Have Faith 5 – Letting Go ; Have Faith 6 – In His Arms

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This is a continuation of Have Faith 4 – The Chinky-Eyed Angel

Author : christine24m


“Do you know how to start the engine?” he teased.

“Oo naman!” They are now inside the car, as Richard insisted that he’ll be the one re-teach Maya how to drive.

Maya instinctively inserted the key and turned it, giving life to the car. “O diba?”

Richard gave a soft chuckle. “Tell me what you know about driving a car like this.”

“Uhmm. Basta ang alam ko tatlo yung pedal dito. Yung clutch, brake saka gas. Tapos kada magsi-shift ng gear, kailangan naka-clutch. Tapos pag pipindutin na yung gas para mag-drive, kailangan nakapindot din yung clutch ng onti, parang ibabalance. Yun.”

“Marunong ka naman pala eh!”

“Ehh matagal na Chard. Naku, pag ako naaksidente dito –“

“Then I’ll save you.”

Maya blushed. Naku Maya, sobra na ‘to. Hindi ka pwedeng mahulog sa anghel mo.

After that, Richard guided her in driving. Commanding her when to shift gears, when to hit the brakes and after a while, Maya can finally drive the car through the streets.

“There. Marunong ka na.” Richard said.

“Naku! Ang galing! Salamat Richard!” Maya said gladly as she glances at Richard.

“Eyes on the road.”

“Opo anghel na singkit.” Richard smirked. He’s in a good mood today, especially after the incidents earlier with Maya. Then he remembered Simon.

“He likes you.” Richard said after a beat.

“Ha?” She asked. She was still smiling from what had happened earlier.

“I said he likes you.” He said again, eyes still on the road.


“That Simon. He obviously likes you.”

“Ha? Hindi kaya!” She was bewildered. Ano kayang naisipan nito at biglang si Simon ang topic?

“No. He does like you. I can see it. Lalaki rin ako, Maya.” He said, tone rising up.

“Oy Richard ha. Masamang magin g judgemental.” Maya answered. She’s getting distracted because of their topic. She’s having a hard time focusing on the road.

“I’m not being judgemental. Nanliligaw ba siya sa’yo?” He continued to ask, not looking at Maya.

“Eh .. oo.” She answered shyly. Her eyes are now shifted to him. Bakit ba to ganto? Nagseselos ba to o ano?

“See? Bakit hindi mo pa sagutin?”He said, looking back at her.
“Ehh kaibigan lang yung turing ko sa kanya eh!” Maya answered, her voice also rising up.

“Kaibigan pa ba ‘yung tawag dun? Sagutin mo na nga lang kasi.”

“Bakit ba ang kulit-kulit mo Richard? Hindi ko nga mahal yung tao saka ‘wag mong ipilit sa’kin kasi hindi mo naman alam yung nararamdaman ko.”

“Eh pinapaasa mo lang yung tao eh! Kung sinasagot mo na sana ..  MAYA!!!”

Richard was unable to continue what he’s saying. He was catapulted from the car. He quickly opened his wings to get a view of what happened.

All he can see is this curve where Maya was driving and a truck which suddenly stopped that was not on its lane. He’s carefully searching for that silver car. He started to worry when he cannot see it.

Then his gaze shifted to the sea beside the curve. It was where he saw the silver car.

“No .. NO! Maya!!” he flew as quickly as he can to the car which is now submerging. He went past through the material and saw Maya crying.

“Richard, hi – hindi ako makalabas.” She said as she cries. He noticed that Maya has bruises on her skin. Blood was seen on a part of her head.

“Nasubukan mo na yung pinto? Eh yung bintana?”

“Nasubukan ko na .. hindi ako makalabas.” She continued crying.

“Try it again. Kailangan mong makalabas!”

Maya barged her door but it won’t budge. She tried the window but it won’t open. The front of the car is now submerged and water is quickly getting inside.

“Richard .. “ Maya said, her face telling him that she’s losing hope.

