Crazy In Love – part 21

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy In Love – part 20.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 21

The whole weekend, Maya chose to stay at home. She didn’t have the interest to go anywhere else as she kept on thinking about Richard. She half-expected that he would call her but she also half-justified that he could really be busy with work. There was no call from him and she didn’t call him too. Because her mind was wandering off when he was telling her about his trip, she wasn’t sure when he would be back in Manila.

Sunday night, she was going insane with the waiting so she called up Emman and shared her sentiments.

“Girl, ‘yan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko sa’yo. Ingatan ang puso” Emman scolded her.

“Emman naman, alam mo naman since college days, s’ya na talaga.”

Emman felt bad for her friend. “Hayyy, naku parang reharsh na naman ito ng mga nights natin years ago. Girl, how about we go out? Why don’t we go clubbing, we might meet new guys there?”

“Emman! I can’t do that. You know that I’m married.” She was upset with her friend’s suggestion.

“Huuu, married… di ba noon ka pa married but we used to go out a lot. We explored the world! So, why can’t we do that now?” He defended his suggestion.

“Noon ‘yon, he was in the U.S. but now he is here. Besides, now I am sure that no matter what I do, my heart will always belong to him.”

“Oh my pink universe, naloka ka na. Sige, mag loyalista ka. Mabuti pa mag-laba at mag-plantsa ka na lang habang hinihintay mo ang asawang mong missing in action. You’re not even sure if the feeling is mutual. Hmmp, kainis ka, kung hindi lang kita best friend… Anyway, I’ll just call you again.” Emman disconnected the call.

At the end of the phone call, Maya felt more miserable. That night, she cried herself to sleep.


Monday at the office, Maya was surprised to receive visitor at mid-day. She wasn’t expecting anyone and wasn’t actually in a social mood considering her emotional weekend.

“Hi Maya.” It was Summer. She was in their small conference room waiting for her. She felt so plain in front a well dressed Christina.

“Hi, Christina.” She greeted her; unsure why she was looking for her when they have no business to see each other. “Ah, I think Richard is not around yet.” She started conversing with her.

“Yeah, I know. He is in Bohol and will be back this afternoon. It’s strange that you didn’t know. But anyway, I didn’t come for him. I purposely came here to see you.” She gave her a meaningful look.

“Really? What about?” Maya was surprised and nervous at the same time.

“Do you know why he is back in the Philippines after 10 years in the U.S.?” Her tone was inquisitive.

“He said he is putting up the business here.” She responded. She didn’t provide the other reason. She wasn’t sure where their conversation was headed.

“The business is one of the reasons. The other is a personal one.” She was looking at Maya as if waiting for her to share something but Maya chose to keep mum.

“I hope you won’t feel offended. I didn’t realize that you were the Maya, the one he married years ago, until I saw your ring and his ring last Friday.” Summer said calmly.

“You know about us?” Maya was caught off-guard.

“Yes, I am fully aware. He told me about it 2 years ago. And, I think you know that we are currently in a relationship, right? It’s just that you have this agreement with him.” Summer declared in a matter-of-fact tone.

“So, you know the arrangement?” She had ambivalent feelings whether to be upset with him or not for sharing their set-up with the woman in front of her.
“Maya, Richard and I don’t keep secrets from each other. At first, I didn’t agree to it but eventually I accepted. I’d rather wait for 2 years than lose him altogether. Anyway, so that no one will get hurt at the end of this arrangement, I hope you won’t take things so seriously. He’s coming back to me.” Summer spoke so confidently that Maya realized that

Richard must have reassured her a lot about his feelings for her. She didn’t seem to be threatened.

Maya, thinking that she had lost Richard to Summer, kept her self-control but deep within her heart was breaking. “Don’t worry Christina. I’ve moved on. I’m as excited as you are to get our annulment done.”

After saying that, she paused with a new realization. Why did it sound like she was the other woman in this situation. She’s supposed to the legal wife and technically doesn’t deserved to be spoken to like this.

