Someone Like You – part 2

This is a continuation to Someone Like You – part 1.

Author: Hanah6181


Five Years Later ( June 2013)

The place is dimly lit with a smell of smoke pervading the place. A group of skimpily clad women were gyrating on the stage seemingly inviting men to come and join them. They were the center of attraction to this type of place, a men’s bar.

“Bro, I’ve had enough. I’ll leave you with our clients.” Richard told his colleague Ryan.

“Alright, Bro. Ingat sa driving. Naka inom ka. ” Ryan just gave quick tap on his shoulder then returned his attention to the sexy dancers.

Richard immediately went out of the bar; unable to stay longer to see the women scantily clad. He is Richard Lim. He is a man, no question about it, but he doesn’t go for that type of entertainment. More over, he doesn’t have to resort to paying women to address his need.

Now at 37, he is an accomplished lawyer. He was just appointed as a senior partner of Lim, Orlino, Evangelista and Associates Law Offices. Without even mentioning that he has the money which he keeps under wraps, women come to him voluntarily.

He went out of the bar and asked the valet driver to retrieve his car. As he stood outside the bar, he thought of having a talk with Ryan the following day. He does not want a repeat of this visit to this type of bar to entertain guests or clients. He thought it was very unprofessional. Ryan brought them to this red district area of Makati City.


Maya has just come from a reunion party with her friends from college. It’s been four years since they’ve last seen each other and so the evening was a blast for them. It was even more fun as they all came in costumes – reminiscent of the college days when they used to party a lot.

Maya dela Rosa is now 25 years old, still single and available; commonly termed NBSB (no boyfriend since birth) Although she wanted pursue law, the death of her father, Arturo, during her last year in undergraduate school made her postpone her plan. After graduation, she immediately got a job at a mid-size people and service outsourcing company, People. Nothing has changed in Maya. She remains beautiful inside and out which makes her quite popular with men. She dates a quite a few but don’t necessarily date exclusively. So far, she not met the man who has swept her off her feet.

She just came out of the a bar in Jupiter Street in Makati when the rain suddenly poured. She immediately got inside her car to drive back to Pasig where she lives. As she was driving instead of taking Gil Puyat, she went made a turn at Polaris St. with the intent taking Kalayaan Avenue.

Unfortunately, since she wasn’t very familiar with Makati area, she ended up in the colorful street of Burgos. When she turned on the street, her car suddenly stalled.


As Richard paced back and forth waiting for his car, his attention was caught by a shapely pair of legs that was standing a few feet away from him. His eyes scanned the rest of the owner’s body; from legs to head. The figure in a red body hugging suit made him curious. “Would the figure match the face?” He thought.

He couldn’t see her face as it was partially covered by her long flaming red hair that had ribbon pigtail. She was holding a phone in her ear. When she turned around, her face looked angelic. She had little make up on.

Richard and Maya’s eyes locked. Maya’s heart jumped the moment she recognized the man who was staring at her. It has been five years since she last saw him. Although nervous, she smiled at him. However her smile wasn’t returned. Anyway, she thought he could be someone who can help her. She took steps towards him.

Richard thought, “Who in her right mind would smile at a stranger at this time of the night and at this place?” He eyed her suspiciously. “Hmmm, the way she is dressed, she maybe of the pick-up girls doing business on this street.” He turned his back to ignore her.

“Ahh, excuse me Sir” Maya slightly touched his shoulder that made him stop.

When he turned around to face her, he asked in furrowed brows “Yes?”

Looking directly at his eyes, Maya’s heart skipped beats. “Oh my gee, ang gwapo pa rin n’ya?” Her eyes were in awe as she gazed at him; star struck could be a fitting description of her facial expression.

“Miss, what is it?” Richard spoke again. It was only then Maya remembered the reason for approaching him. It seemed that he doesn’t recognize her, she thought.

“Sir, naubusan kasi ako ng battery sa phone. I don’t have a charger and I need to call someone. ‘Yung car ko kasi nasira, ayaw umandar, eh.” She told him.

Although he hesitant, he took out his phone and lent it to her. She immediately made a call.

Emman, naman sumagot ka naman.” It seemed that person she was calling wouldn’t answer. After several attempts, she gave up and returned his phone.

“Ah, Sir, marunong ka bang tumingin ng car? Ayaw kasing umandar ng kotse ko.” She pointed the white car that was in the corner.

All throughout Richard was thinking that she might be just be luring him. It might just be an alibi so she could get a customer that evening. Earning money these days are difficult so it could be just one of her tactics. Anyway, he decided to play along. He found her intriguing.

