Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – First Date

This is the continuation of Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – First Trip

Author: banana08

A/N: Sobrang tagal na nito. Naaalala nyo pa kaya? haha sorry naman. kinailangan lang tapusin yung One Step at a Time bago ito! at dahil graduation ko ngayon, ito ang treat ko sa inyo! 😛



They arrived in Manila almost 10am. They were fetched by Joma, Richard’s long-time driver, and went straight to Richard’s home. When they arrived at the house, his kids welcome him because it is weekend and they don’t have classes.

Kids: Dad!!!
Richard: Hi Luke! How are my honey and my little sweetie? I miss you
Kids: We miss you too Dad!
Richard: Kids I want you to meet Tita Maya, Maya Dela Rosa.
Maya: Hi, I’m your dad’s friend and business partner. (waving to them)
Luke: Is she the one you’re with on your business trip?
Richard: Yes Luke and some other partners.
Nikki: And why is she here?


Richard: Nikki Grace, the tone of your voice!

Nikki knows that if her Dad calls her that, it means she did something wrong. And when she looked at his face, she knew she had disappointed him.

Nikki: I’m sorry Tita Maya.
Richard: She’s a visitor, my visitor. Give a little respect young lady.

Maya tagged his arm to stop him. He must be a very sweet dad to them but he is stern when it come s to good manners and proper behavior

Nikki: Yes Dad. Uhmm, I’m sorry again Tita Maya.
Maya: It’s okay Nikki. Since you already asked the reason why I’m here, well, it’s because I brought you guys… these!! (she showed them the bags of pasalubong she bought for them) Your Dad keep on telling stories about you guys. He even showed me the pictures of the three of you. He missed you so much. I just can’t help myself from adoring you because of his stories. I’m sorry for coming here unannounced.
Luke: It’s okay Tita Maya. Please come in. I know you and Dad are tired because of the trip.


Manang Fe: O Ricardo, andyan ka na pala. Ah may bisita ka pala, bakit hindi mo agad sinabi ng nakapaghanda ako.
Richard: Manang Fe this is Maya, my friend. Maya this is Manang Fe, she is my right-hand here in the house. She’s the boss here. (he smiled)
Mang Fe: Ikaw talaga Ricardo o! Kamusta Maya? Ako ang yaya ni Ricardo nung bata pa sya.
Maya: Simula pa po nung bata sya? Ah eh…Okay lang naman po. Kayo po kumusta?
Manag Fe: Ako na ang nag-alaga sa batang yan. Maayos naman ako, Maya.
Maya: Ah eh, Manang, (she is almost in a whisper) papaano nyo po sya natagalan? Hihi
Richard: Hey, hey, hey. I heard that!
Manang Fe: Tama na nga yan at magmerienda muna kayo.
Richard/ Maya: Salamat po Manang.

They were joined by the kids. They asked their Dad about the trip and Richard narrated their adventure with much glee. He told them every detail of their escapade but never mentioned the real reason why they’re there.

Nikki: Oh my gee Dad! I can’t imagine you doing all those things. You didn’t tell us you’re that adventurous!
Richard: Well, honey, you know I’m up for anything! Bring on the challenge!
Luke: Dad, I also want to try. Can we go back there?
Abby: Yes Daddy. I want to try it also.
Richard: Okay Son. We’ll go back there. As for you my sweetie, we’ll check if you’re allowed to do those. I guess they have age limit. If not, we’ll just do other activities together. Is that okay sweetie?
Abby: Okay Daddy!
Richard: That’s my girl! Can I have a hug, sweetie?
Abby went to her daddy’s side and hugged him.
Richard: hmmm.. I miss you so much! (he said while hugging Abby)
Nikki: Aww … Daddy…Why is it only Abby you’re hugging? Don’t you miss?
Richard: Okay, okay there goes my honey! I miss you so much too! Why do you have to be jealous with your sister, huh? (he hugged Nikki)
Nikki: No Dad! I’m not jealous of Abby. I just miss you so much, that’s why. Okay, let’s just have group hug! Abby let’s hug daddy tightly!

The two girls gave their dad a bear hug.

Nikki: Kuya, what are doing? Why are you not hugging dad? Come on, join us!

