Have Faith 19 – Hope

This is a continuation of Have Faith 18 – Meeting

Author : christine24m


“P-po?” Maya stammered. She felt her heart shatter into pieces again. Si Richard at si Ma’am Stephanie? Hindi! Ayoko na talaga. Ayoko na! Bakit pa kasi –“

“Girlfriend. Ah, what I meant to say is that she was my girlfriend.” Richard said again, emphasizing on the word was.

Was? Past tense? Edi break na sila? “A-aahh!” Maya said, louder than she intended to, making Richard smile. Seeing Richard’s reaction, Maya scolded herself. Maya! Ano ka ba! Masyadong obvious yung ‘ahh’ mo! Ayan, nahahalata ka na ata.

“Yes. But seriously, nasaan siya?”

“Tinanggal na po siya ni Sir Robert sa trabaho eh. May ginastos daw pong pera ng LAS.” Maya said. She was waiting for his reaction but didn’t get any.

“That is so her. Alam mo ba nung kami pa, lagi niyang gustong mag-shopping? She’ll look for clothes and stuffs and in the end, ako yung magbabayad. She’s so unfair you know.” Richard complained.

Maya chuckled. “Eh mayaman daw po kayo eh.”

Richard smirked. “Perks of being rich?” he chuckled at the thought. “If you were in Stephanie’s position and I am your boyfriend, would you do that?”

Maya blushed. “Hi-hindi po.”

Richard turned, and raised his brows. He suddenly became interested. “Talaga? Eh anong gagawin mo?”

“Hmm.”she looked away. “Ipagluluto ko na lang po kayo.”

“Really? That’s sweet of you. Eh anong iluluto mo?”

She bit her lip. “Kare-kare po.” She smiled at the thought. Yes, she would do that. Richard never tasted her cooking since he doesn’t eat. It is something that she wants to do for a long time.

Richard smiled. “I would like that. Pwede ba? I know I’m not your boyfriend but do you mind?”

“Ah, eh sige po.” Maya obliged.

“Good. Maybe I can invite you for dinner at home?”

Maya gaped at him. Dinner agad? Ligaw na ba ‘to?

“W-with my parents, of course. Since you know them.” Richard immediately replied when he realized what he just said.

“Si-sige po.”

“Thank you. And could you please drop the ‘po’? I know we’re a few years apart but I insist.”

Maya smiled. “Okay Richard!”

Richard stared at her. His heart just leap with joy when he heard what Maya said, added with the sight of her smiling. “Do you know that you look very familiar?”


“Yes. My .. my memory tells me so.” No Richard.  Your heart tells you so.

“Baka po déjà vu?”

He looked at her again before replying. “Maybe. So, alis na ko. I can see that I’ve disturbed you long enough.” He turned and headed for the door when Maya called him.


“Yes?” he said as he turned around. He saw Maya looking at the walls and scratching her nape. “What is it?” he sensed that Maya has something to say. “C’mon Maya, spit it out. Alam kong may sasabihin ka.”

“Eh paano kung ikaw?”

Richard’s brows crooked. “Huh? Pardon?”

“Pa-paano kung ako yung girlfriend mo, hahayaan mo ba akong gawin yung mga ginawa ni Ma- este ni Stephanie?” Maya shyly asked.

Richard smirked and walked in front of her. “I know for a fact na hindi mo gagamitin ang pera ko. And I could sense na hindi mo ko gagamitin for your own reasons, am I right?”

Maya nodded, staring on the floor.

“Hey, look at me.” Richard lifted his hand to put it under her chin, raising her head. It was the first time that they locked eyes as humans. “Pero if ever man na ako yung boyfriend mo. I’ll make sure that every day I’ll make you feel how I feel for you. I would be the first one saying ‘good morning’ and ‘good night’ not just because I want to be all sweet. But because I want you to think of me from the moment you open your eyes until the moment that you close them.”

Maya’s heart swells. Sure na ko. Ikaw talaga si Richard ko. Kasi ganyang-ganyan ka pa nung anghel ka pa. Miss na miss na miss na kita Richard. Couldn’t resist, Maya’s gaze went to Richard’s lips. Due to their closeness, Richard saw it immediately and moved to close their gap. Maya could almost feel Richard’s warm breath. Seeing that Richard already closed his eyes, Maya also closed hers.

The sound of someone knocking surprised them making the two of them to pull away from each other. Richard losing his balance gripped Maya’s arm, landing him on the office chair with Maya on his lap.