“No! You can’t die!” surprisingly, tears are now forming in his eyes “Pumunta ka sa back seat, dito ka lang, hihingi ako ng tulong sa labas –“

“They can’t see you, Richard! Ako nga lang diba? Wala kang mahihingan ng tulong sa labas! It’s over. .. “

“No! Wag kang sumuko! Kailangan mong mabuhay!” he exclaimed, tears now flowing in his eyes. “I know you, Maya. Hindi ka madaling mag-give up! Hindi ka –“

“Wala na nga Richard! Hindi na ko makakalabas! Wala na kong magagawa.” Maya said between sobs. Yes, she knows that she’s going to die. She wants to absorb this reality. Although she couldn’t help but regret that she wasn’t able to fulfil her dreams and she hasn’t done anything to help Richard.

“It doesn’t have to be this way!” he said angrily. He tried to push the door himself but he just pass through it. And every time he returns inside, his heart sinks more at the sight of his mortal crying.

“Maya .. I – I’m sorry.” He said as he sat down beside her in the back seat.

Maya couldn’t answer. She’s mentally having a countdown of the time she has left.

“I’m sorry.” He said again. “Ang sabi ko ililigtas kita pero .. “

“Wag mo kong iwan, Richard.” She whispered.

“I won’t leave you. I promise, Maya.” Richard could only stare at her. He wants to comfort her so bad but he knew too well that his hug will just go pass through.

Maya is now shivering because of fear while Richard is just staring at her and could not do a thing.

“I’m sorry, Maya. Kung .. kung tao sana ako –“

Then it hit him. There’s still hope.

Richard closed his eyes and tried to reach heaven. When he successfully made it, he saw that the barrier before was even taller today. But he doesn’t care because he needs to talk to a certain someone.

“Lord! Please save Maya! Please!!” he screamed.

“Please! Save her!!” he continued to scream when he heard no answer.

“Richard –“

“Help Maya! Please! Hindi siya dapat mamatay!” Richard interrupted the voice when he heard Him speak.

“Kung oras na niya, oras na niya, Richard. Wala na kong magagawa.” The voice said.

“I beg you! Please save her! Hindi naman niya kasalanan eh! Ako, ako ang may kasalanan.” His voice getting weaker.

“I’m sorry, Richard.”

Richard’s tears continued to fall.

 It doesn’t have to be this way! Hindi pwedeng mamatay si Maya!


My job was to protect her and yet she’s out there in trouble and I couldn’t do a thing!


Is this really the end? Is there no way out?


Does she really need to die?


Am I letting her?


Richard was already loosing all the hope in the world. He knew sooner or later, he needs to accept this fact. That fact that he couldn’t do anything, and that he’s loosing her.

He already accepted defeat when he had an idea.


“Take my wings.” He whispered.

“What?” The voice asked.

“Take my wings. For exchange, ipahiram Nyo muna yung mortal kong katawan. Just so I can save her.”

“Richard –“

“Please. Take my wings, I don’t need them; I need her more. Just lend me my mortal body. Kailangan kong iligtas si Maya. I’m desperate.”

Richard heard Him sigh. The voice could really see that Richard is indeed desperate to save the mortal, and He doesn’t have the heart to stop him. “Alright Richard, you win.” His mission might be over soon.

When Richard opened his eyes, he’s back in the car which is almost filled with water. There are only a couple of inches left before the car will be filled with sea water. He then turned to his left,  and he saw Maya unconscious, which made him panic.

“Maya .. Maya! I’m here! Don’t lose hope, I can save you. I will save you.”

He quickly barged the door but it won’t open because of too much water pressure brought by the water outside. He then tried the window, barging and punching it with all his might until it fell down in pieces He quickly grabbed Maya and swam outside, leaving the car behind. He swam to a shore not far from where they are. Even though Richard is now losing his breath, he still pushed himself to swim to that shore. He needs to. No. He must.

“Maya .. Maya .. wake up.” He’s lightly tapping her cheek when he lied her down. She’s still unconscious.

“Maya! I’m here! Wake up! Please!” He’s getting more worried now.

Richard leaned down to check if she’s breathing. His heart stopped when he learned that she’s not.

He quickly closed their gap and sealed her mouth with his, giving her air to breathe. Then he shifted to give compressions on her chest. He then checked if she’s now breathing but it was a negative.

“C’mon Maya. Breathe!” he said as he was doing it all again. Tears surprisingly falling from his eyes.

A few more rounds and he still failed to revive Maya. So he did it again for the last time.

“Maya .. please  .. don’t do this ..”

He’s down with the compressions and he whispered. “Don’t leave me. I need you.”

Richard was losing all the hope in the world when Maya still hadn’t respond to his first aid. He just held Maya’s hand and kissed it.

