Have Faith 14 – Start of A Farewell ; Have Faith 15 – Out of Goodbyes

This is a continuation of Have Faith 13 – Melancholy

A/N : Sorry po, late update! Haha. Some already know this story because I already posted it on my blog but for those who are still waiting for this, here it is!

Author : christine24m


“Good morning po Sir!” Maya said when she entered Roberto’s office. Her eyes are still a little bit puffy from crying, but she doesn’t mind.

“Good morning hija. Nasayo na ba yung papers ni Mr. Almeda? I need to sign them.”

“Yes po Sir. Kaya po ako pumunta agad dito.” She put the folder on his table. Roberto reached for it and started signing.

“So, I see you’ve finally met Ricky?” Roberto asked, lifting his gaze from the papers. “Esmeralda told me you went there yesterday.”

“Ah, opo. Eh would you mind if I ask you kung ilan taon na po si Richard?”

“He’s 35, if I’m not mistaken.”

So yun pala ang age ni Richard. “He’s single though. I really don’t know why my son refuses to be married.” Roberto said.

Maya saw a glimmer of hope. Yes! So he’s not married! Pwede kayo, Maya! “Baka po may hinihintay siya, Sir.”she said as she tried to hide the smile on her face.

“Maybe.” Roberto said. Maybe he’s waiting for you.

“Bakit ganon Sir? Wala po sa itsura niya yung 35?”

“It’s in our blood, hija. You’ll figure it out if you will have kids with a Chinese.”

Maya’s eyes widen. “Ay Sir naku, saka na po yang married married na yan. Bata pa po ako tapos ang dami ko pa pong pangarap tapos ang dami pa pong trabaho dito sa office –”

“Maya. Relax!” Roberto cut her off as she talked so fast. “I was just stating a thought. Parang ang defensive mo naman.” He amusingly said. What’s in your mind Maya?

“Ahh. Uhm, hehe. Sabi ko nga po Sir. Sige po, babalik na po muna ako. Tawagin niyo na lang po ako kapag may kailangan kayo.” She hurriedly said and went outside his office when he called her again.


She nervously turned around. “Yes po Sir?”

Roberto smirked. “I told you before that the office you’re using now is temporary diba? Because your cubicle was still occupied –“

“Ah, sige po Sir. Kung may nangangailangan naman po nung office, willing ko naman pong iwan. Alam ko naman pong nakikigamit lang ako.”

The elder just smiled. “You know Stephanie, right?”

Maya nodded. How could she forget that name? Stephanie Marquez is LAS’s Accounting Department Head. It was her dream job. Even though the odds are low, she still chose LAS because of that position. It was her finish line for her career.

“Well” Roberto started. “Based from the reports you’ve made, may nawawalang P150,000 ang LAS.”


“Yes. There’s that product na ayon sa records, every time na bibilhin, there’s always a change. Naglaan ang company ng P300,000 for that product but only a half of it was used and the other half was missing.” Maya gulped. It is the only response she can make.

“So thanks to you, we figured out that a huge amount of money was missing.”

“Ah, y-you’re welcome po Sir.”

“Please. My thank you is not enough, Maya.” He stood up and went in front of her. “From this day on, I’m making you the new Accounting Head of Lim Aviation, Ms. Dela Rosa. You deserve it. Congratulations!”

Maya was at still. “P-promoted po ako?”

“Yes hija.”

Then she lost it. She shrieked right there and then she engulfed Roberto in a hug. “Ay, sorry po Sir!” she said as soon as she let go of the hug. “Salamat po Sir! Hindi niyo po alam kung gaano ko pinangarap yung posisyon na’to. Maraming maraming salamat po talaga!”

“I can’t think of anyone who deserves that position but you. I know that you’ll do well.”

“Thank you po talaga Sir!” She was beyond happy, then something crossed her mind. “Eh Sir, hindi ba po si Ma’am Stephanie yung head? Nasan na po siya?”

“Ah, I fired her.” He said casually.


“Relax, Maya. I did not fire her because I’m going to replace her with you. She was the one who used that money I was talking about earlier. Apparently, she used it to herself, for personal use if I may say so.”

“Nagawa po niya yun?” Hala. Pork-barrel scam lang ang peg ni Ma’am Stephanie?

