Have Faith 21 – Déjà Vu

This is a continuation of Have Faith 20 – Pang of Jealousy

Author : christine24m


Maya’s heart was beating so loud, she’s afraid that Richard might hear it. Good thing that his phone rang but she couldn’t help but feel disappointed when the kiss didn’t happen.  As Richard answered his phone, she shifted her attention to the laptop in front of her. He’s right. It’s all done. It just needs to be printed. Richard is indeed a great help. When she looked at the time, it says that it’s currently 9PM. She looked at him and saw that he is still talking to the other line. Her suspicion is that it is her mother to whom he is talking because she heard him say ‘Ma’ a couple of times. She can’t seem to gather her thoughts together and got confused on what page they are in, so she asked him, not intending to bother him but was glad when he answered. When Maya is already sure that the remaining pages are printing, her phone rang. She’s going to tell him that she’ll be outside but she doesn’t want to disturb him.

“Hello Simon?” Maya said when she reached outside.

“Hi Maya! Kumusta? Pwede ba kitang yayain mag-dinner ngayon?” Simon said.

“Nasa trabaho pa ko eh.” She replied, almost a whisper. After the months that passed away, she still hadn’t told Simon to stop courting her further. That her heart only belongs to one and that she cannot teach it to love anybody else.

“Ahh. Bukas? Friday naman eh.”

“Eh Simon, ‘di pa rin ako sure. Kasi busy ngayon sa kumpanya. Alam mo na, may anniversary kasi eh.” She continued to make palusot.

“Ganon ba? Wrong timing naman oh.” She heard Simon sigh on the other line.

“Pasensya ka na Simon ha. Basta kapag nakaluwag ako.”


“Oo Simon. Ehh, titignan ko muna ha?”

“Sige. Basta ikaw, Maya. Handa akong maghintay.”

Maya was touched by what Simon said. If she can only explain everything like a normal story would do, she would already tell him. But it’s difficult, for everything was different.

When she ended the call, Maya took in a deep breath. Basta Maya, sundin mo lang ‘yang puso mo. Pero ‘wag na ‘wag mong kakalimutan na samahan ng utak. Baka sa huli, masaktan na lahat.

Richard was seated on her chair, lost deep in thought. She went to the printer to check if it has finished printing. After that, she went in front of her table. Richard is still not moving.


No response.


Still no response.


That made him to shift his head and to look at her. “Okay ka lang?” she asked.

Richard nodded his head. “I’m sorry. I was thinking. Anyway, tapos na yan? We should go home.” He said. Gone was the playful Richard and the serious, bossy one is back. Maya only stared at him as he stands up and tidied up the papers on her table. He was quiet throughout the time. Anong problema nito? Biglang nagbago ang mood?

“Ay, Richard. Sorry nga pala. Lumabas kasi ako nang ‘di mo alam. May tumawag kasi –“

“Yes. I know.” He cut her off. “It was your boyfriend, right?” he said, never looking at her.


“Yes. Simon is his name right?” still not looking at her.

“Si Simon? Eh hindi ko naman boyfriend ‘yun.” She said. Gawa ni Simon?

“Yeah, right. So, he’s courting you?”

“Richard. ‘Wag na nating pag-usapan ‘to. Hindi ko boyfriend si Simon, okay? Saka ano naman ngayon? Hindi naman tayo.” She abruptly stopped as she realized the words she let go. It made Richard to look at her with his serious face. And did she just saw jealousy?

She heard him sigh deeply. “Right. We should go.”


“Where’s your car?” he asked. They were now outside the building.

“Wala akong kotse.” She answered.

“How will you get home?”

“Magta-taxi ako.”

“What?” she heard him sigh again. “It’s not safe. Gabi na.”

“Eh anong gusto mong gawin ko? Mag-commute? Edi lalong delikado?” she replied, too annoyed.

He closed their gap and put his hand at the small of her back, dragging her along with him, stopping at a black BMW. It’s the one she rode on when Joma drove her into his house to have dinner with his parents. Richard opened the passenger’s seat.

“Get in. Ihahatid na kita.” He said, no, more of a command.

“Hindi na, Richard. Marami namang taxi –“

“I said get in!” his tone, higher than he intended to.

Maya quickly get inside. Ayan kasi, Maya. Pag sinabing get in, get in! She was nervous when Richard got inside. She could sense that he is angry. Bakit ba ‘to galit?

“Where do you live?” he asked, never taking his eyes off the road. Maya told him her address that made Richard to glare at her. “Doon? It’s too far away from here! Tapos magta-taxi ka lang? Paano kung saan ka dalhin nung driver? You should really get your own car, you know?” he scolded her. Damn, she felt like she’s being lectured by her father.

