Crazy in Love -part 6

A/N: This is a continuation to Crazy in love – part 5.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 6

“Whaat? Ginawa mo ‘yun?” Rafi asked Richard in disbelief. He called her up early Saturday morning.

“I’ve known you to have a temper but I didn’t expect that you would do that ‘Chard.” Rafi, in short for Rafaela, is Richard best friend. They are in the same batch but she’s taking up management course.

“Yeah Rafi. I did it and I’m feeling quite bad right now. Kaya nga tinawagan kita. I don’t know what to do. Do I apologize?” He decided to consult her the day after the party.

“Apologize? Do you have to ask that? You were a total ass..” Obviously, Rafi was disappointed with her friend.

“Asshole, Rafi. Yes, I was. Pikon lang talaga ako kagabi.” Was his admission. Recalling all the words he said to Maya, the kiss and walking out on her, there is no other better description of him that than being detestable.

“Okay, alam mo naman na you did her wrong. So, you have to apologize. But, you have to do one more thing.”

“What?” He asked, a bit confused.

“Itanong mo sa sarili mo, what really triggered you to behave that way. Search within you, why were you so upset seeing her with someone else. When you know that answer, then you apologize. It will be more sincere.” Rafi’s advise before she ended the call.


Ring… Ring…Ring

“Girl, anong nangyari sa’yo kagabi? Bigla kang nawala?” Emman was on the other end of land line talking to Maya.

“Hmmm. Wala… umuwi lang ako.” Maya responded in a weak, hoarse voice.

“Ay, may sakit ka? Bakit ka umuwi at saka iniwan mo ang bag mo.”

“Sipon lang siguro ‘to. Di ba umulan kagabi, medyo nabasa ako so umuwi na lang ako. Please ‘wag mo ng tanungin kung bakit ako nabasa, mahabang kwento.” If Emman didn’t mention about her bag, she would have totally forgotten about it.

“Alright, your bag is with me. Idaan ko na lang dyan later. Marami ka ng miss call dito sa phone mo. Si Anton, kagabi pa nagworry sa’yo. Actually, nagsinungaling na lang ako – sabi ko umuwi ka dahil masakit na ulo mo sa dami ng nainom mo. Buti na lang binili n’ya ang story ko. Anyway, sige mag-rest na ang beauty mo, punta ako dyan later.”


Beep. Beep.

A sound of an incoming message was heard from Maya’s cell phone.

“Maya, Can we talk?” It was message from Richard.

Maya deleted the message and covered herself with a comforter. It was Monday but she was not interested to go to school after last Friday’s party. She woke up feeling much better with her headache and colds gone. During the weekend, she barely slept thinking what could have prompted Richard to behave the way he did.

For a fleeting moment, she thought that he acted because he was jealous. It couldn’t be. He has never even looked her way. He has a girlfriend or girlfriends. So, the idea of him being jealous was unlikely. “But why did he kiss me?” she thought. How could he steal my first kiss like that. I wanted my first kiss to out of love. Richard Lim, I hate you. Ang sama mo!” She cried until there were no more tears to shed.

She received another incoming message. “Maya, can I call?” She deleted the message again. After a few minutes, her phone rang and it was Richard. The moment she saw his name as the caller, she turned off the phone.

Richard was in PSU grounds trying to connect to Maya. Like Maya, he spent his weekend thinking what happened to them at the seniors’ party. He knew his anger went out of hand. His anger, founded on jealousy, made him do something to hurt her. He realized that he was jealous because he had feelings for her. The girl whom he considered as a noisy and nosy has actually penetrated his heart. He doesn’t know when it started but he didn’t like the idea that she now has a boyfriend. He just didn’t like the idea, he hated it. So, he wanted to make amends to her. Unfortunately, she wasn’t responding to his messages and phone calls.


Monday evening, there was someone knocking on Maya’s condo unit door. When she opened, it was their building’s roving security guard with a box of red roses.

“Ma’m may nagpapabigay po. Iniwan sa baba.” The guard handed her the box. It didn’t have any note so she didn’t know where it came from until she got another text message from Richard.

“Hope you got the flowers by this time, can I talk to you?” She didn’t respond and threw the flower in the garbage shoot of the building.

The following day, she got another box of flowers, this time a bigger box of pink roses with an envelope in it. She immediately assumed it was from Richard so she threw the flowers in the garbage shoot again. The next day, the same thing happened. She never opened the letter envelope nor kept the flowers. She never responded to his text messages and phone calls.