Maya watched Richard and his kids. She loves this side of him. He must be tough and firm when it comes to business but completely the opposite when it comes to his children. She was enjoying the moment that she didn’t notice the tears flowing from her eyes. Yes indeed, the sweet, caring, and loving Richard she is seeing now, is the very same Richard who is snobbish, condescending and stubborn from few days ago.

Richard: Oh Gosh Maya! Why are you crying? (said Richard with a quizzical look) I’m sorry we didn’t mean to have a world of our own. It’s just..
Maya: No. No. No. It’s okay. I’m okay. Don’t mind me. It’s just that I can’t help myself. You know, you have a beautiful family. Seeing a scene like that… it is just heart-warming.(she said while wiping her tears. She smiled at them)
Richard: I’m so grateful to have them. They can take everything but not them, not my precious ones.
Maya: Well, I guess I’ll distribute now my pasalubongs then I’ll go home. I might be disturbing you guys already.

She gave them her pasalubongs. The kids said thank you to Maya and she bid them goodbye.

Richard: Maya, wait for me. I’ll just get my keys and I’ll send you home.
Maya: No Richard. I’m fine. I’ll just grab a taxi.
Richard: NO! You wait for me.
Maya: Oh.. Okay.

While Richard was getting his car keys, Nikki approached Maya.

Nikki: Uhhmm, Tita Maya. Can I talk to you? (she said in a sad tone)
Maya: Oh sure Nikki! What about?
Nikki: Well, about my behavior a while ago. I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have done that. Really, I’m sorry.
Maya: Awww, Nikki it’s okay. You already said you’re sorry, right? No need to worry about that.
Nikki: I don’t want Dad to be disappointed with me. I really owe you one.
Maya: If you think you owe me, can I ask a hug for payment?
Nikki: Of course! (she smiled as she hugged Maya) You know Tita, it is Dad’s first time to bring a friend here after Mom died. And the fact that you are a girl, somehow made me a bit uptight.
Maya: It’s okay Nikki. I understand
Nikki: So you’re leaving already?
Maya: Yes.
Nikki: Okay. Thanks again for the pasalubong!
Maya: You’re welcome dear!
Richard: Maya let’s go? (he said as he approach the two ladies)
Maya: Okay Richard! So Nikki, I’ll go ahead.
Nikki: Okay Tita, take care. Dad, drive safely.
Richard: I will. I’ll see you guys later. (he said goodbye to his kids)


When they are about to get in the car…

Nikki: Dad?
Richard: Yes Honey?
Nikki: Just want to ask for permission if I can go to the mall?
Richard: Why? Do you need something?
Nikki: Actually yes. I need to buy a dress for the victory party of West Teatro on Wednesday. That’s also the time that they will officially announce to the organization that I am the new president.
Maya: That’s great! Congratulations Nikki! (she get so thrilled and hugs Nikki)
Nikki: Ah.. Tha..thank you Tita. (she is surprised with her reaction then turn to her dad with a quizzical look) Ah Dad?
Richard: Okay. Just wait for me here and I’ll go with you.
Maya: Uhhhmm, Richard, sorry but are you sure you’re going to go with her to buy a DRESS? (she said with an incredulous look)
Richard: Yes. Why?
Maya: I just thought that she needs someone who can give her opinions and suggestions for her dress.
Richard: Maya, my young lady here don’t need that. Anything will suit her.
Nikki: Aww, Thanks Dad. But you don’t have to accompany me. I know you are tired from the trip.
Richard: It’s okay honey.. I’ll just..
Maya: If you want Nikki, I can be your fashion consultant for today. (she said cutting Richard)
Nikki: Really Tita? Are you not tired? I’m sure we’ll have fun.
Richard: Hey honey, why do I feel that you don’t want me to go with you?
Nikki: Ahh, Dad. It’s not that. I know you’re trying your best to be with us all the time. I know also you’re tired. Choosing girly clothes and stuff is not your thing. I’m just saving you from all the boredom.
Richard: But Maya aren’t you tired also? We both just came from the trip.
Maya: No Richard! Not at all! I LOOOOOVVE SHOPPING!!!! Promise I will take care of Nikki.
Richard: Okay okay. You guys win.
Maya: Yes! So Nikki, I’ll pick you up here later?
Nikki: Okay.
Richard: No honey. I’ll have Joma send you to the mall later.
Maya: Why? You don’t trust my driving skills?
Richard: Maya, I am not questioning your driving skills. I know that you live near the mall so it will be difficult for you to pick up Nikki. So why not just meet there?
Maya: You know where I live? ( she asked with a very surprised look)
Richard: Maya, stop with those questions. My decision is final. So come on. Let’s go now!
Maya: OOOkkaaaayyyy. Bye Nikki!


