Crazy In Love – part 20

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy in Love – part 19.

Author: Hanah6181

Chapter 20

After 4 nights of stay at Richard and Maya’s place, the two mothers have decided to return to San Nicolas.

As they were leaving, Mama Esme gave them some more reminders. “Richard, Maya, umuwi naman kayo sa San Nicolas for a vacation.”

“Oo nga mga anak, ‘wag puro trabaho ang gawin n’yo. Magandang mag-relax-relax kayo sa atin. Isa pa, hindi n’yo din nadadalaw ang Papa nyo.” Mama Tessie enjoined them.

“Ah, sige po Ma. We’ll put that in the schedule namin.” As Richard responded, he placed his arm around Maya and pulled her closer to him. “Di ba Maya?” She nodded in agreement; conscious of his action. “Hmm, trying to keep the pretense to the olds.” She thought.

The two mothers smiled happily seeing them close together.

“Uyy, ang sweet n’yo tingnan. Maya, alagaan mo ang asawa mo ha. Alam mo na, maraming may interes d’yan.” Mama Esme winked at Maya.

“Ma, please don’t start feeding ideas to Maya.” Richard cautioned. Maya just looked at him while she was having her own inner conversation “As if naman I don’t know about those who are interested in you. But I am more curious kung sino talaga ang nandyan sa puso mo.”

Evening was the dreaded time for Richard and Maya after their mothers left. Now, they have the house all by themselves. Neither one of them wanted to open a discussion on whether Richard will return to his own room nor will he continue sharing the masters’ bedroom with her.

There was an air of awkwardness throughout the evening. After dinner, they both stayed in the living room waiting for each other to make the move.

Finally, he declared. “It’s late, let’s go to sleep.”

Maya agreed. “Alright, may meeting ka pa bukas. You might be late again.”

They stood up at the same time and walked towards the bedrooms. Since Richard’s room is nearer the living room, he stopped on the first door. Maya took a few more steps before she reached her room. As both stood by their door, they looked at each other. Richard waited for her invitation but there was none. Since she didn’t say anything and remembering the rejection he got the previous night, he decided to enter his room.

After an hour of working in his computer, Richard was back in his own bed.
Richard was very uncomfortable. He was missing her beside him. He decided to go out and to get a glass of water. He was surprised to find her in the kitchen drinking milk.

“You’re still awake?” He asked.

“Hmmm, can’t sleep yet.” Her response followed by, “Nakakasanay din yung nandito sina Mama no?”

“Yeah, tahimik ngayon dito.” He smiled.

“Sige, I’ll go ahead. Goodnight.” She went out of the kitchen; leaving him leaning on the table. In his thoughts “How long are we going to be like this, Babe?”

When he went to his room, he noticed that Maya’s bedroom door was slightly open. A thought cross his mind, was it an invitation or she just simply forgot to close it. He was tempted to go there but decided not to. He’d wait for her invitation. Until then, he will just have to bear the longing of wanting to be with her.

In the master’s bedroom, Maya was on the bed facing the door. She purposely left the door slightly open hoping that Richard could take the hint. If he got the message, he should come in and join her. She left his space open for him. She fell asleep waiting. When she woke up the following morning, the door was still open.


“Maya, I’m going to Antipolo today. I need to inspect the three units that they reported as 75% completed. If they are really good, you can plan to go there so you can start the interior concepts.” Richard told her as they were having breakfast.

“Ah, okay Richard. I’ll do that. So, for today, I’ll just take my car going to the office.” She agreed to his suggestion.

“I might be in Antipolo the whole day. Do you have any plans tonight? It’s Friday, do want to have dinner out?” Richard had wanted to take her out for some time now but somehow, he had not found the opportunity to ask her.

“Sige, let’s do that. Text ka na lang where we will meet.” She smiled and felt excited deep within.

Maya arrived early at the LHI office. Upon entering the lobby, she noticed there was a visitor at the lobby. Their receptionist has not arrived and it seemed like no one has attended to her yet.

So, Maya greeted the visitor. “Hi, Good morning. Has anyone attended to you?”

The lady who was reading a magazine looked up and smiled at her “Hi, Good morning. I think I arrived early.” The visitor is a pretty, petite lady. Her short hair compliments her small doll-like face. She must be the same age as Maya.

“We usually open at 9:00 a.m. Anyway, may I know your name?”

“It’s Christina. I’m Christina Matthews” She walked towards Maya and extended her hand. The way Christina moved exuded a confidence of an accomplished woman.

“Ms. Matthews, if you don’t mind, who are you looking for?” Maya shook her hand.

“Well, I’d like to see Richard Lim. I’m a friend of his.”

“Oh! He’s in our Antipolo site right now. But let me check with him. Maybe, you can wait for him first at the conference room.” Maya led the visitor inside their office. After checking what drink she could offer her, Maya returned to entertain Christina in the conference room.

“Ms. Matthews, I tried contacting Mr. Lim but he’s not answering his phone yet.” She handed her the coffee.

“Ah really, then, can I just wait here? Also, please call me Christina. I think we are of the same age.”

“Alright Christina. And by the way, I’m Maya.” She shared her name. Christina’s facial expression changed a bit; as if a thought came to her mind. Then, she spoke again.

“Your office is nicely set-up. Have you worked here long?” Christina said appreciatively.

“No, just a few weeks. I’m not a full time employee here. I’m an employee of another partner of Mr. Lim.”

“Hmmm. So you call your boss, Mr. Lim? Is he strict in the office? He doesn’t smile a lot, right?” She was smiling.

“Ha,ha,ha. Yes but probably because he is busy with work. There’s too much happening right now with our projects. Anyway, Christina. I’ll leave you for a while. I’ll call him again and I have to check if my other client has arrived.” Maya excused herself to the visitor. She felt comfortable talking with the visitor as she seemed to very personable.

Maya couldn’t reach Richard by phone. He must be driving, she thought. So, she just sent a text message saying a Christina Matthews is waiting for him at the office.

Within 1 hour from the time she sent her message, Richard arrived at the office. Maya and Christina were chatting about designs when Richard came into the conference room.

He looked so surprised seeing them together. Unable to say anything, it was Christina who greeted him first.

“’Chard, you’re here. Are you surprised to see me honey?” Christina walked up to him and hugged him.

“Yes Summer, I’m very surprised” Richard’s cold response. He stood still at the doorway. He was looking directly at Maya who was astounded with what she heard.

“Summer?” Maya mouthed not realizing that she was heard by the two.

Summer turned around and smiled, “Yes, I’m Summer to Richard. He calls me by that name because we met one summer morning when he was in Florida for a convention.” By her facial expression, Maya confirmed that there was more than friendship between them.It hurt knowing that the name is actually a term of endearment.

Comprehending everything, she excused herself feigning she was going to call her other office. Richard remained mum as he let her walk past them. Later, she got a note from Richard cancelling their dinner.

“Will have to reschedule our date. Something came up.” Was his message to her. Unconsciously, tears started to fall from her eyes. She knew the real reason why their date was cancelled.

That night, Richard didn’t go home. The following day, he arrived home very early only to pack some clothes. He told Maya that he was going to Bohol as problem came up with the property they bought for the resort they are building. He will need to speak to some local folks over the weekend.

While he was telling her the Bohol issue, Maya wasn’t paying attention. She wanted to ask about Summer and where he slept the previous night but she couldn’t. She wasn’t sure she had a right to do so especially after seeing Summer. Deep within her heart was tearing into pieces; the pain was starting all over again.

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