Someone Like You – part 15

This is a continuation to Someone Like You – part 14.

Author: Hanah6181


Chapter 15

Maya was about to enter her room when Mama Teresita saw her. Her mother was carrying Maya’s clothes for hanging in her closet.

“O, ‘nak, andito ka na pala. Maaga ka yata. Wala si Richard.” The mother and daughter entered her bedroom.

“Umuwi na Ma. Nag dinner lang kami.” Maya was still in gloomy mode.

“Parang malungkot ka, ah. Nag-away ba kayo?” Since Richard started seeing her daughter, Maya has noticeably been very cheerful. So, seeing her in a sad state indicated that something was wrong.

“Ewan ko Ma. Basta. Anyway, I should be okay tomorrow.” She assured her mother.

“Sige ‘nak. Pero kung gusto mong mag-share, andito lang ako, ha. Kahit ano pa ang problema, ‘nak, nandito lang si Mama para sa inyo ni Cristina.” Mama Teresita hugged her daughter before leaving her.

That night, Maya spent many hours thinking and crying. No matter how much she tried to convince herself that Richard loves her, her gut feel tells her otherwise. In her mind, what was so difficult in saying you love a person? If you feel it, it would come out naturally as what happened to her.

He couldn’t respond when she declared her love. She then remembered Emman’s question and that was if Richard courted her. Everything happened so fast. Now, it seemed that he has taken things for granted. Maybe, he is still in love with Alex. That was the only explanation she could arrive at.

If he is in love with someone else, where is she in Richard’s heart?
She knows that he wants her – as evidenced by his physical reactions to her. However, his heart, his love, Maya didn’t know who owns it.


A puffy-eyed Maya was working on her computer when the elder Lim commented, “Hmm, parang hindi maganda ang umaga ng assistant ko, ah.”
He paused before he entered his room. He noticed Maya’s solemn face.

She glanced at him and quickly returned her attention to her computer. “Ay Sir Bob, andyan na pala kayo. Yung SMC papers po, they are complete. I placed them on your table.” She avoided looking at him.

When she woke up earlier, her eyes were so puffed that she had to put ice over them to reduce the swelling. She carefully put on her eye shadows but still she couldn’t hide the proof that she cried a lot the night before.

She tried to concentrate on her work. She didn’t notice that Richard was with his father.

“Thank you. Can you please prepare two cups of coffee? I’m going to have a meeting.” Atty. Lim entered his office leaving Richard standing near her table.

When she stood up, it was only then she realized he was there. Their eyes met but she quickly turned away.

“Maya, let’s talk later.” She heard him say while she hurriedly went to the pantry.


Before lunch time, Beep. Beep

Richard: “Let’s go out tonight.”

After 5 minutes Beep. Beep

Maya: “I have an appointment.”

Within 10 seconds

Richard: “We need to talk, what’s the problem?”

After 30 minutes, Richard sent another message. “Please see me in my office.”

Richard waited for a response but there was none. He went to her desk and found her talking to his father. Then, she went to Sabel’s work station. He decided to just wait for a better time later that day.

Sabel noticed Maya’s somber mood. It was not normal to see her like she has a problem. Maya default mode is a happy face mode.

“Huy, Maya bakit ang lungkot ng mukha mo? At saka, yang mga mata mo nakagat ng langgam?” Sabel pryed.

“Sabel, ano ka ba, nakagat ng langgam?” She replied in confusion.

“Ay girl, joke yon, joke. Obvious naman kaya na umiyak ka kagabi. Siguro nag-away kayo ng boyfriend mo, noh?” Sabel tried tickling Maya to make her smile.

Maya only gave a half-smile. “Hmm, parang ganoon na nga.” She admitted.

“Anu ba ‘tong office na ‘to. Yung ibang tao dito sobrang saya dahil nakita ang ex nila. Yung mga may jowa naman, ang lulungkot. Buti pa ako, wala ng boyfriend. So, kalma lang ang peg ko.” Sabel sighed.

Maya got curious. “Sabel, sinong nakita ang ex nila? Anu yon?” She asked.

“Itong boss ko, si Sir Ryan, excited kahapon. Dumating daw si Mam Alex, yung dating girlfriend ni Sir Richard. Itong si Ryan daig pa n’ya yung ex-boyfriend sa reaction nya.” Sabel shared.