He proceeded to the car and asked her to open the door. He pressed a knob inside the car to open the hood. He checked the coolant, oil and basic connection of the car. He couldn’t find any wrong , it’s difficult without the proper tools and right lighting. He turned on the ignition and still it wouldn’t start.

“Sorry, miss. I can’t help you. I think you need to get this checked in a car shop.” He told her.

Maya handed him tissue paper that he used to wipe the grease that were in his hand. He started to walk away from her.

“Sige Sir, Thank you.” She responded as she looked at the back of the man leaving her. She looked around to see if there was a taxi. She wasn’t really familiar with the place; there were few cabs passing but they are occupied. There were other women standing on the other street but she didn’t feel like approaching them. So, she remained standing beside her car to wait for a cab. Her mind was with Richard. It’s been five years but her heart still fluttered when she saw him.

Richard’s car has arrived and he boarded it. Fixing his side mirror, he saw the Maya still standing in front of her car as if waiting for something to happen. She looked helpless; light rain was still pouring.

In a spur of the moment decision and he drove his car in reverse. He stopped where Maya was standing. “Do you need a ride?” He asked Maya as soon as he rolled down his side mirror.

Maya, upon hearing his question was surprised. But she immediately said, “Yes, Salamat sir.” She walked around the car and took the passenger seat. She placed the bag she was carrying at the back seat.

As she entered the car, Richard’s eyes were fixed on the lovely figure that was positioning herself on the passenger sit.

“Ahh, I live somewhere in Ortigas area… so where do you want me to drop you off?” He asked

“Pwede sa may BGC, somewhere near 29th street? I can get a ride from there.”

“Don’t you feel uneasy in your attire?” He asked as he drove the car. He was referring to the short dress she was wearing. Her thighs were generously exposed. Maya suddenly felt self-conscious but maintained her composure.

“Why, what’s wrong with it? Actually, sir galing ako sa costume party.” She answered.

“Really?” He was amused by her answer. “And who might you be?” He asked.

“Well, according to my best friend who styled me, I’m supposed to be Asuka Langley Soryu.”

“Huh? Who’s that?” his follow-up question.

She gave him a questioning look. In her mind, “kahit ipaliwanag ko, I don’t think you’ll understand.” However, she tried.

“She’s an anime character.”

“Ahh, so nag co-cosplay ka pala.” He glanced at her with a grin.

“Not really, ngayon lang. napilit lang ako. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be in this attire.” She tried covering her thigh with her two hands.

For the rest of the drive, Richard didn’t speak to her anymore. He occasionally glanced at her while he was driving and every time he did that, he noticed that Maya was staring at him. He thought her eyes were beautiful and her lips were enticing. Her legs are lovely too. He had to remind himself that this seemingly innocent face and legs must be her primary assets to get customers.


Finally, they arrived at 29th street. Before alighting from the car, Maya turned to her left to reach out for her bag. Richard also turned to his right with the same intention. With such movement, they ended up having their bodies so close to each other; their faces only few inches apart. It was an awkward moment for the two as they stared at each other.

Richard looked down at Maya’s lips that slightly opened when she found her face close to his. It was probably due to the liquor that he consumed earlier that Richard’s brain was thinking how it would be like if he kissed her. Succumbing to temptation, he suddenly kissed Maya.

Maya felt Richard’s lips pressed on her. She couldn’t react because of the surprise. Her heart was thumping. Then, she felt his tongue trace her lips which made her shudder. Without much thought, she started to kiss him back. Her reaction caused him to move closer as his hand started to crawl from her arm to her chest; his fingers opened her front blouse to cup her breast. It was the first time she felt a man caress her chest, she was lost in the sensation. She entwined her arms around his neck; their kissing became more passionate. By this time, her thoughts were starting to get organized. In her mind, “so this is how it feels like to be kissing Richard Lim, oh my gee.”

Richard took it as a sign that he could proceed further. He stopped the kiss and asked her huskily, “Okay, let’s go straight to the point, how much is your time?”

She didn’t understand what he said because she asked “Ano?”

“I said, how much is your night? You aren’t free right? Unless, you want to do it with me for free?” Richard asked while his eyes were centered on her lips.

It was then that Maya understood what he meant. And at that moment, her eyes flared at the stinging insult.

“Pak!” Richard felt a sharp pain on his cheek after her hand landed on his face.

“How dare you….you.. bastos, impakto” She got of his car and run towards the opposite street. She felt so humiliated by his words and by her own behavior.


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  2. PAK! buti nga sau MR. ANTIPATIKONG IMPAKTONG INTSIK! lol XD mapangkamalan bang pick up gurl c Mayabels?!?! grrrr >.< U GO GURL! Lintik Lng ang walang GANTI! ha ha 😀

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