Crazy in Love – part 2

A/N: This is a continuation to Crazy in Love – part 1

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 2 – Not into her

“Blag!!” a surprised Maya dropped several library books she was carrying.

She froze, unable to move. Richard was talking to a beautiful girl, his hand on her shoulder and their bodies close together. She found them seated on the reading table at the far end of the bookshelf while she was searching for books.

Her eyes remained fixed on Richard who suddenly looked at her direction. They were just a few feet apart. When their eyes met, she felt tiny stabs on her chest as she met his cold eyes. He nodded to acknowledge her and then he returned his attention to the girl beside him.

“Girl, nandito ka lang pala” Emman suddenly appeared from behind.

“Hi Emman” She greeted him tentatively while picking up the books that just fell from her hands.

“Ano, nahanap mo na bang book na pinahahanap ni Prof. Armovit? Let’s go na so can we do the report. Meron na akong books on Grecian culture dito.” Emman was coaxing her to move when he spotted Richard.

He whispered to her. “Aiyeee. He’s here. Ang cute pero may kasamang girl.” A tone of disappointment was evident.

“Emman, let’s go nakaka-istorbo tayo dito.” She pulled his arm so they can leave the area.

“Girl, so may girlfriend na pa la ang crush ng bayan. Tingnan mo ang sweet nila. Alam mo ba ‘yang mga tables sa likod ng libray ang tinatawag na lover’s lane? Usually kasi ang naka-upo dyan mga lovers – nasa dulo kasi ng libray so walang masyadong istorbo” Emman continued whispering as he walked behind her.

Maya didn’t respond. She heard everything that Emman said and it was upsetting her. She was still in shock seeing Richard sitting so closely with another girl. It felt like her world collapsed at that time.

Almost all her high school life, Maya had a crush on Richard. She couldn’t recall when it all started but whenever she saw him, her heart would flutter endlessly. Their parents are very close so they would always meet during social events and even family gatherings. During those occasions, she would take extra effort to start a conversation with him. He would respond in a friendly manner but he tended to be quiet most of the time. In the end, she was contented by just looking at him when opportunities were present. Unfortunately, those opportunities only occurred during semestral breaks, Christmas holidays and summer. He was studying in Manila.

When she got accepted to PSU where Richard was already a senior engineering student, she was excited and was looking forward to seeing more of him. She assumed that being in the same school would give her a chance to be noticed by him. Unfortunately, he appeared to be interested in another girl. She discovered this in the library within the first month she entered PSU.


Two days after the library incident

Maya was at the cafeteria eating a sandwich while reading a book when she heard a voice talking to her.

“Hi, mind if I join you.” A tall guy with athletic build was standing in front of her with a smile plastered on his face. He looks good but not her type.

“Sure.” Maya responded and continued reading her book. The guy pulled out the chair in front of her and sat.

“Ahh… Miss… you’re a freshman here ano?” He started to converse with her.

“Yes.” was short response and she peered at him “but how did you guess?”

“I was reading the same book when I was in first year. So, who is your professor in Humanities? By the way, I’m Anton, Anton Marquez.” He extended his hand and waited for her to accept it.

“I’m Maya, Maya dela Rosa. Si Professor Armovit, do you know her? Ang dami na nyang reading assignments for us.” She shook his hand and started to feel at ease with him.

“Well that’s her style. What is your course? Are you taking Architecture?”

“No, I’m taking Interior Design.”

“Oh, same department pala tayo. I’ll give you a tip. Armovit is tough. She likes to incorporate both theory, history and practical application in modern times. So, you need to study a lot.”

“Really? Gosh, I think I will need to spend more time in the library then.”

“Ha,ha,ha, Ganun na nga. Since we are in the same department, how about having me as study buddy? I’m a senior so I can always give you tips, what do you think?”

She was unsure whether to agree considering she just met him. But, wanting to be polite, she tentatively agreed. “Hmmm, pwede. Ah, let’s see how it works out.”

Anton eagerly stood up and declared. “Alright. So, how about joining me sa library now? I’ll help you with your assignment while I do some research too.”

Maya paused for a while weighing her options and finally said “Okay, let’s go.” In her mind, we’re just going to the library anyway.

As soon as they walked at the foyer leading to the library, Maya noticed other students staring at them. She wasn’t sure why it seemed that they were attracting attention. She felt self-conscious. She glanced at Anton who was walking beside her seemingly unperturbed by the stares he was getting. She thought, “Yeah, he’s cute but he’s not as cute as my Richard.”

When they entered the library, Maya chose the table where they would sit. She chose the table close to the main hall. She was afraid that she might bumped into Richard with his girlfriend. She didn’t want to get upset. As if on cue, Richard suddenly appeared from one of the tall bookshelves. He was about to move to the next bookshelf when he noticed Maya.

“Hi Maya.” He greeted her with a smile.

“Hi Richard.” She gave a half smile; not wanting to show too much eagerness. Otherwise, he might discover that she has a crush on him. Deep within though, her heart jumped when she heard his voice.
Richard then turned his attention to her companion.

“Hi Anton. So, nag lilibrary ka na ngayon ha. Walang game?” Richard teased Anton.

“Wala Bro. Sinamahan ko si Maya, study buddy kami.” Anton responded and turned to Maya smiling.

“Ah ganoon,” Richard glanced at Maya, no facial expression. He turned to Anton, “Okay, I’ll leave you two then. See you around.” He continued checking the books on the shelf.

Maya mentally replayed Richard’s reaction in their encounter a while ago. He was his usual self; seemingly uninterested in her and it hurt.Hayyy, Maya, he doesn’t see you. So, please stop wishing. She thought, maganda naman ako sabi ng mga friends ko, eh bakit hindi ako pansinin nitong crush ko.

“Kilala mo si Richard?” Anton asked when they were alone.

“Yes, sa province namin.” She responded while her eyes were following Richard’s movement

“Aha!.” Anton must have sensed something. “So, isa ka rin sa mga girls na may crush sa kanya.”

“Of course not” She responded defensively, with a loud voice than her usual. The librarian rang the bell signaling them to keep quiet.

“Okay, okay. ‘Wag masyadong violent ang reaksyon mo.” He started to whisper. Maya glanced at Richard again who was observing them. He turned away when their eyes met.

Remembering Richard’s question to Anton, she asked “Eh, anong game pala ‘yung tinatanong sa’yo?”

“Ahh, I play basketball.” Anton’s short reply. His facial expression waiting for a reaction from her but there was none.

“Ah, ganun? O sige, mag-aral na tayo.” She started to pull out her notebook and pens from her bag.

Anton gave out a chuckle. “Wow, Maya. You’re really good for my ego.” He likewise started to take out his book and laptop from his bag while Maya just stared at him wondering what he meant by his statement.

Later, she told Emman her meeting with Anton and found out about it.

“Maya, ano ka ba, hindi ka ba nanood ng UAAP sa TV?” Emman’s eyes were rounded in amazement. “Si Anton Marquez is a very popular basketball player ng school natin.”


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