“I beg you, Lord. Please save her. I don’t think I can last here on Earth without her.”


“Maya .. please  .. don’t do this ..”

He’s down with the compressions and he whispered. “Don’t leave me. I need you.”

Richard was losing all the hope in the world when Maya still hadn’t respond to his first aid. He just held Maya’s hand and kissed it.

“I beg you, Lord. Please save her. I don’t think I can last here on Earth without her.”

Richard leaned to kiss Maya on her forehead, when the miracle happened. Maya suddenly woke up and choked because of the sea water she drank.

“Maya ..” It was the only word Richard could say.

“Ri- Richard, patay na ba ako?” she said when she spotted him. “Anghel na rin ba ako?”

After a billion years, Richard finally smiled. “No. Buhay ka Maya. Ligtas ka.”

“Pe – pero pano? May tumulong ba?” she stood up and turned to look at their surroundings. There was no one but them on that shore. Then it hit her – Richard saved her.

Tears suddenly escaped from her eyes. “Richard, i-ikaw ba? Ikaw ba ang nagligtas sa’kin?”

He gave her a smirk. Then he nodded. “Chard naman eh! Alam mo kung pwede lang kitang yakapin, nayakap na kita!”

“Why don’t you try?” he told her.

“Ha? Sure ka?”

He gave her another smile and a nod. “Sure na sure.”

Maya walked slowly towards Richard and stopped in front of him. She found it strange when she actually felt Richard’s presence, like he’s really there as a human being. She lifted her arms to give him a hug. And to Maya’s surprise, she did feel Richard’s masculine body.

“Richard ..”

“Shh.” He said as she hugged her back tight. “Hiniram ko lang ‘to. It’ll wear of soon. I just want to hug you tight.” You have no idea how I’ve longed to hold you in my arms.

Maya understood what Richard feels so she just kept quiet and hugged him even tighter.

“I’m sorry. I promise hindi na kita aawayin.” He whispered to her ear.

“Ikaw kasi eh. ‘Wag ka kasing magselos.” She whispered to his ear. She thought that Richard would just brush of her acusement of him being jealous.

Richard chuckled. “I’m sorry. And why should not be jealous? Kasi wala ako sa lugar?”

Maya felt glad that Richard admitted that he is jealous. She doesn’t know why but for her, its already a confirmation that her angel might have those extra feelings also. “Oo no.” She teased.

Richard kissed her forehead without letting go of the hug.

“I’m sorry. Sa susunod hindi na ko magseselos. And promise to me na you’ll pull over whenever we got into an argument again.” He said.

Maya laughed, which was music for Richard’s ears. He’s so relieved that she’s alive. “Promise yan, Richard.”

Richard released her from the hug and Maya saw something red.

“Chard .. “ She reached for his hand to observe it more. “May sugat ka.”

“It’s okay. I think I got it when I punched the car’s window. Hey! Stop it! Masakit ha.” He said as Maya brushed her finger through his wounds.

“Chard! Malalim ‘tong sugat mo! Tara sa ospital.” She said worriedly.

“Wag na, Maya. Bago pa tayo makarating dun, wala na ‘tong katawan na ‘to. Besides, I missed the feeling of pain.”

As if on cue, Richard suddenly felt an itch on his hands that crept through his arms making him to let go of Maya. The itch continued to spread and much to his surprise, it feels like his skin is burning.

“Chard? O-ok ka lang?” Maya went near her angel when she saw him in so much pain.

“I’m fine. Argh. Kinukuha na ata ‘yung katawan ko. AAARGH! Why does it hurt like this?”He said as he struggled.

“Here.” He quickly removed his necklace that Maya hadn’t seen him wear before. It’s a silver-chained necklace with a letter R as its pendant. “Take it. Kunin mo na bago pa sumama sa katawan ko.”

Maya quickly got the necklace from him. And when she turned to look back at him, Richard’s solid body is again like before. His wounds are now fully healed. He’s an immortal angel again. Richard slowly stood up. That was when Maya noticed something peculiar.

“Richard, nasaan na ‘yung pakpak mo?”

He only gave her a smirk as his answer. “Let’s go? Gagabihin pa tayo dito. And you’re also wet. Baka magkasakit ka pa.” Then he turned to leave.

