Crazy in Love – part 5

A/N: This is a continuation to Crazy in love-part 4

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 5

At the hotel’s open parking area, Richard was inside his car thinking whether he should just leave the party or stay on. It was very upsetting for him to see Maya enjoying Anton’s company.

Since the semestral break, he has found himself thinking a lot about Maya. She seemed to be quieter and distant when they were at San Nicolas, very different from previous years where she would constantly bug him with just about anything. “Back then, she was still a girl. But today, she looked more like a young lady, a beautiful lady” he thought. He then decided to go back to the ballroom.

Richard returned to his group who has somehow found new girl friends to join them. He ended up sitting with a girl name, Cecille, who took a keen interest on him. She tried to get Richard’s attention by immediately starting a conversation with him while Richard’s eyes were roaming to locate Maya. She was nowhere near their table.

“Richard, aren’t we going to dance?” Cecille asked in a flirtatious tone.

“Ahh, okay but let’s find a good spot.” He guided Cecile to the dance floor, his hand on her elbow. As they were making their way through the crowd, he found Maya in another table. She was still with Anton but this time with his co-varsity players, a lot of them without partners. She was drinking and laughing with them.

“Chard, dito na lang tayo. May space na dito.” Cecile wrapped her hand around Richard’s neck and moved her body close to him. Richard, in turn, placed his hand on her waist. They started slow dancing. In his thoughts, “Mom was probably right. Dapat siguro binantayan ko ‘tong si Maya. Now, she is getting popular with the boys in school.”

His thoughts suddenly got interrupted when they hit another couple dancing. He was surprised to find that it was Maya. She was at the dance floor with Bryan, another basketball player. When they eyes met, they grew wide, as if she didn’t expect him to be there.

Seeing Richard with another girl, Maya’s heart ached. “Eto na naman, Maya. Why do you still continue to get affected. Di ba, you’ve moved on? Pero hanggang ngayon apektado ka pa rin pag dating sa kanya.”

Richard and Maya stayed out of each other’s way. They resumed dancing with their respective partners but both were secretly eyeing each other. Richard observed that Maya was dancing so close with Bryan that he was getting upset again. The whole evening was turning to be a roller coaster of upset moments. His self-control was being tested to the max.

Richard suddenly stopped dancing. In a spur of the moment, tapped Bryan’s shoulder, “Bro, time to change partners.” He looked straight in the eye of the other guy; he was prepared for a brawl.

Bryan momentarily paused and then smiled, “Sure Bro. See you later Maya.” He let go of Maya and took Cecille’s hand who was surprised with the changing of partners.

Richard took Maya’s hands in his. They stood facing each other, not moving but staring at each other amidst other students dancing around them.

“Richard, upo na lang, tayo.” She spoke first, moving her face close to his so he can hear her.

“Why? We haven’t started yet.” He responded, not letting go of her hands. “Are you avoiding me?”

“No, it’s just that I have my friends, they are waiting for me.” She looked at their direction; they were all busy with their respective dates while the other guys were drinking.

“I don’t’ think so.” He said, as he followed her eyes’ direction.

“I’ve been observing you Maya. Why do you allow these guys to have their hands all over you?” He asked in serious tone; trying to keep his temper in check.

“What? We are just having fun. Besides, they are my friends.” She defended herself.

At this point the music changed into a fast one and the crowd roared with excitement. The table group of Maya joined them on the dance floor. Maya and Richard found themselves part of a circle with her friends dancing.
Richard excused himself and left them. He went to the bar to drink and watched her from there. He noticed Maya’s mood eventually changed. She was starting to have fun, dancing and enjoying the music. Anton was her partner but later on moved he to another another girl. Then, he noticed that Bryan started to move closer to Maya. The music added to the flirtatious move; he was getting to be too close and she seemed to be enjoying it. He’s finally had enough and made a bold move.

Interrupting the dancing couple, Richard stood beside Maya and took her hand.

“Maya, let’s talk.” His face close to her ear. Then said to Bryan, “Bro, pasensya na. Kailangan ko lang si Maya kausapin.” Without waiting for a reply, he pulled Maya to leave the dance floor.

She resisted and disengaged from his hold. She saw his furrowed eyebrows which signaled that he was upset with something that she didn’t know about.

“Maya, if you don’t want to be in the school newsletter next week, I suggest you come with me now.” Richard warned her.

When she understood his statement, she got nervous. So, she left the dance floor together with him. She was led out of the ballroom. Later, she found herself in the open parking space with him.

“Richard, why are we here? Anu bang sasabihin mo na kailangan dito pa tayo mag-usap?” She stopped walking and asked him.

“Well, uuwi na tayo. I hahatid na kita.” His short reply. He was jealous but he didn’t know how to express the feeling to her. For the first time in his life, he felt deep jealousy seeing her with other guys.

“Eh, bakit mo ako iuuwi? In the first place, you’re not my date.” She asked with a tone of impatience. Richard was momentarily taken a back. She made a point.

“Yes, I’m not your date. But I think you’re date is not doing his job of protecting and respecting you. Why are you behaving like…” He was angry that he couldn’t find the right words.

“Like what? Ano?” She asked in a raised voice.

“Those guys were ogling you; didn’t you see that? Why were you allowing that?” He said angrily.

“Richard, those are my friends. At saka, ba’t ka ba nakikialam? Walang ka namang K?” She was now angry too.

Her response hurt him more so he lashed out. “Walang K, yeah wala nga. Pero you looked so cheap there. Anton’s hands were all over you this evening and then this Bryan and God knows who’s next.” There it was out; he was so jealous that he poured out the source of his frustration.

“Ah ganoon? For your information, Bryan is just a friend and Anton… Anton is my boyfriend.” She declared defiantly.

“What?” More than the surprise, he felt a stab in his heart. “How can that be? Di ba sabi mo sa family mo wala kang boyfriend?” Now, another complexity, added fire to his temper.

“Syempre nanligaw s’ya at sinagot ko. At hindi ako ang nagsabi na wala akong boyfriend, si Kute yon. Bakit ka ba nakikialam, Richard, ako napipikon na talaga sa’yo”

“Ako din, pikon na sa’yo. Di ba ako ang crush mo? Ako ‘yung matagal mo ng crush?” He didn’t mean to blurt it out but he was very upset with the situation.

“Wow, ang yabang mo naman. Saan mo naman nakuha ‘yan?” Although, she was surprised that he knew the truth, she had no plan to admit it.

“Maya, I just know it.”

“Well, hindi ikaw yon. Kung meron man, sinisigurado ko na hindi ikaw ‘yon.” With glowering eyes, she continued arguing with him.

“So, meron pang iba? Eh, bakit may boyfriend kang iba?” He challenged her.

Unable to control herself as well, she said right in front in his face. “Kasi po, manhid po s’ya. As in M-A-N-H-I-D, manhid.”

“Are you sure?” He pushed further. He was definite she was referring to him.

“I am very sure and I have a boyfriend and he is kind, thought…” she didn’t finish her sentence.

Richard suddenly cupped her face and kissed her. It was kiss wanting to prove something.

In shock, Maya froze for a moment unable to move. Then realizing what was happening, she pushed him. She was about to slap him but he caught her arm and held it firmly down.

He enveloped her in his arms and placed one of his hand behind her neck to keep her head immobile. He kissed her again. This time, he gave her a long breath taking kiss. Initially, she fought him but her heart gave away. She was starting to respond to him. It was then that Richard stopped.

“So, does your boyfriend kiss you like that?” He asked sarcastically and then turned to leave her standing at the parking area.

Then, it started to drizzle.


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