Have Faith 17 – The Other Angel

This is a continuation of Have Faith 16 – The Comeback

Author : christine24m


Few months passed and Maya finally moved on. Well, not totally moved on but at least she finally collected the broken pieces of her heart. She finally removed her scheduled time of crying and replaced them with more work, which actually did well for her. Roberto gave her a raise due to her hard work.

She was doing well when Monday morning approached.

“Everyone.” Roberto’s voice welcomed his employees when he entered their floor. “Good morning. As you all know, in a few months, we’re finally celebrating the 25th anniversary of Lim Aviation Services. I would like to have a meeting with the head of the departments regarding that.”

Maya quickly took note of that. But right now, celebrating is not at the top of her list.

“Second, I would like to thank everyone for your prayers for my son’s recovery. By God’s miracle, he finally woke up a few months ago and as much as he loves to come back to work, his body was not like before. He has to go through rehab …”

While Roberto continued to speak, Maya quietly left them. I don’t want to hear any news about him. I already moved on. I don’t want to look back.

Her head was bowed as she slowly walked along the hallway. She stopped when she saw two feet in front of her. She moved to her right so that they could both pass, but the person in front of her did the same. She tried going to her left, but the same thing happened. Annoyed, she lifted her head up to give whoever it is a piece of her mind. “Excuse me –“ she stopped when she saw who it is in front of her – it’s Richard.

He gave her a smirk. “Ms. Dela Rosa, I believe.” He said.

Maya observed him, looking at him from head to toe with her mouth gaped. He’s the same Richard that made her heart flutter. He’s wearing a black jacket with a white polo inside. Her knees went wobbly. She knew that he has this appeal but having him near as human doubled, no, he even tripled his appeal.

“Hey. Are you okay? Ayan ka na naman eh.” He said. Maya is still eyeing him up. She noticed that he has a cane in his right hand. “This helps me to support my body. Nahihirapan pa rin akong maglakad kahit na nag-rehab ako.” He explained when he saw Maya looking at it. “It’s hard for me to walk since isang taon akong nakahiga lang sa ospital. But you know that don’t you?”

Still, Maya couldn’t utter a word. Richard’s suddenly appearance seemed to make her forget that she can talk.

“Ms. Dela Rosa? Are you sure you’re okay? Dadalhin na ba kita sa clinic?”

Maya shook her head. “I should go inside Sir. Sorry to disturb you.” She said, almost a whisper. She turned around to go back to the room when he heard a thump behind her. When she looked back, she saw Richard leaning on the wall; his cane is on the floor.

With that scene breaking her heart, she returned, grabbed his cane and gave it to him. “Thanks.” He said. Maya gave him a small smile, then stood beside him. “Sa’kin na lang po kayo sumandal, aalalayan ko na po kayo sa loob.” Richard stared at her for a while, and then he put his arm around Maya’s shoulder and he was finally able to stand up properly. As they walk, Richard could not seem to stop stealing glances at her. Why do I have this feeling that I’ve met her before? And why do I feel like I’m overjoyed that she’s near me?

They entered the room while Roberto was still talking and he gave them a smile. “Sir, okay na po ba kung iiwan ko na kayo?” Maya asked. Richard gave her a smirk. “Yes. Pasensya ka na. I still find it hard to walk.” Maya nodded and slowly let go of him. He also noticed that throughout the time she was beside him, she was not looking at his face, even when they talk.

“People, “ the voice of his father brought him back from his reverie. Maya stopped from walking when she heard Roberto. “I would like to announce that I will officially give my position to my son on the company’s anniversary.” He said as he stood beside Richard to pat his shoulder. “Medyo tumatanda na ko eh. And I’ve felt na parang gusto na talagang kunin ng anak ko ang kumpanya. The doctors said na ang bilis ng progress niya sa rehab kaya natapos agad.” He turned to the younger Lim. “Welcome back, son. I’m happy you’re finally here.”

“Thanks Pa. I’m glad to be back.”

The room was filled with applause, with some of the workers crying like her friend Liza. Tears welled up in her eyes, too but she just brushed it off. I’ve cried enough.

The day went on and Maya spent it inside her office. She wants to forget everything even though it’s hard not to remember. Everything was perfect until the day he left. Yes, he came back, but it’s still not like as before. Everything seems so hard and she felt like she gave her feelings to nothing. Yes, I made a promise to him. But I never thought that it’ll be this hard. I’m sorry Richard.

“Ma’am Maya.” Doris, Roberto’s new assistant, said when she peeped her head through her door. “Pinapatawag po kayo ni Sir Roberto.”

“Ah, sige. Pasabi may tinatapos lang akong i-type. Susunod na ko, salamat.”

Doris left leaving Maya wondering. Bakit kaya ako pinatawag? Then she halted. Paano kung nandun si Richard sa office ni Sir? With a doubt, she still stood up and walked to Roberto’s office. She knocked the door and heard someone said “Come in.”. Relief flooded her when she saw Roberto alone.

“You’re here. Have a seat please.” Roberto said when he saw her. Maya sat down. “I want to talk to you.”

“Gawa po ba dun sa report na pinasa ko Sir? May kulang pa po kasi –“

“It’s not about that.” He cut her off. Then closed the folder of the document he’s currently reading. He paused and took a deep breath before asking her. “Gaano na katagal?”


He took another deep breath. “Gaano na katagal simula nung umalis si Richard?”

“Ano po?” she asked. Sensing Maya’s confusion, Roberto sighed and took another attempt.

