Almost – part 8

This is a continuation to Almost – part 7.

A/N: For our dear readers who are greatly affected of the earthquake yesterday. Keep the faith. Hang on .. God love his faithful children.


Author: nylcoen




Though a smile was plastered on her face while working , her eyes can’t hide her heartaches. The moment her friends saw her enter the TA office, they knew that she’s not okay but nobody dared to ask her. Maya knew that her friends are worried but she doesn’t want to disclose her personal problem with them, not this time.

After two flights that day, Maya and the rest of her co-workers were gathered at the crew lounge area waiting for their schedules to be released. Maya was sitting on a chair  at the far end of the office completely unaware of the curious stares she got from the people around her. Ruby was nudging Eds to do the first move in asking Maya why she seemed sad but Eds just couldn’t the courage to do it. Afraid that Maya might not like it if she asked. Mary  Faith noticed them so she came up with a better idea, hoping that she’ll get a good response from Maya.

“Maya, sama ka? Pupunta kaming Kylie’s mamaya.”

Mary Faith blurted out, smiling at Maya when she turned her head to her direction.

“Anong oras kayo pupunta doon?”

Smiling back at Mary Faith keeping a cheerful stance despite the sad eyes that her co-FA’s already noticed. Everyone was surprised of her reply. They were used to Maya’s consistent refusal to join them whenever they asked her to join them for night-outs. It further rose suspicion among her friends.

“Mamaya mga around 8 p.m. So we’ll be expecting you then?”

“Sure..text me na lang if andun na kayo.”


When Maya’s name was called, she approached the table and got her schedule .

“Sige girls mauna na ako ha. Andiyan na si Joma sa labas eh. Kita na lang tayo later.”

“Sige, bye Maya. Yung date natin mamaya huwag mo kaming paghintayin sa wala ha!”

“Dadating ako! Promise!”

“Okay…bye Maya..ingat ka!”

With her flight schedule on-hand, Maya left the lounge and head to the parking area where Joma was waiting.

It was a good thing that she arrived home when the kids are still in school and Richard was in the office so she still have time to catch up on her sleep before she head out to join her friends that night. Wanting to avoid seeing Richard if he comes home early than what she expected, Maya decided to rest at the guest room instead. To make sure that Richard won’t disturb her, she asked Manang Fe to relay to  Richard her message that she wants to be left alone then locked the door.

It was already past six p.m when Maya stepped out of the room . Afraid that she will see Richard, Maya decided to go to the kitchen. She was about to descend the stairs when Abby called her.

“Ma? Did I just saw you walked out from the guest room?”

“Ahh yes Abby…may chineck lang ako dun..kanina pa kayo dumating?”

“Yes ate at kuya nasa veranda.”

Abby walked a few step towards Maya looking at her face closely.

“Ma, umiyak po ba kayo? Bakit po mukhang maga yang mata mo?”

Maya suddenly grew conscious of her swollen eyes that she moved a few steps down the stairs to avoid Abby’s questioning eyes.

“Ay hindi ah..ano lang to, nasobrahan sa tulog  kaya namaga..gumagawa kayo ng assignments ninyo sa veranda?”

“Hindi po, we were playing ..”

“Kayo lang ba andun?”

“Yes po… You want to join us?”

“Ummm later na lang baby. Tulungan ko muna sina Sabel sa baba para makakain na tayo. Aalis pa kasi ako mamaya eh.”

“Sige po..”

Maya and Abby separated, Abby went to join her siblings again while Maya went down to the kitchen and help Doris, Sabel, and Manang Fe prepare dinner. After less than an hour,  Maya called the kids for dinner. As soon as everyone was seated, the kids asked Maya if their dad are joining them for dinner.

“Hindi eh..Kasi baka gabihin si daddy ninyo. Aalis din ako maya-maya lang kaya naisipan kong mag-dinner na lang tayo ng sabay, ayaw ba ninyo akong samahan?”

Maya replied sounding hurt and disappointed.

“Ay hindi po. Nagtatanong lang po. Sige na kain na po tayo. Oh Niks..Abby..sige na kain na.”

Luke was quick to reply . Nikki and Abby started to get food and placed it unto their plates, afraid to disappoint Maya.  She could only hide a smile while watching the kids.

“Kayo talaga di na mabiro. ”

The kids sighed  and smiled at Maya, relieved of the nervousness they felt a few moments ago.


Maya was glad she was able to go out of the mansion before Richard got home. She was afraid earlier that he would catch her at home  while she’s still preparing, but fortunately they did not meet. She rode a taxi going to the bar so that when Richard asked, no one will know where she went.

On her way to the bar, Maya can’t help but think of Richard’s whereabouts. He hadn’t contacted her all throughout the day. Not that she wants it but she just finds it unusual. Before, whenever they have a slight misunderstanding, he will always be the first one to call or text her that would always lead to their reconciliation.

With no text or misscalls from him today, it ‘s certainly not just a slight misunderstanding.

Maya thought. then shrugged off any thought of Richard from her mind from then on. Promising herself that she will do her best to enjoy the night together with her friends and forget about Richard .

But, as they say, promises are made to be broken. It was hard for Maya not to think of Richard when all of her friends only talked about their present boyfriends, heartaches, and husbands. She still had not talked about her problems to them yet  but she absolutely felt she already did it just by listening to her them.

“Alam mo yang mga lalaking yan, kailangan minsan batukan para matauhan.”

Maya heard Mary Faith commented after she heard Ruby’s sentiments regarding her cheating husband.

“Ay tama ka diyan Mary Faith! Give them a dose of their own medicine, tingnan natin sino ma-praning! ”

Edselyn blurted out.

“You mean gagawin din natin kung ano yung ginagawa nila?”

Maya can’t help but react. She couldn’t imagine herself doing exactly what Richard did to her.

“Ummm hindi naman kailangan ganun yon.. bakit kaya ninyo?”

Mary Faith look at them one by one. Everyone shakes their head as an answer.

“See kasi matino tayong mga partners, pero kung sa iba yan baka nga gawin din nila..Siguro give them a little booty shake.”

“Boo-ty sha-ke?”

Maya and rest asked, eyes all gazing at Mary Faith. Clueless and gaping.

“Ay naku girls! Shake! Shake them!..Tease them! Ano pa ba..umm annoy them?!”

“Ahh gets ko na.. oh well, that’s a better idea.. ”

Eds was smiling from ear to ear. Maya is still confuse of what Edselyn and Mary Faith  meant but it really made her curious so the girls explained it to them. After careful explanation, ,Maya was grinning like a fool.

“So girls! Are you on for a booty shake!!”

“Booty shake baby!”

They all yelled and laughed.


Maya didn’t went home that night but decided to spend the night at Edselyn’s place. She was drunk and she was afraid that if she went home on such condition, she would ruin her plans . After she went out with her friends, she decided that once and for all, she must do something to let Richard know that she is not someone who let’s her man fool around to feed his male ego. At the end of everything, she wants him to know that she is Maya ..  a treasure ..  a rare find.


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