“Yes Even ako, hindi makapaniwalang magagawa niya ‘yon. Then yesterday, she finally told me the truth. She told me that she used it for her mother’s surgery. I fired her. Sabi nga ng board, dapat sinampahan ko pa siya ng kaso but her saying the truth is enough for me. Dapat sinabi na lang niya sa’kin diba? I could’ve loan her money.” He sighed. “Anyway, I don’t really want to say this pero the pressure is quite on you. Papalitan mo kasi siya.”

“I promise to do my best Sir! At asahan po ninyo na hindi ko po gagawin yun. Ang dami pong taong nagpapakahirap na i-angat ang kompanyang ‘to at wala po akong balak na mapunta lang po ang lahat ng yun sa wala!”

Roberto smiled. He was satisfied with his decision. In fact, he’s happy with his decision. “Good. O sya, lumakad ka na. Si Liza na ang bahala sa pagbibigay ng trabaho mo sa bago kong secretary.”

“Okay po Sir! Thank you po ulit!!” Maya left his office and stopped outside.

Mayaaaa! Finally! Nakuha mo rin ang dream job mo! Diyos ko, hindi ako makapaniwala! Hulog talaga ng langit ang anghel ko!Ay mali. Boyfriend ko pala.Ay, ah ang boyfriend-kong-anghel-na-buhay-pa-at-wala-pang-asawa. Ayan. Hay nako, ang saya-saya ko talaga!

Her hands were on her face, tapping her cheeks as if she wants to wake up herself.  After another round of smiling, she brought her arms down hitting her pockets.

Cellphone ko?

She searched all the pockets in her pants, not finding it. She quickly walked away as she realized that there’s only one place where she left it. At every step she makes, she became more and more nervous.

Ikaw kasi Maya eh! Ginawa mo pa kasi siyang wallpaper!


Richard’s back was to her when she opened the door. He was facing the window, looking over Manila. She saw her phone on her desk and it was turned upside down. Relief flooded her at the sight of it.

“Oh, what happened? What took you too long?” Richard asked as soon as she saw Maya.

“Ah, wa-wala. Kinausap lang ako ni Sir Robert.” Then she smiled. “Promoted na ko!”

Richard smiled. “Congratulations!” Maya is smiling again like her lips are going to tear apart, but it faded when she noticed that Richard is not actually happy. “Oh, anong problema?”


Maya walked until she was in front of him. “Eh kasi yung ngiti mo, parang hindi ngiting masaya. Parang .. parang pilit.”

He sighed. “Maya, I am happy.” I was happy. Until I found out what was in your phone. “Maybe it’s because I already know that this is going to happen.”

“Ha? How come you already know?”

He smirked. “Remember when you were working with your reports and I told you that ‘you are in for a big surprise’? Well, this is it.”

“Ahh!” she exclaimed when she remembered. “Yun yung sinabi kong ayaw kong malaman.”

“Yes.” He smiled again, but it still didn’t reach his eyes. “Uhmm, do you mind if I go at the park? I just have to .. I .. just have to think about something.”

“Uhmm, okay. May pupuntahan din ako eh. So, sa condo na lang tayo magkita?”

“Okay. I’ll bring dinner?”

“Ako na. Baka mamaya, kung ano-ano ang ginagawa mo para lang makakuha ng pagkain.”

“Okay. I’ll go now. I love you.” I still do Maya. I’ll wait for your explanation.

“Sige. I love you, too.” Then Richard left.

Maya walked around her office, absorbing her new promotion. When she finally sat down, she grabbed her phone and to her surprise, it was lighted up, Richard’s face welcoming her. She felt a pang of nervousness.

Could it be that he already saw this?


Richard went back to the same spot he has been before when they had a fight. It might not be the best time for him to excuse his self but he had to. He had to because what he saw was bugging him.

He took a second look when he saw Maya’s wallpaper on her phone. It was really him. He might’ve not seen his face at this life but he was sure that that face belongs to him.

Richard can’t explain his feelings at that moment. Anger? Mad? Relief? He cannot put his finger on it but he knew that he felt like he was betrayed.

What if Maya already knew me before? That she was just playing me? But it can’t be, right? She’s the only one who could see me and .. He trailed off. He closed his eyes, trying to remember that picture.

His eyes were closed in that picture. Facial hairs were present meaning that he slept for long, maybe for too long. There were tubes in his nose. Am I at the hospital at that picture? He just sighed.

