Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – First Kiss

This is the continuation of Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – Mr. & Ms. Confused

Author: banana08

A/N: Sorry for the late post. Been sick for two weeks. Madami lang din nangyari. Thank you for your continuous support. Hope you’ll enjoy this one. 🙂


Maya: Wait, I have an idea. If only it’s okay with you.
Richard: What is it?
Maya: I want to make up with the supposed dinner with you and your kids. So I want to invite you guys to our resort in Batangas this weekend.
Richard: Maya you don’t have to.
Maya: I know but I want to. Please? (she said with her hands together in front of her with pleading eyes)
Richard: Stop using that trick! How can I say no when you look like that! That’s Argumentum ad Misericordiam!
Maya: It’s not trick my dear, it’s charm! (she winked at him)
Richard: Fine you win again. Batangas it is this weekend!


Doris: Liza friend! Buti naman at pumayag ka lumabas ngayon! Sobrang stressed out ako! Ang busy namin ngayon! Ang dami kasi hinahabol ni Ms. Maya na trabaho ngayon. O ikaw kamusta ka?
Liza: I’m okay friend! Busy, pero good thing madalas wala si boss sa opisina kaya hindi ako masyado ngarag!
Doris: Diba si Mr. Lim ang boss mo?
Liza: Yes! The one and only Richard Lim!
Doris: Hmmm… Yang boss mo ha, nadadalas ang pagbisita sa opisina namin! I smell something fishy ah! Pero ang gwapo naman talaga ng boss mo friend!
Liza: Oo, gwapo nga talaga sya! Pero anong something fishy?
Doris: Eto ha, hindi naman talaga ako sure! Pero kasi sa mga nakalipas na araw lagi syang dumadalaw kay Ms. Maya!
Liza: Hmmm, fishy nga! Kaya siguro laging wala sa office! This weekend nga nag-cancel ng site visit kasi may importanteng out of town trip daw sya sa Batangas. I’d like to know more about that!
Doris: Ano kaya ang real score? Ang ngiti ng Ms. Maya ko lately, wag ka! Hindi maikukubli!
Liza: Kaya din siguro bawas ang tiger mode ng boss ko! Hindi kaya sila ang magkasama sa weekend?
Doris: Malalaman natin yan!


Maya came early to work. She wants to finish early today so that she can prepare for the trip tomorrow.

Maya: Good Morning Doris! What do you have for me today?
Doris: Good Morning Ms. Maya! 10am meeting with Mr. Young of Hongkong Air. The draft for the merging arrived yesterday. It’s in your table now.
Maya: Okay! I’ll check on that. Can you ask if Atty. Seraspi if he can schedule a meeting with the boards for the draft asap?
Doris: Okay Ms. Maya. I’ll inform you as soon as I already set the appointment.
Maya: Okay thanks!
She was about to get in her office when she remembered something.
Maya: Uhmm, one more thing. I’ll be in our rest house in Batangas for the weekend. I will relax and unwind. Please settle everything I need to finish by 2pm. I’ll leave the office early today so I can prepare. As for the weekend, no calls for me, okay?
Doris: Noted Ms. Maya.
Maya: Thanks!

When Maya was in her office, Doris immediately called Liza.

Ring, ring, ring…

Liza: Oh hello friend!
Doris: Frrriiiiieeeeeeennnnnddddd!
Liza: Ano?


Abby, Nikki and Luke were running down the stairs. Though it’s still 3 o’clock in the morning, they’re all hyped up and were so excited for their weekend trip in Batangas.

Richard: Kids, stop running! Be careful!
Luke: Sorry Dad!
Nikki: We’re just oh super excited Dad!
Richard: Okay, we’ll just fetch Tita Maya in her condo.
Abby: Okay Daddy!
Nikki: So let’s go?

The girls boarded the backseat. When Luke was about to get in the front seat,

Richard: Son, you sit with your sisters. I know you would want to go back to sleep. Maya will just take that seat to show me the way to the rest house.
Luke: Okay Dad!

They arrived in front of Maya’s condo and she was already outside waiting for them. Richard alighted from the car to open the door for her. He got her bag and put it in the trunk then back to his seat.

