The Art of Letting Go – part 27

Note: This is a continuation of The Art of Letting Go 26.

Author: princemackaroo


By 8AM the next day, Richard was already inside Emman’s condo, bringing three cups of coffee and three breakfast sandwiches. Emman was the one who opened the door for him and led him inside. Maya had been busy prepping up and was unaware of Richard’s presence in the living room.

Richard walked towards Maya’s room and decided to knock. “Ay teka lang Emman. Lalabas na ako,” said Maya making Richard grin and Emman laughing softly. As Maya opened the door, she immediately saw Richard standing at the doorway, beaming at her. “Good morning my angel!” “Honey ko! Ang aga mo naman!” greeted Maya as she gave him a hug. “I brought us breakfast. I want us to have breakfast together. I also brought some for Emman,” explained Richard. “Ang sweet sweet naman talaga ng honey ko!” said Maya as she caressed Richard’s face making Richard smile sweetly at her.

As Richard and Maya went to the dining table, Maya invited Emman over. “Emman, halika na, sabay ka na sa aming mag breakfast. Dinalan ka rin ni Richard o.” Hesitant about the idea, Emman tried to decline her offer. “Emman, halika na. Mahihiya ka pa ba eh tayong tatlo lang naman. Sige na sabay ka na sa amin,” smiled Maya. “Oo nga naman Emman, come join us,” invited Richard, smiling at Emman as well.

Emman reluctantly accepted their offer. “Sige na nga. Nakakahiya naman sa inyong dalawa eh. Salamat po Mr. Lim,” thanked Emman. “You’re welcome Emman. And if I can make a request, please Richard nalang ang itawag mo sa akin. Masyadong formal ang Mr. Lim and drop the po narin as well,” smiled Richard. “Ok. Kung yun ang gusto mo Richard,” replied Emman. “Thanks Emman.”

The three had a great time over breakfast. Emman inquired a lot of things about how the relationship of Richard & Maya evolved from friendship to being in a romantic relationship. Richard answered most of the questions with much enthusiasm that Emman cannot help but show his giddiness. “Awww. Roomie! Wala na akong ma-say sa boyfriend mo! He’s so sweet & thoughtful! Ang swerte swerte mo sa kanya!” Maya simply laughed at Emman’s reaction.

“No Emman. I’m the one lucky to have my angel. I’m lucky to have been loved by her,” said Richard, looking intently at Maya the whole time while holding her hand. He then took her hand and planted a kiss on it which made Maya blush. “Eeeeeiiii!!” shrieked Emman, “Ikaw na talaga roomie! Ikaw na talaga!!” Richard simply let out a hearty laugh while Maya continued to blush profusely.

Shortly after breakfast, Richard & Maya made their way to the airport. Inside the car, Richard took hold of Maya’s left hand and intertwined it with his right while his left maneuvered the steering wheel coolly. “Four days din kitang hindi makikita angel ko. Mami-miss mo ba ako?” “Umm. Four days lang naman yun eh. Tingin ko hindi naman kita ma-mi-miss,” teased Maya. “Really? You won’t miss me?” asked Richard with furrowed brows. “Hindi!” grinned Maya. Richard kept quiet and appeared to look hurt. Seeing this reaction from him made Maya laugh.

“Honey ko, hindi bagay sa’yo ang mag-drama. Sige na. Smile ka na,” she said but Richard kept his stance. “Honey ko. Smile ka na please?” pleaded Maya but still no avail. “Hmm. Mukhang nagtampo nga ang honey ko ah,” she thought, spreading a smile on her face. The rest of the ride to the airport had been quiet. Richard simply focused on the road not even giving Maya a glance. On the other hand, Maya simply observed him the whole time.

As they finally reached the airport, Richard got out of the car first and assisted Maya in alighting and got her luggage for her. Richard maintained a poker face. “Sige na. Pumasok ka na sa loob at baka mahuli ka pa.” Smiling at him, “Uuuy.. Ang honey ko nagtatampo parin sa akin,” teased Maya. Letting out a sigh, “Eh sino ba naman ang hindi magtatampo. Four days tayong hindi magkikita tapos hindi mo manlang ako mami-miss kahit saglit? Ako nga naiisip ko palang, nami-miss na kita agad. Tapos ikaw,” explained Richard with a hurt look. Maya simply laughed. “At talagang tinatawanan mo pa ako,” said Richard, shaking his head in disbelief. “Eh kasi ang drama mo honey ko. Sobra!” grinned Maya.

Seeing the seriousness on his face, Maya finally gave in. Gazing intently at his eyes, Maya cupped his face and said, “Honey, I was just teasing you. Siyempre naman mami-miss kita ano. Hindi lang basta miss. Mami-miss kita ng sobra sobra.” Richard tried to remain unaffected by Maya’s sweet gestures.

“Nagtatampo parin ang honey ko?” Maya gave him a peck on his cheek and hugged him tight. “Honey, wag ka na magtampo. Biro lang talaga yung kanina. Hindi pwedeng hindi kita ma-miss, alam mo ba yun? Ilang oras nga lang na hindi kita makita o madinig manlang ang boses mo, nami-miss na kita agad eh. Yun pa kaya na 4 days tayong di magkikita hindi kita mami-miss?”

