Have Faith 18 – Meeting

This is a continuation of Have Faith 17 – The Other Angel

Author : christine24m


Maya woke up with a smile. It’s a brand new day! She got up quickly to get ready for work. Of all the things she need to put on her face, she finally put on her smile that has been missing for months. It’s time to be back, Maya!

Before leaving, she went back inside her room and went in front of her bed side table. There rests Richard’s necklace, still glowing with the morning sunlight. “Good morning Richard!” she greeted to that necklace, then she grabbed it and placed it inside her bag.

Everyone in the office seemed to be surprised by Maya’s optimistic mood when she came to work. Her officemates would always stop to look at her twice whenever she greeted them. When Richard left, Maya would usually go straight to her office, never greeting anybody and would lock herself up until it’s time for her to leave. Now, she went back to the same Maya her officemates first met. The same enthusiastic, annoying and jolly Maya dela Rosa.

“Girl, ano bang nangyari sa’yo? Nilalagnat ka ba?” Liza asked her. They are currently inside her office. Liza followed her when she came to work. “Feeling ko bipolar ka na eh.”

Maya chuckled. “Ano ka ba, Liza? Normal lang naman ako ah!”

“Normal ka dyan. Ikaw kaya tong halos tatlong buwan na ang lungkot lagi ng mukha. Para kang pinagsaraduhan ng langit at lupa. Promise , Maya. Kung nakita mo lang yung sarili mo, palagay ko, pati sina Leonardo da Vinci, mahihirapan ipinta yung mukha mo.”

Maya winced. “Ganun ba talaga ako?”

“Oo kaya!” Liza replied as she nodded her head. “Ano bang nangyari? Feeling ko it has something to do with your Richard.” She continued to tease, emphasizing the word ‘your’.

“Liza! Ano ka ba!” Maya replied, but could not help her cheeks to go red.

“See? Nagba-blush ka oh! C’mon, Maya. Spill!!”

“Wala naman dapat i-spill eh!”

“Meron ‘yan!”

Maya sighed. “Fine. Umalis na si Richard.” Well, yes, he left, not exactly left, but yes, he left. She was waiting for Liza’s reaction but became disappointed when Liza just continued with her straight face. “O? Asan na yung reaction mo?”

“Maya, your story is not yet finished. That’s the reason why you were sober. Eh nasan na yung part na dahilan kung bakit masaya ka?”

“Well, he .. he came back.”

“O, ayun naman pala eh! Eh ano bang nangyari? Nag-break ba kayo? May iba ka na ba?”

Maya gulped. Ang hirap pala nito. “Eh .. ano.” She sighed. “Basta umalis siya tapos bumalik na ulit ngayon. Wala naman siyang ibang babae, tapos wala pa rin akong iba, pero .. basta bumalik.” Pahamak naman ‘tong si Liza. Hindi ko naman pwedeng sabihin na anghel siya, tapos nawala, tapos bumalik na ulit bilang tao.

“Okay.” Liza said, as if trying to convince herself that it is the reason why. “Pero sabi mo, wala pang ibang babae, so may chance pa diba?”

Maya smiled. “Oo, Liza. Meron pa.”

“Are you planning to win him back?”

“Well, not exactly. Ayoko namang magmukhang desperado, diba? I just want things to go back to normal. Yung wala akong grudges, wala akong galit. I’ll start from there, bahala na kung paano umaksyon ang future.”


“Good morning Dad.” Richard greeted when he entered Roberto’s office. He went straight home yesterday after his father’s announcement. He suddenly felt unwell because his body is still getting used to doing working again.

“O, Ricky. Good thing you’re here. Are you feeling better? Have a seat. Mamaya kung ano pang mangyari sa’yo.”

“Yes, Pa. I’m good.” He said as he sat down. “So, what can I do?”

“Are you sure you can handle work now?”

“I think I can, Pa. Wala na kong magawa sa bahay. I’d rather work.”

“Sige. I need you to attend the meeting regarding the anniversary. May pupuntahan lang akong off-site meeting. Kasama mo yung mga head ng bawat department. If you want, you can ask one of them to guide you throughout the meeting. Balitaan mo na lang ako sa outcome, okay?”


All eyes were on him the moment he entered the conference room. He saw a bunch of unfamiliar faces. It seems like his father made many changes since he was last here. Well, the last time I was here was a year ago, so I guess too many things happened. “Good morning.” He started. “I will be the one attending the meeting since my father is going to another meeting outside. As far as I know, this will be for the anniversary right?” A few whispered yes and some gave him some nods. As his father said, Richard wants to have someone to assist him since he doesn’t know the latest things about their company. How will he choose one when he doesn’t know anyone?

“Sorry we’re late – “ a familiar voice made Richard to turn his head to the door. He saw her familiar face again. Ms. Maya dela Rosa.

“We’re very sorry Sir. Hindi po namin napansin yung oras eh.” The other woman with her said.

“It’s okay. Please have a seat.” He said. The two women walked to the empty seats. “Ms. Dela Rosa.” He called.

“Y-yes Sir?” Maya said when she turned around. Surprisingly, Richard felt his heart skip a beat.

“Please sit beside me.” He just said. As he made his way to his seat at the end of the table, he heard whispers roaming through the room. It was only when he was seated did it all sunk to him. Damn, Richard. Your sentence!

Maya nervously took the seat on Richard’s right. Seeing that there’s still gap, Richard reached for Maya’s chair and pulled it beside him. Since they are seating on office chairs, it slide effortlessly to his side. Maya just stared at him, as well as Richard. “Uhm, I .. uh Papa told me to have someone to guide me. And .. and since you’re the only one I know, I was hoping that you’ll ..” he trailed off.

