Story of Me- Parts 21 & 22

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 20.

Here’s the continuation of Story of Me. (also entitled Story of Us)

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Story of Me Part 21 / Story of US Part 1 Dinner with Alex

It’s a Monday morning, the first office day for Richard and Maya since they stepped up to the next level of being BF/GF. It’s also the first day for Maya to be officially part of the management team of their Restaurant and now a consultant of Lim Industries.


He calls her early in the morning.

Richard: “Good morning Maya” he greeted her cheerfully.  

Maya: “Good morning, Richard”

Richard: “What’s your plan for today?”

Maya: “Today, I will be in the office until 11am then I will go the the resto just in time for the opening. Then tomorrow, I will be in the office the whole day then I will go to the resto in the evening before closing.

Richard: “Busy ka na pala ngayon.”

Maya: ”Nagtatampo ka? Akala ko ba ok lang?”

Richard: “Basta you will still have time for me ha!”

Maya: “Oo naman, ikaw naman dyan ang lagging busy, hindi ako.”

Richard: “ok, fine. Sabay na tayo. Daanan kita dyan?”

Maya: “No need, I will bring my car kasi punta ako sa resto later di ba? Kumain ka na?”

Richard: “Hindi pa” naglalambing.

Maya: “You want me to bring breakfast?”

Richard: “Yes, pwede?”

Maya: “Ok, sige, anong gusto mo?”

Richard: “Syempre, yung favorite kong bago.”

Maya: “May favorite kang bago? Hindi na yong karekare ko? ”

Richard: “Ang bagong favorite ko, yung steak na lasang adobo ala Maya.”

Maya: “Ang yabang. Masarap naman ‘yon ah. Ikaw kaya magluto ng breakfast for me.”

Richard: “Sige, tomorrow, ako magdadala ng breakfast, and ako ang magluluto.”

Maya: “Talaga lang ha. I have to go, prepare ko pa yung request mong steak ala Maya. Basta maaga ka sa office. And sagot mo ang coffee ko.”

Richard: “Sige ako bahala sa coffee”.

Maya: “ok, sige.”

Richard: “Ingat ka. I love you.

Maya: “I love you din. Text kita pag paalis na ako. Bye.”


Just before 11am he went to her office. Maya is preparing her things, her back to the door, when he grabbed her by the waist from behind.

Maya: “Aay, Maya” surprised and blushing, “Richard, ano ba!”

Richard: he sat on her desk as he took her hands and clasped them with his. “Paalis ka na?”

Maya: “Ah, yes, I’m just waiting for James.”

Richard: surprised with brows raised, he stood up “Huh? I thought you brought your car?”

Maya: “Dadaanan nya na lang daw ako,” she said this as she continues to prepare her things, “anyway dito rin naman ang daan nya on the way to the resto.”

Richard: “Paano ka uuwi if you leave your car here?”

Maya: “Ihahatid nya ako dito so I can get my car.”

Richard: “Ah, ok.” Then he got her hands again “You want me to drive you to the resto?”

Maya: “Richard, I know busy ka. So I’m ok with James. Ikaw, what’s your plan for later?”

Richard: “I still don’t know. I will ask Lisa. Are you sure di ka maglunch dito? ”

Maya: “I will have lunch sa resto na lang. So I can discuss my plans with James for the branch. “

Richard: “Ok” but he looks not really ok (he he he) “Text me pagdating mo dun. And pag paalis ka na. Ok?”

Maya: “OK.”

Richard: “I love you”

Maya: “I love you din” she kissed him on the cheek. kinikilig.


Richard stayed in his room the whole day, deeply engrossed with his work, when his phone rings. He quickly checked on his phone, excited to pick it up, thinking it was Maya but saw an unknown number.


Richard: “Hello? Yes, this is Richard. Alex? Oh, hi Alex. Yes, how are you? Sorry di tayo natuloy ng dinner last time. Dinner? For dinner tonight? I will have to check with Maya kung ano schedule nya.” Then he stopped “What do you mean? Tayo lang?” he paused for awhile, then continued “Ahhm. Ok. Sige, just text me kung saan.”


After the call, Richard can not anymore focus on his work. He walked back and forth in his office, trying to think about dinner. He wanted to call Maya and tell her about his apprehensions on meeting Alex, but he does not want her to worry about him. He knows she has a lot of things to think about right now especially with her new responsibilities. So he decided that he will go through with dinner even without Maya. Anyway, it’s just dinner, nothing more. He tried to convince himself.


A few minutes later Maya calls Richard.

Maya: “Hi Richard. Tapos na ako dito sa resto. Ihahatid na ako ni James sa office.” She continued talking, so happy on how her first day went “Ang dami dami kong kwento just for you. Wait for me ha!”

Richard : “Ahhm, Maya,” he stopped for awhile, then continued “meron kasi akong pupuntahan tonight, pero sandali lang ‘yon” he explained.

Maya:  “Ganun ba? Saan ka ba pupunta? Puntahan na lang kita dun?”

Richard: “No need. I will just see you tomorrow. Is that ok?”

Maya: “Wait, sabi mo sandali ka lang, eh di daan ka na lang sa condo after.”

Richard: “I can’t, I mean not tonight. I am actually meeting a friend and I don’t know what time kami matatapos.”

Maya: “Hindi ako pwede sumama?”

Richard: “I will just see you tomorrow, ok?” no response from Maya, talagang nagtatampo “If you want just leave your car sa office, ipapahatid na lang kita kay Mang Lem then sabay tayo papasok ng office tomorrow. Will that be ok?”