Richard could no longer help but smile. Hugging Maya back, “I’ll miss you so much my angel,” he said. Smiling at his response, “So hindi ka na nagtatampo ha?” “Hindi na,” chuckled Richard. Maya broke off from the embrace and gazed intently at his eyes. “I love you!” she said. Smiling at her, “I love you too!” “So pano? Pasok na ako sa loob. Baka ma-late pa ako. Itetext kita agad as soon as makalapag yung plane sa France.” “Ok. I will wait for your text. Take extra good care of yourself ha? Wag kang papagutom o papabayaan ang sarili mo,” instructed Richard. “Yes honey ko. Mag-iingat ako at hindi magpapa-baya. Ikaw din ha? Mag-iingat ka at wag papagutom.” “Yes my angel. I won’t,” smiled Richard.

“O sige na. Pasok na ako sa loob,” she said. But Richard got hold of her wrist. “Aren’t you forgetting something my Angel?” grinned Richard. Bewildered, “Wala naman. Wala naman akong naiwan o nakalimutan manlang,” she said. “Just to remind you, you still haven’t given me a goodbye kiss,” smiling naughtily at her. Smiling back, Maya gave him a peck on his cheek. “O ayan na. Sige na. Papasok na ako sa loob.” “Not so fast my angel,” he said then immediately pulled Maya closer to him and gave him a quick kiss on her lips. “Better,” grinned Richard.

Maya immediately covered her lips and felt her cheeks burning in an instant. “Honey naman eh! Nakakahiya! Ang daming tao o!” Laughing at her reaction, “Don’t mind them my angel. They’re just envious cause you have a good looking boyfriend,” he said. “Ang yabang mo talaga!” replied Maya, playfully giving him a slap on his arm. “Sige na at papasok na ako sa loob. Ingat ka sa pag-uwi ha. Bu-bye,” “I will.”

As Maya got inside the office for a quick briefing from their superior, she was immediately approached by her co-FA and friend, Eds. “Uuuy! Maya. Ikaw ha. Hindi mo sinasabi sa amin na may boyfriend ka na pala!” Maya, a bit startled by Eds discovery, “Ah. Eh.” “Hay nako girl! Wag ka ng mag-deny! Grabe lang ang sweetness niyo kanina! Nakaka-inggit masyado!”said Eds giddily. “Ikaw talaga Eds!” smiled Maya.

After their briefing, Maya and the rest of her co-FAs boarded the plane. After almost 15 hours of air time travel, the plane finally landed France. It was already 7PM France time when they landed. Immediately she took out her phone and informed Richard that she had reached her destination safely. After assisting the passengers unloading the plane and clearing their entry, Maya and Eds decided to proceed to their hotel. Both of them were assigned the same room. The two decided to simply have their dinner at the hotel and shortly after, went back to their room and finally had their much needed rest after a long tiring flight.

It was already 10AM when Maya woke up the next day. As she got up, she noticed that Eds was no longer in her bed but left her a note on her bedside table informing her that she already went strolling together with their other FA buddies. Though Maya thought it unusual for Eds to simply leave her alone inside the hotel room, she simply brushed off the idea and decided to freshen up and went to the restaurant inside the hotel to have her brunch.

After placing her orders to the attending waiter, Maya took out her phone to send Richard a message. “Good morning honey ko! Kakagising ko lang eh. Am now about to have my brunch. Ingat ka palagi ha at wag papagutom. I loveyou!” she typed and pressed send. She tried to wait for a reply but nothing came. “Busy siguro masyado. Hay honey ko. Miss na kita,” she thought, placing a hand under her chin, allowing herself to be lost in her own musing.

“Voici vos orders mon ange (here are your orders my angel).” Maya looked up and was surprised to see Richard beaming down at her. Eyes going wide, Maya immediately stood up from her seat. “Honey ko!” she said, immediately giving him a hug. “Surprised?” “Sobra! Bakit andito ka?” she asked. “I came to surprise you and at the same time, para hindi mo ako masyadong ma-miss!” he said. As they finally broker off from the hug, “By the way, this is for you,” said Richard, handing her a bouquet of sunflowers. “Aww. Thanks honey! Grabe na itong mga surprises mo ha. Kelan ka pa dumating?” “We’re on the same flight?” grinned Richard. “Kasama kita sa flight?” “Yes my angel. I’ve arranged everything beforehand and made sure that we are on the same flight. We’re both on the same hotel and same floor even!” said Richard proudly.

Maya was rendered speechless once again. She doesn’t know what to say or what feel about Richard’s efforts. Seeing the shock on her face, “What?” he smiled. “Eh kasi honey, sobra-sobra na itong ginagawa mo para sa akin. Hindi mo naman na kailangan pang gawin ito eh.” “But I want to. I love to. Kasasagot mo palang sa akin the other day then 4 days agad tayong hindi magkikita?” “Ikaw talaga!” replied Maya then moved closer to Richard to give him another tight hug. “Thank you honey ko! You don’t know how happy I am.” Hugging back, “You liked my surprise to you?” he asked. “I love it!” she answered.

As the two were having their brunch, “Kaya pala biglang nawala si Eds sa kwarto at nag-iwan nalang ng note. Kasabwat mo siya?” “Well I did ask her na iwan ka niya so we can spend your two-days stay here together,” smiled Richard. “So mamamasyal tayo after nito?” she asked.”Yes. I’ve already set an itinerary for our two-days stay here in France. We’ll tour Paris together.”



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