Crazy In Love – part 24

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy In Love – part 23.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 24

For the past three days, everything was going well with the two. While no one spoke about their feeling for each other, it felt like there was a mutual understanding between the two of them. They felt that there was a big chance of winning back each other’s love and hope that their respective 3rd parties will be soon out of their lives.

In Maya’s case, she almost forgot how strong her competition was until she saw Summer arrive at their office on Friday before lunch. She was walking on the hallway when Summer was at the opposite end walking towards Richard’s room. She felt anger and jealousy at the same time.


Summer’s visit was unannounced so Richard was caught off-guard when he saw her enter his room.

“Hi Richard” Summer entered his room and locked it.

“Hi Christina. What brings you here?” Richard stood up and motioned her to sit in his visitor’s sofa. She’s complication that he’s dealt with earlier but she can be stubborn when she wants something.

“Oh, now I’m Christina? Well, I just wanted to visit you. I still can do that right? She responded sarcastically. “You’re not calling me nor visiting me. So, I decided to come here.”

“Well, I think you need to be sensitive to my situation. You know very well that I don’t want to give an impression to Maya that there is still something going on between us.” Richard explained. He stood up from where he was seated and moved near the window, away from her.

Summer was hurt by his words so she lashed out. “Richard, I think you misunderstood me from the last time we discussed. I meant every word I said to you. I won’t give up that easily. You love me, you said so before.
I think you’re just wavering because you are living together. You must be missing me a lot that you are seeking comfort with her and now you think you are in love with her.” She was on the verge of going hysterical. She started moving closer to him.

Richard wasn’t bothered by what she said. He felt indifferent to the emotion she was inciting in him. But, he needed to be straight forward to Christina for her to understand.

“Christina, It took me many years before I moved on after I got separated from her. You know it, I didn’t hide it from you. I admit I said I love you and I did for a while. But when I saw her again, I realized that I’ve always loved her. You should have listened to me when I was in California. It may have taken me long to admit it to myself. Now, I’m trying to work things out with her so I hope you’d understand if we can’t see each other anymore.” He looked at her intently. He didn’t want to be so cold-hearted with her but he needed to be, in order for her to get his point.

After hearing what he said, Christina started to cry and threw herself to Richard.

“But Richard, I can’t let you go just like that…. I love you… I’d die without you…” She said in between tears and holding her chest as if she couldn’t breathe properly.

Richard distanced himself from her. “I’m sorry Christina. I’m sorry if I’m hurting you. And, please don’t repeat the trick you did on me the last time. I won’t stay to take care of you anymore.” Richard said in a serious tone. He was still upset when she tricked him into staying in her hotel room that Friday when she first came to visit him in the office. She threatened that she will kill herself which prompted him to stay overnight with her. That act alone, sealed his decision to break up with her.

“You’re a very nice person deep when you don’t act like this. I’m sure you’ll forget me over time.” He said with finality.

Richard returned to his table as a sign of dismissing Christina. She didn’t budge in her position and continued crying. She must have pushed him to much that he had to say those hurtful words.

Richard would glance at her once in a while feeling sorry for her but he knew in his heart that he has done everything to break up with her amicably but she’s been adamant about it.

After an hour, Christina left. Richard gave out a sigh of relief hoping that that was the last time she would come after him.


Few minutes after Christina left, Richard went out of his room to check on Maya. He found her in work area staring at her computer. He went towards her to ask if she had taken lunch. He was going to invite her.

“Have you had lunch? Want to join me?” He wanted to be close to her so he pulled a chair to sit beside her.

“Thank you but I have had lunch.” She replied and just glanced at him. She then turned off her laptop and started to clean up her table.

“Huh? Who were you with? Did you have early lunch? One o’clock pa lang ah.” He questioned her. His hand now behind her chair making them closer to each other.

“Sir, nag sandwich lang ako. Also, since it’s Friday, I’m going home early. I’ll file a 1/ day leave.” She still wasn’t looking at him when she responded. She busied herself with finding something inside her bag.

He placed in hard on her arm. “Wait, you’re going home? Why don’t we go together? Can you wait for me? I just have 1 more meeting.” He offered. He wanted to spend time with her and thought the half-day could have been planned better had he known she wanted to leave earlier.