“Ma’am Maya nandyan ba si Sir –“ Doris immediately stopped when she saw the two of them. “Ay naku Sir! Sorry po. Dapat po kasi sa susunod, ila-lock niyo yung pinto.” She reached on the knob of the door. “Ayan po ni-lock ko na po. Lumabas na lang po kayo ‘pag tapos na kasi hinahanap na po kayo ng Papa niyo. Sorry po talaga. Sorry po.” Doris continuously said, not enabling Richard nor Maya to speak.

“I’m sorry Maya. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to drag you. Alam mo naman yung kondisyon ko –“

Richard’s apolgy was stopped by Maya’s laugh. She was laughing so hard that she was already tearing up. “Nakita mo ba yung reaksyon ni Doris? Ang epic!” Then she continued to laugh.

With Maya laughing so hard, Richard laughed too. “Ngayon ko lang nakitang nataranta yun!” Maya said. Unconsciously, she leaned against Richard’s chest and cuddled there as she continued to laugh. Richard put his arms around her, enclosing Maya. She stopped laughing when she heard his steady heart beat. It felt surreal since before, she could never be near him without thinking that she’ll just go pass through.

Richard finally calmed down and took a deep breath. He saw their state and did not make any move to disturb their position. He felt so comfortable. It’s like his body has a mind of its own, and having Maya enclosed in his arms is his body’s ultimate dream.

I want to hug you so badly, Maya. [HF4-The Chinky-Eyed Angel]

Richard jolted at the line her remembered. Maya moved when she sensed Richard’s sudden movement. “Nako Richard, sorry!” she made a move of getting off of his lap. “Sorry! Nabigatan ka ba? Yung katawan mo kasi diba?”

The former angel senses his body screaming ‘Don’t go, don’t go!!’ when Maya got off. Bewildered, he also stood up. “Sorry din, Maya. May naalala kasi ako bigla.”

“Ano yun?”

“I don’t know. It’s just a line. I think it was something I said. May nagsabi na ba sa’yo na I am suffering from either a retrograde amnesia or I repressed my memories?”

“Oo. Yung Papa mo, sinabi na sa’kin.”

“It’s a shame that I forgot them.”

“Babalik din yan.”

“How can you be so sure?”

“Basta. Sure ako.”

Richard smirked. “I could use your optimism. I just hope na bumalik nga.” He paused. “Do you mind if you help me remember them?”

Déjà vu. “Ah? Si-sige.”

“Thank you so much Maya. I better go. I’ll see you later.”

The moment Richard was out, Maya squealed. OMG Maya!! Ang puso, kalma kalma! Then she sank on her chair. She replayed the moments in her mind.

Jusko Maya! Kotang-kota ka na! Yung sa meeting pa lang eh! Yung pagkakahila niya ng upuan mo. Tapos hinatid ka pa sa office mo. Panira lang ng moment yung kay Stephanie eh! Akala ko sila talaga eh. Buti na lang hindi!

Then she remembered what just happened. Nakakapanibago pa rin. Ngayon ko lang narinig yung tibok ng puso niya. I felt relieved kasi alam kong nandito na siya bilang tao. Wala na kaming time limit. Wala nang rules at lahat. Kailangan ko na lang ipaalala sa kanya lahat.

A question popped inside her mind.

Nag-eexist pa ba yung mga memories niya nung anghel pa siya ngayong tao na siya?


“Son. How was the meeting?” Roberto asked when he saw Richard came inside. He’s wearing a smile as he sat down on the chair in front of Roberto’s table.

“It’s good Pa. The theme is ‘Time Travelling.’” He informed Roberto, still wearing the goofy smile.

Roberto smirked. “Hm, I wonder what caused that smile of yours.” He paused. “Let me rephrase that. I wonder who.” He said, emphasizing the word ‘who’.

“Pa naman. I’m just happy. Is there something wrong with it?”

“Wala naman. It’s just that I don’t usually that smile. Anyway, saan ka ba galing at ang tagal mo?”

“I was in Maya’s office.”

“Hmm.” Roberto said. Delight is shown on his face. “You know son, I like her for you.”

“Pa!” he said. “Wala namang malisya yung ginawa ko. Hinatid ko lang siya sa office niya.”

“Sus, hinatid. Eh bakit ang tagal mo?” his father continued to tease.

“W-we were talking!”

“About what?”

“About .. about .. about things!” the younger Lim continued to defend his self but the older one didn’t miss that Richard’s cheeks are going red.

“O, c’mon Ricky. Masamang magsinungaling.”

“Promise Pa, we just talked.” Richard continued to defend his self. Roberto just chuckled, raised both of his hands and said. “Alright, you win.” He heard Richard sigh in relief, then he added. “I could ask Maya to update you with LAS, since siya lang pala yung makakapagpasaya sa’yo ng ganyan eh.”



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