While in the car, Maya keeps on glancing at Richard.

Richard: What?
Maya: Uhmm, Nothing. (trying to avoid his gaze)
Richard: Come on Maya. Spill the bean.
Maya: Well, I just want to know, how did you know where I live?
Richard: That’s easy Maya! But it’s a secret!


Richard: So how’s your shopping with Maya? (he said when she saw Nikki in the front door)
Nikki: Oh my gee Dad! It’s super duper fun! Tita Maya is so funny. And she has a good taste with clothes.
Richard: Oh Okay. So you already have everything you need for Wednesday?
Nikki: Yes Dad! Thank you! I’ll just go upstairs to fix my things.
Richard: Okay Honey! (he kissed her forehead and tapped her shoulder) Make sure to finish that before dinner. Let’s eat together okay?
Nikki: Yes Dad! And please dad, can you thank Tita Maya again for me?
Richard: No problem!

He went to his home office and sat in his swivel chair.

“You really are something, Maya Dela Rosa! I can’t understand why. Why me? Why do you want to marry me? I need to find out. And it’s got to be soon!” he thought.


Maya: Hi Doris! (her secretary) Do I have papers for signature?
Doris: Yes Ms. Maya. There are proposals for review and a renewal of contract from Time Airways.
Maya: Okay. Please put it on my table. I’ll just get coffee.
Doris: I can just bring the coffee to your office.
Maya: Thanks but I’m perfectly fine.

She left for the pantry when Richard came.

Richard: Hi Miss….
Doris: Doris. How may I help you?
Richard: Hi Doris. I wonder if Maya is around?
Doris: Yes Sir. Do you have an appointment?
Richard: I’m afraid none. Can you let me in to her office, please? I’m a friend. She knows me very well. (he said while flashing his lop-sided smile)
Doris: Ah..Ehh
Doris: Oh.. Okay Sir. This way please.

He was led to the waiting area of Maya’s Office. He waited for Maya.


Maya: What brought you here Mr. Lim?
Richard: It’s Richard.
Maya: Okay, what brought you here Richard?

He noticed two cups of coffee in her hand.

Richard: Are you waiting for someone?
Maya: By the way, this is for you. (she gave the other coffee to him)
Richard: You knew I’m coming?
Maya: No, I saw you when you were talking to Doris so I decided to make two cups of coffee.
Richard: Oh…She never fails to surprise me (he thought and took a sip) Wow. You make good coffee! Thank you!
Maya: I can always make you good coffee Mr. Lim.
Richard: It’s Richard, Maya. (he is starting to get irritated)
Maya: Okay, Richard. So why are you here, RICHARD?
Richard: Oh…Uhmm, I just, I just want to uhmm, invite you for lunch. (he stammered, the great Richard Lim stammered)
Maya: Is that a date, RICHARD?
Richard: uhmm, you can say that, uhmm it’s a thank you date. Yes! It’s a thank you date. I just want to say thank you for going with Nikki the other day. She was so happy.
Maya: You don’t have to thank me. I enjoyed being with her. She’s a lovely girl.
Richard: Yes. Indeed, she is.
Maya: As for your invitation, I have to say No. (she shifted her eyes to the piles of papers on her table)
Richard: No problem. I guess I better leave. (he left without waiting for Maya to speak another word)


Richard: I don’t get her. I thought she wants to marry me? Why does a date with me be a big deal? You’re driving me crazy Maya Dela Rosa!

When he is about to start the engine, he received a text. It’s from her.

Why do you have to be so stubborn Mr. Lim?