“Ay..wag na. I have to see Emman first. I’ll just see you later.. Bye.” She hurriedly left a confused Richard. He wondered why she was in such a hurry to leave. “Did she see Summer? I hope not. But she seems to be bothered by something.” Were his thoughts.

Richard was unaware that Maya actually saw Summer arrived in their office. The two women saw each other at the hallway when Maya was coming out of ladies room. Summer had the smug look on her face before she entered his office. Maya even heard her lock the door when she passed by his office.

Maya was upset by the whole situation. She couldn’t help but get jealous of the time they were together in a locked room. She timed it. It was more than 1 hour and a lot could have happened in 1 hour in her thoughts. And when Summer left and Richard came to her table as if nothing happened, it made her more upset.
“Aba, parang wala lang. Hindi man lang magpaliwanag ito? Pero, why would he bother to explain, ano bang meron na kami?” She was having an inner conversation and the small voice within her was contradicting herself. She was about to go crazy so she decided to just leave the office.


Maya and Emman met at Starbucks within an hour after she left LHI office. Emman, as usual, was giving his advise to his friend.

“Hayy, naku. I told you, we will need the plan b execution soon. Iyan lang ang pwedeng maka-match dyan sa Summer na’yan.” Emman said as he was sipping his coffee.

“Emman, parang ang sagwa naman… ako pa kaya ang mauuna. Di ba dapat s’ya ang mag-initiate?”

“Oo, in an ideal situation but in your case, pwede ng ikaw. Para madali ang pag-developan nyo.” Emman emphasized.

“Pero may progress na rin naman. Besides, lagi naman na kaming magkasama.” She justified herself although it didn’t’ remove the feeling of jealousy within her.

“Anyway, Girl do you want to join us tonight? The whole college barkada will be gathering tonight for dinner and then mag-clubbing tayo sa may BGC, sa 7th High. Malapit lang ‘yon sa inyo. Mag-unwind ka muna d’yan sa stress mo. It may do you good.”

“Ayoko nga. Alam mo naman I’ve been avoiding the club circuit lately tapos mag-iimbita ka. At saka nakakahiya naman kay Richard.”

“Hayy, eh di tumawag ka at sabihin mo gagabihin ka. Sige na, sumama ka na. Ikaw lang ang wala sa barkada. At minsan, paisipin mo rin yang si Richard kung saan ka nagpupunta.” Emman coaxed her some more. In the end Maya agreed with an intention to call Richard about her coming home late.
As the two friends still had time to spend, they even went to the beauty salon to have their hair done.


Back at the LHI office, the men were almost done in their meeting when their discussion topic turned to having drinks that night. Ryan, Richard’s production manager, was leading the planning.

“Okay guys, ano, are we going out tonight? Puro na lang tayo trabaho, minsan it would be good to just go out.” Ryan was persuading his colleagues to join while Richard was quietly observing them.

“Pwede, pero mas maganda kung sama si Boss Richard.” Bryan, one of their engineers, said while looking at the rest of the team signaling them to help convince Richard.

“Oo nga, boss. It will be a good if the whole group joins.” Ryan rode on the invitation and the rest said yes in agreement.

Finally, Richard agreed. “Okay, I’ll go with you but I can’t promise I will stay long. I need to go home early.”

“Alright!” Ryan gave Richard a hi-five. “We’ll go to 7th High sa BGC. Sabi nila maganda ang crowd doon but I haven’t been there myself so let’s see.
“Let’s leave the office by 6 so we can have dinner first.” Ryan dismissed the group.

When Richard and Ryan were alone in the room, Ryan asked him. “Brod, bakit naman hindi ka pwede mag-tagal. Hindi pa nga tayo nakakarating sa place, may plano ka ng umuwi.”

“Ryan, I can’t stay out late nowadays.” Richard’s short reply.

“Bro, ‘yang sagot mo parang sagot ng mga Takusa.” Ryan teased him.

“Anong takusa?” Richard’s question.

“Takot sa asawa. Naku Brod, kung girlfriend pa lang yan ganyan ka na, lalo na pag nagpakasal ka na.” For different reasons, both laughed at Ryan’s comment. Ryan was laughing at his joke to Richard while Richard was laughing because of his long kept secret marriage.


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