Have Faith 13 – Melancholy

This is a continuation of Have Faith 12 – Almost

Author : christine24m


It’s hard. But, I think we can make it.

Those are the words that have been stuck in his mind. A few days ago, he finally admitted his feelings for the woman he loves the most – a mortal, yet everyone, well, not exactly everyone knows that he’s a guardian angel. A wingless angel, but hearing that woman say I love you back was the only thing that made Richard soar again. Yes, he is without wings, but with Maya, he felt that he can reach unbelievable heights. With her, he can do everything.

He spent almost every second beside Maya, never leaving her neither letting her out of his sight as if trying to make up for the time he was gone, and also for the time he will be gone.

It was evening. Richard is beside a sleeping Maya, hearing her steady breaths. He smiled at the sight of her. A part of him is still trying hard to believe if this is all true though he knew all too well that it is true.

Sleep well, my love.

He sat up on the bed and closed his eyes. In a second, he was back to the place where it all started, but it was far different from before. The barrier is much bigger than before, surrounding him, blocking all the possible ways for him to have a peek on the other side.

“Richard.” A voice said. Even though it’s been ages since he was gone, he clearly knows the owner of that voice. “What brings you here?”

“I .. I’ve been away for too long. I thought I’d pay a visit.” He said.

“I see. How is Earth?”

He smiled. “It is fine, in fact it’s wonderful.”

“Your mortal is the reason behind the smile of yours, eh Richard?” the voice asked, noticing the goofy smile on Richard’s face.

“Yes. I think You know it all.” He said.

“Yes. I can see everything from up here, son.”

He sighed and then looked at the barrier surrounding him. Somehow, it made him feel suffocated. Like there’s no air for him to breathe, and it also made him feel alone. He knew the reason why the barrier was there at the first place. The fact that it had grown this much only means one thing.

“I’m due soon, am I?” he asked. Richard already knew the answer to this question but there’s still this glimmer of hope in him.

“Yes.” The word constricted his heart. He was right.

“What will happen to Maya?”

“She’ll be fine.”

“Will .. will she remember me? Will she remember what we have?”


It’s like a spear went through his heart. I don’t want to loose her. I don’t want to. I thought I will leave a part of me with her when I leave. I want her to remember everything. I want her to remember what we have, even if it’s just for a while. I don’t want to end up things like this.


“Wha-what will happen to me?”

“You’ll find out when it happens, son.”

“So I just have to ..”

“Yes. You just have to wait for your time.”

He sighed. “Okay. Thank you. I’ll go back now.” Then he closed his eyes.

He searched for that face immediately after he opened his eyes. There she is, sleeping peacefully beside him.

I don’t want you to forget everything, Maya. Even if I go, I want you to remember that there’s this Richard who truly loves you. I don’t care what I will do just for you to remember me. I’m willing to take whatever risk there is just for me to remain in your memory.

Maya shifted as she felt like someone has been staring at her for forever. Two chinky eyes welcomed her when she opened her eyes. A smile followed his gaze making Maya’s heart to flutter more. She gave a smile back.

He’s now yours, Maya.

Then she felt a pang in her heart.

Yes. He is yours, for the mean time.

“Oh? What’s wrong? Ayaw mo ata akong makita eh.” Richard asked when he noticed Maya’s sudden change of mood.

“Oy, wala akong sinasabi ha! Good morning Richard!”

He just smiled. “Oh? Bakit nakangiti ka lang dyan? Sabi ko good morning.”

“Pwede bang i-record ‘yang boses mo?”


“Para pag bumalik ako sa langit, ‘yan ang alarm ko.”

Maya smiled. “Ito oh, umagang umaga, bola na agad. Tara na, may pasok pa ko.”

Maya stood up and went to the bathroom. Richard just watched her as she moved. I’ll miss you, Maya.


“O Maya, bat parang ang blooming mo ngayon?” Liza asked her when they entered the elevator. Maya glanced at the handsome angel to her right who’s facing his front like he’s in deep thought.

“Ha? Anong blooming? Natural ‘to no!”

“Hindi kaya, Maya. Basta. May something eh. Ah alam ko na, kayo na ni Simon no?”

“Ay naku Liza. Hindi no!” she replied immediately. She knew Richard would get mad if this presses on.

“Hmm. Kung hindi si Simon ang dahilan, edi may other guy?”

Maya just blushed, then looked at her guardian angel. He’s at the same position but she can clearly see that he is smiling.

“Uyy! Confirmed! Sino ba ‘to, Maya?” Liza continued to ask. The elevator opened and they are now walking to their places.


