Restless – Chapter 6

Admin Note: This is a continuation to Restless – Chapter 5.

Author: Ricci 


Chapter 6 – Dreams

She was restless.

After an hour of pacing around her room, she still can’t get over that moment when Richard held her close, and kissed her on the neck. She remembered parting with him red-faced, her heart pounding hard while she walked in trance towards her room.

She crawled on her bed and rolled, facing up, staring blindly at the ceiling while pondering – that’s is, over analyzing about that kiss that left her tingling all over.  Desperately, she search through the web in her cell phone for its meaning, and was surprise to see that ‘A kiss on the neck’ means ‘I want you’ – exactly how she felt for him right now.

Foolish. She thought and laughed for even checking it out as if that that will change the fact that she won’t see him again.

As she browsed through her cell phone, she remembered their photo together – their only photo, and her only remembrance that he was not a figment of her imagination. Like a teenager on the brink of her first crush, she excitedly opened her cell phone’s photo album.

Oh my!” She gasped as goose bumps flared in her skin. In the photo, Maya was smiling looking straight at the camera, while Richard gazed at her in a somewhat unexplained expression. What is it? She mumbled. Tenderness. Warmth.  It seems that he was memorizing her features. The photo was able capture a moment that speaks volumes that a mere word cannot.

She continued to look at the photo, that after sometime, her eyes became heavy lidded. She was exhausted from over thinking, and despite of thoughts of him that kept lurking on her mind, she drifted to sleep.

Dreams leavened her sleep though as images of Richard hovered in her mind. She dreamt of him in her state between sleep and wakefulness.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open.  Her mind reeled as she woke in a tangle of confusion and desire, sweating, breathing wildly. Her hearth was thumping, and the place between her legs was alive with sensation.  She rolled unto her stomach dazed and flushed at the vivid erotic images of him taking privileges on her body.

It was so real to her that the impression of the act lingered on. “How was it possible? I must be crazy.” She thought and covered her face, puzzled. It was the first time that she’s been sexually attracted to a man. She had never known that such a feeling existed in her – an alarming physical need that only he can fill.


He was restless.

It was 2:00AM in the morning, and he was still wide-awake, staring at the ceiling in his room. He came home distracted with a nagging feeling to do something outrageous just to appease his restless self.  He was tempted to go to Hana’s room, and spend the night with her to ease his frustrations.

Maya.  He thought. His attraction to her was so intense, that he regretted not doing more than that kiss in her neck.

He shouldn’t have parted with her if she’ll just haunt him throughout the night.  The mere thought of her made him hard. He was stiff as a rod – his body was clamoring for her as if it has a mind of its own.  The cold shower that he took awhile ago did not alleviate his burgeoning want for her.

Taking a deep breath and with much deliberation with himself, he resolved to do something about his restlessness.  He got up from bed and called the concierge to get him a cab going to The Crown Plaza Hotel in Changi.


I must still be dreaming. He’s here. Maya thought wildly when she saw Richard at the peephole knocking at her door.  Her non-stop thinking of him in her sleep must have prompted him to come to her.

Dragging air into her constricted lungs, she stared blindly at the door.  She closed her eyes in an agony of indecision, not caring that Richard was standing behind the door for a long time, a struggle raging within her. She couldn’t move. She knows that once she opens the door for him, there’ll be no turning back.

The moment the doorknob move, Richard knew that she was going to face him. He braced himself as the door opened, and saw her looking at him in a confused expression.

Richard strolled slowly towards her room, and stopped, watching Maya following him.  His gazed to her was not lost to Maya for he was looking at her in a dangerous way.

“Richard, did you forget something?” Maya asked in her state of heightened nervousness as she self consciously pulled the lapels of her satin robe closer to her breast and tightened the belt.

“Yes, I’ve been meaning to do this to you since the first time I saw you.” His voice deepened with sensuality as he reached out and drew her purposely in his arms to demonstrate “this” to her.  “Call me crazy for coming here, but this can’t be helped.”

In helpless anticipation, she watched his firm sensual lips slowly descend hers. His mouth covered hers, moving and probing in a kiss that was lazily coaxing, yet breathtakingly insistent.  Maya tried desperately to hold on to her fleeing sanity but the moment his tongue slip against her lips, she lost the battle.

With a smothered moan, she leaned into him and let him kiss her. His response was instantaneous.  His arms held her tightly while his mouth opened her lips hungrily, his tongue plunging deeply into her mouth.

Something exploded inside Maya for her body instinctively arched against him, and her hands lifted compulsively around his neck, as she eagerly responded to his hungry kiss.

When Richard lifted his head, Maya felt branded by his kisses.  Trembling in inner turmoil, she leaned her forehead against his chest, aware of his hands sliding up and down her spine in a lazy caress.

Richard’s warm lips sought the pulse in her neck, and drifted slowly on her shoulder, and then trailed upward to her ear, his teeth playfully nipping her earlobe.  He chuckled huskily in her ear, “What have you done to me?  You’ve bewitched me, and reduced me into one giant ball of ache.” 

“I’m sorry.” was all Maya said, still dazed from their kiss. She looked at his eyes gazing back at her smoldering with passion.

“If you keep looking at me like that, you have to at least do something to relieve my misery.”  He said with grim humor as his glance flicked meaningfully to her bed.

Maya step back from his embrace, and crossed her arms on her midriff as if to ward off the intensity of her attraction to him. She felt as if she has just been through a storm, and being sucked in by its force.

She tried to relax and think logically.  Obviously, Richard intended to take her to bed tonight. Of course, she could simply say “no” to him, but the problem was that she wasn’t at all certain she wanted to say “no”.

She wanted him with the intensity that all her practicality and sensibility flew out of the window.  She thought of a plan to make him fall for her, because she knew she was already falling in love with him. A smile touched her lips a she turned her head towards him filled with thoughts of their destiny.

As soon as Richard saw her looked up at him, and smile, he already knew her answer. “What are you thinking?”

Maya shook her head. “If I told you, it would scare you to death.”



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    • I’ll post when I return back from my vacation next week. I’ve limited access to Internet right now. And besides, most of the request I get is for “the Player”. Should I lay low this story for awhile?

    • oh no ms ricci, you def should continue.. this is another “the player” in the making, a story that will leave a lasting impression on the readers. i love “the player” and im loving this one too, so please please update when you can 🙂

    • Been patiently waiting for this and wish you will just publish the whole thing In book or kindle form ng wala ng torture of waiting.I will be the first one to buy it.Please do not give it up Ms Ricci.

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  2. well, I think I could say,, LUCKY ME! for Finding THIS PIECE just now coz I’m ABLE to read it continuously!! yEy! \(^_^)/ i LOVE how both of them became RESTLESS after that ‘kiss on the neck’ gesture! haha.. and there goes the NAUGHTY MAYA! 😀 *exciting !*

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