Maya: Good Morning Kids! Good Morning Richard! (she greeted them with much enthusiasm) Sorry if we need to travel this early. I want us to be there before sunrise.
Richard: Why is everybody’s all hyped up early in the morning? (he asked as he pulled to the driveway)
Nikki: We’re just excited. Aren’t you?
Richard: Of course, I am excited.
Maya: Okay wait. I made sandwich for everyone, hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for us Richard. Here kids, have your breakfast first. Careful with the hot chocolate.
Kids: Thanks Tita Maya!
Abby: hmm looks delicious!
Maya: How about you Richard? Want me to help you with the sandwich so that you can eat while driving?
Richard: Maya, you don’t have to do this. We can just drive thru McDonald’s, you know.
Maya: Richard, I want to do this. A simple thank you will do. (she smiled at him sweetly) So you want me now to help you with your sandwich?
Richard: Okay, Please? And Thank you! (he said throwing a glance at her with matching flashed lopsided smile)

During the rest of the drive the kids were back to sleep while Maya kept Richard a company while driving. He didn’t feel sleepy even a bit. Chatting, laughing and exchanging banters with her kept him awake. Her mere presence made it impossible for sleepiness to drawn into him.
After two and a half hours of drive, they finally arrived at the Resort. They were welcome by the caretakers.

Aling Ebing: Maya, anak!
Maya: Aling Ebing! Magandang umaga po!
AE: Mabuti naman at nadalaw ka! Miss ka na namin!
Maya: Oo nga po. Ay, Aling Ebing eto nga po pala si Richard, kaibigan ko tapos yung mga anak nya. Si Abby…Si Nikki at si Luke.
Kids: Good Moning po Aling Ebing.
AE: Aba, Sir Richard, e ke gaganda at gwapo po ng mga anak nyo. Manang mana sa inyo.
Richard: Salamat po, pero mas mana po sila sa mommy nila.
AE: Pa-humble pa kayo sir! O sya sige na sumunod na kayo sa akin at nang maibaba nyo na ang gamit nyo at ng makapag-almusal na kayo. Lino, Nak, pakitulungan na sila.
Maya: Lino! Uy, long time no see ah!
Lino: Oo nga Maya e. Sya tara na muna sa mga kwarto nyo. At naghihintay na yung mesa sa may Villa.


Nikki: Oh my gee Tita Maya! I’m so glad we arrived before sunrise! It’s so beautiful!
Maya: Yes Nikki. That’s the reason why we left early so that we can witness the sunrise.
Luke: So Tita what will be our activity for the day?
Maya: Hmmm… we can do banana boating, jet skiing, beach tricycle, biking, Frisbee, we can have beach games, whatever you like guys. (she said flashing her beautiful smile to the kids)
Luke: Wow exciting!
Abby: Can I join also Tita?
Maya: Of course baby! We can also do sand castle building and kite flying. BUT, let’s eat first then we’ll rest for an hour or two then we’ll do the activities, okay?
Kids: Yes Tita! (they were all smiles, excited for the day’s activities. They immediately dug into their food.)
Maya: Abby you sit beside me, I’ll help you with your food. Nikki, Luke do you want anything? Juice, anyone?

Richard was silently watching this woman dealing with his kids and he was amazed. He can’t help but smile in what he is seeing. His kids are starting to like her. No. They like her already. Who wouldn’t? He felt happiness.

After resting for an hour, they proceeded to the beach and do the activities. The kids and Maya were busy with the activities while Richard was so engrossed in taking pictures and videos. He was asked by the kids to join the activities but he kept on declining. They stopped before lunch time and decided to have afternoon siesta and continue the activities later on.

Maya: Kids, don’t you think someone’s being unfair? Not participating in our activities…hmmmm..
Luke: I think so too Tita!
Maya: You guys know what to do!

And with that, Luke grabbed the arms of Richard and the three girls pushing him to lie on sand. They bury him in the sand from waist down.

Abby: Daddy, that’s the consequence of not joining in the activities.
Nikki: Yes Dad! You’re so unfair.
Richard: Honey and Sweetie can you spare Daddy please? (he said, eyes pleading and hands clasped in front of him)
Maya: Nice trick Richard!

Everybody laugh at Maya’s quip.

The day went by so swiftly. It was a great day for them full of fun-filled activities and bonding. Maya was the happiest. After dinner, the kids went to their respective rooms to rest. Nikki and Abby were on the same room while Luke and Richard on the other. They said good night before Richard and Maya tucked Abby to sleep. When they were out of the girls’ room,

Maya: Coffee?
Richard: I thought you’d never ask. Yes please.
Maya: Okay, wait for me in the villa.

