Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – Mr. & Ms. Confused

This is the continuation of Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – First Date

Author: banana08

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Enjoy reading!


Maya: I know I push too far. But I just want you to loosen up a bit, especially when you’re with me. (she kissed his cheek) Thank you for the patience.

He smiled at her.

Richard: Yes I almost lost my cool. You can be such a pain in the neck, you know? Okay I promise, I’ll loosen up a bit next time.
Maya: Really? So we’ll date again?
Richard: Unless you don’t want.
Maya: Of course, I want! (she hugged him)

He hugged her back.

Richard: Thank you. Though you’ve given me a hard time. (he said while hugging her)
Maya: Sorry.
Richard: It’s okay. ( he released her) So I better go ahead. I still need to check on the kids.
Maya: Okay. Drive safely.
Richard: I will.

He turned and started walking. He then turned to her again.

Richard: Maya??
Maya: Yes?
Richard: I really had a great time. Thank you. (he run to her and kissed her cheek and immediately headed towards the elevator)


He was in bed when he received a text.


“Good night Richard :)”


He immediately hit reply.


“Sweet dreams Maya :)”



Abby: Daddy…Daddy.. wake up. (tapping the arm of her dad ever so lightly)

He opened his eyes slowly and a smile immediately crept to his face as he saw his children.

Kids: Good morning Dad!
Richard: Good Morning my precious ones! You guys are the best reason why my morning is indeed good. In fact the best!
Nikki: Hmmm, Sweet talking again, Dad! Come on! You get up now, the breakfast is ready.
Richard: But it’s true, Honey!
Nikki: We know, Dad. And we love you even more because of that.
Luke: Hep! Being melodramatic this early, Niks? Dad, come on we should go and have our breakfast.
Richard: Okay.

As he was about to get off the bed, Abby asked a question that made him jerk a bit.

Abby: Daddy, why do you have a hello kitty stuffed toy on your bed?

He smiled as he remembered who gave it to him.

Richard: Oh that one. Sweetie, Tita Maya gave that to me as a peace offering. He pissed me off big time that’s why.

As if on cue, Nikki and Luke glanced at each other with questions on their faces.

Abby: Is she going to replace Mommy?

Abby’s question did not only surprise Richard but Nikki and Luke as well. Richard sat on the side of the bed asked Abby to come closer to him and he looked her in the eye.

Richard: Of course not Sweetie. What we had with your mom can never be replaced. Alex will always be your Mom no matter what. She will always be a big part of our family. She never left us because she is always in our hearts, right sweetie?

She nodded in response.

Richard: Tita Maya is Dad’s friend but she is not bad at all.
Abby: Yes, I know that Daddy because aside from us, she makes you smile also. (she is smiling lovingly at him)
Richard: Because she has crazy, eccentric ideas and antics. (he let out a soft laugh)

His reaction to the mere mention of Maya’s name did not escape the eyes of Nikki and Luke.

Richard: So let’s have breakfast?
Kids: Okay Dad!


Doris: Miss Maya, the new contract of Singapura Airlines arrived today.
Maya: Thank you Doris. Just leave it there. (she said still focused on what she is reading)
Doris: And also, I’m just reminding you of the meeting with the board members that will be an hour from now.
Maya: Okay. Thanks. (still engrossed with her reading)
Doris: All the documents needed for the meeting is in the envelope in your drawer.
Doris was about to leave her office when she finally look up and called her again.
Maya: Uhmmm, Doris
Doris: Yes Miss Maya?
Maya: Can you set me an appointment with Atty. Seraspi ASAP? I just want to consult him and want him to draft a contract regarding the merging.
Doris: Okay Miss Maya.
Maya: And one more thing, can you please hand me the report about the incident Mactan Airport?
Doris: No problem.
Maya: Thank so much.

She’s having a busy morning. After she arrived from the trip, she’s been working double time to catch up with her back logs. She was preparing for her presentation for the board meeting when Doris knocked on her door.

