Story of Me – Parts 23 & 24

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to MaiAThis is a continuation to Story of Me – part 21&22.

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Story of Me Part 23/ Story of US Part 3 First LQ?


Maya saw Lisa’s cellphone on her table so instead of using her cellphone to text Richard, she decided to text him using Lisa’s phone. Her hands were shaking as she texted “Alex called. She forgot to tell you last night that she will be a little late for lunch today.”

Richard: he replied “Thanks Lisa. I will wait for her.” she read this and went back to her room. Then another text came “By the way, is Maya with you? Make sure she eats lunch on time ok? Tell her sabi ko.” Di na nya nakita ang text ni Richard.


The man she thought who loves her completely is now with the woman he truly loves, the same woman who hurt him that brought him sadness, fear and anger for years, yet he chose to be with her.


“How can I not see it? How can I be so blind?” She cried silently for like eternity, her tears freely falling until there’s no more tears to shed.  She never felt so alone in her life. She felt betrayed. Now she questions Richard’s love for her. “Is it for real? Or maybe because I’m around and she’s not. All this time it’s still Alex?”


“But I felt it. I really really believe that he did love me. Or was it in the past tense already? Too fast for a change of heart, in just a snap because Alex is back? But it felt so real. Maybe it is real. But why does he have to keep it from me?” It breaks her heart to just think about them being together, as she debated with herself as to what this is all about. Then Richard calls, she tried ignoring the call “please, not now, Richard.” she thought to herself, she just wants to get away from everything. But after several rings, then she answered “ Hello?” she whispered softly.   


Richard: “Maya, how are you?” he sounded so happy to finally talk to her.

Maya: “I’m fine.” was her lifeless reply.

Richard: “Na cancel yung meeting ko for dinner. I just need to finish this last meeting and I will be on my way back to the office. Can you wait for me? I will bring you to the resto and continue my work there while I wait for you.” He stopped waiting for her to respond then continued “Ilang araw na tayo di magkasama, did you miss me? I miss you.” He said this so lovingly and was surprised when she replied.

Maya: “Yes, busy ka eh”.

Richard: still he teased her “Ako lang ba?” but then felt the tension with Maya when still she didn’t reply, “O sige na, let’s not argue, I was busy, so I’ll make it up to you. Nagpromise ako di ba?”  

Maya: “No need, it’s ok with me.” with a serious tone.

Richard: “Maya, you don’t sound good. Are you ok?” this time he is worried.

Maya: “I’m just tired, that’s all.”

Richard: “Why not take this day off, and call James you are not coming. Pabalik na ako. I will take you home. You want me to bring you anything?” (you really are so sweet Richard).

Maya: “I said, I’m fine.” She sounded not interested to continue with the conversation.

Richard: “Maya, do you have a problem? You want to talk about it?” still trying to get a response from Maya but still she remain cold.

Maya: “I have nothing to talk about, maybe it’s you who has something to tell me.”

Richard: “What is this about? Maya, I am so tired with all my meetings, so please, let’s not argue ok?” he raised his voice and now starting to get frustrated “I will be right there. Wait for me. We really need to talk.” then he hunged up.


After awhile, she called her best friend “Hello Simon, si Richard…” Then she cried with all her heart.


Lisa came back from lunch and found Maya still sitting in her office.

Lisa: “Oh, Maya di ka pa nag lunch?”

Maya: “Ahhm, Lisa, I have to leave early, I will go to the resto. But you can call me anytime. I will do my work from there.” As she stood up, ready to leave.

Lisa: “Maya are you ok?”

Maya: “No , I mean yes.”

Lisa: “You were crying?”

Maya: “I really have to go, Lisa. Please just call me if you need anything here.”


Lim Industries

Richard arrived and went straight to Maya’s room to look for her but she’s not around.


Richard: ”Lisa, where’s Maya?”

Lisa: ”Sir umalis na, kanina pa. I think she’s going to the resto.”

