Crazy In Love – part 25

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy in Love -part 24.

Author: Hanah6181

Chapter 25

Ring. Ring. Ring.

Maya’s phone kept ringing but she couldn’t hear it. She was chatting with her friends over dinner. It was only after several minutes later that she saw a miss call from Richard and his text message to her.

“I’ll be home late tonight. The team is out for dinner and we’ll have drinks afterwards.” Was his message.

Maya replied. “Ok. I’m also out with friends. See you tomorrow.” She anticipated that he will be going home very late so she thought that they won’t be seeing each other that night anymore. It hurt a little when she thought that is possible that he could be spending time with Summer.

Richard was also having dinner with his group when got her message. He didn’t like what he read. He wondered who are the friends she was referring to and why did she say tomorrow, does it mean she will be out the whole night? The thought of her outside their house without him wasn’t very appealing to him.

So, he texted back “Where are you? Do you want me to fetch you later?” He waited for her response but there was none. After dinner, his group the proceeded to 7th High Club.


The club was filled with party people as it was Friday night. The place was a bit darker than the usual clubs but the loud music predominantly mashups, house and Top40s were crowd favorites.

Emman, Maya, Jason and their other friends were already having fun. They’ve consumed a couple of drinks and was partying the night away. They were on the dance floor most of the time swaying to the music. This is where Maya was in her element and could drown her heartaches away.

Within the same venue, Richard group was there. Amidst the fun of his team, his thoughts were somewhere else. He was with 10 people including the 3 girls from their office. Ryan, noticed his mood so he spoke to him.

“Bro, parang stressed ka yata. Is there any problem? Iniisip mo pa ‘yang property sa Bohol?” Ryan asked loudly making sure Richard could hear him.

“Nope, it’s not about work. It’s about someone.” Richard responded.

“Ahh, it must be the beautiful Summer, right? Sinundan ka pa nga dito sa Manila so anong problema?” his friend probed deeper.

“Hindi si Summer ang problem. She’s history, Bro.”

Uy, mukhang may bago? This is news. I know that you are choosy with girls, you don’t just date anybody.”

“There’s always been someone but I’m having problem with this one. I am back to square one with her.”

“Ah, don’t think about her muna, Bro. Just enjoy the night first. People come here to enjoy.” He offered Richard a drink while he looked a round to check on the girls.

“Richard, look at the ladies here. There’s plenty of beautiful girls. With your looks, you can easily find someone tonight.” Ryan encouraged his friend to look around but Richard just continued drinking his dry martini.

The music was turning to be more upbeat and Richard’s group have started to move to the dance floor leaving him with Ryan. The crowd was roaring as the song Crazy in love was playing.

Ryan continued looking around and his attention was caught by a group of ladies dancing. “Bro, look at the ladies there. Tingnan mo, there’s group of pretty ladies and not just pretty faces but with matching bodies to be proud of.” Upon Ryan’s insistence, Richard turned around to see the group he was pointing at.

Indeed, the group he was referring to were a group of pretty ladies especially the girl in coral tight fitting dress. The multi-colored lights flickering over the dance floor added intensity to her swaying movements. Richard’s heartbeats raced as he seemed to recognize the girl on the dance floor. (A/N: Imagine Maya dancing ala Beyonce)

Ryan spoke in his ear. “O diba, tingnan mo ‘yung naka orange. Isn’t she beautiful at ang sexy, the curves are in the right place… eh, parang kamukha ni Maya!”

“Ryan, stop it! You’re talking about my wife.” Richard blurted. He stood up to go to the dance floor. However, he was stopped by Ryan who quickly held on to his shirt and pulled him back to his seat.

Ryan thought that Richard was joking or was drunk. “Hep, hep, hep, Pare, ano lasing ka na? Anong wife ang sinasabi mo?”

“Never mind, Ryan. I’ll explain later. Bahala ka na sa grupo.” He left a dumbfounded Ryan looking at his back and checking if the girl was Maya.

As Richard was inching his way to where Maya was dancing, his temper was slowly rising. He was getting upset with her flirtatious moves and seeing her now dancing with a guy. She looked liked she was really enjoying her time and he couldn’t control the pangs of jealousy eating his heart. This is reminiscent of his senior’s party back in college; even the music playing was the hottest song that year.

When he reached their spot, a very surprised Maya suddenly stopped dancing. “Richard” was all she could say.