“So, yun ba ‘yung kausap ni Sir Ricky sa room n’ya kahapon?” Maya pretended not to know so she could fish out more information.

“May tama ka d’yan ‘day. Si Mam Alex ang ex-gf ni Sir Richard. Nagulat nga kami kasi hindi nagkatuluyan. Naalala ko pa, si Sir Richard, based sa U.S. noon with the girl. Umuwi dito for a one month vacation. Then, biglang bumalik sa U.S., dinig ko kay Ryan para habulin si Mam Alex. Anyway, long and short of it, natuloy ang kasal. Samantalang si Sir Richard, single pa hanggang ngayon. Puro flings lang ‘yan pero walang pormal na girlfriend ipinakilala dito eversince bumalik from the U.S. last year…..” Sabel kept on talking unaware that Maya was hurting deep inside.

Maya was trembling while she listened to Sabel’s story. The sharing of Sabel tied up with what she heard from Ryan and saw in Richard’s reaction on the topic of Alex.

“Sige Sabel, balik na ako sa place ko baka hanapin ako ni Sir Bobby.” Maya hurriedly returned to her work station. Her eyes were already welling up and anytime soon her tears will fall. She didn’t want Sabel to witness her pain.


“Maya, Hija, can you see me here?” She heard her boss say on the other of the line. It was good that she was already back on her seat when her local line rang.

“Sir?” She sat on the visitor’s chair.

“Hija, I think you need a day off. Sa tingin ko hindi ka okay today.” A concerned expression was on Atty. Bobby’s face.

“Naku Sir, okay lang ako. Medyo confused at malungkot lang po talaga ako today pero I can work today.” Maya assured him.

“Hija, I understand and I don’t take it against you if are not able to concentrate.” He handed her back the position paper he asked her to type, it had a lot of typo and grammar errors judging from the many words and even phrases that were encircled red. She looked at the paper in disbelief. She had never made that kind of mistakes before.

“Sorry, sir. I didn’t realize. Hindi na po ma-uulit.” She was very embarrassed and apologetic.

“I know. I understand. If you want to take a day off, you can go ahead.” He was smiling, allying her fear that her boss is upset with her.


Maya was in front of the lift with her bag when Richard caught up with her. Richard was about to go for a meeting when he saw Maya carrying her things seemingly going somewhere. So, he followed her up to the elevator.

“Where are you going?” He questioned her while they waited for the

She moved slightly away from him. “I’m going home.”

“Didn’t you see my messages?” His eyes turning to tiny slits. He was getting impatient with her running away attitude.

“I did. Saka na lang tayo mag-usap Sir.” She boarded the elevator. Unfortunately for Richard, it could only accommodate one passenger so he wasn’t able to join her.

He didn’t call her that night and neither did she.

At 11:00 a.m the following day, Maya found herself standing in front of Richard’s condominium building. She really didn’t want to be there.

However, some papers needed his signature for court filing by four o’clock that same day so she had no choice.

Earlier, Liza informed her that Richard was not going to report for work. He phoned in sick and that if there was anything urgent to sign, Maya has to bring it herself to his condo unit. She found out then that nobody from their office knew his place except for his father and Ryan.

Richard didn’t send her a note or even call her to tell her he is sick. Again, Maya felt slighted by his lack of consideration of her feelings.

She rang the doorbell several times but no one opened the door.

Thinking that he might be really sick and something could have happened to him, Maya was forced to use the security password to his door for it to open. Richard had given her the number combination on the first week they got together. It would allow her access to his house if she’d like to stay with him anytime she wanted to.

Slowly she entered the house and noticed the place was very quiet. She went to the kitchen to check whether he was there. When she found it empty, she thought the next place to check is the bedroom. She noticed though the used glasses on the sink. So, he is here she thought.

Just as when she came out of the kitchen, the main door opened causing Maya to stop; she almost exclaimed with the sudden entrance of a woman.

“Richard… Richard…” The woman called out. And when she turned around, she saw a surprised Maya standing just in front of the kitchen door.

Both of them stared at each other for a few seconds, assessing each other. The woman in jeans and see- through tunic blouse showing her sexy figure was the first to recover. If Maya thought her pretty when she saw her from afar, this time she confirmed it, she is very pretty.

