Questions – part 2

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Miss Aa. This is a continuation to Questions-part 1.

Author: Miss Aa





Chapter 2 – Maya’s Life.

“I’m Maya Dela Rosa – Ventura. 28 years old. I’m the CEO of Time Airways…

And this is my story…”


December 2014. Maya’s House.

She woke up at 5am, preparing herself to go to work. She didn’t want to go to work, because the four corners of Time Airways always remind her of everything she had.

“Don’t go to work Maya! Maaalala mo lang lahat yun.” Her heart said.

“Go to work Maya! Kailangan mo!” Her brain said.

She was the famous ‘Tiger FA CEO’ or ‘Terror FA’. She became like that 5 years ago. Her secretary Edselyn was the only person who can approach Maya eventhough she was scared but she didn’t have any choice but approach her everyday.

For Edselyn, everyday was torture day, but she understands why Maya is like that. She always get a shout from Maya or she will always see the frowning face of her Maam Maya.

“Goodmorning Maam Maya.” Edselyn said while walking with Maya in the lobby of Time Airways.

“Morning. Schedule for today?” Maya said.

“You have a meeting with Mr. Ventura Sr at 10am.”  Edselyn said. She was half-running because Maya was walking so fast.

“That’s all Edselyn?” Maya said.

“Yes, Maam. That’s all for today.”

“Okay, after the meeting. I’ll go home right away.” Maya said then she stopped from walking raising her hand. She turned her back to look at Edselyn. “Oh wait!” Maya looked at her.

“Yes Maam?”

“And please tell Mr. Cardo to take charge while I’m away.”

“Yes Maam! That’s all Maam?”

“Yes, that’s all. Thank you Eds.” Maya said.


“Goodmorning Maam Maya!” Some FA’s and Pilots greeted her but she didn’t greet them back.

“Sungit naman ni Maam Maya, ganyan ba talaga yan?” One of the FA’s whispered.

Unfortunately, Maya heard that. She stopped from walking and she turned her back to face the FA.

“What’s your name Lady?” Maya approached the FA. “Are you the New Flight Attendant?”

“Y-yes Maam. Sorry po.” The FA said.

“Did you hear what I said earlier? I’m asking you, What’s your name?”

“M-maam. M-my n-name i-is Celine De Guzman.”

“Do you know me Ms. De Guzman?”

“Yes po Maam.”

“What’s my position here?”

“CEO po Maam.”

“So, I deserve to be respected right? and I can do anything I want. Am I right?”

The FA wasn’t answering and Maya got irritated by her actions.

“Pipe ka ba?! Did you hear what I said? I deserve to be respected right?!”

The FA was scared already. Her hands were shaking already.

“No Maam, Hindi po. Yes po, you deserve to be respected. I’m so sorry po.”

“You’re fired Ms. De Guzman.” Maya said

“But Maam-” Celine started to cry. “I really love this job. I did everything just to get here. Please Maam, give me another chance.”

She ignored her. She started to walk again and she went to her office. She sat down on her swivel chair and she massaged her forehead. She called Edselyn.

“Eds, get me a medicine for headache and the coffee-creamer-sugar. Magtitimpla ako ng coffee. Thankyou.” Maya said.

Edselyn went to the pantry and she got some medicine from the Medicine Cabinet. She heard some FA’s talking about what happened earlier.

“Ang lupet talaga ni Maam Maya no? Grabe yung ginawa nya sa bagong FA.” A man FA said.

“Oo nga, walang puso. Kawawa naman yung Celine na natanggalan ng trabaho.” A woman FA said.

“Ang trabaho parang mahal sa buhay, sobrang sakit pag nawala. Hindi nya siguro alam ang mawalan ng taong mahal. Ang lupet nya eh.”

“Ehem! Ehem!” Edselyn said. “Wala kayong alam sa nangyari kanina, imbes na chismisan  kayo ng chismisan dyan, magtrabaho kayo! Wala kayong alam sa pinagdadaanan ni Maam Maya! Kaya itigil nyo yan ang go back to work!!” Edselyn said.

Edselyn went back to Maya’s Office.

Knock.. Knock.. Knock..

“Maam Maya, eto na po yung gamot nyo.”

“Thank you Eds.” Maya said.

“Welcome Maam Maya.”

Edselyn was still standing infront of Maya and Maya knows that her friend-secretart Edselyn wanted to say something.

“Eds, alam ko may sasabihin ka. Ano yun?”

“Okay ka lang ba?” Ed asked.

“I’m alright Eds. Konting headache lang naman.”

Edselyn went back to her office.


Maya noticed the date on her calendar, December 8, 2014. She remembered something…



December 8, 2008.  Ventura’s House.

Maya wore her favourite red dress. She was so excited! She received a text message from James.