Then her partner spoke to him. “Excuse us Bro, but we are dancing.” The guy looked like he was irritated by the interruption.

Richard looked at him sternly and said. “I’m sorry, you need to find another partner. I am taking my wife with me.” After saying that, Richard held Maya’s hand and brought their hands up to show off their wedding ring. Seeing the proof, the other guy moved out of their way.

When Richard turned to Maya, her facial expression showed her confusion. Richard, still holding her hand, dragged her out of the dance floor. He pulled her to a spot where there were less people and that was near the exit area going to the restroom.

“So, this is what you mean you when you are out with your friends?” His eyes turned to tiny slits.

“Yes, we do go out once in a while.” She responded with brows furrowed. In her thoughts, “mag-eexplain ba ako dito?”

Both of them shouting to beat the loud party music that was playing.

“So, going out means meeting other men?” He asked; still trying to control his jealousy but failing.

“Well, sometimes it happens.” Another short reply from her which made him lose his control.

“Maya, what’s gotten into your heard. Look at you. Nakalimutan mo ba that you’re a married woman?” He spoke so fast that he wondered if he made sense but at that point he was angry and he didn’t care.

Realizing that Richard was upset with her, she started to get annoyed. In a raised voiced, she said. “Richard, bakit ka ba ganyan? I’m just here to enjoy. Besides, why are you here too? Di ba sabi mo sa text you’re out for drinks. So, dito ang drinking place mo?” Now, it was her turn to put him his place.

“I’m here with office people. Yes, we are drinking but I am not ogling at the women here. Whereas you, my dear wife, you are busy flirting with other men. You are still married to me, don’t forget!” His eyes darkened as he emphasized flirting.

“How dare you accuse me of flirting? Married, Yes. I haven’t forgotten the contract. Husband? You know that we are not husband and wife in the real sense. You’re even seeing another woman right in front of my face” She lashed out when she remembered his tryst with Summer in his office earlier that day.

Upon hearing her statement, Richard’s heart leaped with a sudden thought. She could also be experiencing jealousy like him; judging by her statement. So, she must be feeling something for him and there was one way to check that. It must be the alcohol that was firing him up.

Richard moved closer to Maya; his mouth near her temple. He said,“So, I’m not a husband in the real sense? We can certainly change that.” He held her in his arms and kissed her on the lips. As it was unexpected, she stood motionless; unable to respond. He stopped and gazed at her eyes.

“No violent reaction, Babe?” He asked with his lips very close to hers. They eyes gazing at each other; mixed emotions in their eyes.

Maya was still unable to speak but her heart was pounding. Richard kissed her once again. The second kiss was more tender persuading her to respond. As he pressed his lips harder in hers, her mouth slightly parted allowing his tongue to enter. It became a hot and passionate kiss that she felt her knees melting. He held her closer to his body to steady her. She responded to him with equal fervor.

Their kissing was interrupted, when one of the waiters called their attention.

“Ah excuse po, sir, ma’m. Sorry po. But bawal po dito ‘yan.” A very embarrassed waiter told them.

It was Richard responded as he kept Maya in his arms. “Sorry, boss. Na carried away lang sa misis ko.” He said apologetically while Maya just buried her face in his chest due to embarrassment.

“Okay lang po, meron talagang nangyayaring ganyan dito minsan. Sige po.” The waiter was smiling when he left the two.

Richard then whispered to Maya as they remained locked in embrace. “Hmmm, Babe… can we now go home?” He felt her nodding in his chest. “Great!” was his response.

He took her hand and intertwined her fingers with his. As they were walking out of the place, it was only then they realized that there were a lot of people looking at them. The people watched in amusement as the two went past them hand in hand.

Maya then stopped. “Wait, Ricky. I’m with Emman and other friends. I have to let them know I’m going. Besides, I have my car with me. Let’s meet na lang sa bahay.” She told him sweetly.

“Nope Maya. We’re leaving this place together. We can leave one of our cars and come back for it tomorrow or you can give your car to Emman. Go ahead, tell them we’re going.” He didn’t want to leave her behind as things might change if he allow her out of his sight.


4 thoughts on “Crazy In Love – part 25

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  2. I really loved the way you write…the words you use the expression and love towards the characters…really liked it…i hope you can create another story as good or more than as this one…god bless you and thank for this wonderful creation

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