Richard: ”Why? Akala ko mamaya pa sya aalis?”

Lisa: “I don’t know Sir, nagmamadali pong umalis eh. Parang may problema.”

Richard: “Huh? Sige I will call her.” as he turned his back on Lisa, “Oh, Lisa, by the way, thank you for texting me kanina about Alex.”

Lisa: “About Alex? I didn’t text you. Kailan po?” surprised and confused.

Richard: “Lunchtime? She called you and you texted me that she will be late for lunch?”

Lisa: “Imposible Sir, kasi I left my phone here sa table ko, and wala namang tao dito except si… oh no, unless it’s Maya who answered her call.”


He took a deep breath and sighed. His face turned white as he turned around and quickly left the office. He was so worried, he didn’t have the time to call or text her and went straight to the resto. He immediately saw James on the counter talking to the Manager.

Richard: “Excuse me, James?”

James: “Oh hi, you are Richard right? Boss ni Maya?” he offered his hand for a handshake.

Richard: as he took the handshake, he said “Yes, I’m Richard Lim, boyfriend ni Maya.” he corrected him.

James: “Boyfriend? She never mentioned that she has a boyfriend” he whispered to himself.

Richard: He heard him alright, he thought to himself “backoff, James” then he said “I’m sorry? You were saying?

James: “Well, I mean, nice meeting you again Richard. What can I do for you?”

Richard: “Nandyan ba si Maya?”

Maya: “Ahhm, dumaan lang sya dito kanina, but she said she needs to do something, so tomorrow na lang sya babablik.”

Richard: “Ok thanks,” as he turned to leave, James asked.

James: “Richard is something wrong? May problema ba? She looked different kanina when I saw her and I was worried, I thought she’s sick or something. I even offered her a ride home but she said her best friend will pick her up.”

Richard: “Thanks, I will just call her.” then he left “best friend? Could it be Simon? “


Maya, sulking in her condo.

Richard: “Hello Maya!” relieved to finally reach her.

Maya: “Yes Richard?”

Richard: “Where are you? Dumaan ako sa resto kanina ka pa daw umalis. Where are you?”

Maya: “Dito sa condo. Why?”

Richard: “We need to talk.”

Maya: “I told you there’s nothing to talk about.”

Richard: “I will go there”

Maya: “No, I mean. Please not today.”

Richard: “Why? Lagi naman ako pumupunta dyan ah”

Maya: “No, I mean, please not now.”

Richard: “I said, we need to talk Maya.

Maya: “Richard, please, I can’t see you right now. I just can’t”

Richard: “I will go there whether you like it or not, even if I have to break your door so you can hear me out”

Maya: she sighed, feeling defeated “Ok Richard, let’s just meet somewhere.”


She was already waiting at the resto when he arrived.

Richard: “Maya, I saw Simon outside. Why?”

Maya: “Nagkita kayo ni Alex.”

Richard: “Yes”

Maya: “Why?”

Story of Me Part 24/ Story of US Part 4 – Kiss and Makeup

Maya was waiting at the restaurant when Richard arrived. He immediately saw her seated at the farthest side of the restaurant away from the crowd, her hands clasped together, seriously deep in thought as he approach her.

Richard: “Maya?” he is now standing so close to her as Maya slowly lifts her head to face him.

Maya: “Richard” she whispered softly.

Richard: “Maya, I saw Simon outside. Why?” he said this calmly as he looks down at her.

Maya: “Nagkita kayo ni Alex.” she said void of emotions.

Richard: “Yes”

Maya: “Why?”

Richard: “I’m asking you, bakit nandito si Simon?” as he sits down and looks straight into her eyes, trying to control his emotions.

Maya: ”Kailangan ko sya dito.” She looked down at her hands clasped together, avoiding his gaze.

Richard: “Why?”

Maya: “You are changing the topic.” still with a serious tone.

Richard: “Why do you have to call him everytime? Maliit na problema lang and you come running to him?” he raised his voice this time out of frustration.

