Crazy In Love – part 17

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy in Love – part 16

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 17


Maya received an incoming message from her mother while she was having coffee at their office pantry.

“Maya, padating kami ni Esme d’yan ngayon sa Manila. Dideretso kami sa bahay n’yo. ETA: 3:20 p.m.”

After reading the message, she suddenly felt nervous. The mothers will be coming over and with such short notice. The first thing that came to her mind was she and Richard will be under observation by the two. She looked at her watch and it was 2:30 p.m. They would arrive at their condo by 4:30 p.m. assuming their luggage will come out early.

With a of sense panic, she went to Richard’s office to let him know about the message. However, he was not in his room. Liza, his executive assistant, told Maya that he is in a meeting with some of the engineers discussing structural requirements for one of their projects in Antipolo.

Although they live in the same house, Maya and Richard rarely interact when they are in the office. It is an unwritten rule. So, Richard was surprised when she came to the conference room to speak to him.

“Ahh, excuse me. Sir Richard, pwede maka -istorbo sandali?” She wanted to maintain the professional demeanor in front of the employees. Most people in the office call him Sir, being the owner of LHI.

All the guys looked and greeted her “Hi Maya!” She responded with a smile as she walked past them. Richard observed her with furrowed eyebrows.

“Yes? I’m in a middle of a meeting here, Maya” He looked a bit irritated by the interruption. Sensing that he didn’t want to be disturbed, she got a pen and paper. She wrote something and went out of the room.

Within a few seconds after she came out of the conference room, Richard was behind her.

“Maya” He signaled her to come to his office.

“Did they say why they are coming?” He asked as soon as she closed the door.

“Wala. Basta dadating sila at pupunta sa atin. So, sa estimate ko, they will be there by 4:30 p.m.” She explained.

“Alright, we’ll go home early then. Hmm, maybe we could have dinner outside so you don’t have to cook.” He suggested.


It was during dinner that they found out that their mothers decided to come to Manila for their physical check-up. Since Mama Tessie had a mild stroke, she has been going for a monthly medical. It was Mama Esme who suggested that they do they have their check up in Manila. They also wanted to visit them to know how the two were getting along.

“So, Maya, kumusta na kayo Hija?” Mama Esme started to ask her.

“Okay naman po kami Mama.” She still felt a little awkward calling her Mama. She glanced at Richard.

“Nagkakasundo ba kayo ni Richard? Behave ba ‘tong anak ko?” Mama Esme also looked at Richard who was busy with his food.

“Opo, Ma. Walang problema.” She smiled sincerely.

“Mabuti naman. By the way Ricky, we decided na ngayong gabi dito sa bahay n’yo na lang kami makikitulog. Di ba may isa pang room sa inyo? Magshare na lang kami ni Balae doon.” Mama Esme declared.

“Po?” Richard and Maya said at the same time. They didn’t expect that their mothers would be spending the night in their house.

It was Mama Tessie who spoke next, “Richard, Maya, okay lang ba sa inyo? Baka naman maka-istorbo kami? Syempre, ayaw naman naming maka-abala sa privacy n’yong mag-asawa.” She gave a knowing look at Mama Esme.

In as much their condo unit had only 2 rooms, it would mean that Richard and Maya would have to share room that night. So, Richard thought that question of Mama Tessie was a good way out of the situation. He was about to suggest that they stay in a hotel near the hospital when Maya interjected.

“Ma..” She looked at the elder ladies. “Of course, pwede kayo sa bahay.”
Richard’s eyes grew wide while he tapped her foot with his foot under the table. When she looked at him, Maya’s forehead was creased and her eyes were telling him to just agree.


As soon Maya’s bedroom closed. She walked to the far end of the room and faced Richard who remained near the door.

“It was your idea to allow them to stay here. I was going to suggest for them to check-in in the hotel but you spoke.” He was a bit irritated with how things are turning out for both of them.

“Shhh” She made sign to lower their voice. “Okay, wag mo na akong sisihin. Hindi ba ang suggestion ko is for all of us to stay in this room. This room is big enough for the 3 of us while you are in the other room.” She defended herself.

“Maya, don’t you think your suggestion is weird? Why would all of you stay in one room? We’re husband and wife, therefore, we should be in one room” He argued.

“Well, I can always justify that its ladies bonding night. Anyway, it’s just for one night.” She started to take out a new comforter and sleeping bag and handed out them to him.

“What are these?” Richard asked as he carried the two items.

“Yan ang higaan mo. May space pa dyan so you can stay there.” Maya pointed at the floor at left side of the bed.

“What? Ayoko nga. I’ve never slept on the floor.” There was a tone of impatience as he spoke.

