Still – Prologue

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to 6reenlover.

A/N: This is my first time to write a fan fiction. Well, I’m also a newbie in writing stories. The authors in EB (Excess Baggage Library) inspire me to write something from my imagination. Sorry in advance for grammatical errors, if there are any. Comments/Suggestions and violent reactions are humbly accepted. This is just a prologue. Hope you’ll like this. God bless everyone! ^^


Author: 6reenlover






When I look into your eyes,

It’s like watching the night skies..

Or a beautiful sun–


Oops, teka parang narinig ko na to.. San nga ba yun?




“Good Evening everyone!  I will sing a special song for a special person here. This is for you, for US. Remember this song. This is my promise for you.”


*End of Flashback*


Aaaargghh!!! Sabi na nga ba! Eto yun. Hmp.


  I won’t give up on us,

even if the skies get rough..



“Whatever happens, I will never leave you, I will stay by your side FOREVER. That’s a promise. I promise.

I love you, Mahal..”

“I love y- -“


*End of Flashback*


Ugh! Nakaka inis! Hmp. (>.<)


I’m giving you all my love,

I’m still looking up,

still loo—”


“Mang Lem, pakipatay naman ng radyo!”

“Opo, maam. Pasensya po.”

“Okay lang, salamat. Daan muna tayo sa bagong restaurant  malapit dito. May bibilhin lang ako.”

“Sige po.”


(Erase erase.. Bawal negative vibes. Past is past.)


Saktong tumigil yung kotse sa tapat ng isang mamahaling Italian Restaurant, sinulyapan muna nya ang dalawang taong mahalaga sa kanya ngayon bago bumaba ng sasakyan para mag-order..




“that’s all, thank you.” I said after enumerating my orders..

“just some minutes maam.”



umupo muna ko sa isang table habang hinihintay yung order ko.


I can’t help but be amaze by the interior design of the restaurant.

The walls are painted with Cream and Green Accents. (plus factor: Green’s my favorite). The seat is so cozy making me feel at home. There’s also different kind of plants in every corner..


hmm, it suits my taste. Pwede na. ^_^


Her thoughts were disrupted by a couple across her table.


“Yes. I will. We will. As long as we’re together. We can..” – guy

“Promise?” – girl “Promise. I love you, babe.”- guy  “I love you too, babe.” –girl


“Ugh! Liar! Promises are meant to be broken! Hmp. If I were you, d ako maniniwala jan..” — in her mind.


She’s Maya Dela Rosa, a goal-driven woman.. Walang problema ang kayang magpabagsak sakanya.. After all, marami na syang napagdaanan at kinayang harapin in the past.


But the question is..


Is that PAST, already a PAST?


A/N: thoughts please? Should I continue? 🙂




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