“See you later Honey. Pick you up by 7pm! I love you so much my dear Maya! -James”

“Okay Honey! See you later. I love you too! –Maya.”

Maya and James were excited. They were college lovers, they got married when their eldest was 4 years old already.

Maya was a teenage mom, she got pregnant when she was 18 years old and they got married after they graduated from college and now after all the hardships and challenges they’ve been through, now they would celebrate their 4th Wedding Anniversary.

James already arrived home.

Beep.. Beep.. Beep..

Maya heard the horn of James’ car and she got more excited. There were butterflies on her tummy.

“Hi Kids! Your Mommy Maya is ready na ba?” James said.

“Yes Daddy! Mommy is so pretty.” Janica said.

“That’s the reason why you’re so pretty My Princess Janica.” James said as she kissed her daughter.

“Aww, Daddy you’re  the sweetest! I’ll just call Mom! Iloveyou!” Janica said.

“I love you too Princess. Please call my queen.”

Someone was pulling  James’ coat. She looked down and he saw their son Marco.

“Daddy, you’re so handsome! Gwapo din ba ko like you?”

James’ laughed and Maya heard it. As she was descending from the stairs.

“Honey.” James’ kissed her wife and whispered. “You look so wonderful. I love you.”

Maya felt giddy when she heard it from James. James knew it, she would blush when she would hear like those words from him. He was happy.

“Ahm, Honey. Marco was asking if he’s gwapo like his Daddy.” James said.

“You’re so gwapo Prince. Mas gwapo kesa kay Daddy.” Maya laughed.

“Ah! Ganun!” James said. He was about to tickle Maya.

“I was just teasing you!” Maya said. “Stop! Sayang ang ganda ko kung maghaharutan tayo!”

“Okay, I’ll stop.” James said. “You still look the same when we were in college but you became prettier.” James kissed her and he let Maya’s hand around his arm.

“Nambola ka pa! Porket Anniversary.” Maya slapped James’ arm. “O kids! Behave ah! Wag pahirapan si Manang Tess! Okay?”

“Yes po Mommy! Enjoy your dinner!” Janica said.

“Manang Tess, una na po kami.” James said. “Bye Kids. Daddy loves you!”

Everything turned out so well. Their dinner was a success, every year James always has a surprise for Maya.

James gave Maya a necklack with their initials and their kid’s initials with a heart between the letters. ‘J♡M♡J♡M’

“Awww, James! Ang ganda nito!” Maya said. She was teary eyed.

“Just like you Maya.” James said and he kissed her. He got the necklace and he places it on Maya’s neck. Maya was putting her hair on left side and James saw her semi-backless dress. He kissed her nape. “I love you so much Maya.”

“I love you too Honey.”

Maya faced him and he kissed her lips passionately.


Present Time.

December 2014. Maya’s Office.

Maya let out a sigh. Maya called Edselyn.

“Eds, please cancel all my meetings and appointments today.”

“But what about Mr. Ventura Sr.?”

“Please tell him, I’m not feeling well and I’m sorry if I can’t attend to the meeting.”

“Okay Maam.” Edselyn said. “Is there anything else you need Maam?”

“And please call Ms. Celine De Guzman to report to me tomorrow. First thing in the morning.”

“Ms. Celine De Guzman? The lady you fired a while ago?”

“You heard me right Eds. I need to go. I’ll see you tomorrow.”



June 2009. Master’s Bedroom.

Maya was fixing her things for her flight to New York tomorrow evening and she heard her family discussing about something, she went to them not to close. She was hiding…

“Daddy! Ikaw na magpaalam kay Mommy!” Janica said.

“Janica, My Princess, ikaw na. Sino ba ang pinakamalakas kay Mommy Maya dito? Hindi ba ikaw?” James said and he kissed her Princess’ cheeks.

“Daddy, I won’t be deceive by your sweet gestures.” Janica laughed. “Marco! Ikaw na kasi! Bunso ka diba?”

“Ate naman eh! Ayoko nga.” Marco said.

“Marco, Ikaw na. Ikaw ang bunso.” James said.

“But Dad-”

“Hep hep!” Maya butted in. “Kinakawawa nyo ang prinsipe ko. Bakit ano ba kasi yung ipagpapaalam nyo at nagtuturuan pa kayo?”

They were still quiet, looking at each other’s eyes. Still arguing.

“Ano walang magsasalita?” Maya said. “James! What is it?”

James knew Maya. When Maya would call him ‘James’ or ‘James Ventura’ only, Maya is pissed or mad.

“Honey, don’t be mad. Kumukunot na ang nood. Sige ka, papangit ka.” James said.

“I’m serious James. I won’t be mad unless you’ll tell me what’s going on? And why were you and the kids arguing?”

“It’s like this. Gusto kasi ng mga bata pumunta ng Baguio bukas, eh ang sabi ko sa kanila hindi ka pwede kasi may flight ka at ang balik mo pa after 3 days pa.”

