Almost – part 5

This is a continuation to Almost – part 4.


Author: nylcoen




Richard was quiet for several minutes, deep inside battling with the urge to tell her or not. One thing he hates is keeping secrets with Maya because he knew once she learns it, she will definitely get mad at him, and he hates it when she’s mad.

“Maya, if I tell you something that happened long time ago magagalit ka ba?”

“Mmm depended. Bakit, dapat ko bang ikagalit ang sasabihin mo?”

“I don’t know.. it happened long time ago and di pa tayo nagkakilala.”

Richard glance at her to see her expression. She seemed relaxed, making him less nervous.

“Well if hindi pa tayo nagkakilala then siguro hindi ako dapat magalit kasi wala naman akong kinalaman sa nangyari. Bakit ano ba yon?”

Her reply somewhat erased the doubts he has.

Perhaps telling you is the best option. I don’t want you to learn it from Ryan..

“Ganito kasi yon..Ryan and I were still in college that time. You already know magka-brod kami ni Ryan di ba..siya lagi yung kasama ko. I told you before there was a time nag-rebelde ako kasi I don’t like my course back then..”

Richard tried to focus on the road ahead while carefully relating the details to Maya. He saw her shifted on her seat, eagerly waiting for him to spill the beans.

“Ummm one night, nagkayayaan ang magbarkada na uminom. It was my first time, one rule sa bahay is to never go home drunk kaya never akong nag-attempt uminom until that night. We were in this bar tapos we meet this group of women so we invited them over to join us in our table. The rest were urging me na pormahan ko daw yung isang babae kasi halata daw na gusto ako.. Ayoko naman mapahiya sa mga kaibigan ko kaya ayun …”

“Pinormahan mo?..tapos?”

Eyeing him suspiciously, Maya furrowed her brow as she waits for him to go on.

“I woke up in a hotel room the next day .. with the woman I met that night.”

“Ano naman ang problema nun? Bihira na naman siguro ang lalaking di nakakagawa niyan di ba? Unless if you are married or in a relationship di naman pwede yon.”

Maya said casually, unaware that there’s still something that is yet to unfold.

“I was…in a relationship with Alex that time.”

Richard grip the steering wheel firmly. Afraid to look at Maya and see her reaction with what she heard from him.

“H-ha? Ginawa mo yon?”

“Nakakahiya man but, yeah nagawa ko..pero dahil lang yon sa kalasingan ko kaya nagawa ko yon. ”

“So… di alam ni Alex na..nakipag..ummm ka sa ibang girl?”

“I made sure di ako ibibisto ni Ryan. I was so embarrassed with what I did kaya di ako nagpakita kay Alex ng ilang araw. Buti na lang nagkataon ding busy kami pareho kaya di ako kinulit kung bakit di ako nakikipagkita sa kanya.”


Richard heard Maya sigh, when he turn his head to look at her. She was staring out of the window. Richard didn’t get to see Maya’s expression. She was totally shock of what she learned that night.

“Kaya nga kagabi I was so worried when I learned that you were in a bar. I was scared..buti na lang nakauwi ka ng safe.”

Maya chuckled when she heard him. She honestly don’t know how to take it. She suddenly felt scared and doubts crossed her mind.

Their car slowed down as it entered the gate. Richard stopped the car infront of the house, they alighted from the car at the same time and they were greeted by Abby who was waiting for them to be home.

“Hello Ma, Dad…you’re just in time for dinner.”

“Hello baby!”

Abby kissed Maya and Richard.

“Hala baby, sorry ha. Nag-dinner na kami ng daddy mo. ”

Maya pursed her lips showing a frown as she look down at the young lady who is now holding her hand.

“You ate out? Daya ‘nyo di ‘nyo ako sinama.”

“Sorry baby, pero date namin yon ng mama mo. Next time isasama namin kayo nina kuya at ate mo… Saan nga pala sila? Di pa ba sila dumating?”

“Andiyan na po. Tinawag lang ni Ate Sabel at Ate Doris sa taas.”

The three entered the house together.

“Dad.. Ma.. come dinner na tayo.”

