaman ang hinahanap mo?”

“Ewan ko. Pero hindi Mo naman ako pababayaan di ba? You’ll always be around. You’re always around.”

The voice smirked.

Naniniwala pa rin pala siya sa Akin kahit na ang gulo ng buhay niya dati.


“Alright. I’ll send you back to Earth, but there’s a catch.”

Richard looked determined all of the sudden.

“I’ll send you back, but not as a human.”

Richard gulped.

“I’m sending you back as an angel, more particularly .. “

Richard suddenly felt an itch at his back. When he looked, he saw a pair of white wings growing at his back.

“ .. a Guardian Angel.”

Two feathered wings are now attached to Richard’s back. He tried to make it move and in less than a second, he bagan to fly. Richard was overjoyed at what happened to him. He can now fly!

“I’ll be assigning a mortal to you, Son. Her name is Maya dela Rosa. Go look for her and guide her. She will be the only one who can see you and who can talk to you. And for that period of time, go look for the thing that’s going to fill the space in your heart.”

“Makakaasa Po kayo!” Richard happily said.

“But there’s a time limit.” The voice continued. “Not really a time limit, but a limit, simply. You are to disappear on Earth once you’ve full remembered your past.”

“ .. ok.” Richard said.

“And also, since you’re now an angel, and you’re exposed to your post environment, time will come that you’ll remember your memories, little by little. And if that happens, hindi ka na ulit makakapunta dito because of your mortal baggage, it’s one of our laws here. There’ll be this barrier that will prevent you from entering heaven, understood?”

Richard nodded.

“Now, close your eyes.” The voice said.

Richard closed his eyes. After a minute he opened his eyes.

He’s no longer in heaven.

Maya was holding too many papers as she crossed the street to go to her work. She’s the current secretary of Lim Aviation Services’ CEO – Mr. Roberto Lim.

It was another busy day for Maya. She’s been like this ever since she was hired. She even forgets celebrating holidays because she’s always at work. She always blames it on her boss. He always goes to work even if it’s a Sunday and even celebrates Christmas there. But it was also the day where she could see his boss so sad, almost into tears if she may say so.

“Maya, pinapatawag ka ni Sir Robert sa office niya.”, Liza said. Liza is one of her officemates in LAS.

“Naku, anong sabi? Baka may mali na naman sa reports ko.”

“Hindi ko alam eh. Basta pumunta ka na lang dun, baka mapag-initan ka pa ng ulo.”

Maya quickly descended her table.


She suddenly stopped, then looked around.

She continued to look around.
“Psst! Naririnig mo ko?”

“Sino ba ‘yun. Sitsit nang sitsit, di naman nagpapakita.” She whispered.

“Kita mo na ko?” the male voice said, and when Maya turned around, she was standing face-to-face with a man.

“Ay! Si-sino ka ba?” she quickly stepped back.

The man laughed. “So, are you Maya?”

“Ha? Pa-pano mo nalaman ang pangalan ko?”

“It was easy! You’re the only one who can see me.”

Maya looked at the man she was talking to. He’s taller than her, that’s a fact. He has this chinky eyes that is hidden in his eyeglasses, the right build of body and is wearing pure white. He’s also barefooted. Then Maya noticed something at his back.

“Ano yung nasa likod mo?”

“Ah, this?” he looked back. “It’s my wings.”

“Wings? As in pakpak?”

He nodded.

Maya laughed. “Ayos ka rin no? Aattend ka ba ng costume party?” she continued laughing.

The man only smirked. “Hindi ka naniniwala sa’kin no?” then his wings suddenly opened, lifting him up in the air.
Maya’s mouth hung open. She couldn’t believe at what she’s seeing. That man could really fly!

“Oh? Nagulat ka naman ngayon?” the man flew near her and smiled warmly at her.

“I’m Richard, your Guardian Angel.  The voice sent me.”

Maya was still shocked.

“Close your mouth, Maya. I can’t really touch you, you know?”

When Maya didn’t respond, Richard went down from the air and closed his eyes.

Don’t be scared. Everything is alright. Trust me.


Maya suddenly became at peace. The voice in her head calmed her down.

“Ikaw yun?”

Richard smiled. “Yes.”

“So guardian angel nga kita?”


“Nakikita ka ng iba?”

“Nope. Just you.”

“Who sent you?”

“I told you, The voice sent me.”

