Feels Like Home – part 4

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to jenny. This is a continuation of  Feels like Home – part 3.

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Author: jenny
Nikki: Yey! We’re finally here! I am so ready to greet the sun.
Luke: Nikki, in 7 hours pa sisikat ang araw. Relax lang okay.
SC: Guys, let’s wait for Maya here muna, okay. Sabay na tayo sa hotel.
Nikki: (Trying to pry) Ah, Dad, same hotel po ba tayo ni Ate Maya?
SC: Yes. I reserved three rooms in Seda. One para sa amin ni Luke, one for you and Abby, then another for Maya.
Nikki: But, why Dad? ‘Di ba may accommodation naman sila Ate Maya? (Richard didn’t expect that reaction from her older daughter)
Luke: Nikki, huwag mong sasabihin niyan sa harap ni Ate Maya ha! That’s rude. Tayo kaya nag-ask kay Ate Maya na sumama.
Abby: Oo nga ate. And I miss yaya na rin. Gusto ko siya katabi pag tulog.
(Nikki felt a bit guilty with her words. Maybe she was just thinking about what she saw too much. Maybe, her dad was just thanking her for accompanying them. G-R-R-R! I really shouldn’t ruin our get-away. Wheew! Refresh refresh!)
Nikki: Okay, okay. I’m sorry. I was just… ummm… curious. (Palusot niya)
SC: That’s okay Nikz.
(Maya joined the family after their debriefing. Though she felt an awkward aura around them when she came, she ignored it and approached them with all smiles.)
Maya: O, ano, ready na ba kayo? (turning to Abby) Naku, baby, exciting to! Maraming magagandang lugar dito sa Davao. Andami pang prutas. Tsaka marami din dito yung paborito mong saging baby.
Abby: I’m excited, too, Ate Maya! But, you’re staying with us, right?
Maya: Oo, naman baby. Hindi ko palalampasin itong time na ‘to para makatabi ang baby ko.
Abby: See, Ate Nikki. Ate Maya’s staying with us.
Maya: Ha? Bakit baby?
Nikki: Ah, it’s nothing Ate Maya. (She said, reluctantly affixing her smile)
SC: (Trying to change the subject) Let’s go? The hotel service is waiting for us.
Maya: Ah, cge Sir Chief. Tara Baby?
Abby: Let’s go Ate Maya!
Luke: Wow! Dad, this is a nice hotel.
Nikki: Yes, dad! The best part is, it’s right next to a shopping mall. What’s is called Dad?
SC: I don’t know, eh. I haven’t been there before. I usually just go to Marco Polo. Do you know what it’s called, Maya?
Maya: Ah, Sir Chief, ‘yan po ‘yung Abreeza Mall. Mga Ayala rin po may-ari n’yan.
Abby: Wow Ate Maya! You really are the best tour guide.
Nikki: Syempre Baby! Ate Maya kaya is the best flight attendant in town! Diba, Ate Maya?
Maya: Hindi naman. (She answers slightly relieved from the tension she was feeling earlier in the airport)
SC: I’ll just get our keys from the concierge.
Luke: Samahan na kita Dad.
(Naiwang naghihintay sa lobby ang tatlong babae)
Nikki: Ate Maya, do you have a boyfriend na? (Her curiosity has really gotten to her)
Maya: Hmm… Ha, eh… (Paano ‘to, magsisinungaling ba ako? Sir Chief, tulungan mo ako)
Abby: Ate Maya can’t have a boyfriend yet. He has to get my permission. Right Ate Maya?
Maya: (She could only smile in the midst of her confusion)
Nikki: Kaya nga dapat hanapan na rin natin si Ate Maya ng Best Boyfriend in town, baby.
Maya: Ay, Nikki. ‘Di na kailangan yun.
Nikki: Nonsense Ate Maya. We need to find you a single, gwapo, successful, mabait, mapagmahal, young boyfriend.
Maya: Ahahaha! Ok lang yun Nikki. Hindi na talaga kailangan. (Kasi meron na ako. Check lahat ng criteria sa list mo except sa young.  Ang hirap naman nitong nagtatago.)
Nikki: Ah, basta. Maybe we’ll find you someone here in Davao. Oooh! How exciting! (She said clapping her hand in excitement)
(Ganito ang naabutang tagpo ni Richard after collecting their room keys)
SC: What’s this? Excited for Davao?
