Crazy in Love – part 3

A/N: This is the continuation to Crazy in Love – part 2

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 3

The study sessions of Anton and Maya became a regular activity for them. They got along pretty well; he was fun to be with. Maya also appreciated the attention she was getting from him considering his popularity in school and his busy schedule with basketball practices. When he was free, he would walk with her until she reaches her rented condo unit which just a few blocks from her school. She knew that Anton was interested in her as he would imply this in their conversations. Later on, he started sending her flowers and chocolates. Obviously, he was courting her. Few weeks later, he officially asked her to be his girlfriend.

During the times she was with Anton, she rarely saw Richard in the campus. It was as if fate was telling her to forget him and there is another one for her. So, she had made a conscious effort to turn her attention to Anton. She entertained his interest in her. Eventually, she decided to move on and accepted his proposal. So, Anton became her first boyfriend.

Two days after she said “Yes” to Anton, the school’s inter-department sports competition was held. Each department had a line-up of players. Richard was representing the engineering team in the track competition. Upon the coaxing of her friends, May ended up watching the track competition where Richard won first place. She didn’t enjoy watching the competition and really preferred to watch the invitational basketball match where Anton was playing.

Emman wanted to go to engineering building after the games but she refused. As she saw her friend leave, she thought, “Hayy, Emman kung alam mo lang. Tagal kong crush ‘yang singkit na ‘yan. Unfortunately, ayaw talaga akong pansinin kahit anong pagpapacute ang gawin ko. So, I moved on…. may boyfriend na ako.”


1st week of November 2002

Papa Roberto, Mama Esmeralda, Mama Teresita, Richard, Maya and Christina Rose were all seated in the Dela Rosa’s dining table having lunch. Richard and Maya have returned separately to San Nicolas for their semestral break.

“So, Richard, nagkikita ba kayo ni Maya sa school?” Mama Esme asked Richard as they were having dessert.

Richard responded. “Minsan Ma.”

“Naku anak, minsan titingnan-tingnan mo rin si Maya. Wala s’yang kasama sa bahay, ikaw lang ang matagal na kakilala n’ya sa Maynila.” Mama Esme requested her son.

Mama Teresita joined the conversation “Naku, salamat Esme. Baka maka-istorbo naman kay Richard si Maya. Syempre nag-aaral naman ‘yung bata.”

“Ma, Tita Esme, okay lang po ako. Marami na po akong friends. So, I feel safe in my unit and with the people I go out with.” Maya down played the meddling of the two mothers.

“Maya, may boyfriend ka na ba?” Papa Roberto asked which caught Maya off-guard. She blushed as all heads turned to her waiting for her response. She couldn’t respond especially because she has not told her mother about Anton. Richard was eyeing her carefully.

Cristina Rose sensing Maya’s discomfort suddenly joined the conversation. In her usual boyish way, “Ah, wala pa po. Bawal pang magka-boypren si bunso. Kailangan pumasa sa screening namin. At saka, kailangan mauna muna akong magka-boyren, bago s’ya.”

They all laughed at Cristina Rose’s comment. They all knew that if what she said was true, then Maya will end up a spinster. Cristina Rose is an all out lesbian.

Maya was fidgety in her seat while Richard continued to observe them.

“Good, hija.” Mama Esme smiles at Maya. “Mas mabuti kung ang maging boyfriend mo ay yung kakilala mong mabuti, lalo ng pamilya mo. Di ba, Mare?” Mama Esme looked at her friend and both of them glanced at Richard who looked down to eat his dessert.

Realizing that she was becoming the subject of the discussion, Maya excused herself feigning that she was going to call somebody. She went to the garden to get some fresh air. She didn’t notice that Richard followed her.

“Hmmm Maya, how’s your first sem in PSU?” He started the conversation.

“Okay naman. I’m adjusting well.” Why all of a sudden he is talking to me, she asked herself. “At ang gwapo talaga nito, kainis!”

“So, you are pursuing Interior Design? Okay ba ang mga professors mo?”

“Yes, so far enjoy naman ako. I have good professors, yung iba nga lang ay terror. Ha,ha,ha. But I like to decorate and all, so overall excited pa naman akong pumasok sa school.” She responded light heartedly; trying to appear confident.

Their conversation went on for a while. They talked about other teachers and things about school in general. All through out their conversation, Maya was actually feeling self-conscious. It has been a very long time since she had a conversation with him. There was something in the way he looked at her that made her heartbeats race. The feeling of giddiness was returning again and she wanted to take control of it.

“There is a senior’s party scheduled on November 15. Would you like to go?” Richard tentatively asked.

She was aware of the party because Anton has reserved that date with her. Maya, not expecting an invitation from Richard, misunderstood his question. “Ah yes, I’m going with Anton Marquez.” She smiled as she told him.

“Ah, ganun ba? Good, then, we’ll see each other there then.” Richard went mum for a while.

Moments later, he offered, “If you need anything when we are in Manila, just let me know. Anyway, what’s your cellphone number?”

“Ha?” She seemed confused.

“I said give me your phone number.” He stated this time.

While she dictated her number, he was typing it on his phone. Few seconds later, her phone rang. It was an unidentified number. “Okay I got your number and that’s my number flashing on your phone. Please save it. You know now how to reach me.” Richard winked at her and had his bedimpled signature smile on his face.

“Thank you.” She smiled back, thankful that she didn’t blush.

As she sat alone in the garden after he left, she rehashed their conversation to find an answer to a nagging question, did he ask me to go with him to the party? But he said, “would you like to go, it wasn’t would you like to go with me, as in, walang with me.” In the end, she scolded herself, “Maya it doesn’t matter anymore. You have a boyfriend; you will attend the party with Anton.”


Later that night, Richard was in a reclined seat in their verandah gazing at the stars. He was thinking of Maya. It bothered him that she is going at the party with Anton Marquez. He had seen them together at the library and actually wondered why Anton was there. Everyone knows that Anton prefers to be in the basketball court than be in a classroom, more so than in a library. Maya must be the reason. He must enjoy the company of a chatterbox. She can be noisy and nosy at times. But come to think, she is cute whenever she was in that mode. She looks pretty when she blushes too. Actually, she’s grown to be a beauty. If only his mom would stop telling him that she likes Maya to be her future daughter-in-law which made him feel awkward, they could actually be friends.

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