Crazy In Love – part 27

Note: This is a continuation to Crazy In Love – part 26.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 27

Richard and Maya were inseparable the whole weekend. They were ecstatic just being together and knowing they still love each other in spite of the many years they were separated. While their mothers were staying with them, they were practically left on their own. The couple spent most of their time in their bedroom.

Mama Esme and Mama Tessie were glad to see the change in way the couple behaved with each other. On their 3rd day and last night at their house, Richard invited them for a dinner in a nearby restaurant.

“Ricky, what’s the celebration anak.” Mama Esme asked as they got seated in the Chinese restaurant.

“Wala Ma. Gusto ko lang mag-treat.” Richard was smiling as he responded. He was holding Maya’s hand and it didn’t escape Mama Esme’s attention.

“Hmm, kayong dalawa ha, parang ang sweet sweet n’yo na.” Mama Esme stated her observation while turning to Mama Tessie with a smile.

“Ay, oo nga mga anak.” Mama Tessie followed-up. “So, ibig sabihin ba nito yung plano n’yong annulment eh di na tuloy?” She was hopeful that their assumption that the two have really reconciled was correct.

It took a while before anyone of them responded. “Ahh, Ma… hindi ko kayo masasagot d’yan.” Richard answered in a serious tone after releasing Maya’s hand. Suddenly, he felt worried. Although they’ve confessed love for each other, he wasn’t sure about Maya’s other relationship. He realized he has not asked her about that.

“Ha? Bakit?” The two mothers asked at the same time.

“Si Maya po ang tanungin n’yo. Kasi kahit sabihin ko na ayaw ko, pag nagfile s’ya wala akong magagawa.” Richard responded without looking at Maya who was beside him.

Maya thought he was teasing her. So, she responded “Ayy si Ricky Ma, nagtuturo. Actually, s’ya ang may plano. Remember may Summer pa?” She looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Ricky! I thought wala na yang Summer na ‘yan?” Mama Esme was upset.

“Ma, wala na, matagal na. So, she’s out of the equation.” Richard assured his mother and mother-in-law. He didn’t see the surprised look in Maya’s face as he revealed the status of his relationship with Summer.
“Ah ganun naman pala. So, walang problema.” Mama Esme sighed in relief.


Later in the confines of their bedroom, Maya asked “Ricky, bakit bigla kang naging quiet over dinner?”

“Hindi naman, ah.” Was his response. He paused for a while then said. “Actually, I was surprised that you brought up Christina in the conversation.”

“Why not? Di ba ‘yun ang girlfriend mo?” She approached him and encircled her arms on his waist.

“Maya, you heard me earlier. She is an ex-girlfriend. I’ve broken up with her when I went back to the U.S.. It was even before we started living together.” He wrapped his arms around her and whispered in her ears,

“Love you, Babe. Nagselos ka sa kanya ‘no” He looked into her eyes.

“Hmm, yes until last week. Pero now, hindi na,” She was all smiles. She tiptoed to kiss him passionately. When their kissing stopped, it was his turn to ask her a question.

“Maya, I’ll only ask you this once. Do you still have a boyfriend or entertaining suitors?” It felt awkward just asking her about a boyfriend and or suitors.

“Ah si James? Wala na kami. We broke up few weeks ago.” Maya gazed at him. He wouldn’t look at her eyes directly so a thought came to her mind. “Ricky… don’t tell me ikaw naman ang nagseselos?”

“No, nagtatanong lang.” He denied what he was feeling. “I just don’t want complications later.” It was a reasonable alibi that Maya believed.

“By the way Babe, I think you should now resign from Andrada. You spend most of your time in LHI anyway. You can work with us full-time.” He suggested.

“Ha? Eh what about the partnership with them?” She was concerned with her employer.

“We will continue that. They can send another designer to work with LHI team. Whereas you, my dear wife, can be full-time with LHI. There are other projects that you can work on within our company.” He explained.

“O sige. If that’s what you wish.” She agreed and then teased him “Kaya lang, pag natuloy ang annulment natin, eh di wala na akong trabaho?”

“Ha,ha,ha. Pag natuloy ang annulment that is, if may annulment na mangyayari, you can always ask for half of the LHI company.” Richard stated while Maya had the quizzical look.

“Has it ever crossed your mind that whatever I own right now, half of it belongs to you? Haven’t you heard of conjugal property?” He was grinning.

She hasn’t been thinking about material things. “Ha? Oo nga ano. I’ve not realized that because I was more interested in you.” She tightened her hold on him.


The following day, Richard didn’t report to his office. He told Maya that he would be in Antipolo site and that he would just fetch her in the afternoon so they can go home together. When he arrived at the office, he was shocked to see Maya hugging another guy.

Few minutes earlier, James arrived at LHI office to visit Maya. Although Maya didn’t expect the visit, she received him like any ordinary guest of the company. She met him at the conference room.

“Hi Maya” He greeted her as she came into the room.

“Hi James, what brings you here?” She greeted him back and motioned him to sit on the visitor’s chair.

“Well, I wanted to see you before I leave. I got a new assignment so I’ll be leaving the country soon.”

“Ah ganoon ba. So, goodluck na lang sa’yo.” She smiled at him.