“Maya, alam kong naging guardian angel mo si Ricky.”

Maya’s eyes widen. Her heart started beating fast. “A-alam niyo po?”

Roberto smiled. “So, I was right.”

“Pe-pero paano niyo po nalaman?”

“I should’ve known na yun ang dahilan kung bakit hindi magising si Richard. You see, “ he paused, and looked straight into her eyes. “Esmeralda was my guardian angel before.”

“PO?!” Maya was shocked when she heard his revelation. “G-guardian angel po si Tita?”

“Yes.” He smiled, as if reminiscing his past. “Her case is different though. Bigla na lang daw isang araw, hindi na siya nagising, pero buhay pa yung katawan niya. So her family rushed her to a hospital and put her on coma. The very same day, I met her.”

Maya was dumbfounded. She couldn’t utter a word. “Pareho ba sila ng kaso ni Ricky?” Roberto asked that Maya answered with a nod. Roberto smiled at his discovery. “You two fell in love with each other, right?”

It was a question that she already knew the answer right away. “Yes po.” She shyly answered but she saw the immediate touch of delight on Roberto’s face. “I and Esmeralda were in love when she left. Kaya Maya, don’t give up on what the two of you have, because I know, it is the love that will last forever.”

Maya’s tears welled up when she heard Roberto’s last sentence. “Hija, would you mind telling me your story?”

Despite the tears, Maya still managed to tell Roberto their story. She told it while she’s smiling and that’s when she realized that she misses Richard terribly.

“That’s peculiar.” He said after Maya finished.

“Ang alin po?”

“Richard lost his memories? In Esmeralda’s case, she didn’t, neither did I lost mine.” He paused, as if trying to figure out an answer.

“Tito .. pwede rin po bang malaman yung story niyo ni Tita?”

He smiled. “Unlike you, I was not a hardworking guy. I was always out and I was avoiding my work. May ipapamana kasi ang tatay ko na trabaho. It’s actually not LAS. May partnership kasi siya with another Chinese and since the two of them are getting old, they decided na sa mga anak nila ipasa yung business. The thing was, ayoko so lagi akong wala sa trabaho.

“Then one day, I saw her. She was lost and I couldn’t help but to ask if she’s alright, umiiyak eh. She was surprised nung nalaman niyang nakikita ko siya. And that’s when she knew na ako yung na-assign sa kanya na mortal. That was the start of our love story. She made me realize that I need to accept what my father is willing to give me, so yes, I accepted that job. Dahil sa kanya, nagawa ko yung desisyon na yon at that company is the foundation of LAS. You could imagine the rest. Halos parehas lang naman din kasi ng nangyari kay Richard. But the thing is we didn’t lost our memories, which is the opposite of your situation.”

She remained speechless. Akala ko si Richard lang yung ganon. Akala ko siya lang yung anghel.

“I want to ask you a favour, Maya. Please don’t give up. Alam ko na ‘yon ang dahilan kung bakit biglang nabago yung habit mo dito sa opisina. Don’t give up. For I know that sooner or later, he’ll remember you again. The doctor said that he repressed his memories. Ibig-sabihin, nandun pa yung alaala niya. Nailagay lang niya sa isang sulok. Perhaps if you remind him, he’ll remember.”

Maya sighed. “Eh paano po kung –“

“Wag mo munang isipin yan, Maya. Carpe diem. Focus on the present. Don’t worry, I’m rooting for you. In fact, Esmeralda, too. Nasabi ko na rin ‘to sa kanya eh. And she’ll be more than happy after I tell her about this confirmation.”

She’s still undecided. Paano kung hindi niya talaga maalala? Na kaya pala nawalan ng alaala yung isa sa’min is because we’re not really for each other?

”Have faith, Maya.” Roberto said, making Maya to look at him with tears welling up again in her eyes. “O? Is something wrong?”

She shook her head. “Yan po kasi yung sinabi sa’kin ni Richard eh.”

Roberto smiled at her. “See? Kaya don’t lose hope. Alam kong sa huli, kayo pa rin.”


Maya came home that day feeling much better compared to the days before. Her talk with Roberto helped her to finally make up her mind. And yes, she decided that she’ll not lose hope. Richard is here now and will not leave her like before. She just have to make him remember everything.

Have faith, Maya.

Out of the blue, she heard Richard’s voice in her mind.

All we have to do is to have faith. For it doesn’t need any proof. And we don’t need any proof in our love. We have to hold on to that faith that we’ll see each other again, okay?

She heard him say.

Good bye Maya. I’ll see you later.

The thought of him made her smile.

Tama si Richard. I have to keep my faith.

She noticed something sparkly at her bedside table. She went near to observe what it is and was surprised when she finally saw the object.

It is the same silver-chained necklace that Richard gave to her before. She reached for it to observe it more. The pendant is still there. A ray of sunlight is touching that chain and Richard is right. It does glimmer. Maya decided that she’ll be like that necklace. As long as Richard is beside her, no matter what state he is, even if he remembers her or not, she’ll not lose that glimmer.

She heard herself say, “Welcome back, Maya dela Rosa.”


3 thoughts on “Have Faith 17 – The Other Angel

  1. Isa ‘to sa mga inaabangan kong fanfic, pero madam author, pasensya ka na at di ko nagustuhan masyado yung idea na angel din si Esmeralda kay Roberto. Parang … pilit. Sorry ha. Pero aabangan ko pa rin yung kasunod … kasi maganda naman yung kwento mo overall. 🙂

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