Crazy In Love – Finale

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy In Love – part 27.

A/N: Dear All, Thank you for all the appreciation and comments that you gave to this crazy fanfic. This is the last chapter of this story. I hope you enjoy it.

Author: Hanah6181



Richard and Maya were on their way home when Maya noticed something wrong with the direction they were taking.

“Ricky, BGC tayo, eh bakit pa Ortigas ang punta mo.” Maya asked Richard who was driving the car.

“Ah, I forgot to mention to you Babe. We need to drop by the Antipolo site. Tumawag si Jake at may pinapatingnan sa akin. Wala si Ryan so I have no else to delegate it to. I hope you don’t mind the detour.” Richard explained as he kept his eyes on the road.

“Okay. Ganoon naman pala. Since gagabihin na tayo pag balik, we might as well have dinner outside. Pwede, Babe? Maya suggested.

“Alright.” Richard responded. In his mind, he hoped his plan will work out well that night. He had mobilized some of his people to help prepare a surprise for Maya.

It was dusk time when they arrived at the site. Although Richard said that his project engineer was on the site, Maya was wondering why it seemed that the place was empty when they entered the main gate of the subdivision. She had expected that their workers were still on site.

Richard just glanced at her as he drove around the streets of the place going uphill until they reached a house that was newly constructed.

“Babe, baba na. Ito yung titingnan natin.” Richard told her as he opened her door. Walking inside the property, Maya observed in awe at the big house. Richard turned on the lights so they could appreciate the whole property. It is a 2 story modern property almost like a glass house.

“Uyy, ang ganda naman nitong bahay na ‘to. Is this your design Babe?” Maya asked as they entered the place. It’s still a bare structure but she could imagine how the place would look like once the interior design is completed.

“Yes. This is the best property inside this subdivision. Come, there’s verandah on the other side.”

When they were at the verandah, Maya marveled at the scenery she saw. It was overlooking Metro Manila and so she could see the bright lights of the city. “Ay ang ganda talaga.” She smiled at him.

“So, you like this place?” He asked ; smiling at her.

“Yes, ang ganda. So, has this been marketed by the team?”

“Nope. It’s not for sale. This is going to be yours.” Richard declared to a very surprised Maya.

“Ha? Mine?” She repeated what he said.

“This is going to be your home once the interior is completed. It will be up to you how you’d want it completed Babe. Yung days and night na wala ako sa office or sa bahay, I was supervising the construction here. This is going to be our new home.” He hugged her and lightly kissed her.

Almost teary eyed with the present. “Ricky, Thank you. I love it. I didn’t expect this but I’m so excited.” She hugged him back. A few seconds later, they were in a loving kiss.

Then, Richard spoke again. “Do you remember when I asked you to marry me Maya?”

“Hmm, yes. We were inside the church in Baguio.” Maya still have vivid memories of that day when he asked her to marry him. She knew it was a spur of the moment decision for the two of them but they were so in love that nothing could have stopped them then.

“Other than being away from you for a decade, one thing I regretted was I wasn’t even able to propose to you properly. We weren’t able to have a proper wedding like what we had originally planned.” Richard spoke with such tenderness that Maya’s heart went out to him.

“Ricky, it doesn’t matter anymore. We’re back together.” She smiled at him while her arms where around his neck.

“I intend to rectify that Maya.” He looked at her intently and then suddenly he knelt in front of her.

“Mrs. Maya Lim, would you please marry in church? Would you be willing to seal our love for eternity in front of God and our family?” He was holding a diamond ring in front of her.

Seeing Richard kneeling in front of her with all the sincerity in his eyes made Maya’s heart leaped with joy. She was filled with love for him that her tears started to flow. With a lump in her throat that made voice quiver, she responded with a nod, “Yes! Yes, Ricky.”

Richard stood up and put on the engagement ring to her. Afterwhich, he kissed her hand and then her lips.

The moment they kissed, fireworks lit up the sky to the amazement of Maya.

“Wow, complete with fireworks. I’m impressed Mr. Lim” She commented as they looked upwards and appreciated the dancing lights.

“For you Maya, I’d do everything.” He kissed her once more. “By the way,pwede mong pasalamatan si Ben sa baba. S’ya ang nagprepare ng fireworks for you. Si Liza naman ang nag arrange ng dinner natin.”

When they went downstairs to check the dining area, the place has been carefully set up for them. There was food and wine on the table complete with flowers and accompanying string quartet.


A month after the proposal for the church wedding, Richard and Maya were back in San Nicolas to plan the event with their parents. As expected, Mama Esme and Mama Tessie were very excited when they learned that they would be getting married in church. They all agreed that the wedding will be in San Nicolas so that they could invite all their friends and relatives. A small intimate wedding that Richard and Maya envisioned was turning out to be a big event by the looks of the long list of guests their parents wanted to invite. The wedding was supposed to take place within two months.

For the LHI and Andrada employees, Richard and Maya agreed that they will hold a dinner for them once they return from San Nicolas after their church wedding. Except for few people like Ryan, Liza, Emman & Ben, they expect people will be surprised by their announcement.

In San Nicolas, the couple stayed at Richard’s house. Since they got back together, it was the first time that Maya would be sleeping with him in his room. While Richard was in the bathroom taking a shower, she looked around the room and noticed a lot photo albums. As she opened an album, she saw a lot of family pictures and several photos of her with Kute. What surprised her most was when her solo picture fell out of the album. It had heart markings around it.