“Actually before I go, I wanted to check with you for the last time. Are you sure about Richard? I’m still here and if you are willing, I can take you with me.” It was the last attempt of James to win her back.

Maya appreciated his effort. She knew how it felt to have an unrequited love so she can only extend patience with what he was going through.

“James, na a-appreciate ko ang offer mo. But as I told you before, mahal ko si Richard. Everything is okay between us now. Masaya na kami.” She told him.

“Then, talagang end na.” He let out a deep sigh of resignation. “Although it really hurts, I’m glad that you are happy now. So, Maya, this is goodbye then.” He stood up and extended his arms to her.

“Yes, James. This is goodbye.” Maya went into his arms to give him a goodbye hug. It was purely a friendly hug.

Unfortunately, the hugging scene was what Richard saw when returned to the office. The green-eyed monster inside him awoke. If he wasn’t able to regulate his own emotion, he could have dashed inside the room to confront them. Instead, he continued oboserving the two as their hug ended but it didn’t escape his attention that the guy kissed her in the cheek. Unable to watch them any longer, Richard stormed into his room.


On the drive back home, Richard was quiet. Maya occasionally glanced at him wondering what was the cause of his silence. She was thinking that something might have happened at the Antipolo site.

“Ricky… kumusta ang visit mo sa Antipolo?” She started the conversation.

“Hmm, okay lang. They are on track.” He glanced at her but didn’t expound anymore. His facial expression was serious that Maya didn’t know how to continue their conversation. In the end, she chose to just keep quiet.

Even at dinner, he was quiet and only gave her short answers to her questions. After dinner, he went to work on his computer saying he needed to finish something. It was the first time that Maya felt his aloofness.
It was after two hours before Richard joined her in their bedroom. She waited for him so she could get him to a heart to heart talk. However when he entered their room, he just got his pajamas and went straight to the bathroom to take a shower. Moments later, he was out and ready to sleep.

As he took his side of the bed, Maya moved close to him and propped herself on his chest.

“Ricky… may problem ba? Pwede mong i-share?” She asked him.

Richard just looked at her and said “Wala. Just go to sleep. Bakit hindi ka pa nakapantulog?”

“Huh? Sleep, Matutulog na tayo? May nakakalimutan ka ba?” She pouted and looked at him coyly.

“Ahh, yes. Goodnight.” He gave her a kiss in the forehead before he turned his back on her.

She was disappointed by his move. Unfazed by his behavior, Maya set out a plan to get him out of his mood. She went to the bathroom for her nightly beauty routine. When she came out few minutes later, she secretly smiled as she saw him sitting upright reading a book. In her mind, “Let’s see if you really want to sleep.”

Maya was wearing the red lace and satin slip that Emman gave her. She took extra effort walking around their room to ensure that Richard would notice her. She glanced at him several times but it seemed that he was engrossed with his reading. In the end, she gave up and decided to just go out of their room to get a breathing space. She was getting upset being ignored.

She was in the kitchen drinking coffee when Richard opened the door.

“Babe, why are you here? Aren’t you going to sleep?” He asked.

“I’m not sleepy yet. Go ahead. I’ll finish my coffee first.” She responded to him; still disappointed by his lack of interest in her.

“Hmm, I think I’ll have coffee with you. Pwede pa gawa ako?” Richard requested.

She stood up and started preparing his coffee. While she was doing it, Richard was actually appreciating her shapely legs that were exposed due to her very short negligee. He’s been upset with what he saw earlier in the office but he couldn’t deny that she has that effect on him that must be addressed. She looked so lovely and enticing wearing so little clothing.

Richard stood up and embraced Maya from behind. He whispered in her ear “Hmm, sexy mo naman.” He started to caress her stomach and her waist. She felt the heat radiating from his body.

Maya turned to face him and pouted. “Sexy? Hindi ka nga namamansin kanina. Nakakatampo ka na.”

“Napansin kita. Why do you think I’m here? But do you really want to know what’s bothering me?” He asked looking into her eyes while caressing her back.

“Syempre. Dapat open tayo sa isa’t-isa. Isn’t that part of being husband and wife?” She responded.

Richard took a deep sigh and then said “Alright, just tell me who you were talking to this afternoon. Let’s start from there.”

Maya then realized that he knew about James’ visit in their office. She was going to tell him about James’ visit eventually but didn’t think it was that important to tell him about it right away.

“Ahh, si James. He was just saying goodbye. He’s being assigned in another country.” She explained. She skipped the details that she knew he wouldn’t like to hear.

“Really. But was it necessary to hug and kiss?” He asked, making it obvious that he didn’t like what he saw.

“Ricky… it was just a friendly goodbye hug and kiss. Ay, teka so nagseselos ka? Kaya ka ba tahimik kanina pa?” Her heart jump with the realization that he was actually jealous. She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Babe, you know very well that I’m a very jealous person.” He justified himself.

“Yes, I know. Akala ko kasi klaro na ikaw lang mahal ko. Ikaw naman, nagpapakumbinsi ka pa.” She pinched his cheeks and then kissed him passionately.

Moments later, still lock in embrace, Maya spoke first “Love you, there should be no doubt about it okay?”

“I love you more.” He whispered in her ear.


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