Crazy In Love – part 26

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy In Love – part 25.

Author: Hanah6181

Chapter 26

Several minutes later, Maya joined Richard in his car at the parking lot. When she sat on the passenger seat, he assisted her in buckling her seat belt. While helping her, their hands touched that if felt like electricity run through their body. They became conscious of the proximity of their bodies; their faces just inches away from each other. Richard stared at her lips. Unable to resist the temptation, kissed her again. They stayed in the car kissing for some time ‘til their hearts content.

Maya was breathless when they stopped kissing. “Ricky, we’re going home, right?”

“Yes” He winked at her while flashing his lopsided smile. Maya smiled sweetly in return.

While he started the car, Maya turned on the radio. The music that played was like a song requested specifically to describe their situation. It reflected more of the crazy feeling they have for each other. As Richard drove, his one hand took Maya’s hand and clasped it with his. As the words from the song went “I’d go crazy when I look in your eyes”, he brought her hand to his lips to kiss it. He gave her a quick glance and saw her staring at him. He turned his eyes to the road but he didn’t release her hand.

Finally, they arrived at their condominium’s parking lot. After securing the car, they walked hand in hand towards the elevator. No one spoke but there were meaningful gazes that they gave each other. As soon as the got on the lift and pressed the button where their unit was, Richard closed the distance between him and Maya. He was going to kiss her again.

Guessing his intent, Maya held his face in her palms and said in a soft voice “Ricky, there is a camera in this elevator. Baka nakakalimutan mo. The admin people can see us.”

He laughed at he stepped away from her “Ha,ha,ha, ayaw mong ma you tube?”

“Nope. I think we’ve had enough public kissing today.” She responded making some funny faces.

“Yes, were done with the public for now.” Then, he whispered in ear. “we’ll have a private one later.”

Maya’s cheeks started to burn with the thought of what was forthcoming. She felt excited at the same time nervous.


Richard locked the door as soon they entered their condo unit. Maya was about to go the kitchen when an arm suddenly wrapped around her chest.
He pulled her towards him while his other arm encircled her waist. He buried his face at the side of her neck while saying tenderly “I love you, Maya.”

She turned around to face him. She looked at his eyes directly; almost teary eyed.

“I love you Maya.” He repeated his declaration. “I’ve always loved you and I’ll always will.” He looked at her with so much love and passion that her tears started to fall. She had longed to hear those words from him again and her heart was filled with joy when he uttered them.

“Ricky… I love you too. All these years…” She wasn’t able to finish what she wanted to say because Richard already took her lips with his. The passion in his kiss was so heartwarming that Maya tears continued to flow. He stopped as he wiped her tears with his thumb.

When her eyes dried, he hugged her tightly and he resumed giving tender kisses in her forehead, her eyelids and then to her lips.

She returned his kisses with so much love that their passion reignited and heightened. Soon, their tongues began exploring each other. Maya’s arms were around his neck. As their kiss intensified, Richard pinned her on the wall to steady her. He then trailed kisses at the base of her neck and earlobes. His hand at her back started to unzip her dress. He admired at the beauty that was standing before him as he let the dress fall on the floor.

Richard carried Maya to the masters’ bedroom while their kissing continued.

“I missed you Babe. I’m sorry for all the wasted years.” Richard spoke.

“Shhh, okay na tayo. I missed you too.” She responded as she slowly run her fingers back and forth on his back.

They fell asleep nearly morning after making love the whole night. They woke up a few hours later and made love again. It was already mid-afternoon when they finally left their bed, both were hungry for food as they missed breakfast and lunch.

“Ricky, order na lang tayo ng pizza. Gutom na ako.” She nudged him out of the bed to pick up the phone.

“Talagang gutom ka ha?” He asked; his eyes twinkling mischievously.

“Mr. Lim, if you want more action, we need to have energy. As it is, our batteries are running low. Sige na… order na tayo.” She responded. Richard then left the bed to call for pizza delivery.


Few minutes later, their door bell rang.

Richard, wrapped his lower body with a towel, left the bedroom to receive the delivery.

He got a big surprised when he opened the door, it was his mother waiting for him.

“Ma? Anong ginagawa n’yo dito?” He asked as he saw them.

“Ano pa eh di bumibisita. May pupuntahan kaming amiga ni Tessie tomorrow so dito kami ngayong gabi makikitulog sa inyo? Susunod na sya dito may binili lang sa convenience store sa baba. O, hindi mo ba ako papasukin?” Mama Esme asked and had a questioning look as she looked at her undressed son.

Richard stepped out of the way to allow his mother to enter their place. It was then the pizza delivery guy arrived. He quickly paid for the pizza and while still holding the box, went to their bedroom to inform Maya that their mothers are back.

“Babe… nandito sina Mama.” He said as he opened the door.

“Ha?” She was momentarily surprised but quickly got out of the bed. “Wait, I’ll do a quick shower.”

Richard was about to go to the kitchen when he met his mother looking at him intently.

“Ricky, tell me the truth. Nagkakasundo ba kayo ni Maya?” She asked.

“Of course Ma. Why are asking?” He responded to his mother with a question.

“Eh bakit ganito ang bahay n’yo? Parang ang gulo, ang mga sapatos, medyas, mga damit n’yo kalat-kalat. Nasaan si Maya?” His mother pointed at the clothes lying around the floor. He then remembered the previous night when he and Maya started making out as soon as they entered their home.

He gave the pizza box to his mother and hurriedly picked-up their clothes. “Ah, eh… Ma ‘wag na kayong masyadong magtanong. I’m telling you, we are getting along very well.” He left his mother so he could drop their clothes in their utility room.

When he came back, his mother was already sitting in the sofa facing the TV.

“Hmm, Ma dito muna kayo ha. Bihis muna ako. Lalabas na si Maya soon, naliligo lang.”

Mama Esme upon hearing what her son said smiled secretly as the answer to her question dawned on her. In her thoughts, “the clothes scattered around the house, pizza which means no one cooked, Ricky just in towel and Maya still in the room. So, these two must have been busy and is really be getting along. Hayy naku Tessie, sana naabutan mo rin ang naabutan ko ngayon.” She got excited with the thought that they may have a grandchild soon.


Later that night, as Richard and Maya lay together under the comforter after their love making. Maya spoke to him.

“Babe, ‘yung rules natin, dapat na talagang i-revise.” She was smiling.

He let out a chuckle hearing what she said. “Babe, i-delete mo na yang rules mo. They were never meant to be followed anyway. I was just testing you about having them, pumayag ka naman. I had no intention of sticking to them.” He kissed her forehead.

She pinched his side which tickled him. “Ikaw talaga, pinasulat mo pa sa akin… Pero teka kung talagang wala kang intensyong sundin yon, eh, why did it take you so long to break rule number 1b?” She propped up herself on his chest as she asked him.

“What’s rule number 1b?” He asked her. He never memorized the any of the rules except for the no personal question and revision clause where were both his provisions.

“Eh, di yung no sex.” She was gazing into his eyes and saw the love he has for her.

“Babe, I haven’t broken that rule.” He responded as her eyes widened in confusion. He continued. “I didn’t have sex with you. I made love to you, there is a difference. Since yesterday, I’ve been making love to you and I intend to do that for the rest of our life.” After saying those words, he began kissing her again. They both knew how the kiss would end.


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