Crazy In Love – part 22

Note: This chapter is a continuation to Crazy in Love – part 21

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 22

“OMG, my pink walls! He kissed you?” Emman was surprised when Maya shared to him what happened at dawn on Tuesday. For the second time since they lived together, Richard didn’t go home that night. Maya waited for him until she fell asleep in their sofa. Out of frustration, she called up Emman to vent her feelings the moment she arrived at the office.

“Oo, kaya lang nag-sorry, tapos umalis. Pupunta daw sa site, eh ang aga-aga pa.” Maya spilled the rest of the story.

“Naku, girl, talagang kakainis na kayong dalawa. Anong gagawin mo? Bakit hindi ikaw na lang kaya ang magtapat sa kanya? Para ma-shorten na ang agony mo.” Emman suggested.

“Ayoko nga. Kahit konti, may pride pa naman na natira sa akin. At saka kahit ganito ang set-up namin, minsan masaya naman ako. Kahit papaano, nakikita ko s’ya sa office at sa bahay. Kasama ko s’ya. I don’t think he purposely do things to hurt me. Hindi n’ya alam na mahal ko s’ya , so kanya parang wala lang.”

“Ayy, masokista ka pala. So, ano nga ang plano mo? Di ba sabi mo may girlfriend ng iba?”

“Eh, ngayon nag-iisip ako kung paano ko sa’ya mababawi dun sa Summer na ‘yon. Pero, natatakot din ako kasi masyado ng masakit sa dibdib Emman.”

“Maya! Ako talaga ay naloloka na sa’yo. Ano, mag decide ka. Gusto mo ba o ayaw mo? Babawiin ba? magtatapat ka o ano?” Emman was starting to get upset with her and her ambivalence on what was the next step forward.

“Syempre, gusto ko mabawi. I hope he will realize that he still loves me.” Maya in her soft voice responded. She knew it was a wish.

“Oh now it’s clear. I think I can help you with this. Parang alam ko ang weakness n’yang si Richard mo.” Emman excitedly said.

“Ha? What do you mean?” Maya asked.

“Girl, I’ll send Jason in your office, okay? Basta, whatever he does, mag-cooperate ka lang ha?”

“What? Emman, ano naman ang plano mo? Bakit mo papupuntahin ang boyfriend mo sa office ko?”

Emman laughed. “Dear, we’ll test kung mag-rereact ang jowa mo if he sees a competition. Remember, gwapo si Jason and it’s very difficult to detect that he isn’t straight. So, tingnan natin kung magselos ‘yan si Richard.”

“Eh, paano kung walang effect? Noon alam ko medyo seloso s’ya but I think he has overcome that.” Maya wasn’t sure that the plan will work out. It could further create a distance between them.

“Basta, sumunod ka Maya. If this doesn’t work, we have a plan b. At sa plan b, maghanda ka ng sexy underwear.” Emman declared.

“Ano? Ano naman ang purpose n’on?” Now, Maya was very worried.

“Well, kung hindi sya makuha sa santong dasalan, kukunin mo s’ya sa pisikalan, ha,ha,ha. Girl, don’t be naïve.” Emman ended their conversation in high spirits.


Later that afternoon, Jason arrived at Maya’s office as expected. The moment he saw Maya, he immediately went to her and kissed her on the cheek while hugging her. Maya saw from the corner of her eye that their receptionist Susan was observing them intently.

Since Maya still needed to pack-up her things, she invited him first in her work station. There, Jason started his special assignment.

“Hmm, where is the target?” Jason whispered in her ear? He walked around the area checking if anyone was within hearing distance.

“Wala, nasa site pa. I’m not even sure kung dadating ‘yon.” She responded. She motioned him to sit beside her.

“Ah ganoon. Anyway, what’s our plan after this? Do you want to meet up with Emman? We can have dinner together?” He offered.

“Siguro next time na lang, uuwi na lang ako.” She replied. Jason took her computer bag and slung it over his shoulder.

When they were at the lobby about the leave the office, Richard arrived.

As three of them looked at each other, Maya had no choice but to introduce Jason to him.

“Hi Richard. Ahh, this is Jason. Jason, this Richard Lim, my boss.” Maya started the introduction.

The men exchanged short pleasantries. Then Richard turned to Maya to ask, “So, are you about to go home?” He was checking on her plan as he felt a strange feeling seeing her with Jason.

“Ah, not yet. I’m having dinner with Jason. May ibibilin ka ba sir?” She asked innocently.

“Nothing urgent. Anyway, I won’t keep you long. Go ahead with your dinner.” Richard’s smile didn’t reach his eyes. He heard Jason say, “Let’s go, sweetie.”

Once the two were out of earshot, he overheard their office receptionist speaking to someone on the phone “Gie, hindi mo nakita, ang gwapo ng sundo ni Maya today… O diba, talagang ang haba ng buhok ng babaing yon.”

Richard’s eyes followed the two; his eyes turned into tiny slits. It was then he admitted that he was jealous again. He felt tiny stabs in his chest when he saw Jason put his hand on Maya’s waist while he seemed to have whispered something in her ear.


Richard kept on walking back and forth in their living room as he waited for Maya to come home from her dinner. He hated the idea that she was going out with other men. He was interested to know more about the guy she went out with. He knew that this is a different one from the other who also fetched her one afternoon. He decided that he would do something about it.

When Maya arrived past 10:00 p.m., he was already in his room. He was about to go out to greet her, when he heard her phone ringing. Then, he heard her speak to someone.

“Hi… Yes, naka uwi naman ako. Thanks for the dinner, ha. Alright… goodnight too.” Maya sounded happy as she spoke on the phone.

Again, Richard felt those tiny stabs in his heart. In his thoughts, “You have to do something about it now. You can’t just watch and let her slip away.”

The following morning, Maya was surprised when she got out of the bed to prepare their breakfast. Richard was already in the kitchen and was preparing their food. When he saw her enter the kitchen, he smiled at her.

“Good morning. I’ve prepared breakfast.” He was flashing his lopsided smile which caused Maya’s heart to leap.

“Good morning, nagluto ka?” She sat on the chair beside the counter where they usually have breakfast.

“Yeah, konti lang. I just prepared bacon, eggs, French toast. I remember how you like these prepared for breakfast.” He said as he poured milk on her glass. While he was doing that, Maya was smiling with amusement.

He was prompted to ask, “What? Why are you smiling like that?”

“Wala, gusto ko lang mag-smile. Wala naman sa rules na bawal mag-smile di ba?” She asked.

“Wala nga.” Richard responded. They ate their breakfast in a light mood. They would steal occasional glances at each other; their minds having inner conversation.

His thoughts, “This is the start. I hope you don’t reject my moves.”

Her thoughts. “Hmm, effective ba yung nangyari kahapon? Parang sweet n’ya today o baka puro porma lang ito, paaasahin lang ako… Anyway, cute sya ngayong umaga.”

Pasakalye by Zia Quizon


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