Someone Like You – part 1

Author: Hanah6181


“Whaaat? Ginawa mo ‘yun girl?” A very surprised Emman asked Maya.

“Oo. Kasi naman I was in the bookstore. I saw this particular card that I thought was very appropriate to express what I was feeling. So binili ko.

At dahil nasa akin na, I decided to write him a note and send to him.” Maya explained to her best friend. She had been very close to Emman since she entered college three years ago. They are in the same batch, same class, taking up legal management in one of the top universities in Manila.

“Yes, girl, I understand that you may have liked the card and all. But to actually send it to him, it’s so unlike you.” Emman couldn’t believe that Maya went to the extent of sending a card to her so-called crush.

Maya dela Rosa, 20 years old, is well-known in school as friendly, outgoing and full of positivity in her disposition. She is quite popular with male students but she’s more focused in her studies than dating. She rarely had a crush in school so Emman was surprised by her bold move.

“Ngayon lang Emman. Anyway, what harm would it do me. Hindi ko naman nilagay ang name ko. Besides, last week na natin sa law firm nila. Kailangan malaman na n’ya how I feel for him.” She justified her action.

“Ay, ewan ko sa’yo. Gusto mo palang malaman yung feelings mo so why didn’t you sign your name. I guess handwritten pa ‘yung love letter mo, ano?” He further probed.

“Syempre, alangan naman i-type ko sa card. Dapat personalized.” She proudly declared to her friend.

“Naku… talaga naman. Naloka ka na yata. Anyway, sige. Minsan ka lang naman mabaliw. Sa dami naman ng may crush sa’yo din pa kay Atty. Richard Lim ka nagkagusto. At saka, he is so much older than you. Ano bang nakita mo doon?”

“Emman, ang gwapo kaya n’ya. The eyes, the nose, that killer smile, ‘yung build and that mystery around him. Don’t you find him sexy. Kakakilig, friend.” She was in a dreamy mode as she described Richard Lim.

“Kaya naman pala ang sipag-sipag mong mag-report sa office. Kahit tapos na ang duty natin, nakiki-overtime ka rin sa mga office girls. Kung tutuusin, lampas ka na sa 200 hours OJT requirements.

“Okay lang. I’m enjoying and learning during the training.” She responded to her friend.

“Well, at least there’s something positive in all your efforts. Anyway, good luck na lang sa letter mo. Hopefully, ma guess nya na ikaw ang nagpadala.” Emman’s parting shot.

“Emman, I don’t expect him to find out it’s me. Para sa akin, enough na maparating ko sa kanya ang feelings ko.” She said with conviction.

“Ay ewan ko sa’yo. Kaloka ka talaga.” Emman left Maya sitting in the college cafeteria.


At Lim, Orlino, Evangelista & Associates Law Offices.

“Liza, can you come over here?” Richard dropped the phone’s receiver after summoning his executive assistant.

A few seconds later, a woman came into his office “Yes, Boss.” She asked while readying the notebook she brought with her.

The object of Maya’s fantasy has received her card. He is Richard Lim, 32 years old, good looking; a Chinese-Filipino. He is one of the junior partners of his father’s law firm.

“Where did this card come from?” Richard was waving an envelope in front of her.

“Huh? eh di sa mail Sir.” She looked the envelope and it had the Ortigas central post office stamp on it.

“No, Liza. What I actually meant was, who could have sent me this card.” He handed her the card for her to see.

Liza took the silver and blue colored card. She got curious just by reading the cover message “I’ve admired you from afar, how about a closer encounter?” There was a telescope, stars, moon and heart as part of its design.

She turned the page to read the handwritten message.

Dear Richard,
Everyday I see you and I often wonder what would it be like to be close to you. You’re a mystery to me. I hope that in the future, we could get to know each other. For now, you are my inspiration. So, please keep smiling.

I love your dimple.

Take care.
(Maya signed using a heart shape)

After reading, Liza couldn’t stop herself from breaking into a laughter.

“Ha,ha, ha. Sir, you have an admirer.” She teased him.

