A Princess for a Night – part 1


Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to faerieMagic.

A/N:I did try to make it in tagalog so as not to lose some essential themes, but I couldn’t.

Disclaimer: I do not own anything in Be Careful with my Heart. If I did, Sir Chief would have been mine.xD



 Author: faerieMagic




The following events happened when Maya was still working for the Lim Family as Abby’s Nannie, as well as being an intern in Time Airways.

One morning, Miss Ina, of Time Airways greeted her interns with a piece of news, “Good morning Interns, I have good news for you! Lim Aviation Company is going to launch a new hangar branch, and our Company is invited to the upcoming party for the opening.

Everyone was excited, but Miss Ina was not finished. “Sadly, only three interns will be able to go. Maya, you’ll have to go, of course, considering your present situation. I’m sure you’ll represent the company very well.”

“Thank you po, Ma’am!” exclaimed Maya, quite rapturous as usual, her smile reaching her ears and her shout reaching the next building if it was allowed.

“Ma’am, why is Maya first to be included. Our performance had also been well, right? And I’m sure we’ll also make a good impression (here, she shot Maya a lordly frown in secret) if not a better one,” said Jessica, another intern.

“Oh, haven’t Maya told you yet? She’s working for Mr. Lim, the CEO of the company so It was decided that she should be one of the representatives at once,” answered Miss Ina.

“What?” said Jessica facing Maya after Miss Ina left to get something.“Since when? How did it happen when you are currently here as an intern? Besides, how close are you to the CEO. If I know, you may have never seen his face when you were working there.”

Emman, Maya’s friend started laughing silently, unable to contain himself. “Real Close.As in, they live in the same house.”

“Emman!” said Maya. “It’s really nothing. Mr. Lim is paying for my college here in Manila and I —–“, she would have explained everything but Miss Ina arrived and they were force to end the conversation.



Maya hitched a ride with Sir Chief causing them to arrive at the venue at the same time. Dresses had a worldly effect on people. As long as one was wearing an elegant one, everyone would think that that person is one of the accomplished, and refined. Maya was that kind of person even without those clothes on, Sir Chief knew that. But the people did not know that, so we let them free to assume as to the reason why Mr. Lim and ‘that woman’ arrived at the venue at the same time.

“Sir Chief, wait!” said Maya as they were going in the entrance. “You’re tie is a little bit loose. Here, let me fix this…” her heart was beating.


Why did she volunteer to do it? A quarter of a second’s hesitation, but Sir Chief did not seem to object, so she fixed the tie and straightened his coat. Maybe the old Sir Chief would have raised his hand and say, “No. Thank you, It’s fine,” then proceed to fix himself. But both of them were silent.

“The last time I checked, Maya is the nanny of Mr. Lim’s children, not of Mr. Lim himself.” smiled Mr. James Ventura as he arrived behind them.

Wrong move. Perhaps the act was too much for what was allowed in both their positions. Perhaps Maya should not have offered and Sir Chief should not have accepted. Did their own discretions fail them or was it a normal thing to do?

“Maya look, my tie is loose too. I could go to the bathroom,” Mr. James shrugged. “But could you fix it here to save some time?”

S..Sigepo, ” Maya timidly went to him to fix his neck tie, after sighing in relief after the tension.



The party started with a formal speech of thanks from the host with a couple of demos. After that, Sir Chief went on his rounds to greet all the guests when he noticed a slim figure leaning on to the veranda. It was Maya. That moment, he beheld her face. It was innocent, even a bit naive in spite of her womanly age. That would be expected from a country girl who still does not know her way about the city. Her vulnerability and naivety could be her undoing. The city is not as kind as she thinks, with all its turmoil and power-play. That was why he needed protection.

But her eyes were playful and her face always had a ready smile which lightens everyone. Her dress was a simple purple that flowed down to her knees, and her single most ornament hung about her ears. She was looking outside, oblivious to his thoughts and stares.

He beheld her, for the first time, not as an employee, not quite as an innocent girl he saw at home, but as a real woman ready to love and be loved and choose a worthy man. And who was the worthy man?

All these, he thought in a flash as he unconsciously stepped towards Maya, yet it was slow, like the music that was drowning in the air.

Suddenly, she noticed him advancing. “Sir Chief,” she said absentmindedly.


To be continued…




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