Maya went to the kitchen and made two cups of coffees. She also grabbed paper and pens then went to where Richard is. She sat herself across him and gave him his coffee. It was now Richard’s favorite coffee.

Richard: You really made good coffee. I’m afraid it’s becoming my favorite now. (he said as he took a sip)
Maya: It’s just simple coffee, you know. (she was flattered)
Richard: Yes simple but there is something. I don’t know if it’s the sugar or the coffee itself. It’s different and I like it.
Maya: Okay stop! Thank you. I’m glad you like it.
Richard: I really do. Hmmm…..what are the papers and pens for?
Maya: Oh! We don’t really know each other so well. And I want that to change. So I thought of having a Q&A game for us.

He just raised his brows in response.

Maya: We will write our questions in the paper and we will take turns in picking one. But we will both answer.
Richard: So is this somewhat like a slumbook?
Maya: Sort of. But the answers to the questions should only give our point of view regarding life, love, family, career, and those sorts of stuff. No personal details.
Richard: No personal details?
Maya: Yes. But it’s up to us if we will share some personal details. I just don’t want you to feel pressured to answer the questions. Just give me answers you’re ready to give. (she said with a smile on her face)
Richard: Okay. Fair enough.

And with that they wrote questions on the pieces of paper and fold it after. It was Maya who first pick a question.

Maya: This is a question from me. What is your view on having a family of your own? I’ll answer this first.

She fixed her eyes on the beach. She was in deep thoughts while he was just staring at her waiting for her answer.

Maya: Having a family of your own is a blessing. It is the best gift you can receive in this lifetime. Having people to share your life with, going home to people who will give you hug after a long day and having someone to call you Mama or Papa is the best feeling. Being a parent there is no resignation, no over-time pay but the most rewarding job. Just pure love.

He saw the sadness in her eyes. He can’t quite understand where she is coming from. He knows she has a beautiful family, but why is there sadness in her eyes? He can only wonder.

Maya: Oh, now it’s your turn. (she can’t look in his eyes, she was trying to suppress the tears.)
Richard: Hey, are you okay? (he asked with concern in his voice)
Maya: Of course. It’s your turn now to answer.
Richard: Alright. Well, indeed, I agree with you that having a family of your own is a blessing. They will inspire you to be a better person each and every day. Alex and I may have not been blessed with long years, still, I got my precious ones, my kids. They are the best I ever have. I could not ask for more but a little bonus won’t be so bad. If you know what I mean. ( he chuckled at the latter part of his statement) Ok my turn to pick up a question. What do you think is your purpose in life? Hmmm, not a question I wrote. Hard question you have here Maya.

He thought for some time.

Richard: I haven’t thought of my purpose until now. To be honest, I really don’t know. I’m not a writer who inspires others, not the perfect father nor the perfect boss. I guess I’m a man trying to do a little bit of everything. And now that you asked, I guess I should find that one purpose and make it my purpose. So how about you? Have you thought of this already?
Maya: Actually, yes. My purpose in life is to be good mother and a loving wife.
Richard: And? (he said as he sensed that she’s not giving away more)
Maya: And I intent to do that.
Richard: Oh o..okay! (he was perplexed with her answers. He wanted to dig deeper but decided against it) So your turn, pick a question.
Maya: What is love? Seriously, you wrote this?(her mood changed as she read the question. Her lips was slowly curving into a smile)
Richard: Stop embarrassing me further! Just answer it!
Maya: Okay, okay. Love is when you do crazy things with a special person without reasons, when you lose a part of you and become a better one. It is not love if you’re losing yourself and turns you to the worst version of you. It should make you feel good and do well. And lastly, love is not ONLY about you but also your loved ones. Selfishness and Love don’t go together.
Richard: For me, there is no such thing as perfect love. But beyond this imperfection, we see the perfection and embrace it with all the fiber of our being. When we love, we will be hurt. When we love, pain is inevitable. But still, the feeling of being loved and in love is the best feeling.

He can’t help but stare in her doe shaped eyes with much intent, too long which made her uncomfortable to meet his gaze. She was starting to fidget and so she decided to call it a night.

Maya: Oh it’s late. I guess we better sleep. (she stood up not looking at him)
Richard: Oh! Okay. (he can sense her becoming uneasy under his stare)
He stood up and followed her. Few steps and he grabbed her by the shoulder making her turn around.
Richard: Maya….

