Crazy In Love – part 18

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy in Love – part 17
Author: Hanah6181

Chapter 18

Knock… Knock..

“Richard… Maya… ‘nak. Gising na kayo… hindi ba kayo papasok sa office?” Mama Tessie waited for their response but there was none.

“Aalis na kami ng Mama Esme n’yo.” It was the 2nd day of their medical tests. Since the two elder ladies didn’t want to be late for their appointment, they’ve decided to leave without waiting for either Richard or Maya to come out of their bedroom.

Maya’s head was buried in Richard’s chest while his arm was wrapped around her body, her legs entangled with his.

Richard, in half-asleep state, released Maya from his embrace and checked the clock on the side table. It was 9:30 a.m. The moment he moved, Maya also moved her body. Their eyes opened wide. It was then they realized they slept in each other’s arms. They were so close that the pillows between them were gone; they were under the same comforter. And, they have overslept.

Richard immediately stood up. “Ahh, let’s get ready for work. I think I missed a meeting already.” He went out of the room and proceeded to his room to take a bath. He was thinking what could have happened if they stayed on like that for a few more minutes. Definitely, one of their rules would have been put at risk.

Maya was left on sitting on bed also wondering. How did they end up the way they were this morning. Then, she remembered the rules list. She got up and turned on her iPad to review the list. There was no violation. She wondered whether should include a provision around sleeping together.

Within 30 minutes they were out of their house, ready to go to the office.

“Maya, sumabay ka na sa akin.” He offered.

“Ah, eh.. I’m going to be working at Andrada today. Doon ang schedule ko, remember?” She declined. A little bit uncomfortable to be with him after the morning incident.

“Yeah.. but you can always work from our office. Just call in that you’ll be with me today. We might have to go somewhere later. You know our mothers are here.” He insisted. So, she ended up riding with him going to the office.

While inside the car, Maya would glance at him once in a while. Richard could see her from his peripheral vision. It prompted him to ask, “What is it Maya?”

“Eh, Ricky… ‘yung kaninang umaga… ‘yung pag gising natin kasi… paano tayo napunta sa gitna ng bed.” She intermittently said. She struggled verbalizing her thoughts but she needed to ask him.

“Hmmm, I don’t know. Baka ikaw ang gumalaw kagabi papunta sa side ko.” He responded without taking his eyes from the road.

“Of course not, baka ikaw.” Her indignant reply. She felt defensive.

“Maya, kaninong comforter ang naka cover sa atin kanina? Was it yours or mine?” He was arguing with her but actually, he was getting amused by their conversation.

Maya didn’t respond and just looked at the road straight on.

“See, it was you. You were under my comforter. Baka gininaw ka. Anyway, it doesn’t matter. Nangyari na.” He was already smiling.

Maya mumbled “Hmmp, at nagtake advantage ka naman.”

“I heard that.” He glanced at her. Now, his face turned serious. “Maya, if I took advantage of you, hindi lang ganoon ang nangyari, okay?” He glanced at her again.

As if something dawned on her, she suddenly said. “Ah.. tama! May point ka d’yan. So I’d feel better, isipin ko na lang si Emman ang katabi ko kagabi.”

With that statement, Richard suddenly stepped on his break. He turned sideways and was about to say something when the car behind them started blowing its horn. He didn’t have any other choice but to drive the car again. Maya felt relieved when the car moved because she thought she saw anger in his eyes.


For the rest of the day, Maya was never out of Richard’s eyesight. For the first time since she has started working in LHI, he spent most of his day with the interior design team. He used to just leave the details to Ryan, his chief architect and right hand. But this time, he seemed to be interested what the team was working on.

“Maya… may visitor ka sa labas.” Libby, one of their office staff, told Maya.

“Ha? Sino?” She asked

“Mr. Andaya daw. Bagong client?” Libby asked Maya.

“No, client sa Andrada. Anyway, can you escort him in the small meeting room? I will be there shortly.” She caught Richard looking at her while she was getting her notebook and pen.

