Someone Like You – part 13

This is a continuation to Someone Like You – part 12.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 13

Maya stirred as she felt light touches along her eyelids. When she opened her eyes, Richard’s face was so close-by she could feel his breath on her face. His finger was tracing her eyelids and lashes. He was lying beside her, elbows propped supporting his head, observing her face while waking her up.

“Maya, Honey, do you still want to sleep or go back to Manila?” The tenderness of his voice and calling her made Maya giddy. She smiled and gave him a quick smack on the lips.

Attempting to sit up, the sheet covering her slid down exposing her chest. Richard briefly saw it while Maya quickly pulled it up to cover herself again. She realized that she was still naked beneath the sheet. Remembering the events hours before, she felt herself blushing. She tried to hide it by looking around trying to find her clothes.

Richard pointed at the chair. “Ayun ‘yung damit mo, o.” They were neatly folded including her undies.

Before she could even leave the bed, Richard adjusted his position such that his head rested on her lap.

Looking up, he said “Another options is we stay here for one more day since we are already late to catch our flight.” His eyebrows were slightly going up and down to tease her.

“Late na? What time is it?” She finally spoke.

“It’s 10:30 a.m. By now, the check-in gate must be close. Nakakuha si Liza ng seats for us. Kaya lang tulog ka pa eh.” His hand playfully tugging down the sheet while she was pulling it upwards.

“Ano? Bakit hindi mo ako ginising. Ay… si Ricky naman..” She sounded disappointed. Richard stood up. He was ready for the trip back home.

“I was waking you up but you just kept on turning. Anyway, I figured you must be tired so I just let you take a few more hours of sleep. We’ll take land trip going back to Manila.” He was smiling as he watched her finally leave the bed with the sheets still wrapped around her. He was really tempted to pull it away from her but that would mean further delay in the return to Manila. He has an important meeting the next day and he didn’t want to miss it.

“Safe ba mag-land trip? Di ba may bagyo pa?” She opened the curtains to see the sky so bright and blue. The weather has improved.

“I spoke to Manong Sammy, okay naman daw. Hindi nasara ang Dalton. So it may take 9 – 10 hours to reach Manila depending on the traffic sa Nueva Ecija. I suggest that you get ready so we can leave soon.” He had to hug her one more time before she finally entered the bathroom.


The trip back to Manila was long and tiring but it didn’t really matter at all for the new lovers. They alternately discussed work and life, leaned on each other as they took naps, made stop overs to allow their driver to rest and so they could also eat.

At 10:30 p.m., their rented car was at the driveway of Richard’s condominium building. They unloaded their bags and bade Mang Sammy goodbye who would be sleeping in a relative’s house in Manila before going back to Tuguegarao. Richard invited Maya to come-up to his unit while he retrieves his car key to bring her home.

Waiting at the living room, Maya appreciatively looked around as he went to a cabinet to get his key. When he returned beside her, he offered to show her the rest of the place starting from the kitchen, laundry area, guest room. The unit was definitely designed for a man considering the interplay of black and white colors in his furniture, decors and even appliances. Finally, they reached his room which is much bigger than his guest room. She noticed that he has a big table where obviously he does work.

“Ang ganda ng place mo.” Maya commented after the tour as they were leaving his bedroom.

“Hmm, you’re welcome to hang around here if you like.” He hugged her. Seeing his empty bed, he suddenly didn’t feel like sending her home yet.

Maya felt his hand caressing her back which were sending currents to her body. “Atty. Lim, gabi na po. Pwede mo akong ihatid, please.” She was trying to disengage from him while he was nuzzling her neck.

“Later honey. Please stay here for a while.” His breathing changed.

Slowly, he nibbled her lips until she opened them to receive his kiss. Their kissing deepened as her hands started caress him too. Maya didn’t insist on going home anymore when he lifted her to lay her down on his bed. They shared another blissful moment in each other’s arms.

Richard finally brought her home at three in the morning.

“Maya, take the day off today. I’ll tell Dad that you are resting from the trip. I’ll see you tonight, okay?”

“Okay.” She was smiling ear to ear as she locked the gate of their house. Fortunately, she has texted Mama Teresita earlier that their land trip is going to long and she might reach home late. She didn’t have to explain her early morning arrival to her mother.