After seeing that photo earlier, he figured out how he could make it not obvious to her that he had seen it. Luckily, he figured out a way for it to be at her table. The problem left was that it was still lit up so he just turned it upside-down. Apparently, Maya noticed that something’s wrong. Your face was a give-away, Richard.

When was that photo taken, I wonder? For now, I can say that it was in a hospital, and I’m sick. If I’m sick .. it means that I’m still alive. And if .. if I’m alive.

Dawn hit him.

I can still be with her.


Maya was back at the familiar surroundings of Room 425. When Richard left, he went back to Roberto’s office asking if she could have her early lunch so that she could visit Richard at the hospital. The old man obliged and also told her to stay there for a while to talk to him as Esmeralda was not there for she was feeling under the weather.

She placed the flowers she bought in a vase and sat at the chair beside his bed.

“Hi Richard.” She greeted. “Alam mo, ang dami nang nangyari simula nung bumalik ka. I mean nung nagpakita ka ulit sa’kin bilang angel ko” She grabbed his hand. “Maraming salamat kasi nalaman kong mahal mo ko. At nasabi ko ba sa’yo na mahal na mahal kita? Siguro oo, dun sa .. dun sa kaluluwa mo. Pero nandito ako ngayon para sabihin ko sa’yo na mahal na mahal na mahal kita.”

She chuckled at the sight of her hand holding his. “Alam mo bang ayaw mong maging anghel? Kasi ang sabi mo sa’kin hindi mo mahawakan yung kamay ko. Ayan, nahahawakan mo na. Sana nga makabalik ka na dito. Alam mo na kaya yung misyon mo? Feeling ko alam mo na eh, hindi mo lang napapansin na alam mo na talaga.”

“Richard. Alam mo na kayang nakilala na talaga kita? Ginawa ko kasing wallpaper yung picture mo na kinuhanan ko dito, tapos naiwan ko yung cellphone ko kanina. Ewan ko ba, pero may pakiramdam akong nakita mo na. Please wag ka sanang magalit. Alam kong pwede kang magalit sa’kin gawa nun pero ang sakin lang, ,ayokong sabihin ‘to kasi alam kong mawawala ka na kapag nasabi ko na lahat ‘to.” She pressed his hand against her cheek. “At walang nakakaalam sa’tin kung babalik ka nga ba sa katawan na ‘to o mananatili ka na sa taas. Natatakot ako. Natatakot ako para sa’yo. Alam kong parang ang selfish ko na, pero promise ko sa’yo, sasabihin ko lahat ‘to kapag gusto mo nang malaman lahat, at kapag handa ka nang umalis.”


Maya went home that day after she finished all of her work in LAS. Richard welcomed her with a grin on his face. Aba, nakakagood mood ata ang pagpunta sa park. She ate dinner while Richard sat across her, watching her eat. When she finished eating, she and him went to the veranda. They were both feeling nervous because they want to ask each other the same question in their minds.

“Maya, I need to ask you something.”

“May itatanong sana ako, Chard.” They said at the same time. “Go first, Maya.” Richard said.

“Ikaw na Richard. Baka mas importante ‘yang iyo eh.” She said as she chuckled.

Richard sighed and paused for a while, as if constructing his question in the best way possible. “Uhm, I .. I don’t know how to say this but, … but I saw your wallpaper on your phone.”

Maya’s heart started beating fast. “Alam kong ako ‘yon. So .. c-could you please explain?” his heart was beating fast, too.

“Richard. Please wag kang magalit.”

“I’m not mad. Hi-hindi ko nga alam kung .. kung anong nararamdaman ko. Can you please clear it for me?”

Maya gulped. “Okay. Pero bago ang lahat. I want you to make sure that you really want to hear everything I know. Kasi baka sa huli, … kasi baka mawala ka na.”

“Does it mean that ..”

“Oo Chard.” She felt guilty. “Nalaman ko na kung sino ka. Ikaw si Richard Lim.”


“No.” He said as soon as she heard Maya said his name. “Stop. Stop!”
Maya froze when he heard Richard’s almost scream command. “Ayos ka lang?”

He nodded. “I .. I thought I am ready. Hi-hindi pa pala.”

“Sure ka? Eh kasi –“

“Just .. give me time to think.”
Maya nodded and left him alone on the veranda. Richard looked at the stars and started wandering

I’m ready. I know that. But I’m not ready for her to lose her memories yet. I don’t know.
Without having another round of thinking, he turned and headed outside.
Maya woke up with Richard beside her, and is looking lovingly at her.