In school, she took extra efforts to avoid him. On occasions that she almost bumped into him, she quickly made a different turn so they wouldn’t have to meet. The pain and embarrassment that he gave her was so much that she wasn’t sure how she’d react when she actually talks to him.

On Friday, Maya was in the library doing her assignment, when a folded paper was placed in top of the book she was reading. When she looked up, it was somber faced Richard looking down at her. She was going to pack her things when he said, “No need to move out, I’m not going to sit here. But please read this note.”

Richard then took a sit in another table, the one farthest from her but he could still see her. He sat there, praying that she would open his letter. When he saw her flip the paper and started reading, his heartbeats raced.

I’m very sorry for what I did last week. For several days, I’ve been reaching out to you to say this to you personally, to ask for forgiveness but I guess I don’t deserve to be forgiven. What I did was unforgivable. I was confused that night and this paper is not enough to put all the reasons here why I did what I did. One thing for sure, I caused you pain and for that I am truly, truly sorry. Please forgive me.

After reading the letter, her eyes started to well up. She was indeed hurt. She was hurt by her high school crush. The way he kissed her made her feel cheap. But, he also proved something; she has special feelings for him. Then it dawned on her, he is no longer a high school crush but in fact he is her first love. Her heart melted with this realization and his apology.

When she looked around to find where Richard was, she saw him on the far end of the library staring at her. Seeing him with her new realization made her tears pour down her face. Richard saw the change in her facial expression and immediately went to where she was seated.

“Maya, I’m sorry.” He said close to her ear as he pulled a chair to sit beside her. He knew he was the cause of the tears.

Sniff. Sniff. “It’s okay Richard. I accept your apology.” She looked at him; holding back her tears but failing.

“Maya, I’d like to explain…” He wanted to explain but he doesn’t know where to start. Is the right time to tell her he loves her?

“Richard, ‘wag na lang natin munag pag-usapan, pwede. Okay na.” She wasn’t ready to hear his explanation. She just admitted to herself that she in love with him. She needed to be careful lest she might get hurt again.

“If it’s okay, then you shouldn’t be crying.” He handed him his handkerchief which she took to wipe her tears.

“Richard, okay na talaga.” She said again. Richard wanted to be sure; he still feeling guilty.

“Sige, if it’s really okay. Then allow me to start making it up to you. Can we have dinner tonight?” He gazed at her hoping she could read what his eyes were telling her. She just stared back, not responding.

“Ahh, it’s Friday. You have a date?” Ouch! That hurt. “How about tomorrow?”

“Wala akong date. Pwede ako ngayon pero tapusin ko lang ‘tong research ko.” She started to smile.

Richard and Maya ended up eating in a Japanese restaurant in Greenhills. Over dinner, Richard was a perfect gentleman. Maya slowly returned to her usual chatterbox self complete with jokes. They were having fun being together. Anyone observing them may construe that there is something going on between them.

Later that night, Richard brought back Maya to her condo unit. When they entered the lobby, the evening guard stopped Maya.

“Ah, Ma’m sandali lang po. May nagpadala po uli sa inyo ng bulaklak. Kunin ko lang sa likod.” The guard left.

Maya turned to look at Richard and shrugged her shoulder.

“Ma’m eto na po.” The guard gave her a big basket of assorted flowers. Richard immediately took the basket as it was heavy for her to carry. “Let me help me you with that.”

When they were inside the elevator, Maya took the envelope that was inside the plastic wrapped basket; curious who sent her the flower although she already had someone in her mind.

With a raised eyebrow, she told him “Ricky, you didn’t have to do this. Parang araw-araw naman ito.” Calling him Ricky was a slip of the tongue. She had only called him Ricky whenever she was daydreaming.

Richard’s heart thumped as he heard say his other nickname. “Well, I thought I’d send you flowers every day until you talk to me.”

They got out of the elevator and she led the way to her unit. “Ah ganoon, so dahil kinausap na kita, wala na bukas?” She asked while she opened her door. It was meant to be a joke.

“Well, I can still send you more if you like. What’s your favorite flower?” He responded with an eyebrow raised and killer lopsided smile. He remained standing outside the door.

“Secret.. Halika, pasok ka muna.” She invited him; she was feeling a bit giddy seeing his dimples.

“Ahh, gabi na Maya. I’ll go ahead. Next time na lang.” He declined. Although he wanted to spend more time with her, he also didn’t want to push too hard. He’d take it slow as she just forgave him.

“O sige, Richard, goodnight na lang. Thank you for the dinner.”

“Goodnight din.” He kissed her on the cheek. “Salamat at okay na tayo.”


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