Nikki: Much more than that Dad? (Tinataas-taas pa ang kilay)
SC: Really? And what more is there?
Abby: Dad, Ate Nikki’s planning to find a boyfriend for Ate Maya here in Davao. Eiiii, Ate Maya’s gonna get a boyfriend.
Maya: (Napapansin ang unti-unting pangangasim ng mukha ni Richard) Ay, Sir Chief. ‘Yan na ba yung mga susi ng mga kwarto? Aakyat na ba tayo?
SC: Yes. This is your room’s key. Nikki, this is yours and Abby’s room’s key. (Honestly, he doesn’t know how to feel about his children’s suggestion. More importantly, their words might just encourage Maya. What if she did find a guy more suitable for her in Davao? He seriously doesn’t want to begin regretting this trip)
Nikki: Dad, separate kami ng room ni Ate Maya?
SC: Yes, Nikz. I figured, she’d need her privacy. (Actually, he was thinking he could spend some alone time with her while they actually have time together)
Nikki: (She just wants to make sure she’s not right in her assumptions) But, we can still come in your room whenever we want to, right Ate Maya?
Maya: Oo, naman Nikki. Katok lang kayo. Actually, Sir Chief, bakit hindi nalang po kami magkasama sa isang kwarto? Mas makakatipid pa tayo.
(He’s now eyeing her as if trying to communicate what his reason for getting a separate room. She doesn’t seem to get it though. He decides to make an excuse)
SC: That’s because there is only one bed in each room.
Maya: Okay lang yun Sir Chief. Kasya naman kaming tatlo sa isang bed eh.
SC: I asked the concierge. Apparently, it’s only  big enough for two people.
Maya: Ah, okay. (She gives in) Sorry baby ha, hindi tayo magkakasama sa pagtulog.
Abby: Okay lang ‘yun Ate Maya. We can hang out pa rin naman before bedtime.
Maya: Oo naman baby. Kayong dalawa ni Ate Nikki mo.
Nikki: Yes! Okay, now that that’s settled, let’s go! I’m so excited to see our rooms na! (She now feels like there’s nothing being hidden from them. Besides, she really likes Maya and she really wants to enjoy this trip. She decides to drop her seemingly absurd suspicions.)
Luke: Tara, Dad?
SC: Okay, we’re on the 9th floor. Let’s all rest up. We’ll see each other in the morning.
(Their rooms where right next to each other. Richard’s and Luke room was on the left side of Nikki’s and Abby’s room, which was in the middle, and Maya’s was on the right. Three deluxe rooms, each with a king size bed, 40 inch LED HDTV, media panel with HDMI, USB and A/V connectivity, iPod docks, and FM stereo. There were other amenities such as an executive desk, mini-bar, coffee and tea making machines and an in-room safe which can accommodate 13 inch screen laptops.)
(When Maya saw the room, she texted Richard right away)
Maya: Ser Chief, ako lang mag-isa dito? Anlaki nito. At tsaka ang laki ng bed, kasya kaya kaming tatlo nina Abby dito.
SC: Maya, trust me. You won’t be alone.
Maya: Bakit Ser Chief? May darating ba?
SC: Yup. I will be when everyone’s asleep.
Maya: Ser Chief… Parang hindi naman ata tama yang gagawin mo.
SC: Relax Maya. I promise not to do anything obscene. I just really missed you and want to spend some alone time with you. At least since I have the time to actually see you. We haven’t spent quality time recently.
Maya: Hindi pwede Sir Chief. Andito ang mga bata. Ayokong mahuli tayo ng ‘di oras. Sigurado din akong maglalambing si Abby kaya malabong mangyari ‘yang iniisip mo.
SC: Maya, can’t you sense it. Ako din naglalambing. Hindi mo ba ako pwedeng pagbigyan?
(Hinintay ni Sir Chief na magreply si Maya, pero wala na siyang natanggap. Pumunta siya sa balkonahe at tinawagan niya ito. Walang sumasagot. Naka-limang tawag na siya at wala pa rin. He decided to go knock on her door, worried that something might have happened to her)
Knock… knock… knock…
(Nobody answered. He tried to open the door, found that it was unlocked. He went in just to make sure she didn’t slip on the bathroom floor or bump her head somewhere. He closed the door behind him. When he went in, he first went to the bathroom and called out her name. He was surprised to find her sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed with her hands covering her face. He saw her phone right next to her.)