“Ah, o-opo naman Sir.” Maya said and looked straight. Richard did the same only to find that all of the employees are looking at them. He cleared his throat and said, “So, shall we start?”

The meeting went on and the theme was decided. It’ll be “Time Traveling”. One of the employees said that it’ll be the most fitting theme as they would look back through the years of Lim Aviation. Throughout the meeting, Richard warmed up with the employees, making them feel comfortable like they were with Roberto.

“Alright. Before I adjourn this meeting. Could I ask you guys a favour?” Richard asked.

A chorus of yeses was heard in the room.

“Since the theme is Time Traveling, could you please introduce yourselves? Siguro sa loob ng kwartong ‘to, ako mismo yung kailangang mag-time travel.”

The employees chuckled until they finally introduced their selves. Then it was Maya’s turn.

“Hindi ko na kailangang mag-salita! Kilala na ko ni Sir eh!” she complained.

“Ayieeeeeeeeee!” the employees teased her.  “Eh paano mo nga ba nakilala si Sir, Maya?” Ryan asked.

“Ehh .. “

“I met her through Papa.” Richard said.

“Ayun o! Sinambot pa ni Sir yung sasabihin ni Maya.” Jeff said.

Laughter roamed in the room. “Dali na, Maya. Introduce yourself na. Since parang kailangan mo talaga yun kasi ibang-iba ka na ulit ngayon.” Ina said.

“Bakit ibang-iba?” Richard asked, bewildered with the term used.

“Ay nako Sir. Si Maya kasi, bigla na lang sumaya ulit. Ang lungkot kaya nyan dati.” Ina said.

“May I ask why?”

“Love life yan!” Jeff teased.

“Huy, ano ka ba Jeff!” Maya said.

“So? What’s the reason?” Richard asked.

Ikaw. Ikaw ang dahilan. “Eh, personal reason po Sir.” she answered.

“Well, folks, we can’t invade her privacy.” Richard said, who’s also quite disappointed not hearing an answer.

“Introduce na lang, Maya.” Liza said.

“Sige na sige na. Kalma na guys.” She said that also made Richard laugh. “Ako si Maya dela Rosa. 26. Isang taon nang nagta-trabaho dito. Graduate ng Accounting sa La Salle. Uhmm, wala na.”

“Asuuus! Wala na raw.” Ryan teased. “Love life naman!”

“Huy! Anong love life? Nakakahiya kay Sir oh!” Maya said as her cheeks reddened. “Sir oh.” She said turning to Richard.

Richard raised both of his hands. “I have nothing to do with it! Sagutin mo na lang.” He answered. Richard can’t explain it but he also wants to know what Maya’s going to say.

“See Maya? Pati si Sir gustong malaman!” Jeff teased, making Richard blush. “Uy si Sir oh, namumula!”

“Nooo!” Richard defended. “Save us both from misery, Maya. Sumagot ka na.” He said.

“Ehh. Ano ba dun?”

“Boyfriend, Maya.” Liza asked.

“Wa-wala.” Meron, kaso ako na lang ata yung nakakaalam na may relasyon kami.

“Asuuus! Pero may someone special?” Liza continued to ask.

“Hmm.” She secretly glanced at Richard. “Meron.”

“Ayieeeeeeeeeee!!” the room was filled with it. But Richard’s heart seemed to sank when he heard her response.

“O sya sya. Tama na. Ayoko na ng ganitong portion.” Maya complained.

“Yeah. Maya’s right. So I’ll just report this to Papa. Meeting adjourned.” He said. The employees said their thank you’s and left. Richard and Maya were left inside. The latter is already on her feet while the former is still attempting to stand. His cane is on his other hand and he’s trying to lift his self up. Maya couldn’t stand Richard at that state so she encircled her arm to Richard’s arm to help him stand.

“Ah, thank you Ms. Dela Rosa.” Richard said.

“Maya na lang po. Alalayan ko na po kayo sa office niyo Sir Richard?” she asked, her arms still around him.

“Richard. Richard will do.” He gave her a smile that made Maya blush. “Hindi na. I should be the one accompanying you to your office. I disturbed you long enough.”

“Ay, hindi na po Sir –“

“Richard diba? I insist, Maya.” Without waiting for her answer, he walked bringing Maya with him. When they reached outside, Maya let go of him, making Richard to stumble a bit.

“Sorry Richard. Baka kasi kung anong isipin nila.” She said. Hearing Maya say his name brought a smile to his face.

“It’s okay. Lead the way please.”

Maya walked to her office and as Richard walk, he couldn’t help but felt like he strolled through that path countless times before. And when they reached inside Maya’s office, he halted.

“Richard? Okay ka lang? Masama ba pakiramdam mo?” Maya asked when she saw Richard by the door.

“No. I’m good. Na-deja vu lang ako. Your office seems so familiar.” He said.

Paano hindi magiging familiar eh lagi kang nandito. “Ah. Eh, siguro po lagi po kayong pumupunta dito before?”

Richard walked until he reached the place where he always stood before – by the window. “Maybe. Kaninong office ba ‘to dati?”

Maya paused when she saw him at that spot. “K-kay Ma’am Stephanie po.”

Richard’s head turned when she mentioned the name. “Kay Steph? Nasaan na siya ngayon? I haven’t seen her. Do you know? Nag-iba ba siya ng department?”

“Uhm, sa Papa niyo na lang po itanong.” She answered. Bakit ganoon na lang ang concern mo kay Ma’am Stephanie? Ano bang meron kayo?Naguguluhan tuloy ako. “Bakit po? May kailangan po ba kayo kay Ma’am?” she pressed, her heart thumping at each word.

“She is my girlfriend.”


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