Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – Heartbreak

This is the continuation of Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – Fist Kiss

Author: banana08

A/N: This is just a short chapter. I just thought that this chapter is needed in the story. No kilig, but still hoping you will like it.

Maya was so excited that morning to visit Richard and the kids. She brought with her the contract for the merging of Lim Aviation Services and Dela Rosa Airport Services Corporation. Her secretary was supposed to bring the contract to his office but she decided to just bring it to his house so that she can also visit the kids. When she arrived at his gate, she rang the door bell and Manang Fe opened the gate and greeted her.

Manang Fe: O Maya , Kamusta ka?
Maya: Good Morning Manang Fe! Okay naman po. Kayo po kamusta?
Manang Fe: Ayos din naman ako. Teka may lakad ba kayo ni Ricardo?
Maya: Wala naman po. May idadaan lang po sana ako sa kanya. Andyan po ba sya?
Manang Fe: Oo andoon sila sa veranda ni Luke. May pinag-uusapan yata e.
Maya: Okay lang po ba silang istorbohin?
Manang Fe: Oo naman! Sigurado ako kapag nakita ka nila ay matutuwa sila.
Maya: Okay po.
Manang Fe: Nag-almusal ka na ba?
Maya: Opo Manang, pinaghanda po ako ni Nanay. Sige po puntahan ko po muna sila. Salamat po.


She went straight to the veranda and found the two men talking heart to heart. She was in awe to see them like this. She didn’t intend to listen to their conversation but her body doesn’t want to move a bit. She kept watching them.

Luke:’s okay. It’s been more than five years. You deserve to be with someone. So what’s the story?
Richard: Are you sure it’s okay?
Luke: Of course Dad!
Richard: It was last year. It was during those business trips I had. I saw her in the airport. Wearing this floral dress that fits her perfectly, she was beautiful, very beautiful. I saw her not just once, all by chance, always at the airport. I thought maybe she is a flight attendant.
Luke: Really Dad? Maybe you are destined to know her.
Richard: Maybe. And one time I saw her again. I followed her and before I realized, I was already in front of her condominium.
Luke: Really Dad? You stalked her!
Richard: I knew it was wrong. I just can’t help myself.
Luke: Why didn’t you speak to her? You saw her many times. You had your chance then.
Richard: Maybe when I was younger, it would be easy. But I also have to consider you guys. The three of you are my most precious ones. You and your sisters above anything else, above anyone else. That’s why I was happy seeing her from a distance.
Luke: Dad, I know you love us so much. But we also love you that much that we only want is for you to be happy. And if loving someone again will make you truly happy, we will definitely not hinder that.
Richard: I’m just worried for you and your sisters.
Luke: Dad, you already did so much for us especially after Mom died. Being a father and a mother at the same time is not an easy. But you did an excellent job.
Richard: Thanks Son! But this is a different story.
Luke: Have faith in us Dad. We will understand.
Richard: You’re amazing Son. You’ve grown so much. I should be the one giving you the advice but it turned out the other way.
Luke: Dad, because you are amazing too.
Richard: Thank you Son.
Luke: So Dad, what are you going to do when you see her again?
Richard: I guess I’ll pursue her and make her fall in love with me.
Luke: That’s more like it Dad! I hope she’s like Tita Maya.

She felt numb to hear those words. The peculiarity of their arrangement was now sinking into her. She’s hurt and she knew that. But does she have the right to be hurt?

The moment he landed his eyes on her, she was very much putting an effort to put on a strong façade, controlling her emotions and controlling her tears.

Maya: Ah.. Go-Good Morning Richard, Luke. Ah.. So-Sorry for being here so early.

She was having a hard time containing all the emotions. She was fidgeting. Richard was silent, assessing her every reaction.

Luke: It’s okay Tita. We’re done with our “man” talk already.
Richard: Luke, can you go check your sisters? Your Tita Maya and I need to discuss something.
Luke: Okay Dad!…. See you later Tita!

The moment they’re alone he motioned her to sit down. He felt obligated to explain at once.

Richard: Ah…About what you hea…
Maya: I brought with me the contract for the merging so that we can discuss it personally but I think the merging is not necessary anymore. So let’s just forget the proposal.
Richard: What are you talking about?
Maya: It’s not important anymore. I’ll just greet the girls and I’ll leave after.

She was about to stand up but he grabbed her by the wrist.

Richard: No. We have to talk.
Maya: I fully understand Richard. Don’t worry. (she tried very hard to gave him a smile but it didn’t reach her eyes)
Richard: No!

