Looking for Mr. Grey – Prologue

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to NotSoWeird.

A/N: This idea came in my mind after reading Fifty shades of Grey(Credits to the author). Medyo naughty ang story na’to(kontilangtalaga!) since the idea came from FSOG. Thought so that it’ll be wonderful to use Maya and Sir Chief as the characters. Enjoy reading, God bless! (Characters not mine. Thank you for the people who made them.)


Author: NotSoWeird




Work hard. Play hard. That has been Richard Lim’s motto eversince. Richard Lim. An orphan, A self made CEO through his hard work, and well-known for his perfect face, well-built body, dark cold eyes, and a smile that could bring down thousand panties. But will it change if he met that one particular woman who is destined to change his life forever? What will happen if he meets a woman that’s willing to be his ‘toy’ (as to what he calls his women) but slowly finds himself falling for her?

Dark gray eyes. Perfect physique. And a damn dominant. Maya dela Rosa’s thought as she imagined the look of Christian Grey. Maya, at the age of 25 is a graduate of BS Tourism and is currently training at Time Airways. She do loves reading book and when one of her friends recommended one particular book entitled “Fifty shades of Grey”, her life started to change. Will she be able to find her Mr. Grey? If ever she did, will she also be like the girl character in the story who became submissive to Grey?

‘Yan napomuna, nosebleed na ‘ko! Sorry samga wrong grammar ah? See you sa Chapter 1! God bless! ^_____^

PS. Pagmedyo daring nayungmga scene, post konalangsa own website ko. I know the limitations namanpo. ^_^


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