Crazy In Love – part 23

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy In Love – part 22.

Author: Hanah6181

Chapter 23

On that Wednesday morning, Richard requested Maya to leave her car at home and ride with him to the office. He also invited her to lunch to make up for the dinner date that they were supposed to have. They spent their day both happy like a normal couple. Neither one of them wanted to open a topic that might disrupt their pleasant disposition.
Later that day, Emman called up Maya to check on their progress.

“Well, this morning, he was the one who prepared breakfast. Tapos, nitong lunch nag-invite” Maya shared to her friend.

“Aiyeee, ayan na, malapit ng s’yang bumagsak. Kailangan mag-prepare pa rin tayo for plan b. I’ll send Jason there, paki hintay lang, ha.” Emman excitedly said.

“Ano naman ‘yan Emman? Okay na kami, baka magtuloy-tuloy na ‘to. So..” Maya didn’t want to create another situation which might derail her progress with him.

“Ah basta, wait for him. I’m sure you’ll like my surprise.” Emman was insistent.

As expected, Jason arrived at Maya’s office. He had brought with him a package that looked like a gift. As they spoke at the lobby, Jason was again sweet and solicitous in his actions that anyone who would see them would immediately conclude that they have a relationship. Richard saw them talking at the lobby and felt jealous. Although it hurt, his decision to pursue her was already firm. Although there are competitors now for her love, he will not easily give up.


Maya opened her gift the moment she entered her bedroom that night. She was shocked with the contents of the package sent by Emman.

She remembered when Jason gave to her the bag, he whispered in her ear “Don’t open in public place. Dapat sa bedroom.” He was smiling mischievously when he handed her the bag. When Maya turned around, she saw Richard observing them. He just nodded to acknowledge them.

She laid down on the bed the 3 pairs of sexy Victoria secret lingerie; a black floral baby doll, a red lace and satin slip and a more conservative satin and lace cami set.

She immediately called up her friend to scold him. “Emman!! Grabe naman ‘tong padala mo!”

“Girl, wala man lang pasalamat? Grabe kaagad? Ang tagal ko kayang namili n’yan. Kung may body lang ako ng katulad sa’yo, bumili ako ng isang dozen para sa akin.” Emman’s response to Maya.

“O sige na nga,Thank you po. Pero, bakit kailangan ko ito? Maisusuot ko ba ito? Parang, nakaka-ilang naman.” She was staring at the 3 sets and cringed at the thought of wearing them. She is used to wearing the more traditional pajamas or cotton night dress and never tried these sexy undergarments before.

“Of course, you can wear them, dear. You better start wearing them para masanay ka. Ika nga, kung pupunta ka sa war, you better be in full battle gear. Di ba sabi ko sa’yo, kung hindi makuha sa dasalan, kukunin mo s’ya sa pisikalan. Pwes, yan ang attire mo.” Emman explained.

“Emman… parang ang nakakailang naman itong suotin. Lalamigin ako nito.”

“Ha,ha,ha, Girl pa naïve ka pa. kakainis ka ha. Syempre, don’t expect that you’ll wear that the whole night… alam mo na. Hi,hi,hi.” Emman was feeling giddy by just the thought of what will happen when she fully utilizes his gift.

Looking at the three pairs, Maya decided to try on the more conservative looking cami set. It looked safer being just a camisole with a pair of short, shorts. When she wore it, the sheer lingerie fitted her well and it actually accentuated her curves as she looked at the mirror. She was about to put away her gift when Richard knocked and spoke outside her door.

“Maya… Maya… there’s a phone call here. Kausapin ka daw ni Mama.”

“Ha? Mommy mo or sa akin?” She clarified as spoke behind the door. She felt a sense of panic. She needed to change her attire to cover herself up.

“Mommy ko… She’s been waiting for you to call her. Can you come out now?” Richard responded.

Hurriedly, she took a bath robe to cover herself. She opened the door and took the cellphone from Richard and sat at the chair in her dressing table.

“Hi Ma, good evening po… Po? Hindi po, nasa kwarto lang po ako while si Richard…eh nasa kitchen.” Maya glanced at Richard who was standing by the door observing her. She continued her conversation with her mother-in-law. She was just checking how she was and when they can visit them in San Nicolas.