Richard: You are the one being stubborn Maya. And for the nth time, it’s RICHAAAARDD!!!

He was about to press reply when he received another text from her.

I can just imagine you frowning, your eyes forming thinner slits, with connecting eyebrows! Haha

Richard: Maya Dela Rosa! You’re testing my patience!

Then another text came in.

Richard I said no to your lunch “thank you date” BUT I’m up for an early dinner “thank you date”. 😀
So will I have an early dinner date with my husband-to-be?

This made him smile and he immediately hit reply.

Okay. I’ll pick you up by 4pm.

He wanted to add smileys but decided against it.


Richard moved his reservation from lunch to early dinner in a restaurant in the mall near to her home.

Crew: Good Afternoon Sir, Ma’am. Do you have reservation?
Richard: Yes. Under Richard Lim.
Crew: for a while sir… (she checked the list) I’m sorry sir but according to the list your reservation is for lunch.
Richard: Initially yes. But I moved the reservation to early dinner.
Crew: I’m sorry sir but you’re not on the list for tonight and we are now fully-booked.
Richard: What? How can that happen? I called you guys and you said no problem. Then you’re telling me that I don’t have reservations? I want to speak with your manager. (he was furious)

Maya tagged him to stop.

Maya: Miss no need to call the manager. We’re leaving anyway.
Richard: What?? (he gave her an incredulous look)
Maya: Listen Richard. Calm down. I know what they did was wrong..
Richard! VERY WRONG!
Maya: Richard, Please?

He nodded in response.

Maya: Look, you said this is a “thank you date”, right?
Richard: Yes that’s why I made a reservation.
Maya: I know. But do you think I will enjoy if you’re frowning, your eyes forming thinner slits and
Richard: and with connecting brows?
Maya: Yes! Look at your face!
Richard: You’re silly!
Maya: The truth is, I’m too hungry to argue with them. So can we just eat somewhere else? (she said flashing her widest smile)
Richard: Okay, okay… how can I say no when you’re smiling at me like that? You really know how to calm my nerves Maya. (he thought) So where do you want to eat now?
Maya: Leave it to me! (she winked at him)


Maya brought Richard near the arcades.

Richard: I thought you’re hungry?
Maya: Yes! We will eat here.
Richard: Here?
Maya: Yes. We can have hotdogs, curly fries, milk tea, sundae.
Richard: Why don’t we just have a decent meal? Let’s look for a place.
Maya: It’s decent. We’re not gonna steal those. I’ve been craving for these. Richard, please?? (she said with pleading eyes)
Richard: Uh..Oh Richard you’re in trouble again. She’s doing it again. First her smile, now her eyes. But how can I say no to this lady? (he is having a mental debate with himself) Fine. This is not a good sign. I’m in deep trouble (he thought)
Maya: Yes! Thank you! (she hugged him and crossed her arm with his as they walk to buy food)

When they we’re in line to buy hotdogs, she noticed her arm and immediately remove it from his.

Maya: Oh, I’m sorry Richard. (she was embarrassed by what she did)
Richard: It’s okay Maya. (he grab her arm and cross it again to his)… What was that all about Richard Lim? I don’t know but it feels good. Why do I keep talking to myself? Maya Dela Rosa, what have you done to me?
Maya: What have gotten into him? Admit it Maya, you like it! You really do! (it is now her turn to talk to herself)

After they bought their food, they sat in one of the bench. They started eating, still, with their arm crossed to each other. Though they feel the awkwardness and difficulty, no one dared to remove their hands. Both in silence. It was Maya who decided to speak first.

Maya: Are you up for a challenge?
Richard: What challenge?
Maya: Let’s play “sharp shooter”.
Richard: No.
Maya: Don’t tell me you haven’t played that before?
Richard: Excuse me. I played well. But.. (he look at her from head to foot) Maya, are you serious? You’re wearing tight fitting skirt and you’re in heels. My answer is NO!
Maya: Is that really the reason or you’re just afraid to be beaten by this girl wearing a tight-fitting skirt and heels?
Richard: Of course not.
Maya: If you’re not afraid and if you’re sure you will win, why not prove it?
Richard: Oh Maya, why do you keep on pushing me to my limits? (he can foresee himself giving in to her AGAIN) So what’s the consequence?
Maya: (she is grinning and shifted her eyes to the videoke in the middle of the arcade)
Richard: Oh no, no, no, no Maya. I will never sing there!
Maya: You will sing there, if and only if you lose. I thought you said play well? (with a mischievous smile on her face)
Richard: white flag!