When Richard came out of the bathroom, she was holding the photo and showing it to him.

“Hmm, so may solo photo mo ako? When was this? At may puso-puso pa, ha?” She eyed him suspiciously.

“Ahh, that was taken during a Christmas break. You were 16 then and you didn’t notice when I took your photo.” He explained.

“Okay… so why are there hearts around it?” She probed, waiting for him to admit something.

“Well, I thought I had a crush on you for a while but there was a time na ang kulit mo kasi so medyo na turn-off ako.” He finally admitted to her.

“Ah ganoon, na turn-off ka pala. Kaya pala most of the time, you ignored me.” She tickled his side.

“Babe, that’s history okay. We’re married now so I hope you wouldn’t bring that up anymore.” He tickled her back until she run inside the bathroom.

It was her turn to take a shower. When she came out minutes later, she was wearing the black floral teddy that Emman gave her. Since she found confidence in wearing skimpy nightwear, she’s been reaping the effects of it on Richard.

“Wow! So, talagang pinaninindigan mo ang pag-susuot ng sexy everynight ha?” He had a naughty grin on his face.

“Hmm, are you complaining?” She asked as she took her side on the bed.
He turned sideways and pulled her towards him “No complaints, Babe.” Then, he started kissing her passionately.


Over lunch the following day, Maya noticed something was different with Richard.

“Ricky, okay ka lang? Parang ang putla mo.” She asked.

“Hmm, Not really. I don’t like the smell of kare-kare today.” He was pointing at the dish and the bagoong beside it.

“’Nak, ayaw mo ng kare-kare? That’s you favorite. Fresh ingredients naman ang ginamit d’yan kasi bagong palengke si Sabel kanina.” Mama Esme removed the dish in front of him and replaced it with adodo. “O, this one, try this.”

Richard just took a few bites but had to excuse himself as he was really not feeling well. “Excuse me, I’m really feeling queasy.” He immediately went to their bedroom. A few seconds later, Maya followed him.

“Babe, okay ka lang?” She asked as he helped him settle down on their bed.

“I’ll just take a rest. Mukhang may nakain ako kaninang breakfast or lunch that my stomach doesn’t like. I should be okay by this afternoon.” He responded.

“O sige, mag-nap ka muna. Papagawa na lang ako ng soup for you.”


Late afternoon, Maya woke up Richard to give him some soup. “Ricky, Babe, gising ka na. You want some soup… may sinigang na si Sabel.”

Richard sat up and tried the sinigang. He seemed to like the taste as he commented “Hmm, I love the taste of this. I think I’ll have early dinner. Now, I’m hungry.” He gave her a faint smile as he stood up.

“Okay, samahan na kita. Let’s go.” They went out of their room together.
They were at the dining room eating when Mama Esme saw them together.

“Oh, so okay ka na Ricky?” She sat on the chair beside him.

“Medyo, Ma. It must be just the food I ate earlier. But this sinigang, I love this.” He was eating with gusto that the two ladies watched him wondering what was so good about the food.

Mama Esme looked at her son and then at Maya before she asked them. “Eh maiba ako mga anak, dahil naplano n’yo na ang church wedding n’yo, how about naman ang magiging apo namin? Kailan ba ang dating ng apo namin?”

Richard and Maya just smiled upon hearing the question. They haven’t discussed about having children as they were just enjoying their time together.

“Ma, dadating tayo d’yan. ‘Wag kang mainip.” He assured his mother. Suddenly, he felt queasy again that he stood up and went to the kitchen’s sink.

Maya joined her husband and patted his back as it looked like as he was about to vomit.

“Richard, I think you need to go see a doctor, baka kung ano na ‘yan anak.” Mama Esme sounded very concerned. Then she pulled Maya aside; out of Richard’s earshot.

“Anak, matanong kita, buntis ka ba?” Mama Esme’s straightforward question surprised Maya.

“Po? Hindi po… Ah, I’m not sure Ma.” Maya trailed off on her answer. She hasn’t thought about being pregnant until the question a while ago. Then, she realized that she had two missed periods already. She didn’t think much about it because she has an irregular cycle.

“Alam mo ‘nak. I remember nuong buntis ako kay Richard, ganyan din ang nangyari sa Papa n’yo. S’ya ang naglihi for a while.” Mama Esme shared to her. “Naku, excited ako. So Hija, bukas na bukas punta kayo sa doctor.”.


“Congratulations, Richard and Maya. You are 8 weeks pregnant!” Dra. Isidro gave them a copy of the pregnancy test results. Maya had gone thru blood pregnancy test and she tested positive.

Richard’s face was indescribable as he got the news. He was smiling ear to ear as he embraced Maya.

Both of them had their full attention as they listened to Dra. Isidro’s reminders.

Later, they decided to drop by the San Nicolas church to offer prayers. After their prayer, Richard took Maya’s hand as he spoke to her.

“Thank you Maya. I’m so happy and excited. We’re going to have a baby.” He kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m happy too Ricky. After all these years, we are back together and now we will have an addition to our family. I can’t ask for anything more.” She was teary eyed.

Later at home, they shared the good news to their parents. The whole house broke out with sounds of excitement and celebration. It is one big happy moment for the Lim and dela Rosa families.

The end.


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  1. BRAVO MS. @hanah6181 ! you did very well on this piece! i was soo hooked in reading from the start until the end! it was truly a wonderful and a well-written masterpiece! 😀 thankee^^

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