Maya: “No need, hindi naman si Mang Lem ang gusto kong kwentuhan. Sige na, sabay na lang ako kay James hanggang condo, di ko na dadaanan yung car sa office.

Richard: “Maya, wait!”Then she hung up.


Story of Me Part 22/ Story of Us Part 2 Is this for real?

When she arrived at the condo, she was so tired that she immediately dozed off.

Then she woke up around 9pm, when she checked her cellphone it was turned off, lowbat na pala.  When she turned it on again, she was surprised to see a lot of texts and missed calls from Richard.


“Nasa condo ka na?”

“Im still here sa dinner ko”

“I’m trying to call you.”

“Kumain ka na?”

“Text back.”

“I’m worried.”

“Where are you? I called your landline walang sumasagot.”


Maya: “Sorry, nakatulog ako.” she texted back.  

Richard: then he called her “Maya, I was worried about you. Kumain ka na?”

Maya: “Hindi pa, but I will just prepare some noodles.”

Richard: “Why don’t you get yourself a decent meal.”

Maya: “I’m not in the mood for eating. Mas pagod ako kaysa gutom.”

Richard: “I’m still having dinner here so baka late na kita matawagan ulit.

Maya: “its ok, I will sleep early, pagod na kasi ako.”

Richard: “Ok. Sleep well Maya.”

Maya: “Ok”

Richard:  “I love you.”

Maya: “ok” matamlay

Richard: “ok lang? Maya! Maya!” she hunged up, then fell asleep again on the couch, di na nakuhang kumain ng dinner.  


The next day.

Maya: she called him “Good morning, Richard” she’s in a good mood today.

Richard: “Hi Maya. Are you ok now? Di ka na pagod?”

Maya: “Yes I’m ok. Napagod lang siguro ako kahapon.”

Richard : “Di ka na galit ? 

Maya: “hindi naman ako galit ah.“

Richard:” Hindi ba?”

Maya: “O sige, nagtatampo lang.” she took a deep breath then continued “Pero I understand. I know we have to prioritize things. Kailangan nating unahin kung ano ang mas importante sa atin.”

Richard: “Maya, what do you mean?” (tinamaan ka ba hehehe?)

Maya: “Ang ibig kong sabihin, you have responsibilities sa office, sa mga empleyado mo, sa akin, sa mga kaibigan mo, sa pamilya mo. So we need to balance our time so we can do all those things and dapat wala tayong mapapabayaan. So dapat unahin kung ano or sino ang mas importante depende sa situation. Ganun din ako.“

Richard: he sighed “So what’s your plan for today?”

Maya: “Di ba sabi ko sa yo whole day ako sa office today then mamayang gabi ako sa resto to check before closing. Sabay ba tayo papasok ng office?

Richard:”Maya, di kita mahahatid today ha. I will have a breakfast meeting sa labas today. Remember yung client natin from subic?”

Maya: “Ah yes, si Engr Yamaguchi. So di pala tuloy yung promise mong breakfast. O sige, lunch na lang tayo mamaya?”

Richard “May lunch meeting din ako eh. Sabay na lang muna kayo ni Lisa.”

 Maya ok. “Sayang naman, nasa office pa naman ako today, di tayo magkasama. Dinner time kasi sa resto ako eh. If you have time, daanan mo na lang ako dun or diretso ka na lang sa condo?”

Richard: “May inaayos lang ako Maya, promise babawi ako.”

Maya: “So that means di ka din pwede mamayang gabi?”

Richard: “I will try Maya. Busy lang talaga.”  



Lisa: “Maya lunch na tayo, lumabas na lahat.”.

Maya: “Sige sunod ako sa inyo. May aayusin lang ako dito.”

As she was about to leave her office for the canteen, she heard Richard’s landline phone rings. Then Maya picked up the call.

Maya: “Office of Mr. Richard Lim, good afternoon.”

Alex: “Hello Lisa? It’s me Alex. I forgot to tell Richard last night that I will be a little late for our lunch today. Can I ask for his cell number? I left my phone kasi sa house so I have no way of contacting him.”

Maya: “Ahhm. Hi Alex, here’s Richard’s number XXXX. Would you like me to text him to tell him that you will be late?

Alex: “Yes, please. Thank you. Wait, Who’s this? This is not Lisa?”

Maya: “Yes, this is not Lisa, she went our for lunch so I picked up her call.”

Alex: Thanks.

Maya: “No problem” she hunged up.

Alex: “Wait! Whos this again?” Beep beep


Maya saw Lisa’s cellphone on her table so instead of using her cellphone to text Richard, she decided to text him using Lisa’s phone. “Alex called. She forgot to tell you last night that she will be a little late for lunch today.”

Richard: he replied “Thanks Lisa. I will wait for her.” she read this and went back to her room. Then another text came “By the way, is Maya with you? Make sure she eats lunch on time ok? Tell her sabi ko.” Di na nya nakita ang text ni Richard.


“How can I not see it? How can I be so blind?” She cried silently for like eternity, her tears freely falling until there’s no more tears to shed.  She never felt so alone in her life. She felt betrayed. Now she questions Richard’s love for her. “Is it for real? Or maybe because I’m around and she’s not. All this time it’s still Alex?”


Note to readers: Relax lang. Assuming lang talaga ang ating mga bida. Kapitbisig!

Sensya na, short short lang ang episodes natin lagi, ito lang ang kaya ng powers ko. Comments are always welcome.  Til next time.


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