They started playing. When Richard is taking the lead, Maya started getting balls from Richard’s place.

Richard: Why are you getting those? That’s cheating!
Maya: We didn’t agree that we can’t do that! Haha

It’s now Maya taking the lead.

Richard: Maya, why don’t you fix your clothes. Stop showing them your lower back! And come on, your skirt is rolling up!
Maya: Don’t use to me that strategy Richard. I’m winning now!
Richard: It’s not a strategy!

She didn’t listen.

Richard: Hey!
Richard: Maya!!

He knew she will not listen so he stopped playing, hold her blouse so that it will not go up and stand couple of feet behind her to cover her. He’s not in the mood again. Then she’s done.

Richard: Yes you won! I know I will sing in front of everybody! I’m going to pick a song now. ( he left her and head his way to the videoke)

She was just smiling. He entered the number.

Collide – Howie Day

The dawn is breaking
A light shining through
You’re barely waking
And I’m tangled up in you

“I didn’t know he can sing”. She is looking at him

I’m open, you’re closed
Where I follow, you’ll go
I worry I won’t see your face
Light up again

He looked at her. Eyes fixed on her.

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills my mind
I somehow find
You and I collide

And then he smiled at her.

I’m quiet you know
You make a first impression
I’ve found I’m scared to know I’m always on your mind

She smiled at him as walked few steps towards him.

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the stars refuse to shine
Out of the back you fall in time
I somehow find
You and I collide

Eyes to Eyes.

Don’t stop here
I lost my place
I’m close behind

Even the best fall down sometimes
Even the wrong words seem to rhyme
Out of the doubt that fills your mind
You finally find
You and I collide

Finally she’s in front of him. Smiling to each other.

You finally find
You and I collide
You finally find
You and I collide

Maya: Richard…
Richard: Yes Maya?
Maya: Can you buy me bottled water, please?
Richard: SERIOUSLY? ( he thought ) oh.. sure.

He head towards the stall. It was a long line.

Richard: She’s driving me insane! Seriously, after that song? A bottled water? Ughh! She really has bipolar tendencies!

It took him a while to buy the water. He immediately went back after and gave the water to her.

Maya: Thank you!
Richard: Where did you get that? (he was pertaining to a hello kitty stuffed toy that Maya is holding.)
Maya: This? I got this from the Dream catcher. I decided to play while I was waiting for you.
Richard: Okay. So let’s go?
Maya: Okie dokie!


Richard was silent during the drive to her condo. Maya was just observing him. When they arrived at her condo, he immediately alighted from the car and opened the door for her. He walked her to her door still silent. When they we’re in front of her door..

Maya: Richard… ( she hand him the hello kitty stuffed toy) I was supposed to get Dear Daniel but no matter how i tried I just can’t.

He gets the stuffed toy from her.

Maya: I know I push too far. But I just want you to loosen up a bit, especially when you’re with me. (she kissed his cheek) Thank you for the patience.

He smiled at her.

Richard: Yes I almost lost my cool. You can be such a pain in the neck, you know? Okay I promise, I’ll loosen up a bit next time.
Maya: Really? So we’ll date again?
Richard: Unless you don’t want.
Maya: Of course, I want! (she hugged him)

He hugged her back.

Richard: Thank you. Though you’ve given me a hard time. (he said while hugging her)
Maya: Sorry.
Richard: It’s okay. ( he released her) So I better go ahead. I still need to check on the kids.
Maya: Okay. Drive safely.
Richard: I will.

He turned and started walking. He then turned to her again.

Richard: Maya??
Maya: Yes?
Richard: I really had a great time. Thank you. (he run to her and kissed her cheek and immediately headed towards the elevator)


He was in bed when he received a text.

Good night Richard 🙂

He immediately hit reply.

Sweet dreams Maya 🙂


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