They were both silent as they got inside the taxi Richard couldn’t explain it but he was really exhausted. While Maya, on the other hand, is still wondering what happened to Richard’s wings.

When they reached her condo, Maya immediately put Richard’s necklace on the table.

“Kwintas mo.” She said.

“Maya, it’s yours.” He said.

“Anong akin?”

“Sayo na ‘yan. Keep it.”

“Ehh sa’yo yan eh. Baka may sentimental value ‘yan.”

He smirked. “That was a gift from someone when I was seven.”

“Richard, ang memory mo!”

He laughed at her. “Calm down, Maya. Sabi ko sa’yo diba, ayos lang ‘to, basta hindi ko maaalala lahat. And I can’t even remember who gave it to me. Blurred eh. Ang alam ko lang, mahalaga sa’kin ‘yang kwintas na ‘yan.”

He walked in front of the table and looked at her. “I want you to keep this necklace.”
“Eh bakit?”

“It’s silver, diba? It somehow reflects the sun, making it shine. I want you to have it so if ever I go back to heaven, and I look down on Earth, I could always see you because of the twinkle it makes. Alam ko kung nasan ka, alam ko na ligtas ka.” He said.

Tears formed in her eyes again. “Naman Richard eh!”


“Salamat. Salamat talaga ng sobra. Ang dami ko nang utang sa’yo eh.” She is truly grateful; especially that it came from someone who she treasures so much now.

“I’ll be looking forward to your payment. Sige na, magbihis ka na.” He smiled, then he left and went to the balcony to sit on the railings again.

Compared to before, Richard is now careful in sitting on the railings. He has to keep in mind that he lost his wings and who knows what will happen if he fell down.

I do not regret what I sacrificed for Maya. She’s worth it.


“Hello, Tay?” Richard suddenly got curious when he heard who called Maya.

“Opo .. Ha? Nasa balita po?” Maya quickly turned on her television and her father is right – she’s on the news. Well, not precisely her name but her accident. Maya shivered when she saw the whole thing from the television. She doesn’t want anything like that to happen again.

“Tay, so-sorry po, yung kotse niyo kasi .. “ Maya was on the verge of crying when Richard walked to her. He gave her a warm smile saying that everything will be okay.

Maya’s tears finally fell when she heard something that his father said. “Thank you, Tay sa pag-aalala. Pasabi po kina Nanay, okay lang ako saka kay Kute .. Opo, ayos lang po talaga ako, wala po akong sugat … Nasa condo po.”

Oh how Richard wants to touch her again and wipe those tears. But he’s back to being an angel now. He’s back with the reality of not being able to touch her again.

Maya’s eyes suddenly shot to Richard’s face when his father asked him something. “Ah ano po, Pa may .. may sumaklolo po sa’kin .. Opo.” Then she looks straight into his eyes. “Isa pong anghel yung nagligtas sa’kin. Richard po ang pangalan niya.”

Richard was overwhelmed. He feels so glad of what he had done.

“Po? Dinner kasama si Richard?” Maya was shocked when he heard his father asked for a dinner with her angel. It’s the first time he has done that and also, her father doesn’t even know who or what Richard is.

“Tell him na uuwi ka na lang sa inyo. I’ll join pero I cannot guarantee na makikilala niya ako.” Richard told her when Maya seemed to be confused on what to say to her father.

“Tatay, ano, uhm, uuwi na lang po ako dyan bukas, Linggo naman po eh. Pero baka hindi ko po sure yung kay Richard eh. .. Sige po. Bye po.”

“So?” He asked when Maya hung up.

“Uuwi ako bukas sa Laguna. Teka nga Chard, may ginawa ka ba sa Tatay ko?”

“Wala no. Maybe your father just wants to thank me for saving you.” He teased.

“Pwede. Ehh paano ka naman niya papasalamatan eh hindi ka naman niya makikita?”

“He might not see me, but he’ll know I’m there.”


It was 3AM, yet Maya is still widely awake. Her body is physically exhausted because of the things that had happened, especially her accident but she just couldn’t forget the last image before she passed out.

There’s water everywhere, she’s stuck. No way out. The doors wouldn’t budge. She’s so scared. So scared. Richard was there but she could not hear him anymore. There’s too much water. No. She wants to get out so badly but she can’t. There’s no way she could get out. She wants to scream for help, she wants to panic, she wants to undo what had happened, but she can’t. It’s all useless. She knew that Richard was comforting her but she can’t hear him. A metronome was ticking in her head, counting the time she had left.