“Good morning, hon.” Richard greeted her.
“Hon ka dyan. Good morning din!” she greeted back with a smile. Sana dumating ang araw na si Richard na talaga yung katabi ko.
“Bangon na. Ang dami kong plano ngayon.”
“Ha? Anong plano?”
“Basta. Maligo ka na. I already prepared your breakfast.”

Bewildered, Maya still followed Richard’s command. She took a bath and dressed quickly. And as to what Richard said, he did prepare her breakfast. She doesn’t want to know what he did to actually do all of those and just enjoyed every bite of it.

“Here.” He said as he looked at the small paper bag on the table.
“Ano yan?” Maya asked. Richard just answered her with a smile.

Maya grabbed the paper bag and looked for the content inside. She saw an earpiece which is a bluetooth call receiver for her phone. (Pasenysa nanpo, hindi ko po alam yung tawag dun eh. Basta yung parang kay Sir Chief) She looked at him. “Para saan?”

“We’re going out. I don’t want people to look at my girlfriend like she’s a psycho if ever she talks to her boyfriend that they can’t see. If you’re wearing that, they will think na may kausap ka sa phone.”
Her heart was filled with affection. “Thank you.” It might be just a small thing, but for them it’s a sign of connection, a connection that connects their difficult relationship.


“Saan ba tayo pupunta?” Maya is currently inside the taxi. The driver just went off as soon as she got inside, not telling her, not even asking her where they are headed to.
“You’ll see.” Richard said.
“Manong.” Maya called on the driver. “Saan po tayo pupunta?”
“Secret po Ma’am.” The driver said. She looked at Richard and saw amusement on his face.
“Paanong secret Manong? Kinakabahan ako sa inyo eh. Mamaya kung saan niyo ako dalhin.”
“Basta Ma’am. May nagsabi po sa’kin na dun ko kayo dalhin.”
“It’s me. Don’t worry. Hindi ka kikidnapin ni manong. Bubugbugin ko yan pag kinidnap ka.” He teased.
“Ehh Manong, ang bayad po? Baka malayo eh tapos malaki yung ibabayad ko.” Maya asked making Richard frown. It’s also a disadvantage of an angel – he couldn’t pay. And worse, Maya will be the one who will pay all the expenses.
“Bayad na po Ma’am.” The driver answered.
“Ha?” then she turned to look at her angel. “Ikaw ha. Saan mo nakukuha yung pera mo?”
“I have my ways.” He smirked. “Just enjoy.”

Before Maya knows it, the taxi came to a stop with what looks like a park. She thanked the driver and went outside.

“I know that this is your least expected place for a date. Gusto sana kitang dalhin sa isang restaurant pero ayoko namang ikaw yung magbayad. And ikaw lang mag-isa yung kakain. Ayoko namang isipin nila na loner ka, diba?” he said.

Maya just smiled at him. “There’s no need to apologize, Chard. Sabi nga ni Nanay, kahit saang lugar ka pumunta, basta kasama mo yung mahal mo, romantic na ‘yun.”

Richard smiled. “I hate being like this. I really want to kiss you, you know?”

Maya laughed. “Maghintay ka na lang! Tara na!”


Richard took her to his favourite spot. The one where there’s a huge tree, giving them shade and the place where he loves to think. Maya was surprised to see a basket with a blanket when they got there.

“Sa’tin ba ‘to?” she asked.
“Yep. Would you mind kung ikaw ang mag-ayos? I really want to help pero sa kondisyon ko –“
“Okay lang.” She started. “I want to make a deal.”
“Anong deal?”

“Gusto ko, sa araw na ‘to, hindi mo iisipin na anghel ka. Hindi mo iisipin na hindi ka nakikita ng iba, hindi mo iisipin na ako lang ang nakakakita at nakaka-usap mo. Gusto kong isipin mo na tao ka, parang dati. Hindi ka na si ‘Richard, the guardian angel.’ Ikaw na si ‘Richard, the human.” She said with a smile on her face.

“Deal.” He said. “Pero I don’t like my label.”
“Huh? Eh anong gusto mo? Ang choosy mo naman!”

He went near her. “Gusto ko, ‘Richard, ang mahal ni Maya.”

Maya’s face turned red that made Richard to laugh. “Why? You don’t like it?” he asked.

“Ehh, gusto.” Her head is bowed down, preventing Richard from seeing her face.