Maya: Come in Doris.
Doris: Miss Maya, delivery for you. (she handed a potted Tulip to her)
Maya: Who sent this?
Doris: It’s not indicated.
Maya: Oh.. Okay. Thank you Doris (she got the plant from Doris and checked if there’s a card attached and there is)

“Yellow Tulip for you dear because there’s sunshine in your smile that warms my heart. Don’t let workloads consume you. Good luck for today! :)”

She can’t explain her feelings. She’s ecstatic, though the sender is unknown, she felt that the one who sent it is very close to her heart because there are only few people who knows that Tulip is her favorite flower.

Maya: It seems that the sender also knows the current thing in my life. Nevertheless, this made my day. (she put the plant near her window and her phone rang)

Maya: Wow! Since when are you back?
James: I just arrived yesterday. I visited your home this morning but Tito Arturo said you got your own place now and that you’re busy and you have a meeting with the board members.
Maya: Well, I still visit them and sleep there sometimes. Hmmm, what else did he say about me? You two seemed to enjoy your little chit chat about me, huh?
James: Of course! Maya Dela Rosa is the only topic that never fails to entertain me and Tito Arturo.
Maya: Capt. James Ventura, I didn’t know I am that interesting!
James: Yes you are. You always are.
Maya: Mr. Cajoler as always. Anyway, do you have any plans tonight? Why not join us for dinner. I’m sure Manang Loleng missed you!
James: Wow! Manang Loleng I missed her too. She’s been with your family for like 12, 15 years. I haven’t seen her this morning though.
Maya: No she’s been with us for 25 years now. Let’s continue our tete a tete tonight. I need to go. The meeting is about to start.
James: Alright then. I miss you Maya. See you later.
Maya: I miss you too James. See you later.

As she turned around, she saw Richard standing by the door. She was not expecting him.

Maya: Whoa. You’re here.
Richard: Did I startle you? (hands on his pockets, walking closer to her, expressionless)

He stopped when he was a foot away from her, staring her blankly

Maya: O..o. Of course not. Do you need anything? Is there a problem?
Richard: Before I entered your office there’s none but now I’m sure there is.
Maya: I’m sorry Richard but I have to cut our conversation because my meeting will start in a few minutes.
Richard: Yes I know.
Maya: How did you know?
Richard: Doris told me before I entered your office.
Maya: I’m really sorry Richard. I have to go. I’ll call you later, okay?
Richard: Okay. (he leaned forward a bit to kiss her cheek) Good luck for your presentation.
Maya: Thank you. (she said as she touch his face) I’ll call you. You take care. (he left smiling beautifully at him)

She was shocked seeing him by her door but all the more with his blank expression. But his kiss calm and soothed her.

He was confused with what he felt when she said I miss you too to that James guy. Something’s not right and he doesn’t know what it is. But that smile made him feel better.


Maya was a bit exhausted after the meeting. She immediately went inside her office to relax a bit. She instantly saw the potted Tulip by the window and somehow gave her that relaxing feeling. She sat on her swivel chair near her desk and saw a sticky note.

“I’ll drive you to your Tatay’s home for your dinner. Call me, I’ll be waiting” – Richard

She dialed his number.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Maya: Hi. (she was uncertain of his mood)

He is silent.

Maya: What’s wrong? What’s the problem? Are you okay? Where are you? Are you sick? Why are you not talking?

Maya’s endless questioning made him chuckle a bit.

Maya: Hey! Why are you laughing? (starting to feel relieved)
Richard: I’m better now after I heard your voice full of concern.
Maya: Hmmm… Mr. Lim what’s wrong?
Richard: I told you, it’s Richard, Maya. And I’m okay now. I’ll send you to your Tatay’s house and I’ll drive you back to your condo after, okay?
Maya: What? That will be difficult for you. And I also have my car with me.
Richard: You can leave your car in your office. I’ll drive you to your Tatay’s house then pick you up and drive you home. Then tomorrow, I’ll send you to work.
Maya: Richard, you are not my driver. You don’t need to do that.
Richard: I know Maya but I want to. Please? Let’s not argue about this. Please?
Maya: Just join us with dinner so you can meet James and my family.
Richard: No Maya, not today. James just arrived so I guess you…you.. missed him.
Maya: I know something’s off but I’ll let you off the hook this time Richard. Let’s talk later okay? I’ll see you. You take care. Bye.
Richard: You take care too. Yes, see you. Bye!