Luke said as he descended from the stairs. He approached Maya and kiss her cheek. Nikki followed Luke and kissed her dad and Maya as well.

“Sorry kids, nauna na kami ng mama ‘nyo. Sige na kumain na kayo. We will just go upstairs to change. ”

“Okay dad..tara na Niks , Abby!”

The three kids turned their backs and headed to the dining area. Richard placed his arm around Maya as they went up to their room.



Maya was determined to distance herself from Richard that night, confused of what she felt after she learned of his little secret. The moment they entered their room earlier, she immediately went straight to their closet, pretending to keep herself busy . When Richard went there to get his clothes, she didn’t even bother to look up. Richard, unaware of what she was thinking that moment,  just let her be and stepped out from there as soon as he got his change of clothes.

After an hour, Maya finally stepped out and proceed to the shower to freshen up before going to bed. Maya went out of the shower and found Richard on their bed with his laptop. Maya seated herself infront of her vanity mirror to apply her night cream.

“Huwag ka na magpaganda lalo.”

Richard teased. Glancing at her as he smile. Maya chuckles as she finished rubbing the cream unto her face. Several minutes passed, she went to bed and lay herself down pulling the sheet to her chest as she turn to her side away from him then turn off the lamp on her nightstand.

“Matutulog ka na?”

Richard waited for her to reply, but when she didn’t, Richard turned off his laptop and placed it on his nightstand, turned off his lamp, then lie down beside Maya.

Maya felt Richard’s hand on her waist as he tried to make her face him. Raising himself while his elbows supported him as he positioned himself on top of her kissing her sweet mouth passionately.



Maya was sitting at the terrace with a book on her hand. It was late in the afternoon and she was waiting for the kids to arrived home. She tried to free her mind of unpleasant thoughts by reading the book but failed. Two hours passed and yet she’s still staring on the same page that she opened. Her mind kept drifting back to the night she learned about Richard’s secret. She can’t help himself but think about him and his friendship with Denise. She hates the fact that now, she is starting to doubt Richard.

Her reverie was interrupted with the kids arrival. Nikki and Abby greeted her cheerfully and kissed her on her cheeks.

“Hello Niks..Abby! Si Luke di ninyo kasama?”

“NO Ma, later pa ang uwi ni Kuya. He texted me kanina and sabi may gagawin daw silang group project sa school kaya kami lang ni Abby.”

“Ahhh..magpalit na muna kayo while I prepare your snacks.”

“Okay Dad di parin dumating?”

“Di pa..busy daw sila ngayon sa office.”

“Oh, okay..sige, we’ll just change muna. Let’s go na Abby.”

Nikki and Abby went to their rooms to change. Upon remembering Richard, Maya couldn’t help but got curious of what he’s doing, prompting Maya to call Liza.

“Hi Liza.”

“Hi Maya..napatawag ka?”

“Ummm gusto ko lang sana itanong kung busy pa si Ricky?”

“Actually kakatapos lang ng meeting niya with Mr. Yu . You want to talk to him?”

“Ay huwag na ..tatawagan ko na lang sa cellphone niya… wala na ba siyang meeting after Mr. Yu?”

“Meron but pina-moved niya..”

“Ahh okay..sige..thanks Liza.”

“You’re welcome Maya..”


Maya called Richard’s phone. After a few rings, she heard his voice on the other line.

“Yes Maya, napatawag ka?”

“Anong oras ka uuwi?”

“Mmmm I don’t know..may gagawin pa kasi ako. Why?”

“Diyan lang sa office mo?”

“Yes, why?”

“Ahh wala .. dito ka ba magdi-dinner?”

“Oo naman..hintayin ‘nyo lang ako.”

“Okay. Ingat sa pagdrive pauwi.”

“Salamat. Bye!”

After the call. Maya left the terrace and went down to the kitchen to prepare snacks for the kids.

Maya and the kids waited for Richard to come home to join them for dinner but he called saying he can’t make it. Mr. Yu invited him for dinner since they are going back to Singapore in the morning. Maya was upset. Pangs  of jealousy creeping in her heart as soon as she learned that Richard will be seeing Denise and her father. She can’t help herself but think about Richard and his little secret. Wondering if that little secret will never happen again.




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