“Liza, that’s not funny. How do I know that is not a stalker? It’s the first time I got that kind of a letter.” He was in quandary whether to appreciate or get upset with bold act of the sender.

“Liza, who do you think sent this?” Richard asked again his assistant.

“Hmm, I am guessing the sender is a girl… a young girl.” Liza responded.

“I think so too. Do you think it’s from one of the OJTs? How many do we have this year?” Richard assumed it was one of their on-the-job trainees.

“Right now sir, we have 5. They are assigned in different departments. Yes, it’s possible that it may be one of the girls. Everytime na may OJTs tayo, ikaw at si Ryan lang naman ang nagiging crush ng mga ‘yon” Liza supported his idea.

Richard shook his head, “Anyway, if it’s one of them, I think these are harmless childish acts. Alright, let’s just forget this.” He unconsciously placed the card in his side drawer.


Maya excitedly stayed beyond office hours to help one of the legal assistants in their typing job. It was Thursday and the following day would be her last day of OJT. She couldn’t resist taking the opportunity of spending more hours at the office if only to see Richard Lim. While she has not gone past the Hi, Hello sir stage with him, it was enough that she see him every time she was at their office.

During her OT work, there were only a few people left at that time and as usual, she made sure she would on the area where she could most likely see him.

As she was finishing her task, the main door’s bell buzzed. She was the one nearest the door, so went to the reception area to receive the guest.

“Good evening, is Richard still in the office?” A tall, voluptuous woman smiled at Maya as she opened the door.

“Yes, Mam. May I know your name so I can let him know you are here?” She extended courtesy to the woman.

The woman just looked at her from head to foot before saying, “I’m Hershey. Anyway, he knows me. I can just go directly to his office.” The lady walked towards Richard office.

Maya caught up with before she was able to enter his room, “Eh, ma’m excuse po, what can I offer you? Would you like coffee, tea, juice or water?” She offered the standard beverage that their firm offers to their visitors.

“I’ll have coffee.. Ah, make it two please.” Hershey went inside the room and Maya thought she overhead her say “Darlin’ how are you?”

Maya left to prepare two cups of coffee. A few minutes later, she was on her way to his office carrying a tray with the coffee. After light knock, she opened the door. She was surprised to see Richard and Hershey kissing each other. He’s back was turned against the door but she saw Hershey’s hand wrapped around his neck.

They didn’t hear Maya’s knock on the door. Because of shock, Maya’s hand shook while holding the tray. The coffee cups collided that made a breaking sound and interrupted the two who were kissing.

Richard turned around with his eyes in tiny slits and furrowed eyebrows; seemingly upset with the disturbance.

Maya could only say to them “Ayy, I’m sorry sir, ma’m. Papalitan ko na lang po ang coffee n’yo.” She immediately closed the door of his room.

Back in the pantry, she fanned herself using her hands to calm herself. She was shocked and very disappointed to see him kissing his visitor. As she recalled what the two were doing, she could feel pain in her heart. She asked herself, crush ko ba s’ya or first love na ba ‘to. Seeing him kissing someone else produced tiny stabs in her chest. She was teary eyed while she was preparing new cups of coffee.


Later that night, a sobbing Maya was on the phone talking to Emman.
Sniff. Sniff. “Emman, ayoko na sa kanya.” She told her friend in between sobs.

“Wehhh. Nuong isang araw lang crush na crush mo. Ngayon, ayaw mo na. Anong nangyari?” Emman asked her.

“Bes, I saw him kissing yung bisita n’yang Hershey ang pangalan. Emman, may girlfriend na pala sya.” She shared to her friend.

“Oh, so may girlfriend na pala. Therefore, maki-pag break ka na dyan sa ini-ilusyon mong boyfriend. There are many fishes in the ocean, girl.” Emman consoled her.

“Tama ka Emman. From now on, Richard Lim is my ex future boyfriend.” When Maya ended her call with Emman, she spoke in front of the mirror. “Richard Lim, from now on you’re someone that I used to love.”


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