A few minutes later, Maya was with her client discussing the changes that he wanted for his private den. Richard could see them from outside since most of the conference’s walls and partitions in their office were made of glass. From the outside, he felt strange observing how the male client was talking to her. He was too close and seems to be the touchy type judging by the occasional brushing of his hand on Maya’s arm or shoulder. He decided to join their meeting.

The moment Richard came to the room, Maya introduced him. “Mr.George Andrada, this is Richard Lim. He is the owner of Lim Holdings, Inc.”

The two men exchanged pleansantries and took their seats.

“Richard, it’s good to meet you. Also, I’d take this opportunity to say my appreciation to Maya for doing very good job in our house. Although we have some changes, they were all because of my wife’s demands.” Mr. Andrada happily informed him while tapping Maya’s hand lightly.

“That’s good to hear George. I hope everything is working out well with the changes.” The hand touching didn’t escape his attention.

“Yeah, it is. I was actually inviting her for snacks outside and then proceed to the project so I could explain in more detail my requirements.”

As George said it, Richard noticed him putting his hand on her arm this time. Maya twitched a bit as if being uncomfortable about it.

“Ahh, actually George she may not be available.” Maya suddenly looked at Richard; her eyes questioning him. “She has an afternoon appointment.”

“But surely, you can forgo that for a client, right?” The client turned to Maya waiting for her response.

“Unlikely George, it’s a family matter that we need to attend to.” It was Richard who responded to George. Then, he took Maya’s elbow coaxing her to stand up. “And excuse us, I just need to speak to her.” He led her outside the room with his hand on her lower back.

“You better end your meeting with him. I’ll ask Rodriguez to assign someone to take your place. I don’t think you’re comfortable with that guy.”

“Richard, he is an old client. Fatherly lang ‘yan.” She understood what he meant. She has managed him well so far.

“No, there is a difference between fatherly and not fatherly. I know!” His tone was firm. He left staring at his back with a slight smile on her face.

In her thoughts, “concerned din naman pala itong singkit na ‘to sa akin. Kalma, Maya, wag padala sa paconcern-concern na’yan.”


As if their mothers were testing their breaking point, the two elder ladies extended their stay in their house. While waiting for their medical results, they’ve decided that they would go for shopping as it was end of the season sale in most malls in Manila.

In short, Richard and Maya can’t do anything but continue sleeping in one room until their mothers go back to San Nicolas.

On their third night together, it was Maya who was suddenly awakened in the middle of the night. She felt the heavy arm of Richard on her neck. She lifted it and placed it on his side. She didn’t place any pillow divider between them anymore since it didn’t serve its purpose the previous night.

As she turned to face him, she had a chance to scrutinize his face. In her thoughts, “He is so handsome; his eyes, his nose, his lips perfectly fit together that makes him very attractive. She remembered how she used to be jealous of other girls wanting to get close to him. Maybe when he was in the States, it was the same. Even in the office, some office girls obviously have a crush on him.” She thought about what would life be after they get their annulment. Her heart ached. She then admitted to herself, she is in love with him. A tear fell at the corner of her eye.

They woke up at the same time again. As in the previous day, they woke up in each other’s arm and covered by only one comforter. Unlike the previous day where they were shocked to find themselves wrapped in each other’s arms, this morning they both took their situation in a stride; as if they were a normal couple.

When Richard opened his eyes and found Maya laying on his arm, he smiled and greeted her. “Good morning, Maya.”
She sat up and responded to him with a smile. “Good morning, Ricky.” His heart skipped a bit.

He hurriedly got out of the bed and went to the bathroom. Moments later, he peeped thru the door to check if Maya was still there. She was there fixing the bed and their linens.

“Ah… Maya, pwede mag request?” He stood by the bathroom door; bared torso with his lower body covered by a towel.

“Huh? Ano yun?” She was initially surprised to see him in that state.

“I wasn’t able to get an underwear from the other room, pwede pakuha? Could you also include undershirt, please?” He stated his request pleasantly.

“Ah, okay.” Maya immediately went out of the room as her cheeks were turning to crimson color. She remembered a memory from long time ago and she couldn’t control feeling giddy about it.


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