SC: Maya! You scared me. Why didn’t you answer your phone? I was worried.
Maya: No answer
SC: Maya…
Maya: Sob sob sob…
SC: Maya, what’s wrong? Is it because of what I said? I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to pressure. (He kissed her hair and saw blood on the toes) Maya? What’s this? What happened? Bakit may dugo ang kamay mo?
Maya: (Still sobbing) Sir Chief. Sir Chief!!! She started crying hysterically.
SC: Maya, stop crying, please. Tell me what’s wrong.
Maya: Sir Chief, nasub…sob… yung… paa… ko… sa… gilid… ng… higaan.
SC: What?
Maya: (Wiping her tears) Eh kasi naman. Nagtetext ako sayo. Di ko nakikita ang dinadaanan ko. Ang laki-laki naman kasi nitong king size bed na ‘to. Nabangga tuloy yung huling daliri ko sa paa. Naputol… Waaaaa-haaaaa (She continued to sob) Ang sakit…
SC: (Napaupo in his relief) Ano ka ba? Akala ko kung ano nang nangyari sa’yo. Can you please not make me worry like that? And watch where you’re going. Don’t hurt yourself like that. (He stands up and starts clearing the pathways. Making sure that anything that may cause her to hurt herself again is out of the walkway.)  When you answer your phone make sure nothing’s in your way. Or sit somewhere. The trip hasn’t even started yet and you’ve managed to injure yourself.
Maya: Sir Chief?
Maya: Galit ka?
SC: Sino bang hindi magagalit? You’re not being cautious and you’re making other people worry for you.
Maya: Bakit ka galit? Wala naman akong ginawa sa ‘yo ah. Bakit, sinabi ko bang pumasok ka dito’t tingnan kung anong nangyari sa akin? Hindi naman, ah? Pwede ka namang hindi magworry sa akin. Kaya kong alagaan ang sarili ko.
SC: Really now? Is that how you explain your wound?
Maya: Sir Chief, hindi ko naman pinipilit ang ‘other people’ to worry about me eh. Okay na ako. Pwede ka nang lumabas ng kwarto.
SC: No, Maya. You don’t understand. How can I not worry about you? I worry about you all the time. It’s my job to worry about you.
Maya: Your job? At sino namang naghire sa’yo para gawin ‘yan?
SC: (Mapapalunok) Isn’t that what boyfriends do, worry about their girlfriends?
Maya: (Girlfriend? Waaaaaaaaa! Bakit ba ambilis mo akong paamuhin. Ang sama mo talaga Sir Chief. Huwag mo ngang magamit gamit ‘yang lambing mo sa akin) Kung ganun nga, bakit bulyaw ang inabot ko sa’yo. ‘Diba dapat sweet ang boyfriend sa girlfriend nya kapag nagwoworry siya dito?
SC: (Comes forward, closer to where Maya is) Sorry na. I was just really concerned. Hmmm… Gaano ba kasweet ang gusto mo? (Slowly reaches for Maya to hold her in his arms)
Maya: (Doesn’t stop Richard from wrappinghimself around her) Ito lang ba ang kaya mong sweet Sir Chief? Hay naku. Edi sasama nalang ako kay Nikki na maghanap ng guys dito sa Davao. Sabi nila sweet daw ang mga Davawenyo. (She begins to break away from him)
SC: Now that you can’t do. (He tightens his hold on her which she truly enjoyed) You can’t entertain other men, not even the thought of them. You’re very mean, Ms. dela Rosa. I don’t get to see you for days, I take you with me on a trip with my kids, and all you’ve talked about to me the whole day is the size of the rooms and finding another guy. I am hurt. (He slightly loosens his grip and starts to motion his hand up and down her shoulders) You don’t even want to spend time with me while we’re vacation. I am seriously wounded right now.
Maya: Hmmm… Ganito pala maglambing Sir Chief ko.
SC: Hindi pa ‘to sagad, love.