“Yun naman pala eh! C’mon Maya. Don’t bow your head down. May label din ako sa’yo.”
“Ano?” she shyly asked but with a smile on her face.
“Maya, ang tanging mahal ni Richard Lim.” He smiled then raised his brows as if waiting for her approval.
“O siya, tama na ang bolahan.”


“Would you miss me if I leave?” Richard asked her out of the blue.
“Ano ba namang tanong ‘yan. Siyempre, oo.”
He turned to look at her. “Anong ma-mimiss mo?”

Maya smiled before answering. “Mamimiss ko yung kakulitan mo, yung malakas mong trip, yung mga sinasabi mo, yung boses mo, yung singkit na mata mo.” Then she looked away as she felt tears in her eyes. “Pero pinakamami-miss ko yung gigising ako sa umaga tapos ikaw yung makikita ko. Tapos babatiin ako ng good morning. Tapos sa buong araw, kasama kita lagi.” She wiped a drop of tear that managed to escape. “Saka ito. Yung pagiging sweet mo. Ayan, nasabi ko na lahat.”

When she turned, she saw Richard looking at the sky. Then she heard him sigh. “Why do you make it so hard for me to leave?”


“I ..” he bowed his head first then lifted them up to look at her.

“I’ve decided that this will be my last day.”

Maya felt like she was torn apart. The tears she’s been holding came rushing down. “Please don’t cry.” He whispered. “Gusto mo ba na ang last memory ko ng mukha mo eh nasinghot ka?” he teased.

“Ito naman eh!” but she continued to sob. “Aalis ka na talaga?”

He nodded. “But, it’s still up to you. Ikaw ang nakakaalam ng memory ko. Nasa sa’yo na kung sasabihin mo sa’kin.”

Maya paused, trying to think. Then she took a long breath.

“Ikaw si Richard Lim. Anak ka ng boss ko na si Roberto Lim at ni Tita Esmeralda Lim. Uhm, you’re thirty-five years old. Graduate ka ng engineering sa La Salle at balak sa’yong ibigay ni Tito Robert ang kumpanya, kaso naaksidente ka.”

Richard was listening intently to her and to every word she lets go; a flood of memory comes rushing in his mind. He finally remembered his father, her mother, their old house, his college life and so on. And he knew from that moment, that after Maya talks, he’ll be gone.

“Papunta ka daw Clark non, sumakay ka sa helicopter dahil utos ng papa mo, para daw mas madali yung transportation. Tapos ayun, nawalan ng control yung piloto, bumangga kayo.”

Yes. He saw that. And now, it’s much clearer.

“Buhay ka pa Richard. Nasa ospital ang katawan mo. You’re in a coma, for about a year na. At siguro, kaya hindi ka makabalik sa katawan mo, gawa ng anghel ka. Kaya Richard, bumalik ka na sa katawan mo.”

“It’s not that simple.” He said. It is now Maya’s turn to stare at him.

“If I go back .. if I go back, you’re memories with me will be gone, too. Makakalimutan mo lahat ng ‘to. And as for me, hindi ko alam kung pababalikin ako sa katawan ko. That’s why I wanted to hear you say na hindi mo ko makakalimutan, and I hope hindi nga.”
“So .. ibig-sabihin …”
“Oo, Maya. Hindi mo ako matatandaan. You’ll forget that there’s a Richard Lim in your life. Malilimutan mo lahat simula sa first encounter natin.”

Maya continued to sob. She doesn’t want to lose her memory of him. It’s the last thing that she can have with Richard in it.

“Don’t worry. I’ll find you. I promise. I’ll find you.”
“Pero .. pero pano kung mawala rin yung memory mo?”

He sighed. “Then  .. then we’ll find a way. There’s always a way, Maya. I’ll look for you if you lost your memory. At hanapin mo rin ako kapag nawala ang memory ko. We’ll search for each other. At kung pareho tayong mawalan ng memory, we’ll both look for each other. Kahit gaano katagal, basta mahanap natin ang isa’t-isa.”

Maya turned to look at him. “Maghihintay ako Richard. Maghihintay tayo. Kahit na tumanda tayo kakahanap sa isa’t-isa, ayos lang sa’kin, basta sa huli, magkita pa rin tayo.”

Richard nodded. “All we have to do is to have faith. For it doesn’t need any proof. And we don’t need any proof in our love. We have to hold on to that faith that we’ll see each other again, okay?”