She was not certain with what’s going on with Richard. She can’t determine if it’s bad or not. All she knows is that there’s something different the moment she saw him at her door this morning.

Nothing makes sense to him. He felt weird, awkward or sort of different. It’s like something is amiss and alienating him from his usual self.


The day went by fast as he was occupied with work. He got off work a bit early so he can prepare before he pick up Maya. He spends time in the bathroom longer than necessary fixing himself. It was long time ago when he acted like this. “Richard, what’s with your unnecessary preparations? It’s as if you’re going date! Of course it’s NOT A DATE!”

It’s was a very eventful day for her today. It was almost end of office hours when she decided to fix her things so she can prepare herself before Richard arrive. She changed her clothes as she always has spare in her office. She did some re-touching on her make-up and sprayed her favorite scent. “Maya, this is not the first time that you will be with him. Why are you so nervous? Everything is fine. All is fine”


The elevator door opened and she saw Richard waiting for her at the lobby.

Maya in her thoughts: “Why do you have to be extra gorgeous this time Richard? Were you that handsome this morning? I have no idea.”

Richard in his thoughts: “Dazzling as ever Maya Dela Rosa. And that scent! Oh, that sweet scent.”

They just smiled to each other. They walk side by side and in silence to Richard’s car. As he guided her, he placed his hand at her back and he can’t help but glance to the beautiful lady beside him which made her flush.


Richard: So how was the presentation? (he spoke to break the silence as they drive)
Maya: I can say it went well. They seemed to be convinced with regards to the proposal of the new procedure for VVIP Meet & Assist Service though they gave me a really hard time.
Richard: Well that’s good. How about you? How are you?
Maya: Aside from being a bit tired, I’m okay. But Richard, I should be the one asking you that. How are you? You said this morning that you have a problem.
Richard: I was planning to invite you for dinner with the kids. But it can wait. (yes it’s true but there’s something else bothering him)
Maya: Is that it? How are you, really?
Richard: I am okay now Maya. No need to worry.

She was silent and in deep thoughts.

Richard: Uhmm, Maya, the plant in your office..
Maya: It was delivered this morning. I don’t understand, though the sender is unknown, I somehow feel that I’ve known the sender for a long time.
Richard: So how do you feel?
Maya: What do you mean how do I feel?
Richard: How do you feel receiving that kind of gift?
Maya: Well, I was happy because Tulip is my favorite flower and the fact that it arrived perfectly during my stress times, it’s splendid.
Richard: Oh I see…( he’s serious again)

There was deafening silence during the rest of the drive. When they reached their destination, he immediately went to the side of Maya to open the door for her. She was flushed once again.

Richard: Is it okay if I’ll pick you up around 10pm or is it too early?
Maya: You can pick me up at 9:30pm. So that you can rest early. I know you shouldn’t be doing this but thank you. Next time you’ll drive here, I will make sure you are joining our dinner, okay?
Richard: My pleasure Maya.
Maya: Drive safely, okay? I’ll text you.
Richard: Okay. See you later. Enjoy. (he kissed her cheek as he bade goodbye)


Tatay Arturo: You’re here my lovely daughter! Kamusta ang biyahe?
Maya: Hi Tay! Okay naman po, hinatid lang po ako nung kaibigan ko dito.
TA: Kaibigan? O e bakit hindi mo niyayang mag-dinner?
Maya: Niyaya ko pa, he said next time na lang kasi po baka namiss ko na daw po si James.
TA: Speaking of James, where is he? What time is he arriving?
Maya: He’ll soon be here Tay! Mga 20 mins daw po sabi sa text.
TA: Okay Nak. Go inside, your mother and Loleng are waiting for you!
Maya: Alright Tay!