Maya: “So now, you admit na may problema. Ako walang problema, baka ikaw ang may problema.” She said defiantly.

Richard: ”Maya, let’s stop this ok?” feeling the tension between them, he calmed down as he gathered both her hands and held them.

Maya: “Di ba sabi mo you want to talk to me. You have something to tell me? Sige now tell me.” As she straightened up and freed her hands from his.

Richard: “Maya why are you doing this?” as he tries to reach out to Maya.

Maya: “Nagkita kayo ni Alex”

Richard: “Yes, what’s wrong with that? You always see Simon.” He explained

Maya: “Iba kami, iba kayo. And you know that. We have a different story.”

Richard: “Maya, please look at me…” He moved his seat closer to Maya as he tried to hold her hands again, this time she just let him. “About Alex, I’m sorry for not telling you about meeting her. But I swear I didn’t mean to hurt you and I’m sorry if I did.” He is now looking at her intently as she tried to avoid his gaze.

Maya: “You are sorry that you hurt me? Anong tawag mo dito. You just don’t know how much you hurt me now Richard.” full of hurt as she said this, still not looking at him.

Richard: “Maya, listen to me?” he lifts her chin so he can look into her eyes.

Maya: “I don’t want to listen to all your lies. You betrayed me. You are the only one I have Richard and you betrayed me for lying to me. Why can’t you just say it to my face. I’m sorry Maya. I have to see her and I can’t see you. You can’t come because I’m having dinner with her. Para tapos na.” she said this almost shouting, then continued in a calm voice, “I have to go. Simon is waiting outside.”

Richard: “Si Simon na naman? So you could go back to him, is that what you want?”

Maya: “Or is that what you want? So you could go back to Alex?” You know from the start that Simon has nothing to do with this. He has nothing to do with me and nothing to do with you. He’s just here to make sure that I ‘ll be ok with whatever you are going  to tell me. So, now I know” Then she stood up, ready to leave but he got hold of her arm as she stood up.

Richard: “Maya, please.” looked at her with pleading eyes. “It’s not what you think it is. I’m really sorry for not telling you sooner about my dinner with Alex, I just want it to be part of my surprise for you tonight.”

Maya: “Huh? She shook her head, “What do you mean? I don’t understand” as she sits down again, this time she looked at him confused.

Richard: “Maya, ikaw ang nagsabi sa akin that I need to see her so I would know what I feel for her. I knew the answer long before even before I met her yesterday.” He took her hands and clasped them with his “It’s you I love, Maya. I want to be the one for you, the one to love you and care for you” then he continued “Because of you I had the courage to face my fear and see her. And I did it. I did it not only for myself but for you.”

Maya: “Richard” was all she could say, then he continued.

Richard: “I knew from the first time I saw you that there is something for us. But I was afraid, baka masaktan lang ako or masaktan kita. But since the day when you run from my office, alam ko na ang sagot. I can’t live without you. I accepted friendship at that time, because at that time, that was what you can offer me, even if I wanted more. I don’t want to scare you away and lose the chance of being with you.” He lifted both her hands and kissed her palms as he guides them to lay on his chest.

Maya: “But you lied to me.” she whispered softly.

Richard: “As I told you, it’s supposed to be a part of my surprise, but naunahan ako ng pangyayari.” Still trying to assure her of his love.

Maya: “I don’t know if I can trust you.”

Richard: “Ok. You don’t want to believe me?” he took out a small box from his pocket and laid it on the table. “This is for you. I bought this right after our first date sa yacht. I knew from that time that you are the girl I want to spend my life with. I’m just waiting for the right time to give you this. I am planning a surprise for you tonight to give you this and tell you about finally meeting Alex. You now have my heart Maya…100%, and it will never be whole without you.” Then he took a deep breath “but it turned out to be a spoilt surprise.”

Maya: “But, why did you have to meet her again?”

Richard: “Aside from being my ex, we were friends together with her husband. They are having some misunderstandings and I tried to help them by setting up their lunch together. Honestly, I am happy to see them both happy.”