Maya nodded, she finally stops sobbing when she noticed that Richard’s hand is slowly disappearing. Richard turned to look at it too. “It’s time.”

“Richard ..”

“Hush. I want you to smile, Maya. I want to remember your face that way.”

She nodded and tried her best to smile that made Richard to smile too. “I finally know what my mission is.”


“Before I left that day, I went to dad’s office. I was waiting for him inside and I saw you through the glass walls in his office. You were so busy with your papers that day so I had the chance to look at you.” He smiled as he recalled those moments. “Your hair was down; you’re wearing a brown top that matched your eyes. I knew that because you lifted your head and looked inside my dad’s office. I don’t know if you saw me. But I know what I saw.”

He paused and looked at her. The same face that he saw that day.

“I saw the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

Tears came flooding again.

“I made an oath that day that after my visit to Clark, I will go back to our company and I’m going to look for you. Then I’m going to court you and we’re going to get married. That was why I was smiling the whole time during my ride to Clark. It was because of you. Hindi ko alam na mahal na pala kita, nung una pa.”

Maya tried to recall that day. It was a hectic day for her. It was just her second day, yet there are too many papers that she has to do. She lifted her head to look if his boss is already in his office and saw a man inside. She did saw him and was stuck looking at his face. How could she have repressed that memory?

“Nakita kita, Chard.”

Richard smiled. “Please hold on to that memory. Hindi ko rin bibitawan yung akin. That’ll be our link. Okay?”

His body is now more translucent than ever, indicating that he’ll be gone soon.

“Richard ..”

“Good bye Maya. I’ll see you later.”

“Richard …”

“Wag mong kakalimutan ang deal natin ha?”

“Hindi ko kakalimutan.”

“Be happy while I’m not around. Baka pangit ka na kapag nagkita ulit tayo.”

“Richard naman eh!”

He chuckled. “I love you.”

“I love you, too Richard.”

Then he’s gone. For good. Leaving Maya sobbing.

Maya has never been like this before. She felt like her world collapsed. She kept reminding herself that she needs to be happy because it was Richard’s last request and yet, she’s not doing it. How could someone be happy after losing the person they love? It’s been a week and yet she’s still sober. Even Roberto noticed it and even asked her to take a few days off but she insisted on working. Those days offwill just remind her more of Richard.

She visits Richard at the hospital regularly. He’s still in a coma, never woke up after his leave. Maya’s hopes were slowly evaporating. Baka hindi na nga siya pinabalik.
But even though she’s like this, she couldn’t help but wonder why her memory of him is still there. Richard clearly told her that she’ll lost it and that she’ll forget about him, yet a week after, she still has them.


It’s a rainy Wednesday afternoon in LAS. Maya is still busy with her work. She accepted more papers for her to be busy when she receives a call.

“Lim Aviation Services, this is Maya dela Rosa. How may I –“
“Hija!” Roberto’s voice disrupted her.
“Sir? Bakit po kayo napatawag? May naiwan po ba kayong document? May nangyari po ba? Anong –“
“Si Ricky, hija! He’s finally awake! You have to come here!”
“P-po??” her heart started to thump. “Si Richard po?”
“Yes, Maya! He finally woke up!”

Maya immediately hung up the phone and started heading outside, hailing a taxi to take her to the hospital. Once she was there, she ran until she was in front of Room 425. She knocked and twisted the knob.

“Ricky, dahan-dahan naman sa pagkain!” she heard Esmeralda say.

“I can’t help it, Ma. Gutom na ko. Bakit kasi ngayong lang ako nagising?” the familiar voice touched something in her heart.  It is him. She is sure about it.

“Maya! You’re finally here! O, bakit basing-basa ka?” Roberto said. “Esme, may towel ba dyan? Ipahiram mo nga muna kay Maya.”

“Hija, ito oh. Upo ka muna dito.” She gave the towel to Maya and lead her to the chair beside Richard’s bed.

“Ricky, have you met her? Siya si Maya dela Rosa. She’s my new Accounting Head.” Roberto said.

Richard looked at her. Oh, how she missed his face, especially those eyes. And to think that he’s finally here for them to continue what they started makes everything feel alright to her.

But all those thoughts crumbled when he spoke.

“Hi. I’m Richard Lim. Have we met before?”

There’s so much formality in his voice then she realized – he lost his memory.


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