Richard stood up, still holding her wrist. He dropped by to his home office to get his keys and ushered her to his car. He drove her to a secluded part of the village. He knows that she will not disclose anything to him when she knows that there might be someone who might hear their conversation. He wanted privacy, just the two of them. He alighted from the car and opened the door for her. She hesitantly got out of the car and walked to the vacant lot, her back on him.

Richard: She’s Sophia. (he started)

She turned to look at him.

Richard: Maya, I..I… I want to be honest with you. The moment I saw her, I know I was attracted to her. Every time I was at the airport, I don’t know if you can call it fate but I always see her there.

He paused for a moment waiting for her response but there’s none.

Richard: Look, actually she is not the issue here. It’s about us. The past weeks felt like a rollercoaster ride for me. I was thrilled and happy. I was really happy.

He moved closer to her and held both her hands. She looked down avoiding his eyes.

Richard: Maya, the kids like you, no, I think they love you already. I have to admit, I’m starting to like you and I want to know more of you.
Maya: But what Richard? (she said almost in a whisper as she looked up to face him)
Richard: But.. But the feeling is so overwhelming. Everything happened in a swift. I..I..I need to assess myself. As you know, I have my kids to consider. I want to be sure of my decisions. I want to be sure of my feelings before anything else. You understand me, right Maya?
Maya: O..o..of co..course, I understand.
Richard: I have a favor to ask.
Maya: Sure.
Richard: Time, Maya. I’m asking for time. If I will marry again, I want it to last this time. I want to be married again for the right reasons and I don’t want to be unfair to you because you don’t deserve that.
Maya: Time….If you want time…I will give you time, Richard.

There’s a moment of silence after that but Maya decided to break it.

Maya: Richard you can go now. The kids are waiting for you.
Richard: I’ll bring you home.
Maya: Richard, please? Go now, go now, please?
Richard: Okay. You take care okay?

She nodded in response.

He was worried but left with no choice he left her there. The moment he left, tears were escaping her eyes and rolling down her cheeks.


Nanay Teresita: O Nak, asan na yung kaibigan mo? Akala ko ba kasama mo syang magdidinner dito?
Maya: Ah, Nay, medyo busy po sya ngayon at sa mga susunod na mga araw e.
NT: Ah ganun ba Nak. Sige sa susunod na lang siguro.
Maya: Sige po Nay, akyat muna ko.
NT: Maya, may problema ba?
Maya: Nay, wala po. Napagod lang po ako sa biyahe. Pahinga lang po ako saglit.

And with that, Maya left her Nanay Teresita and headed to her room. She got something from the drawer of her nightstand and sat on her bed hugging her knees as fresh tears were rolling. She stared at that embroidered handkerchief she’s been keeping for years.


40 thoughts on “Ms. Giddy Meets Mr. Grumpy – Heartbreak

  1. ang sakit e noh!

    si Sophia yung crush ni Richard Lim! haha PBB teens to si Richard e! haha malalaman nyo kung hanggang saan si Sophia sa buhay ni Richard. 🙂 try ko gawin agad agad! 🙂 pero hindi ako sigurado kung malilinawan na kayo agad. hehe

  2. I feel what she feels now. Feels like I want to cry with Maya. Well It was indeed a roller coaster ride for them both…
    patiently waiting for the next one… di ako makalma. Hahaha. Thanks.

    • Thankful na naging effective ako at naibigay ko ang emotion na dapat! 🙂 Everything has happened so fast. They both need a breather. Haha hindi ka ba makalma? Hihi i’ll try to post asap. Thank you!

      Miss ko na mga stories nyo! 🙂 excited much!

    • Im coming up with a new one soon. In the meantime… im enjoying myself as a reader. Hehehe. Take care and huwag magsawa sa pagsusulat… you are indeed a good writer.

  3. Hi, it’s been a long time di me nakapag comment. But I’m one of your fun reader of your fanfic! Saludo ako sa yo, I know you will make us happy in your next chapter. Keep it up! Thanks a lot miss banana08. God bless you always.

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  5. Oh my geeeee! who dat Sophia girl?! (pangarap ko pa naman yan na pangalan) haha. at ano kaya yung embroidered hanky na yun? at dahil feeler ako, feeling ko may significant echos yun from the past. hula lang. haha. anyways, sorry late comment beh. tagal ko na to nabasa.

    • beh, sige tatawagin na kita ngayon na Sophia. haha. may significant chenes talaga yun. haha okay lang. super naappreciate ko kasi alam kong busy ka din. 🙂

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