Maya: Wow… term of endearment? Agad-agad? Bakit naman ‘yun, pwede namang…
SC: Because I love you. (He said, ever so simply.) I wanna call you Love simply because I love you and I wanna be reminded of it every day.
Maya: Sir Chief, hindi ka rin nauubusan ng sweet ano?
SC: Kaya nga eh. Bakit ka ba naghahanap ng tiga-rito kung andito naman ako?
Maya: Naku naku naku… Kahit kalian, matampuhin talaga ‘tong  Sir Chief ko. Hindi naman po ako maghahanap ng iba eh. Promise! Kahit ano pang gawin mong taboy sa akin, hinding hindi ka makakawala sa akin.
SC: Wow… what makes you so sure?
Maya: Kasi Mahal mo ako. (She gives him a peck on the cheek)
SC: Wow… and?
Maya: And, alam kong alam mo na Mahal din Kita. (Now he gives a kiss on the cheek)
SC: Very good! How’s your foot? You feeling better na?
Maya: Oo, Sir Chief ko. (She answers him, with her arms, now clinging on to his nape) Sir Chief, nagtatampo ka ba sa‘kin?
SC: No?!
Maya: Talaga? So okay lang sa’yo ‘yung sabi ko kanina na huwag muna nating i-risk na malaman ng ‘di oras ng mga bata ang tungkol sa atin.
SC: I guess…
Maya: Alam mo namang gusto ko ring makasama ka ‘diba? Kaya lang bakasyon ‘to ng mga bata. Huwag muna tayong gumawa ng dahilan para hindi maging masaya ang outing na ‘to, okay?
SC: Why do you think more of my children than you do about me?
Maya: Uy! Hindi totoo ‘yan Sir Chief ha. Iniisip kaya kita. Baka magalit sa’yo ang mga bata. Lalo na sa akin.
SC: I don’t think they’ll get mad at you. They love you. You’ve always been there for them. I think most of the time, they rely on you more than they do on me.
Maya: Sir Chief, kung papipiliin sa ating dalawa, hamak naman na wala akong laban sa’yo, ano? At tsaka ikumpara mo ba naman ‘yung nagrerely sila sa akin at ang pagkakaroon natin ng relasyon? Magka-ibang bagay ‘yun.
SC: We’re on the same trip but why do I feel like we’re far away from each other?
Maya: Nandito lang ako Sir Chief, alam mo yan. Maghintay lang tayo ng tamang panahon, okay?
SC: Whenever you’re ready, love.
Maya: Pero, bibigyan kita ng baon para medyo may energy ka naman.
SC: Baon? Really?
Maya: Oo, nasa oven, ininit ko muna. Kukunin ko, sandali. Pikit ka muna.
SC: Okay. Ano ba ‘yan? Kape?
Maya: Wait lang.
SC: Bilisan mo, kelangan ko nang balikan si Luke sa kwarto. Hinahanap na ako nun.
Maya: Eto na po. Isang mainit na mainit na… halik.
(She kissed him. He was surprised. He kissed her back. It was soft, and innocent yet unmistakably hot at the same time. She really knows how to prepare a good baon. He smiles at this gesture. This’ll keep him energized for some time.)
SC: I love you, love.
Maya: (remembering what he told her the night before, she answers) Okay.
SC: Okay?
Maya: It’s too fast for me. Hahaha!
SC: Ha-ha Maya! You better answer me with the right words.
Maya: Opo, opo. (She cupped his face and pull him so that his face is right in front of hers.) I *muah* Love *muah* You *muah*. I love you, too, love.
(They stared at each other for a little while, trying to savor the moment they could be alone. They were going to stay like that for a little longer when someone knocked on the door)
Abby/Nikki: Ate Maya! Are you sleeping na?
Maya: Ay, hindi pa. (She lets him go to answer the knock) Pasok kayo!
Nikki: Dad? What are you doing here?
SC: Maya was injured. She bumped her foot against the edge of the bed. Now, it’s bleeding.
Abby: You have a sugat Ate Maya?
Maya: Oo baby eh. Huwag mong hawakan, ha? Nagdudugo pa kasi.
Nikki: Ay, Ate Maya. Let’s go to the toilet and wash it off first.
Maya: Okay.