“Oo nga naman, pwede naman nating gawin yan next week. May leave ako diba?”

“But Mom, ngayon lang po ang long weekend naming tas next week po, exam na namin.” Janica said.

“And.. The kids still want to go. I hope it’s okay with you Honey?”

“Eh. I want to join you Guys! I can cancel my flight. If you want?”

“No Honey, it’s okay. I know this flight is very important to you. This is the key to your promotion right?”

“Yes, but that promotion can wait.”

“It’s okay Honey. Wag mo ng icancel.”

“Okay, ayaw nyo lang ata ako kasama. Nakakatampo.” Maya pouted her lips.

“Uy, si Honey ko. Nagtatampo…” James tried to tickle her.

“Mommy!! Wag ng magtampo.” Janica and Marco tried to tickle her also.

Maya can’t breathe because of laughing. She was lying on the floor and her husband and kis were still making fun of her, she used all her strength as she stood up and she raised her two hands.

“Okay!! Di na ako magtatampo, itigil nyo lang yan. Kayo pa ba matitiis ko?” Maya kissed Janica and Marco on their foreheads.

“How about me?” James said.

“Oh eto, flying kiss!” Maya laughed.

“Ayoko nyan, nagtatampo na ko.” James looked down.

Maya, Janica and Marco looked at each other’s eyes and they looked at James. ‘The Evil Look’

“Uh-oh” James said.

“Attack!!” Maya said and they made fun of James.

They were all laughing, everything seemed so perfect, they were so happy. You can hear them laughing boisterously and they sat down on the floor catching their breaths.

“Mommy, can we sleep on you bed?”

“At bakit naglalambing ang Prince Marco ko?” Maya said.

“Nothing. Kasya naman po tayo diba?” Marco said.

“Kasyang kasya!” James said and he hugged them tight.

They slept all together. Hugging each other.

– – – – – – – – – –

June 10, 2009. 6am.

Maya woke up first, she was about to go downstairs when James grabbed her hand.

“Where are you going Honey? It’s too early stay beside me.”

“I’m going to cook breakfast for you Guys.” Maya pinched James’ cheeks.

“Stay here Maya, please. I want you here.” James said it while tapping the empty side of the bed.

“Okay! I love you. Sleep ka pa.” Maya went beside her husband and James was caressing her hair while Maya’s head was on his chest and his arm around her.

“You know what Maya. You and the kids are the best things that ever happened to me. Ako na ata ang pinaka’maswerteng tao at kayo ang kasama ko at makakasama ko pa sa habang buhay. I love you so much Maya! You are my happiness including the kids.” James said.

“Aww, I love you so much James. You guys are the best gift that was ever given to me. You, Janica and Marco are my everything. I love you!” She kissed him and James gave her the sweetest kiss.

Maya felt something was wrong but she she didn’t mind it.


June 10, 2009. 6pm. Time Airways.

“Honey, ingat ka sa flight! I love you so much!” James said and he kissed her.

“Mommy, please don’t forget our pasalubongs!” The kids said and Maya kissed them one by one.

“Okay, don’t worry kids. I won’t. Pasalubong ko din ah!”

“Mom! Yes! Mom!” The kids said.

James held her waist and kissed her passionately.

“I love you Maya! I love you so much.” James said.

“I love you too James so much. Ingat sa biyahe and please James drive safely.” Maya said. “Text me when you’re at Baguio already.”

“Yes, I will Honey. I love you.”

“Bye Honey! Bye Kids! I love you all!” She kissed him again.

Maya was walking towards the entrance of the airport. She was feeling uneasy, she didn’t want to go to that flight. She wanted to be with her family. She stopped, she turned her back and looked at her family.

James was leaning on his car and the kids were waving their hands at Maya.

“Mommy!! We love you!” The kids said and they made the famous heart sign.

Maya couldn’t help but to smile at her family. She waved at them and she sent some flying kisses.


When she was in the airplane, she was feeling so uneasy.  Her family was the only thing that was running oh her mind, she didn’t know why, She can’t even focus on her work. She almost poured down the hot coffee on the customer. Fortunately, she was saved by her Co-FA’s.

The flight was okay, she went to the hotel to get some goodnight sleep.

“Maybe, pagod lang ako. I’ll call James na lang.” Maya thought.

But she can’t reach James’ phone.

“Baka lowbatt.” Maya said.

Maya checked her phone first thing in the morning. Still no calls or messages from James. She tried to call  James’ number but still she can’t reach it. She was starting to get worried. So, she called her Maam Ina.

Ring.. Ring.. Ring..

“Maam Ina, pwede po ba akong mauna ng umuwi sa Pilipinas? Para kasing may mali eh.”