He lowered his lips to hers giving her a quick kiss.

Richard: Good night….Maya.

Eyes locked on each other.

Maya: Good night Richard. (she said not breaking the eye contact)

Richard move closer to her. She didn’t move. Another step and the anticipation grows. He held her waist with one hand and her nape with the other. She closed her eyes and he knew. His lips met her lips again this time with a different intensity. She wrapped her arms around his neck. The kiss deepens as the passion flares.


The next morning was spent for site seeing and island tour. They had their breakfast in the yacht owned by Maya’s family in the middle of the sea. The kids were very delighted especially Nikki who was squealing with glee. During the island tour, the kids were busy and went few feet away from Maya and Richard. He took her hand in his and walk side by side with plastered smiles on their faces.

Maya: I guess you should let go of my hand. The kids might see us.
Richard: Just a little longer. I’ll let go when they’re…

He was not able to finish his words when they heard Abby called them up. He was startled. Maya can only giggle.

Abby: Daddy, Tita! Come on! Why are you so slow? Daddy, I’ll show you the fishes.
Richard: Coming sweetie! ( he can only shook his head with grin on his face.)

They went back to the resort before lunch time. They ate their lunch and prepared themselves to leave. They left Batangas mid-afternoon and arrived at Manila a little after six. They drop off Maya in her condo first.

Richard: Kids is it okay if I’ll walk Tita Maya to her unit to bring her bags?
Maya: No Richard. It’s okay.
Nikki: No Tita. It’s okay. Let Dad bring your things.
Maya: Ah.. Okay then. So until our next bonding time?
Kids: Of course Tita!
Maya: Bye kids! I had fun with you!
Nikki: Oh Tita! Super Thankee for the weekend! We super had a blast!
Luke: Yes Tita! I enjoyed the jetski and Frisbee! Thank you!
Abby: Thank you Tita Maya!

Abby then hugged Maya and kiss her cheek. Nikki and Luke did the same. She was overwhelmed with the affection being shown to her by the kids. She waved at them to bid goodbye.
Richard and Maya entered the condominium. He held her hand as they entered the elevator. No one dared to speak when suddenly Maya’s phone rang. It was James.

Maya: Oh hello to the one and only James Ventura. (she let go of Richard’s hand and focused on the call)

He jerked at the sound of James’ name. He felt a little pain with the way she addressed him. She was animatedly talking to James that she didn’t notice the fury in Richard’s eyes.

The call ended. She faced him and saw a sudden change of his mood. He was just staring at her with wrath in his eyes. He was quiet, both hands on his hips.

Maya: Richard, why are you acting like that? (She was confused)
Richard: Who is James to you? (he snapped)
Maya: He is my bestfriend and…..wait a minute! Are you jealous? (she said, her lips curving to a smile)
Richard: Ah..ohh NO!!!! No, I’m not jealous! (he stammered)
Maya: Are you sure? (she fixed her eyes to his) What’s that again?

He looked away.

Maya: Again, are you jealous? (she said as she hold his face with both hands and fixed his gaze to her)
Richard: Alright. You got me there! I’m jealous. Maybe a bit?

She laughed.

Richard: Hey! This ain’t going anywhere! I’ll better leave. The kids are waiting!
Maya: Not so fast dear! You shouldn’t be jealous. There’s nothing to be jealous about. (she clung to his arms)
Richard: And why would I believe that?
Maya: Because you’re the one I want to marry. And..
Richard: And?
Maya: He is my bestfriend. He’s back…He’s back to pursue..
Richard: For pete’s sake Maya! Come on!
Maya: Fine. He’s here to pursue my sister. He is the father of my nephew Cho.
Richard: What?
Maya: He was Ate Cris’ ex-boyfriend. And when she found out that she’s pregnant, she shooed James away, never wanted him anywhere near her. She hated him because the time she got pregnant, that’s also the peak of her career. He is just asking for help. Satisfied?
Richard: Oh..Okay.
Maya: Now, I believe you still need to walk me to my door. Let’s go? (she reached out her hand, which he gladly took)

He walked her to her door. They were silently walking hand in hand while stealing glances and exchanging smiles to each other.

Maya: Thanks for allowing me to spend time with your family.(she said as they reached her door)
Richard: I should be the one thanking you for inviting us. The kids really had a great time.
Maya: You guys are always welcome there.
Richard: Thanks. Go inside now then I’ll leave.

She fished her keys and opened the door. She was about to get in when he called her.