“Anong basta? Milagro ‘to no. Ang dami kayang nanliligaw sa’yo. Finally may sinagot ka na! Dali na! Kahit first name lang!!”

Maya chuckled. “Sige na nga, Liza.” She looked around, making sure no one will hear his name and also to make sure that her angel will hear it. “Richard. Richard yung pangalan niya.” Then she smiled and blushed more.

“OMG Maya! Kinikilig ako! Grabe! Ramdam na ramdam kong mahal mo siya dahil lang dun sa pagkakasabi mo ng pangalan nya.”

Maya smiled and looked at Richard who’s smiling at her back. “Ehh mahal ko Liza eh.”

“And I love her, too.” Richard said, as if Liza can hear her.

“Golly Maya, can I meet him? I just want to meet the guy behind that smile of yours.”

“Uhm, saka na Liza. O sya, dun na ko sa office ko. Babay.”

Maya proceeded to her office with Richard walking beside her. She was used to seeing him fly and now he’s just walking along with her.


“Hmm?” he said with a grin on his face as he sat on the couch.

“Pwedeng magtanong?”

“Of course.” He said and the he patted the space beside him, inviting Maya to sit down which she did.

“Eh diba .. “


“Ano ..”




“Richard naman eh!!” she said with a smile.

“What? I’m not doing anything!” he replied, smiling back at her.

“Tigilan mo kasi ‘yan!”

“Ang alin ba?”

“Yan!” She’s supposed to be annoyed but she kept laughing.

“Ang alin?”

“Ang kulit eh! Ayan nga!”

“Ang alin –“

“Yang pagpapa-cute mo!!” she blurted out.

Richard laughed. “I’m sorry, I was born with it. You just have to deal with it. Ayaw mo non? Ganito boyfriend mo?”

Maya’s laugh died down. Then she smiled and looked at Richard. “Boyfriend?”

“Yeah. ‘Di ba? You even told Liza that you love me.”

Maya nodded. “Alam mo bang ikaw ang unang boyfriend ko?”

“What? Really?”

“O-oo no.”

Richard’s smile faded. “I’m sorry. Your first boyfriend must be special and more human. I’m sorry if I’m like this –“

“Huy ano ka ba? Nag-drama agad eh!” Maya looked straight into his eyes. “You should not be sorry. I’m glad that you’re my first. Saka walang sabi yung ibang mga lalaki dyan. Angel kaya boyrfriend ko!” she said proudly.

Richard grinned. “I love you so, Maya. O, ano nang itatanong mo?”

“Ah, ano. Na .. nasan yung pakpak mo?”

Richard paused before answering. “They’re gone.”

“Oo alam ko, pero bakit? Anong nangyari?”

“Remember your accident? I .. I gave my wings so that He can lend me my body. That’s why I was able to save you.” He turned to look at Maya. “Gee, Maya. This is why I don’t want you to know. Naiyak ka na naman.”

Maya wiped her tears. “Sorry. Ehh ikaw kasi eh! May pasakripisyo-sakripisyo ka pa dyan!”

“If I didn’t do it, edi sana, wala ka ngayon, diba? And I will not be able to hear you say that you love me back.”

“Salamat Richard. Promise ko talaga, babawi ako.”

“How can you? We can barely hold hands?”

“Basta.” Basta Richard. Maghintay ka lang. Kapag nakabalik ka na. Promise ko, babawi ako ng sobra sa’yo.

“Please don’t forget me.” He whispered.


“No matter what, Maya. I want you to promise me that you’ll remember all of this. All of what we have, what we had and what we will have. I want you to remember how much I love you.”

Maya felt nervous. “Richard, wag ganyan. Aalis ka na ba?”

“No. No. I’m not leaving. But I can say that it’ll be soon.” There. He said it. “Don’t cry. I promise to leave when you’re ready.” He said. The sight of Maya crying is completely tearing his heart apart.

I will never be ready. She nodded. “Please promise me, Maya.” He said.

“I promise, Richard. Hinding hindi kita kakalimutan.”

Richard smiled. Sana nga, Maya. I’ll do anything just for you to have this memory.

“O sya. Pupunta muna ako kay Sir Robert. DIto ka lang ha?”

Richard nodded. “I’ll be here. I love you.”

“I love you din, Ricky.”

Maya stood up and left while Richard just looked at her. Ricky? Why does it sound so familiar? And why did she call me that?

Richard stood up when he heard something that fell on the floor. It’s Maya’s phone, lit up. The background image stopped him from his tracks. It was a picture of a man, sleeping. He bent down to take a closer look.

It was him.



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