She went straight to the kitchen as she knows that it is where she can find the two.

Maya: Nay! Manang! Andito na ko!
Nanay Teresita: Maya! Anak! Mabuti andito ka na. Malapit na kami matapos ni Manang Loleng dito.
Maya: Tulungan ko na po kayo.
Manang Loleng: Nakung bata ka! Wag na! Baka marumihan pa ang baro mo!
Maya: Si Manang talaga oh! Ay Nay, si Mamang po pala?
NT: Ayun Nak, may dinner kasama mga amigas nya. Late ka naman daw nagsabi. Naka-oo na sya.
Maya: Don’t worry Nay. Magdidinner ulit tayo soon. Isasama ko po yung kaibigan kong naghatid sakin kanina(she can’t help but smile at the thought of Richard joining her family in dinner)
NT: Maya, kaibigan? Hinatid ka?
Maya: Yes Nay.
NT: Are you sure kaibigan lang? O e bakit di mo in-invite to have dinner with us?
Maya: Nay, parehas kayo ni Tatay ng tanong. E kasi po kadarating lang ni James kaya sabi nya saka na lang daw sya.
NT: Hmmm, Maya. You’re keeping something from me.
Maya: Si Nanay, nang-intriga pa! Wala po yun.
NT: Okay, If you say so.
Maya: Nay, si Kute at si Cho hindi ba darating?
NT: Maya, alam na alam mo na ayaw na ayaw ng kapatid mo na tinatawag mo syang Kute. Hindi na daw sya boyish, girl na girl na daw sya! And you know the reason why hindi sya pupunta ngayon, right?
Maya: Sabi ko nga po Nay e.


James finally arrived. He was welcomed by Tatay Arturo who is sitting by the porch.

TA: James! What took you so long? Kanina pa si Maya ditto. I thought magkasabay kayong pupunta.
James: Hello Tito. Dumaan pa po kasi ako sa Cake2go to buy Maya’s favorite cake. She texted me kanina na mauuna na po sya dito.
TA: Yes. Hinatid sya dito nung kaibigan nya.
James: Hinatid sya ng kaibigan nya? Sino daw po?
TA: I don’t know. Why don’t you go inside now and ask her. Suhulan mo na din ng cake na dala mo. I’ll follow in a few para makapag-dinner na tayo.
James: Okay Tito.


As James entered the house, he heard ladies chit-chatting in the kitchen.

James: Who wants Toblerone Overload?
Maya: James! (she run towards James and gave him a hug the he gave her a kiss on the cheek)
James: Sabi ni Tito suhulan daw kita kasi may kailangan ako malaman. Ikakagalit ko ba yan?
Maya: Sira! Mabuti pa, Let’s have our dinner! Kanina ka pa namin hinihintay! Ang tagal mo!
NT: O sya dun na kayo sa mesa.
James: Thanks Tita.


During the dinner, Maya and James kept on exchanging stories and banters to each other. It was pretty obvious that they missed each other.

TA: You two seemed to miss each other so much!
James: Yes Tito. I miss Maya a lot. (he said as he ruffled her hair)
Maya: If I know, you just miss teasing me!
James: Of course not!
TA: I love seeing you together. What a lovely sight.
NT: Maya Nak, Tama na muna ang asaran nyo, nasa harap tayo ng pagkain. You guys continue that later.
Maya: Okay po Nay!


They decided to continue their catching up with a cup of coffee. They seated themselves at the porch like they’ve used to do. It was 9pm when Maya’s phone started ringing.

Maya: Hi Richard!
Richard: Hi Maya.
Maya: Sorry I wasn’t able to text you.
Richard: It’s okay. I know you’re having a good time with your family. Anyway, I’m still at home and since it’s approximately a 30 min drive, I want to ask you if you’re ready to go home or still want to stay longer?
Maya: It’s okay. So I’ll see you in 30?
Richard: Okay. Bye
Maya: Drive safely Richard.

