Adventures with Little Chief – part 1

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to faerieMagic.

Author: faerieMagic


Part 1: Meet the Little Master


So, what happens when Sir Chief and Maya’s genes collide? Let’s meet the new bunso of the family: Richard Daniel Lim Jr., a bespectacled little fellow of nine. He did not steal Abby’s throne of honor, but created a throne of his own instead.

Introducing the little Sir Chief of the Lim Household.

His voice was not as deep as Sir Chief’s, still being a kid, nonetheless it contained authority after his own fashion, with a bit of Chinese smooth soft sophistication from his father, like the voice of a porcelain-skinned child who had been doted, spoiled and given every comfort of a big house.

In his clean and neat uniform and socks, he walked like a lord. Yet there were those plain moments when he would not cringe at sweat, mud and dirty hands even in his heights, just like her mother.

“Mommy!” little Chief would greet his mother when she comes to fetch them from school.  “You came!”

“Ricky boy!” said Maya hugging their last born. “Come on in. Abby is already here.” She hugged her son after his long day; checking his back if ever it was wet.

Yes. It had always been like this for the Lim family. An observer saw from behind.


“Ricky boy, wait! Uhm…I was wondering, if… if, I could sit to lunch with you…” a girl approached him. She was about to pull out a tiny music box from her pockets.

“Look. Don’t call me Ricky boy,” Little Chief said curtly after being interrupted for something that strikes him as uninteresting compared to the new remote controlled plane in his hand.

“But that’s what I heard your mom call you,” said the girl.

“We’re not close. It’s obvious that you have a crush on me. I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t like those sorts of things,” he said.

“How did you…”

“Ha-hum. Let’s see. You followed me to the library, yet you were holding a geometry book that you can hardly understand.Gems, if you want to stalk, do be subtle, okay?” he stood up and turned his back, planning to return inside the classroom away from possible interruptions.

He knows my name, Gems said to herself, putting back the little music box to her pockets. That’ll do for now. But the box did not escape the eyes of her prying classmate.

“Wait. Is that for Richard? Seriously, you’re giving that junk to Richard?! Oh my, you like Richard,” said her classmate whose name was Sophie: the prim and proper Sophie; The darling of the class.

“What if I do?” said Gems.

“Tsk. Really Gems. You should choose someone your own league. Look at your face!“ she commented, turning up her nose as if it was detestable as well as smelly.

“What’s wrong with liking him?” Gems asked, being hurt, but still wanting to have the last word.

“Hahaha, look at your hair. It’s all very bushy like a witch! Choose someone like, uhm, Danny. Yes. Danny. You’re both compatible. But Richard Jr?Noooo.”

Gems shrugged it and planned to modestly clear out. But by ill luck, she stumbled in front of many people, her white uniform getting all muddy to which all her classmates laughed. But she tried to put up a brave face, her face held up by her burning pride. She did clear out but without flying colors, except maybe, a bit of flying mud, leaving the impression of a looser.

Little Chief turned back. “That was rude.”

“But it’s true,” shrugged Sophie.

“Well then, should I tell the teacher what you did last Thursday? It’s also true that your absent note wasfake this morning.” Little Chief walked away, leaving the girl in a state of nervousness and disgrace. Not everything could be gotten by cuteness.

But even how bad that pandemonium had gotten, he was a bit shocked to hear a sobbing sound when he passed by the ladies room. He had a cheek guess on who was inside.

“Gems! Get out at once! The bell is going to ring!” shouted Little Chief banging the door of the girl’s restroom.

“I don’t want to, and I don’t care!” sobbed Gems from the inside.

“Oh, shut up and don’t be a sissy.”

“I —can’t. My skirt looks like I just pooed on it,” she managed to say between sobs.

“Don’t be ridiculous. Everyone saw it wasn’t.”

“Everyone saw!” fresh cries were heard from the inside.

“I’ll stay here until you go out,” he leaned on the side with his arms crossed.

“Just go away…”

“Fine,” said Little Chief almost inaudibly becoming resigned after a few more moments of silence. “We can sit together at lunch today.”

A teary-eyed girl opened the door instantly. “Really?!”

“Unfortunately, yes. Now let’s go back.” He led the way not even looking behind to check if his supposed ward is following, when his eye caught the sight of the music box in the trash can.

“Isn’t that yours?” he asked her.

“Yes, but it broke when I fell. Don’t worry. It’s a little cheap anyway. Hey, what are you doing with it? I told you, it’s broken!” she tried to stop him from getting the music box, but he just brushed her off.

“It’s okay. This can still be fixed,” he said, walking ahead, fumbling over the mechanism. Gems didn’t know, but a broken toy was the perfect gift to give to an engineer’s son.







The sack was lifted off little Chief’s head after waking up from being drugged to sleep. He found himself in a dimly lit spacious room. It felt cold and damp like a storage place. Bu he could only see himself sitting squat, tied in a corner with Gems on his side, and the face of his masked assailants in front of them.

He tried to tug his hands free, but the cords hurt his arms the more he moved.



“Gems!Gems, wake up!” Gems woke with a start after a good shake. “Shh. Not a word. Turn around. I want to see your watch.”

Five hours. They have been out for five hours.



“How much do you want?” Sir Chief asked him.

Mr. Lucedodeclared the figure. “I want cash. Cold, fresh cash.”

Sir Chief sat half stupefied. That’s more than half his assets. Without that money, The Lim Aviation is going to start from scratch again. With their company extremely downsized, not only the Lim family will be damned, but hundreds of workers as well.

More stock – holders, but where on earth will he get that much? More risks. He may have to beg.Ultimately, he had to liquidate and sell to others, all those sites that he slowly and painstakingly furnished.

But nothing was more valuable than his priceless million-dollar son.

“You should have thought of this long ago, when you made me an enemy. I want you homeless Mr. Lim. I want that clean shirt of yours filled with mud and filth, until you look like a common beggar.”




A/N: Readers, I’m just a teen. I don’t have first-hand information on the big bad corporate world.  This is my first adventure story using modern setting and gadgets. So if I discuss, it may just be third rate. But I’ll do my best.

Comments regarding flaws on facts and narratives are welcome.

This works easy. If I don’t have any audience response, this is going hiatus. I mean, why should I write, if no one is interested to read, eh?


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