Richard: Maya…
He looked at her admiringly.
Richard: The kids are starting to like you. And so I..
He was not able to finish what he was saying when she suddenly kissed his lips. He responded to the kiss but she cut it off
Maya: Speaking of the kids, they’re waiting. Text me, okay?
Richard: I’ll call you. Bye.
Maya: Bye Richard!


One morning Richard saw Luke standing at the veranda. His hands on the railings and staring blankly on the view.

Richard: Son?

Luke turned to face his dad.

Luke: Yes Dad?
Richard: What happened?
Luke: Nothing Dad.
Richard: Tell me, is it about a girl?

Luke avoided his Dad’s gaze but remained silent. Richard knew he was right.

Richard: Come here. Sit down and let’s talk.
Richard just looked at his son, waiting for him to talk.
Luke: Dad… uhmm, have you ever experienced crushing on a girl but you can’t do anything but to watch her from a far?
Richard: I guess, at one point, everyone experienced that.
Luke: So this was before Mom because she’s the only girlfriend you had.
Richard felt uneasy with his son’s question, he looked away.
Luke: uh oh! Don’t tell me Dad, it’s after mom?

He felt the growing awkwardness. He bowed down his head.

Luke:’s okay. It’s been more than five years. You deserve to be with someone. So what’s the story?
Luke was so eager that he forgot his confusion a while ago.
Richard: Are you sure it’s okay?
Luke: Of course Dad!

He paused for a while.

Richard: It was last year. It was during those business trips I had. I saw her in the airport. Wearing this floral dress that fits her perfectly, she was beautiful, very beautiful. I saw her not just once, all by chance, always at the airport. I thought maybe she is a flight attendant.
Luke: Really Dad? Maybe you are destined to know her.
Richard: Maybe. And one time I saw her again. I followed her and before I realized, I was already in front of her condominium.
Luke: Really Dad? You stalked her!
Richard: I knew it was wrong. I just can’t help myself.
Luke: Why didn’t you speak to her? You saw her many times. You had your chance then.
Richard: Maybe when I was younger, it would be easy. But I also have to consider you guys. The three of you are my most precious ones. You and your sisters above anything else, above anyone else. That’s why I was happy seeing her from a distance.
Luke: Dad, I know you love us so much. But we also love you that much that we only want is for you to be happy. And if loving someone again will make you truly happy, we will definitely not hinder that.
Richard: I’m just worried for you and your sisters.
Luke: Dad, you already did so much for us especially after Mom died. Being a father and a mother at the same time is not an easy. But you did an excellent job.
Richard: Thanks Son! But this is a different story.
Luke: Have faith in us Dad. We will understand.
Richard: You’re amazing Son. You’ve grown so much. I should be the one giving you the advice but it turned out the other way.
Luke: Dad, because you are amazing too.
Richard: Thank you Son.
Luke: So Dad, what are you going to do when you see her again?
Richard: I guess I’ll pursue her and make her fall in love with me.
Luke: That’s more like it Dad! I hope she’s like Tita Maya.

And as if on cue, Richard saw Maya standing near the veranda with pained expression in her eyes.


13 thoughts on “Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – First Kiss

  1. done! 🙂 good job ulit beh! may kissss na! hahaha. 1 2 3 para-paraan nanaman, pero the story’s getting more and more interesting. keep it going. hehe. may pinaghuhugutan ka sa pag-uusap nla Richard at Maya habang nagkakape ha. 😀 I also love the heart to heart talk between father and son.

    • haha, natuwa ka naman sa kiss! haha alam mo yang mga damoves na yan! haha thanks beh! sana masustain ko! hehe ano naman ang pinaghuhugutan ko? haha wala kang ebidensya! hehe tignan ko kung magustuhan mo pa ang usapang yun sa next chapter! hehe

    • syempre beh kasi dito sa story mo, ang bilis! may kiss na agad. haha. welcome beh, basta ikaw. ramdam ko lang naman, may pinaghuhugutan ka nga ba? >:P hala, kinakabahan ako sa mga susunod na mangyayari ha. galing mo pa naman sa mga twist and turns na mga ganyan.

    • ang tagal nga e. isiipin mo nauna pa muna ang first trip kesa sa first kiss! haha ou beh wala akong pinaghuhugutan! galing lang yan sa mataba kong utak! haha naku wag kang kabahan kasi may liwanag ang buhay. haha

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