Maya: “But…”

Richard: he stopped her before she can continue, “Maya, I love you. So please give me a chance and take me back as your boyfriend again?” then he opened the box, Maya surprised to see a simple but elegant 1c princess cut diamond ring as he took it out from the box “Maya, will you marry me? You just don’t know how I feel when I leave you alone in your room everynight. I worry about you, I want to be with you and spend our lives together.”

Maya: ”I’m sorry Richard, if I doubted you, it just hurts me to think that you are having dinner with her and not telling me.” This time she looked at him with love as she wrapped her arms around him.

Richard: “I fully understand how you are feeling, and I’m also sorry for doubting you about Simon.” He kissed her on her forehead. “It’s just that…”

Maya: “You are jealous?” She teased him

Richard: “No, baka ikaw with Alex” he denied.

Maya: “Umamin naman ako ah. Eh bakit ikaw ayaw mong umamin.”

Richard: “ok, sige tama ka. Nagselos ako. So Maya, sasagutin mo na ba ako?”

Maya: “huh? anong tanong?”

Richard: “Ok, uulitin ko ang tanong ko. Will you give me a chance and take me as your boyfriend again? And will you be my wife?” as he anxiously waits for her answer,

Maya: “I’m sorry Richard, I can’t accept this.” then she returned the ring.

Richard: “Maya, please.” Surprised and pleading her.

Maya: then she laughed “Ganun lang ‘yon? Sabay sabay?”

Richard: “What do you mean?” still confused.

Maya: “Ok, I accept you as my boyfriend” he felt relieved. “pero Richard, I can’t accept this, not yet.”

Richard: “Maya, please”

Maya: “di ba sabi mo you were planning something for tonight pero di natuloy? I’m giving you another chance. You should think of a good plan naman to give me the ring. Yung sweet. Sayang ang moments” then she smiled so sweetly and kissed him on  both side of his cheeks.

Richard: He smiled. “Promise Maya, it’s going to be a big surprise and next time di ka makakatanggi.”

Maya: “hindi naman ako tatanggi eh and Richard don’t make me wait for long ha” then he kept the box again and gathered her into his arms. Simon left after seeing them both happy together.


As they enter the condo.

Maya: “Richard, I will prepare our coffee, manood ka na lang muna ng tv dyan sa couch.” She was busy preparing coffee, her back on him as he slowly and silently approached her “Maya, thank you” then hugged her from behind “You just don’t know how happy I am” he whispered to her ear from behind. Her whole body shivered with the sensation of being this close to him. She tried to ignore the sensation and busied herself with coffee.

Maya: “Richard, can you tell me more about Alex?”

Richard: “Maya, let’s talk about her later, ok? I promise, you will meet her soon”

he got both her hands and clasped them with his as he tightened his hold on her. He planted soft kisses to her cheeks slowly moving to her ears down to her neck. “Let’s kiss and make up. Hmmmm?” he said in between kisses.

Maya: “Naman…” as she moves slightly away.

Richard: “Sige na…” naglalambing.

Maya: This time she faced him, “Gusto mo ng kiss?” she smiled, wrapped both her arms around his neck and gave him a sweet passionate kiss “O eto ang kiss mo.” as he responded and tried to deepen the kiss, she stopped him then she continued “Gusto mo make up?” He smiled and nodded with pleading eyes. “Lipstick gusto mo?” she teased him.

Richard: “You are silly, Maya.” this time he gave her a gentle kiss. Passionately, she kissed him back. Now with her legs weakening, she helds on to his chest asking for more. Then he stopped and kissed her on the forehead. “:Maya, you just don’t know what you do to me. Let’s not start something we can’t finish, ok?” he warned her. Then gave her his sweetest smile. “When you are ready. I love you.” Then she replied “I love you too.” He went back to the couch opened the tv and watched a boring movie. (parang nalugi he he he). Maya still wide eyed with her face flushed.


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