Ayoko nang mag-drive. It was all on her mind. Every time na haharap ako sa manibela, naaalala ko lang ung aksidente. Ayoko nang maulit ‘yon. Ayoko na.

“Is money the problem? I could loan you. Sasabihin ko na lang kay Papa –“

“Hindi pera ang problema.” She said, her tone not showing any emotions.

“Then what is it?” he replied. His tone is still the same. He’s still annoyed.

“Basta.” She said.

They both ride in silence again. It is true. When there’s too much laughter, there’s always the presence of its opposite. And right now, it seems like the two of them didn’t had a great time earlier.

Maya was comfortable in the silence when she realized the road they are on is too familiar to her.

“Ri-Richard, ba-bakit dito tayo dumaan?” she stammered. It’s too familiar.

“Why? May iba ka pa bang daan na alam?”

“Me-meron dun sa kabila. Dapat .. dapat kumanan ka kanina.”

“It’s too far away. Matatagalan tayo – Hey, are you okay?” he asked when he saw Maya fidgeting her hands.

Ayan na. Ayan na. It’s getting nearer. Oh, Jesus. “Richard, itigil mo. Itigil mo yung sasakyan.” They are now crossing the curve and Maya’s memory seemed to jump to the moment of her accident. “Stop! STOP!” she screamed.

Richard managed to step on the breaks. Good thing that it’s already in the middle of the night and there’s no car behind them. If ever there is, surely they would be in an accident. As soon as the car halted, Maya opened her door and went outside.

“Maya?” he called but she didn’t hear him. He opened his door to search for her. He saw Maya near the roads railings, the one that prevents the cars from driving off the cliff. When he reached the spot beside her, he saw that she is breathing heavily, with tears in her eyes.

“Jesus. Maya, are you okay?” he put his arms around her to calm her down. “Don’t breathe too much. You’ll hyperventilate.” He said. A few seconds later, he felt Maya’s steady breathing, but he also felt that she’s crying.

“It’s okay, Maya. I’m here. I’m here. I’m not going to leave you.” He said those words thinking that it would calm her down but to his surprise, Maya cried even more. He just sighed and decided that it would be best for him to just hug her tight and not say a word. When Maya finally calmed down, she removed herself from Richard’s arms.

“Are you okay now?” Richard asked, his face full of concern.

Maya just nodded. “Sure ka?” She nodded again.

“Pasensya ka na Richard. Kasalanan ko rin naman. Dapat sinabihan na pala kita na ‘wag dumaan dito.” She said.

“Would you mind telling me what happened here?” he asked. “I could understand you more if I know what happened.”

Maya looked at him for a moment. Then she sighed. “Dito .. dito ako naaksidente. Nag-aaral akong mag-drive tapos naaksidente ako. Muntikan na kong mabangga ng truck kaya kinabig ko yung manibela. Lumagpas ako sa railings na ‘to tapos nahulog ako dito sa cliff.” She closed her eyes. “Na-trap ako sa loob ng sasakyan ko na nahulog na sa dagat.”

“What?” Richard said. “H-how did you got out?”

“May tumulong sa’kin.” She said.


Ikaw. “Some stranger.” She answered.

“So .. that’s why you don’t want to have a car?” Maya nodded.

“Bakit ka naman naaksidente? Sino bang kasama mo sa loob?”

Ikaw. “Wala akong kasama sa loob. Pero may kausap ako sa phone.” She made an excuse. “Eh nag-away kami. Ayun, hindi ako nakapag-concentrate sa pagda-drive, naaksidente ako.”

“Anong pinag-awayan niyo?” he asked but a reason popped out from his mind. Si Simon. Nagselos dahil kay Simon.

“Nagselos kasi kay Simon eh. Ayun, nagalit.” Maya said. The moment she said that Richard stared back at her. “Kaya please, wag kang mag-isip ng kung ano. Oo, nanliligaw si Simon pero kaibigan lang ‘yung turing ko sa kanya. Nothing more. Ayoko nang pag-usapan ‘yun. Ang dami ko lang naaalala.” Naaalala lang kita.

“Richard? Anong nangyari sa’yo?” she asked when he saw Richard staring blankly at her.

“No-nothing. I just .. I just had something in my head.” He replied. What’s with all of these things that pop out from my head? What’s their connection to me? And why does it only happen when I’m around her?

“Tara na, Chard. Gusto ko nang umuwi.” Maya said. It’s all getting too painful.

“A-are you sure? Dito pa ba ako dadaan?”

Maya nodded. “Pipikit na lang ako. Sabihin mo na lang sa’kin kapag nakalampas na tayo.” Oo, pipikit na lang ako at iisipin na katabi ko pa yung anghel na ikaw, Richard.


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