(When they came back from the toilet)
Nikki: What were you doing ba Ate Maya? Paano ka nabangga?
Maya: Ah, makulit kasi yung katext ko eh. Hindi ko tuloy nakita ‘yung dinadaan ko. (Smiling at her own words for the recipient is in the same room )
Nikki: Eh, how did Dad end up in here?
SC: I heard someone wailing like a whale while I was on my way down to the lobby.
Maya: Whale Sir Chief? Grabe ka naman.
SC: Really, Nikz. It was like Moby Dick came to haunt the hotel. Very creepy.
Nikki: You’re so mean Dad. I’m sure Ate Maya didn’t sound like that. Don’t be mean to her. (Her suspicion is now getting vaguer and vaguer. She actually starting to think that her Dad’s like Nicolo. Mahilig lang mang-asar.)
Abby: Yes, daddy. I think Ate Maya would have sounded like a very beautiful princess like a damsel in distress waiting for her Prince Charming.
SC: You think so baby? Okay, I’ll try to believe you. He-he.
Maya: (Squinting towards Richard. Humanda ka sa’kin mamaya.) Nikki, baby, sige na. Ok na ako. Magpahinga na kayo. Maaga pa tayo bukas. Marami tayong pupuntahan.
Nikki: OK! WE have to wake up early tomorrow din baby. We’ll knock on your room tomorrow Ate Maya ha? We have to dress up and fix our hairs.
Maya: Ha? Bakit?
Abby: Ate Maya, remember? We’re going to find your prince charming here.
Nikki: Mmm. No buts Ate Maya! Good night! (She hurries everyone out of the room as to not hear her objections)
Abby: Good night Ate Maya.
SC: (He makes sure his girls aren’t looking then sticks his face in before completely closing the door to leave her.) Good night love, *muah* (He sends her a flying kiss)
Maya: Good night! *shoo* *shoo* (She gestures towards him)
(Everyone’s excited to start the day. Richard has arranged for the group to be in an ADVENTURE PACKAGE inclusive of Rafting in the WILD RAPIDS, HORSE BACK RIDING, ZIPLINE that overlooks a vast forest, BUTTERFLY FARM etc.)
SC: Ready guys? It’s going to be a long day!
Abby: I’m so excited Daddy! I want to see the horses na. Ate Nikki said there’s a butterfly farm next to it.
Luke: Oo, baby. Niresearch namin ni Ate Nikki mo yun. May Crocodile Farm din dun baby. Halos iisang lugar lang sila lahat.
SC: Don’t worry baby. We’ll go to all of them. Where’s ate Nikki?
Abby: She’s in Ate Maya’s room Daddy. She said she’s going to be a fairy godmother today to Ate Maya.
SC: What?
Luke: Ay, Dad. Tinanong mo pa. Determinado si Nikki na hanapan ng boyfriend si Ate Maya.
SC: Why is Nikki insisting on doing that? I really don’t there’s a need to.
Luke: Bakit naman Dad? Dapat nga magkaboyfriend na si Ate Maya. NBSB kaya siya tapos 26 years old na siya. Dapat ma-experience na niya ang mga bagay nay un.
SC: With someone we barely know? And worse, from a far place like Davao? Bakit, if they get together ba, susundan siya nung guy sa Manila?
Luke: Malay natin Dad, diba? Baka, baka may ma-inlove ng husto kay Ate Maya dito. Ang ganda kaya ni Ate Maya, mabait pa, maasikaso, magalang, mapagmahal. Sigurado akong kahit sa Manila maraming nagkakandarapa sa kanya.
SC: Yun na nga, ang dami ko ngang karibal eh… (He says in a whisper)
Luke: What’s that Dad?
SC: I said, andami nga nila eh. How are we gonna protect Maya sa mga manloloko kung kani-kanino nalang natin siya i-seset-up?
Abby: That’s where we all come in Daddy. Ate Nikki said that we’re going to be the judge kung sino ang pwede i-date ni Ate Maya while we’re here. So we know if she’s safe to go with him.
SC: Ahhh, so kailangan niya munang pumasa?
Abby: Of, course Daddy. He has to pass our approval, specially yours dad.

SC: (in his head) Tingnan natin kung may makalapit pa sa kanya. I’m sorry Nikz, but your plan is not going to work.


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