Crazy In Love – part 16

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy in Love – part 15.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 16

It was a Saturday morning, Maya decided to exercise by cleaning the house. She was happily dancing to the music that was playing on her iPhone while she was using the vacuum cleaner. While working, she was thinking of Richard. It has been more three weeks since Maya had moved in to the condo unit that she was to share with him. Except for 1 phone call that Richard made a week after she transferred, he didn’t call again. She expected him a week ago but he didn’t return. She was wondering what was taking him long. The girlfriend business must be taking a lot of work, she thought. She hoped that she could find out more about her soon.

Unknown to Maya, Richard arrived from his California trip the night before. As soon as he arrived in their condo unit, he worked on some emails and fell asleep at 6:00 a.m. Richard’s sleep was disturbed by a loud buzzing sound outside his room. He decided to get up from the bed, go out of his room and check the source of the noise. He saw Maya moving around the living room.

As she was stepping backwards while she was cleaning the floor, she felt herself hit a body. She turned around and got surprised to see Richard standing so close to her.

“Ayyyy!!” she exclaimed; her heart jumped.

In her shock, she involuntary stepped backward. As she did, her ankle hit the vacuum cleaner. It caused her to lose her balance. Seeing what was happening to her, Richard immediately grabbed hold of her to prevent her backward fall. The force of Richard’s pull landed Maya on his chest. Fortunately, he has good balance so they just ended up facing each other, their bodies just a few millimeters apart.

“Maya, be careful” Richard said; his face was so close to hers. Maya’s heart began to beat fast.

Realizing their position, Maya immediately moved away from him and picked up her earplug and phone that fell on the floor.

As Maya bent forward, Richard observed her with his eyebrows furrowed. He had a good appreciation of her body.

When she faced him, she asked, “Bakit ka nandito?” It was the first thing that came out of her mouth.

“What kind of a question is that? I also l live here, remember?”

“Hindi… what I meant was when did you arrive?”

“Last night. You were already asleep.By the way, why didn’t you use the secondary lock? Anybody can just pick the doorknob and enter the house. Maya, please have a door security system installed.” Richard instructed her. Somehow, he was concerned that she wasn’t conscious of her safety.

“Ah, nakalimutan ko. I also got in late last night. Sige, tawag ako sa vendor natin.” She was about to resume her chore when Richard made another comment.

“Ahh, are you normally dressed like that at home?” He was referring to the tiny shorts and tank top that she was wearing. Realizing that what she was wearing, she suddenly felt self-conscious.

“Yes because I was exercising. I thought I am alone in the house. May issue ba sa suot ko?” She asked. Now, it was her turn to notice his attire. He was in pajamas and T-shirt. In her mind, “ganito pala ito matulog…conservative, hmmm.” She was trying to hide a mischievous smile.

“Wala naman. I guess I’ll just have to get used to seeing you dressed like that.” After saying his piece, Richard went back to his room and laid down on his bed. A smile was emerging from his face. He tried to go back to sleep but his mind was busy thinking. “She’s got lovelier shape than before. He’s forgotten how gracefull she moves when she dances. Her eyes could be fascinating specially when she is happy and in love..”

His thoughts of her were interrupted when he heard a knock on his door. She was calling him out.

“Richard, do you want breakfast? Nagluto ako, let’s eat.” Maya was inviting him to have breakfast with her.

He opened his door. “Go ahead Maya. I’m not a breakfast eater.” He noticed that she has changed to a shirt and jogging pants.

“Okay, pero do you know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? You can skip dinner but not breakfast” She reminded him.

“Maya, in my body clock right now, it is evening. So, I can skip dinner. Okay, pwede na ba akong matulog? Thanks for the invitation.” He asked ; a smile on his face.

“Alright, sweet dreams.” Maya left him. When he came out out his room few hours later, there was food on the table with a note that it was for him.

Since Richard’s return to Manila, they’ve settled in a daily routine of coexistence. They’d have breakfast together and go to their work separately. Maya has been assigned some specific accounts under LHI. So, she started to report for work in his company at least 3x a week. She works closely with two other architects. At night, there would be instances that they have dinner together at home if Richard has no other evening appointment. Everything was smooth, an ideal set-up for both of them.


Maya was at LHI office preparing to leave the office when she suddenly got a visitor. She was on her way out of the office when she saw James waiting for her at the lobby.

“James!” She was very surprised to see him. She didn’t expect him to be there . They’ve haven’t spoken in a long while and haven’t told him about her new office.

“Hi Maya. It seems that you are very surprised to see me.” He gave her a quick hug. She just froze unable to react.

“How did you know I work here?” She asked.

“Well, I went to Andrada during lunch time. I wanted to invite you and that’s when I found out from Emman that you hold office most of the time here.” He explained. “Anyway, aren’t you glad to see me? How about dinner?” He asked as he was escorting her out of the office.

“Ahh, okay.” She reluctantly agreed.

She planned on preparing dinner because she knew Richard will be home early that night. But because of James sudden appearance, she had to forego her plan. Although she was going out with James, she still managed to send Richard a text message “will have dinner out tonight. There’s adobo inside the ref.” She received a response from him seconds later. “Thanks.”


“Maya, I’m not sure what’s happening between us but I am feeling that there’s a change in you.” James mentioned over dinner. He was looking at her intently trying to read her expression.

“James, I don’t know how to explain to you. Pero, di ba nasabi ko na sa’yo, I can’t get married yet.” She told him in a solemn face. She was in a quandary whether to tell him her current predicament or not.

“I know and if you aren’t ready, I can wait for you. But why do I sense that you are getting emotionally distant from me?”

“Hindi naman James. Siguro dahil hindi tayo nagkakausap ng madalas.” She responded.

“Maya, I was away on trip for 2 ½ months. Can you count how many times have we spoken over the phone during that time? I called up several times but you were always in a hurry if I get to connect to you. Otherwise, you won’t even return my call.” There was an obvious hurt in his tone of voice.

“I’m sorry. Meron lang mga nangyayari recently sa akin and my family. Alam mo naman na nagkasakit si Mama di ba? Then this new assignment at LHI. I have a few new clients that are difficult so I spend a lot of time working with them.” She explained her side. She made a decision not to tell him yet about Richard. She wasn’t ready.

James held her hand and kissed it. “Alright, let’s just make up for the lost time. So, tell me your schedules and I will adjust accordingly.” He smiled at her and she tried to smile back.

“I’ll be based at Time Airways office for the next several weeks. I won’t have flying assignments for the meantime.” He continued to share with her the adjustments in his schedules as a pilot and an officer of TA.

She knew she should be glad that James is back but somehow a part of her was not. She noticed that she didn’t feel the same excitement like she used to feel when she was with him. And now, she started to lie to him.

“James, ‘wag mo na akong ihatid sa taas. Magulo pa ang house ko so I’ve not invited anyone to see it.” She lied as he brought her back home that evening. She couldn’t invite him because of Richard.


2 thoughts on “Crazy In Love – part 16

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  2. NAKU naku Maya.. why do U still have to cover up sa new settings ng life mu.. tell James all about it na.. 🙂 just sayin’ 😉

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