“Ah ganoon? So ano, dito tayong dalawa?” She was pointing at the king sized bed. “Ayoko nga!”

“Why not? The bed is big. We will just sleep.” He paused and then continued with sly smile “Why? can’t you trust yourself?”

“Excuse me. But I haven’t slept with anyone…’ Her voice trailed off as she realized what she was saying.

“Are you sure?” He looked at her intently. She blushed as she remembered their nights together after they got married during college, before they had that huge fight. Then, she had to remind herself, “kalma lang Maya, this is temporary arrangement.”

“Maya,we will just sleep and please don’t pretend we haven’t shared a bed before.” Again, impatience in his tone.

Moments later, she started to put two pillows in the middle of the bed, “Sige, we can share but make sure you don’t go over the divider.”

Richard smiled “O papayag ka din pala.” He laid down on his side of the bed. Her bed is the same brand and model as the bed in his room; but somehow, it felt more comfortable being in her bed.

Maya went to the bathroom for her nightly beauty routine. When she came out few minutes later, she felt fresh and smelled fresh which didn’t escape Richard’s attention. He turned to his side and pretended to asleep. As they lay side by side, it was him who was getting affected by her nearness. He couldn’t sleep.

Eventually, he turned on the lamp beside him. He got up, took the comforter and sleeping bag and unrolled it on the floor.

“O anong ginagawa mo?” Maya sat up and observed what he was doing. Like him, she couldn’t sleep.

“I’m setting up my bed. Baka malikot ka matulog. Anyway, you’re right. It’s only for a night, I can survive.” He responded as he settled himself on the floor.

Both of them barely slept that night. They were conscious of each other’s presence in the room. The following morning, they got up early; both obviously looking like they lacked sleep.

Mama Tessie was in the kitchen and saw the two of them getting coffee. “Mga anak, ang aga n’yo namang bumangaon. Matulog muna kayo uli habang pinagluluto ko kayo ng breakfast.”

“Ma, wag na po. We’ll go to the office early and just have breakfast there.” It was Maya who responded.

Mama Esme then came into the kitchen as well and started to ask, “Richard, bakit pala ang mga damit mo nasa kabilang room? Pati sa banyo, puro gamit mo.”

Maya immediately answered: “Ay Ma, d’yan lang po namin nilagay kasi napuno po yung closet namin sa masters’ bedroom dahil sa mga damit ko. Yung iba n’yang damit nandoon sa room namin.”

Mama Esme believed her alibi. “Ah ganoon ba . Akala ko magkahiwalay kayo ng room. Anyway, hayaan nyo na kami ni Tessie magprepare ng breakfast. We can manage dito sa kitchen. Baka napuyat kayo kagabi so kailangan n’yo ng pahinga.” She was all smiles to Richard.

“Medyo nga Ma.” Richard quipped as left the kitchen to sit in the living room.

Upon hearing his response, Maya also left them to return to her room. She felt herself blushing with the insinuation why they needed sleep. Blushing has been a frequent occurrence to her these days since she lived with him. She needs to learn to control this. Otherwise, she should be prepared for the pain of letting him go when their contract is over.

Later that day, Richard got a call from Mama Esme. He was informed by his mother that they would need additional tests. Therefore, they need to stay on for another day. Richard braced himself for another night with Maya.


Richard was back on the floor; trying to get sleep. He kept tossing and turning. All the while, Maya was feeling guilty about the whole situation. So, she suggested.

“Richard, dito ka na sa bed. Parang nahihirapan ka naman d’yan.” She offered.

“No, I’m okay here.” He declined.
But she insisted “Gusto mo palit tayo? Ako na lang dyan. Hindi ka kasi makatulog ng mabuti,eh. Sige na… Ricky…”

The tone of her voice calling him Ricky was so sweet to his ears that he eventually relented.

“Alright since you are insisting.” He moved up and took his side of the bed.

“Excuse me… basta ayan ang division.” She pointed at the pillows in between them.

Similar to the previous night he was affected by having her nearby. He slept lightly. After few hours, he was awakened when he felt her hand on his chest. She turned to face him and with her arm movement, her hand landed on his chest.

He was about to remove her hand when she just adjusted herself again. This time, her arm was on his waist. He looked at her sleeping form; she seemed to be in deep sleep. Seeing her so close to him made him smile. He stared at her beautiful face. He suddenly recalled all the happy memories he shared with her; he felt an old familiar feeling knocking in his chest. Then, sleep finally caught up with him.


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  1. Congrats dear writer!!! nice love story…I can’t wait for the next chapters 🙂

    mukhga atang nakakakilig na ang mga susunod na chapters mo ah 🙂

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