“Am sorry… may visitor pala si Richard.” She walked towards Maya and extended her hand for a handshake. “Hi, I’m Alex and you are?”

“I’m Maya. I’m from the office may dinala lang ako for signature ni Sir Ricky.” She sounded calm. She eyed Alex carefully wondering how she managed to get into the condo unit.

“If you don’t mind my asking, paano ka nakapasok sa bahay?” She asked unable to contain her curiosity and growing anger as she had a suspicion. Maya actually believed she was the only one who knew the password until this encounter.

“You mean the password? That’s my password; birth date numbers ko ang password.” Alex had a sly smile on her face.

“You must be new in the office. Anyway, I just came back to get my other bag. Naiwan ko kanina sa pagmamadali ko.” Alex went inside the guest and later on came out with a small pink bag that looked like a toiletry bag.

“O sige, I’ll go ahead. Richard must be in his room.” As if on cue, Richard opened his door and met the eyes of the two women looking at him. He was in pajamas obviously he just got out of the bed. He looked pale; he looked haggard.

“Oh, there you are ‘Chard. I didn’t wake you up kanina when I left.” Alex went to Richard’s side and gave him a kiss on the cheek. She even touched his face.

“Anyway, I just came back for this.” Alex waved her bag for him to see. He smiled and nodded at her. Maya felt the sense of familiarity between the two; a familiarity that is beyond friendship.

“See you later, bye. And Maya, nice meeting you here.”

As soon as the door closed, Maya felt a wave of mixed emotions. She was in quandary whether to speak, act cool or go into hysterics. But it was taking a lot of self-control not to freak out because she was very jealous. She suspected that a lot of thing had happened as it seemed Alex stayed in his place the previous night.

Richard on his part had a worried look on his face when they were left alone. He knew that Maya was angry and hurt.

“Maya, about Alex..” He started as he walked towards her.

“Ricky, paki pirmahan mo lang ito. Sabi ni Sir Bobby kailangan yan today.” She handed him the folder. She didn’t want to say anything more because she was on the verged of breaking down.

Richard took the folder and read the document and quickly signed it. When he handed it back to her, he pulled her close to him.

“Maya, we have to talk.” His mood was serious that Maya knew their conversation was going to be a difficult one. She took a few steps away from him to keep him at bay.

“Ricky, anong pag-uusapan natin? About Alex? Alam ko na ang lahat, nabuo ko na ang story.” Maya’s eyes were starting to well up. She was starting to lose control.

“Before jumping to any conclusion, pwede makinig ka muna? I don’t know what you’ve heard about Alex but right now she is just a friend and a client.” Richard’s headache was getting worse.

“Client? Anong klase ‘yang client na yan? Close door meeting, okay tanggap ko. Pero dito sa unit mo, password n’ya.. yung gamit n’ya. She was here earlier or last night. I don’t have to catch you in bed together to know that there is something going on.” All her frustrations were out and tears started to fall shamelessly.

“Maya, I’m telling you she is just a friend.” He reiterated his claim.

“Richard, ‘I’m not that stupid.” She responded in between sobs. Then she looked up. “I know bago lang tayo magkakilala relative to the length you’ve known each other. Kaka one month lang natin, para ma-refresh lang ang memory mo. But short as it may be, did you even love me Ricky?” Maya finally asked the most important question that needed an answer. It was the time for affirmation.

Richard was speechless. This was the second time she spoke about love. She also had issues with Alex. He didn’t know how to answer her question. He wanted to explain but somehow, it came out differently. “Maya, anong tanong ‘yan?”

She looked straight into his eyes and saw fear; probably fear that he’s been found out; that it was one sided love all along. It sent stabbing pains in her heart and took a lot of energy to collect herself.

After a momentary silence, she spoke again. “Simple lang ang tanong ko Richard, hindi mo pa masagot ng diretso.” She walked towards the door while Richard tried to find the words to make her stop from leaving.

“Maya, we’re not done yet. If you go out of that door, it might be the end of us.” He cautioned her. It was the most he could do. His head was almost bursting with pain.

She turned around and glared at him. “Yes, Richard. It’s over between us.” She closed the door.


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