“The voice? Eh ‘di ba TV show yun?”

Richard laughed. “No, silly. He’s the great one. He’s God, my dear Maya.”

“Weh? Paano naman ako nakakasiguradong anghel ka nga?”

“Ask Him.”




“Oo, pray. He will always answer you, you know. Just at the right time.”

“Eh ang tagal ko nang hindi nagsisimba eh.”

“Hindi naman laging ganun eh. Even before you sleep, magdasal ka. Hindi naman Niya hinihingi yung isang buong araw mo, kahit kaunting minuto lang, masaya na Siya, kasi napaglaanan mo Siya ng oras.”

“Ehh .. “

“Maya, let’s talk about this later. I think your boss is waiting for you.”

“AY! Oo nga! Ikaw kasi eh! Wrong timing ka dumating!” she quickly left.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be here.” He said as he flew by her side.

Maya nervously entered Roberto’s room. She could sense his anger even before she set her foot inside. Richard also flew inside the room, making Maya feel more anxious.

“Go-good morning po Sir.” She stuttered.

Roberto looked up from his computer. “Why are you late?”

“Uhmm ..”

“I asked you why you are late!  Why can’t you answer a simple question?!”

Maya jumped at the loudness of Roberto’s voice. “Ka-kasi po .. may .. may pinoto-copy lang po ako para sa meeting mamaya.” She lied.

“Tsk tsk tsk. Lying. That’s bad, Maya.” Richard said.

“Shut up!” Maya whispered to Richard.

“Are you telling me to shut up, Ms. Dela Rosa?” Roberto asked.

“No – no sir. It was not me.”
“I need you to re-type this document. It lacks information.”

“Two points of lying goes to Ms. Dela Rosa.” Richard said in delight.


“Ms. Dela Rosa! You have become too nosy today! Enough of your murmurings!”

Richard finally touched the land and walked in front of Roberto. He closed his eyes.

Calm down, old man. You’re now old. Remember your health. And your heart ..


Richard suddenly felt sad when he felt Roberto’s heart. It’s all broken and is full of cracks. But it’s still glowing because of a picture of a woman.

He suddenly opened his eyes.

Why do I have this feeling that he’s familiar? And .. the woman, why is she familiar too?


“Sorry hija. I didn’t mean to shout at you.” Richard was brought back from his reverie when he heard Roberto talk.

“Po?” Maya asked then looked at Richard, who smiled at her.

“Pagpasensyahan mo na kung laging mainit ang ulo ko. May .. may hindi lang kasi ako matanggap eh.”

“Ay, ok lang po yun Sir. So, ito lang po ba yung ipapa-revise niyo?”

“Oo. Salamat.”

“Sige po Sir. I’ll bring it back later.”

Then she left.

“Richard! Ano ‘yun, superpowers mo?” Maya asked Richard when she reached her table.

“Powers? No. It’s a gift. “

“Salamat nga pala ha. Dapat pala lagi kang nandito, parang ngayong ko lang nakitang ganun si Sir Robert eh.”

Richard became serious all of the sudden. “I can see that. When I tried to make him at peace, I got sad when I reached his heart.”


“Basag na kasi eh. Like something bad really happened to him before. But it’s still functioning because of a woman.”
“Ahh. Si Ma’am Esmeralda ‘yun, asawa ni Sir. House wife lang siya. Saka … baka ganun si Sir Robert kasi .. “

“Kasi ano?”
“Ang sabi kasi dito sa office, namatay daw yung anak ni Sir eh. Kaya ayun lagi siyang ganun. Eh! Ewan ko, hindi ako naniniwala kasi hindi naman kay Sir nanggaling eh.”

“Very good, Maya. Tama ‘yan.”
“Richard naman eh!”

For the rest of the day, Maya continued her work. Richard is indeed a blessing. He always helps her in her tasks even though he cannot perform them physically. All of her co-workers are extra kind to her, thanks to Richard’s gift.


8 thoughts on “Have Faith 1 – In the Beginning

  1. this seems like a very heartbreaking story. an angel becomes in love with a mortal woman. will he choose immortality? or his love for Maya?

  2. parang magiging malungkot to sa huli.. I hope hindi namn.. Anyway.. Thanks for this.. I think alam ko na kung saan makakaratng ang story na ‘to.. Hope to read the next Chapter! 😀

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