Then she passed out. Next thing she knew, she was on the ground and Richard saved her.

She was truly grateful to him. But fear is still within her.

That night, her door remained open. She doesn’t want it to close. She’s too scared.


“Are you okay, Maya?” Richard asked her when he noticed that Maya is fidgeting her hands. They are riding in a bus, on their way to Laguna.

“O-okay lang ako.” She replied shortly. But she knows that she’s not. Beads of sweat can be seen on her forehead.

Everything is closed. Why? Pwede naman silang maglagay ng butas diba?

”Chard. Pwede bang buksan yung bintana ng bus na ‘to?” she asked him.

“What? Nagbibiro ka ba, Maya? We’re inside an air conditioned bus … Wait, are you really okay?”

Maya didn’t reply. She would be lying if she said that she’s okay.

“Look at me.” He said. Maya turned to face her angel.

Richard could see the fear Maya have. He wants to put his arms around her to comfort her but he knew all too well that it’s impossible.

Relax, Maya. Malapit na tayo. Matulog ka muna. I promise, I’ll be here. Hindi kita iiwan kahit anong mangyari. Richard said in her thoughts.

Maya slowly closed her eyes.

It’s all closed. No way out. I’m confined. No way out. No way out. No way –


Cut it out, Maya. I’m here. I’m here. Richard interfered in her thoughts. I’m sorry. Dapat hindi kita iniwan.


For the first time, Maya fell asleep. When she woke up, she’s already in Laguna. When they reached the bus stop, she stood and head for the doors quickly. She can finally breathe properly when she reached outside.

“Maya.” Richard called her from behind.

“Bakit?” she smiled. She’s back to her normal self now.

“I .. I think you should see a doctor. Nagka-phobia ka ata.” He said. His eyes full of concern.

“Phobia ka dyan. Wala ‘to no.” She simply brushed off, and hailed a jeepney.

“See? Wala akong phobia.” Maya said as she put her phone on her ear, doing what she did when she talked to Richard at the park.

“Maya, iba yung sa bus.”

“Richard, wala talaga ‘to, promise.”
“No. I insist. Please consult a doctor.”

“Richard –“

“I’m just concerned about you. Ayokong makita kang ganyan.” He said, this time he’s looking straight into her eyes.

Maya felt her heart flutter. I can’t be like this. I can’t fall for him. I can’t.


“Promise me that you’ll consult a doctor when you got home. Or else ako ang gagawa ng paraan.”

Maya could only nod. This is too much. He’s too sweet.


At around noon, they finally arrived. The Dela Rosa residence is a simple two-story house. Its walls are painted white. Richard could see a garden beside the house, and it’s full of flowers. Maya could relax there.

“Maya!” Teresita welcomed her with a hug. “Arturo! Naandito na si Maya!”

His father went outside their house, also giving her a hug. “Ayos ka lang ba? Wala ka talagang galos, anak?”

“Wala po Tay.” Then she hugged them again. “Na-miss ko po kayo.”

“Kami rin anak.” Her mother said. “Tara na sa loob. May pananghalian kaming niluto.”
“Sige po Nay.” Arturo carried her bag and went inside with her mom.

Maya turned to Richard. “Sila yung parents ko. Si Nanay Teresita saka si Tatay Arturo. Mamaya, makikilala mo si Kute.”

Richard could only give her a smile as an answer. “How I wish I could actually meet them.”

Maya sighed. “Ikaw kasi eh. Nawala ka agad sa mundo, ayan tuloy, hindi mo ko nakilala.”

Richard halted. There’s something to what Maya said. It’s triggering something in his memory, but he can’t remember.

“Oy, Chard. Tara na sa loob.”

Have we met before, Maya?


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  1. Parang gusto kong maiyak sa story kasi love nila yung isat isa pero hindi pwede..i have a gut feeling na si maya yung nasa blur memory ni richard.. gusto ko tong story mo.. next na po.. salamat dito… will click the link later..nka mobile lang kasi ako… thanks..

  2. habang binabasa ko to ay diko mapigilang maluha lalo na yung part na naaksidente si maya na walang magawa c richard. Haaay sobrang ganda talaga ng story, kakaiba ito. Good job po. Sana mapost na next chapter. Thankie 🙂

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