James: Is he picking you up already?
Maya: Yes James.
James: Why? I can also drive you to your condo.
Maya: No James, I already agreed to him. Don’t worry, we can still continue our stories next time.
James: Okay.

She went inside to bid her parents, Manang Loleng and Mamang goodbye. Mamang arrived when they were talking in the porch but retire immediately to her bedroom as she was already tired. She promised to be back soon. Minutes later, Richard arrived. James walked her to the gate and kissed her cheek as they said their goodbyes. This does not escape Richard’s eye as he is outside the car waiting for her.

Maya: Hello again there, Richard!
Richard: Hello again Maya! (he kissed her cheek. He felt the urge to kiss her cheek after what he saw.)
Maya: Let’s go?

He nodded as a response and opened the door for her. He went to the driver’s seat and drove off. He started the conversation.

Richard: So how was dinner?
Maya: It was super fun! You should have joined us. You should have met James.
Richard: Maybe next time Maya.
Maya: In fact, I already told them that we will soon visit and join them for dinner.
Richard: Do they know about your proposal?
Maya: Well, not yet. I don’t want to give them nervous breakdown. I should introduce you to them at least.

He chuckled.

Maya: What?
Richard: Anybody will experience nervous breakdown when suddenly someone run into you and propose marriage! I was so shocked then.
Maya: I saw millions of question marks written on your face that day. If you just saw how you reacted! That was epic! (she is laughing now!)
Richard: Hey! What’s so funny?
Maya: You! (she can’t stop laughing)
Richard: Me?! Okay Fine! I’m funny! ( he said sarcastically)
Maya: Hey! You’re the one who started it! (she said defensively)
Richard: Okay.
Maya: Let’s just change the topic. How are the kids? How’s Nikki? Is she prepared for tomorrow’s event?
Richard: They’re doing fine. We did some catching ups over dinner. Luke had minor problems with his subjects and asked for my assistance. I was not worried even a bit coz I know he just need a little help. Abby is so excited with the upcoming activities in school. She talked very animatedly during dinner. As for Nikki, she said everything is prepared already. She is a very organized girl. (how he loves talking about his kids)
Maya: Daddy duties 101?
Richard: I’ll never get tired of it! In fact, I was able to tuck Abby to bed before coming to pick you up! (he said proudly)
Maya: You know, that’s what I love most about you!
Richard: Love?
Maya: Yes. You might be short-tempered, snub, and impatient when it comes to me, but with your kids, you’re a whole different person. And I admire you for that!
Richard: That sounds weird to me.
Maya: Why?
Richard: You made it sound like I have Multiple Personality!
Maya: Now that you said that, I guess I better check on that!

They both laughed.

Maya: Wait, I have an idea. If only it’s okay with you.
Richard: What is it?
Maya: I want to make up with the supposed dinner with you and your kids. So I want to invite you guys to our resort in Batangas this weekend.
Richard: Maya you don’t have to.
Maya: I know but I want to. Please? (she said with her hands together in front of her with pleading eyes)
Richard: Stop using that trick! How can I say no when you look like that! That’s Argumentum ad Misericordiam!
Maya: It’s not trick my dear, it’s charm! (she winked at him)
Richard: Fine you win again. Batangas it is this weekend!

Up next:

Maya: What is love? Seriously, you wrote this?

Richard: Just answer it!


Maya: Richard, why are you acting like that?

Richard: Who is James to you?

Maya: He is my bestfriend and…..


Luke: Really Dad? You stalked her!

Richard: I knew it was wrong. I just can’t help myself.

Luke: I hope she’s like Tita Maya.


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  1. confusion at it’s finest. 😀 hahaha. pakasalan na yan. selos much pa naman siya kay James. hahaha. loving this series more and more. keep them coming beh! good job. 🙂

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