“Sure Maya, pero bakit may sakit ba anak mo?”

“No Maam. Nasa Baguio nga sila ngayon eh, kaso hindi nila sinasagot ang mga tawag ko. I’m getting worried and hindi po ako mapalagay.”

“Sure Maya, no problem. There’s a flight New York to Manila later at 10am. You can get that flight.”

“Thanks Maam Ina! Goodbye!”

Maya started to prepare herself. The feeling she felt yesterday was still on her heart. She didn’t know why. She tried to call James’ but no answer.

June 12, 2009. 6pm.

Maya arrived at their house, she was excited to see her kids and husband tomorrow. She was alone at the Master’s Bedroom. She fell asleep.

“James! You’re here! Where’s the kids?” Maya was looking everywhere, she was looking for her kids. “Bakit ganyan ang suot mo? Puting Puti ah! Gwapo mo talaga.”

James was still silent.

“Uy! Honey! Tulog na ba yung mga bata?” Maya asked and she was about to go to their kids’ room but James grabbed her arm and he hugged her so tight.

“I will always love you Maya. I will.”  Jame said.

“Nakakatakot ka. Mamahalin din kita palagi Honey. Hanggang buhay ako.” Maya said, she kissed his cheeks.

“Uy! Ayun yung mga anak kong gwapo’t magaganda! Andyan lang pala kayo.” Maya saw her kids standing outside the Master’s Bedroom.

She went outside of the room, just infront of James. The kids ran to their Mom and they gave Maya some kisses.

“That was the sweetest kiss ever! How’s Baguio?”  Maya asked. “Saka bakit kayo nakaputi lahat? Ikakasal ba tayo ulit James?” She asked James as she turned her back to face him.

But her kids pulled het shirt to get her attention. She knelt down to face her kids.

“Mommy, I will always love you. Ikaw ang kaisa’isang babaeng minahal ko and syempre kasama si Ate Janica.” Marco said.

“Mommy, I will always love you. You’re my bestfriend, my mom, my sister and my everything Mommy! I love you! Always remember that Dad, Marco and I will always love you forever and ever. Be happy Mom!” Janica said.

Tears were starting to fall from her eyes.

“Aww, ang sweet nyo naman magaama. May kasalanan kayo no? Wala kayong pasalubong sakin no? Okay lang yun! I will always love you too Guys! I will.” Maya said. “Halika nga kayo, hug nyo ko.” Maya asked them but no one tried to approach her.

Uy! Sabi ko hug nyo ko!” Maya said.

“Bye Maya! Bye Mommy! We love you!” They all waved their hands and Maya tried to stop them from walking.

“James! Bumalik kayo dito.” Maya said but they didn’t face Maya.

“Janica! Marco! Galit na si Mommy! Bumalik kayo!” Maya shouted. They did face Maya but they just waved their hands.

“We love you!”  They all said in unison.


Maya woke up. She didn’t know she fell asleep on the couch then suddenly her phone rang.

“Hello Ma?” It was her Mama Marsha. James’ Mom.

“Maya.. Hija…” Mama Marsha was crying.

“Ma, umiiyak ka ba? Bakit?”

“Just wait for me there Hija.”

Maya waited for her Mama Marsha. She was walking back and forth.

“Maya Anak!” Her Mama Marsha was crying. “Open your TV Anak.”

She opened it and she saw a news.

“Isang sasakyan ang bumagsak sa bangin, pagkatapos banggain ng isang trucl. Tatlo(3) ang nasawi at ito’y kinikilala na sina:

James Ventura, 25 years old.

Janica Ventura, 9 years old.

Marco Ventura, 4 years old. “

Maya didn’t believe what she heard in the news. Her phone were starting to ring, some of her friends were sending her condolences messages.

“Ma! This isn’t true! Sino ba ang nagpalabas ng news na yan? Idedemanda ko!”

“Maya! Calm yourself.” Mama Marsha said.

“Ma! Buhay ng magaama ko ang sinisira nya! Buhay sila! Alam ko yun! Hindi nila ako iiwanan.” Maya said.

She tried calling James’ phone.

“Damn James! Why aren’t you answering your phone?! Please answer!”

Maya was shouting out loud. She was out of herself that time. She didn’t know what to do. She was hurting herself, throwing all the things that she could touch.

“Maya! Kumalma ka lang.” Her Mama Marsha slapped her because she couldn’t control Maya.

“Ma, slap me again please. I want to get out from this nightmare.”

“Maya. Hija…” Her Mama Marsha cried also.

“Hindi nyo ko naiintindihan! Walang nakakaintindi sakin! Wala!!” Maya shouted.

“But Hija-”

Maya stood up and she went towards her room and she slammed the dorr.


Present Time.

December 2014. Maya’s Car.

Maya decided to go home. To get some good sleep. She needed peace and fresh air.            



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