So, she had one more thing to say to Summer, “But just the same, you might want to speak to him to warn him not to take things seriously too. He might get used to me and not let me go. If that happens, that would be beyond my control.” She smiled confidently; hoping that she didn’t show emotional turmoil she was going through.

“Well then, we now understand each other. I think we can be good friends, Maya. I really do.” Summer responded sarcastically as she stood up and bade her goodbye.

As soon as she left, Maya ran towards the restroom. She could stop herself from crying with the thought that she had actually lost him. He has found another woman and she would need to let him go very soon; if only to save herself from further pain. But a part of her was also telling her that she could put up a fight until the end.

As Summer claimed, Richard arrived at their office late afternoon. Maya heard that he called for a staff meeting with his administrative and production teams. They were supposed to discuss the issues he discovered in Bohol.

On his way to the conference room, Richard saw Maya and gave her a quizzical look. He wondered why her cheeks and eyes were puffy; seemingly she had been crying. He was about to check on her when she picked-up a phone call.

Ring. Ring.

“Hi James” Maya greeted her call. Richard heard her so he stopped.

“Yes, I’m good.” Maya answered her caller.

It must be divine intervention or fate, James was calling her in her times of need.

James on the line said to her, “I need to speak to you. I’ve been thinking a lot. I don’t think he is right for you.”

“James… it’s over. It’s over between us. Let’s not drag Richard into this.” She had to be honest to him; she didn’t want to give him false hopes.

As she placed down the phone, she thought about what James actually did. He loves her enough to fight for his love for her even if he knew she couldn’t reciprocate that love. If he could do that, why can’t she do the same for Richard. At that moment, she will fight for him. She will only have to determine how to do that.

Maya didn’t realize that Richard was eavesdropping. When she turned around, she saw his eyebrows furrowed and his expression seemed angry. Unknown to her, Richard interpreted the conversation that his relationship with Maya is over. He assumed that the two had a fight evidenced by her puffy eyes. He thought that she was cried over James and it hurt him a lot.


Richard arrived home after dinner. He noticed Maya was in the living room watching TV but l her attention was not in the show. It was in sports channel which he knows she has no interest. When she saw him arrive, she turned and asked him.

“Nag-dinner ka na? Nag luto ako.” She offered and was about to go to the kitchen to set-up the food when he responded.

“The team had dinner after the meeting. Thanks”. Maya was disappointed with his response.

The same as other night, there was awkwardness when it came to sleeping time. Although both wanted to be together, neither one of them invited the other. In the end, they were in separate rooms again.

At dawn, Richard was out of his room preparing to leave early. He hardly slept thinking about Maya on the other room. He noticed that she left again her bedroom door open. He intended to close the door when he heard a small sound coming from her. It sounded like a muffled cry from her.

Bothered by the sound, he proceeded to the bed to check on her and found that she was sleeping. In her sleep, she was crying.

“Maya, Maya” He tried to wake her up.

When she opened her eyes, more tears flowed from her eyes. Seeing Richard in front of her, she immediately hugged him.

“Maya, what was it” He stroked her hair lovingly.

She only shook her head and hugged him more tightly. She couldn’t tell him that she dreamt of him leaving her for Summer. In her dream, he was getting married to the other woman.

“You were just dreaming.” He looked at her to assure that it was just a dream. As their face was close to each other, their eyes locked.

Richard’s face moved close until his lips touched hers. Maya closed her eyes as she felt the kiss to be real. She didn’t resist so he was encouraged to press his lips harder and with more passion. Maya responded with equal fervor. When they stopped to catch their breath, it was only then Richard was brought back to reality.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to take advantage of the situation.” He said as he held her at arms distance.

“No you didn’t. I allowed the situation to happen.” Maya looked down; embarrassed by his apology. In her thoughts, “he probably regrets it so he apologized.”

“Anyway, okay ka na? I’ll have to leave early. I’m going to the site.” Richard told her.

“I’m okay.” She laid down again feigning to resume her sleep.


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  1. so pity naman si Maya,,nasasaktan na nga,dinagdagan pa ni Christina,,alam ko sabi lang niya yon kay Maya kasi gusto niyang mapasakanya si Richard..

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