After the call, Maya intended to return the phone to Richard. As she handed the phone back to him, the knot on her robe suddenly opened revealing what she was wearing under.

Richard was quick to notice her attire. “Hmm, very nice.” He was grinning as he commented; he looked appreciatively at her chest and her legs that were exposed with the little clothing she had on.

Maya immediately re-tied the knot of her robe; pretending to act calmly.

Richard started to move forward to cover the distance between them. Instinctively, Maya stepped backward. They stared at each other, waiting for the other one to make the next move.

A few seconds more, Maya said. “Excuse me, I’m busy.” She turned around because she could feel herself blushing. It was a sign that he should leave her room. He thought maybe she felt awkward but he needed to make one more comment before he leaves.

“Ah, actually I just wanted to tell you, red one would look good on you.” He pointed at the item in the middle of her bed. Then, he turned around and left her.

It was only then Maya realized that he had seen the lingerie displayed on her bed. She felt more embarrassed by being found out. “Naku, Emman… ikaw talaga!” She murmured to herself as she threw all the items back in the box.

When Richard closed the door, there was a wide grin on his face. In his thoughts, “Hmm, she’d really look good in the red one.” Then, a thought came to his mind. “Looks like she’d like to look sexy in bed. Is she preparing for someone? Well, it better be me in that bed.” He abhorred the thought that it could be someone else. He was getting upset but the earlier scene was making him excited too. So, he turned around to speak to her again.

Knock. Knock
She opened the door. She was now wearing her usual cotton night dress.

“Yes?” Maya asked.

“Ahh… tomorrow, what is your plan? I was thinking of going off- site sa Antipolo, do you want to go with me?” It was the only alibi he could think of. He had just decided that he didn’t want her out of his sight from now on so he thought of bringing her where he would be the following day.

“O sige.” Maya agreed not knowing the hidden agenda of Richard.


It was the first time that Maya went to Antipolo with Richard. Their Antipolo property development is an upscale single detached modern houses designed for the hilly area. She was met warmly by the construction men as they don’t normally get a female visitor or colleague when they are still in construction phase. She was introduced to the engineers in charge and workers.

Richard was protective of her while they did their rounds of the houses being developed. He made sure it was safe for her to walk around so he never left her side; his hand always ready to support her.

At one point, one of his maintenance men asked him.
“Engineer, si Ma’m Maya ba ang girlfriend mo?” The man waited for his response with interest. He noticed Richard was always beside Maya so she could be someone important to him.

“Ikaw talaga Ben.” Richard just smiled and didn’t respond directly. Ben is one of his well-trusted electrical guy in his site so he was comfortable to ask Richard that question.

“So, hindi ang sagot. “ Ben turned to the engineer supervising them. “ O Jake, pwede mo ng kunin ang phone number ni Ma’m Maya.” Maya was all smiles as she knew they were just teasing her.

It was then Richard thought that one of his men could actually be interested in her. So, he had to make a quick clarification. He said something that he has never said before.

“Ah actually, ex-girlfriend ko s’ya. Pero ngayon, misis ko na. So, sorry guys.” He said proudly as he placed his hand around her shoulder. Maya’s smile quickly disappeared. She was surprised by his sudden public declaration. The men all laughed.

“Ay ganoon po? So Engineer, ‘yung property sa taas eh para….” Ben wasn’t able to finish his sentence because Richard cut him off. He looked at Ben as if telling him to keep quiet.

“O guys, tuloy na ang trabaho. Mauuna na kami para makatapos kayo within schedule.” With that as a parting sentence, Richard led Maya out of the property to go back to their office.

“Richard, why did you tell them that I’m your wife?” She asked curiously.

“Why not? Did you want to give away your phone number?” He countered; his eyebrows furrowed.

“Not really, nagulat lang ako. Di ba may confidentiality clause tayo?”

“Well, I just told them the truth. Another thing, our agreement says we can amend the rules when we deem necessary. So, Maya, I think it’s about time that we review the rules.” He said with his lopsided smile; showing off his bedimpled cheek.


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