“Ano?? Anyare?” Emman exclaimed loudly in disbelief when Maya told him that Richard was already her boyfriend. After three days of keeping the secret to herself, she decided to tell her best friend about them. They were at CPK at the Fort when she spilled the news.

“Emman, ano ka ba? People are starting to look at us.” She made a sign to keep her friend quiet.

“Teka, teka, may na miss ba ako sa kwento mo? Di ba parang kaylan lang bwisit ka d’yan kay Atty. Lim. Granted na gwapo s’ya at crush mo ang tanong ko niligawan ka ba no’n eh wala ka namang kwento.” He was really shocked.

“Ayy, Emman, basta kami na nga. I can’t tell you the details pero it happened during our trip Tuguegarao.” She couldn’t share the details to her friend but she also was struck by his question about being courted by Richard.

“Eiiiiie. Nangyari sa Tuguegarao. You mean may nangyari sa Tuguegarao nung na stranded kayo? Oh my pink universe, ‘yan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko. Uminom ka ano?” Emman quickly assumed what transpired.

“Ooops, hindi ako lasing ha. Basta kami na.” The smile in her face showed she was really happy that Emman didn’t want to spoil her mood.

“Anyway, congratulations Bes. Ngayon, may boyfriend ka na. Welcome to the club.” He giggled.

“So, paano pala si James?”

“Eh di sasabihin ko sa kanya next time when we see each other. Dapat itigil na nya ang panliligaw nya. Wala naman s’yang maasahan kasi kami na ni Richard.”

“Hayy, poor James.” Emman sighed as his heart went out for James. He actually thought that he was a good match for Maya.

“Emman, I don’t think James and I can be together ever. Hindi ba we went out before? But I only see him as a friend and nothing more.” She explained to Emman.

“Well, it’s only you who could tell what you really feel. Anyway, alam na ba ni Mama ang good news.”

She paused to reflect on her answer. “Not officially. But I think she senses it. Every night kasi nasa bahay si Ricky. The other day, he brought flowers to me tapos mayroon din si Mama. Magkasundo silang dalawa.”


Disclosing their relationship to her family and friends was easy. Richard had a good rapport with her mother including Kute whom they only connect to via face time. However, at the LOE office, only Liza knew about their relationship. On their second week, Liza accidentally saw Richard kiss Maya on her cheek. That afternoon, Maya was going out with her friends and was saying goodbye to him when Liza suddenly opened the door without knocking. So, Richard ended up admitting their relationship to her. He trusted her well enough to keep it a secret.

Other than Liza, no one else in the office knew about them. Maya wanted to keep it themselves first not wanting to be a centerpiece of talks around the office. Richard on his part wanted to keep professional and personal matters separate.

Even Atty. Bobby was not aware although he occasionally teased her about her secret suitor who sends flowers to her every Monday.


Everything was going on well for the two until their first monthsary.

Maya has sent Richard several messages checking where he’d like to have dinner that night but he wasn’t responding. She tried to call his mobile phone but the result was the same, he wasn’t picking up. She knew he was in the office. So unable to wait anymore, she decided to ask him directly. Because Liza wasn’t in her desk, Maya walked straight to his room only to find out that his door was locked. She then thought that Richard must have gone out without letting her know.

She proceeded to the pantry to get a coffee and saw Liza have one herself.

“Hi Liza, lumabas ng office ang boss mo?” She asked while she prepared her own drink.

“Ha? Eh, nasa loob but he has a visitor. He asked not to be disturbed.” She looked uncomfortable when she shared the whereabouts of her supervisor.

“Ah, ganu’n? Kaya pala hindi sumasagot sa messages ko or even sa call ko. Anyway, paglumabas paki sabi na lang hinahanap ko s’ya, ha.” Maya joined her in the table. Oblivious of Liza discomfort.

“O… Sige… but I suggest that you just wait for his call. Baka matagalan ‘yon. Alright, I’m going back to my table may tatapusin pa ako, eh.” Looking at Maya, Liza was nervous of what would happen if she finds out who is in Richard’s room. She didn’t want to be first person to break the news to her.


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