My Bestfriend’s Cousin – part 1

Admin Note: *Contributed Story* Please give credit and thanks to Mish.

A/N: Hello EB readers. 🙂 My first time to write a fanfic although been wanting to write and contribute one millions of years ago, haha, kaso this is the only spare time and the chance I have, lol. I wanted to write a Sir Chief-Maya fan fic sana kaso, para maiba naman, NikNic and Luke fanfic muna. Pagpasensyahan ang writing style ko, noob eh. Haha! Anyway, enjoy! 🙂

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Special thanks to Mommy Nylcoen. 🙂
From Canada, with love. ❤
Mish 🙂
Author: Mish
Luke was making his way back to the hotel after checking the school campus in Singapore while he accidentaly bumped into a young lady who seems to be of the same age.
“Miss, are you okay? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to,” Luke said while he was picking up the books scattered on the floor.
“I am fine,” she smiled at Luke, “sorry, it was my fault.”
“It’s ok. Would you mind helping you on your way?”
“No, it’s ok. Thanks again.”
“You’re welcome. By the way, I’m Luke.”
The young woman was startled.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Luke retorted.
“No, no. You’re not. Filipino?” she excitedly asked.
“Ah yes, yes. You?” asked Luke. (A/N: Pinoys abroad, aminin, ganito ang unang approach sa usapan kapag nakakatagpo ng kapwa Pilipino. Haha!)
“Oo naman! Haha! Kakalabas mo lang ba ng campus?”
“Ah, oo. I was just checking it out. Maybe in few months or a year I will be transferring here. Dito ka ba nag-aaral?”
“Yes. I just arrived a month and three weeks ago and I can say that their curriculum here is the best for engineering students.”
Luke was amazed. Engineering student din siya? Cool! Cute na, mukhang matalino pa. “Saan ka nag-aaral sa Pilipinas, if you don’t mind?”
“Ah, sa University of Santo Tomas. Supposed to be sa PUS ako, but then malayo sa amin, kaya sa UST nalang ako.”
“Really? Sayang! Du’n ako nag-aaral eh.” Ooops, Luke. Too early.
“Wow! Talaga? Du’n din nag-aaral yung pinsan ko eh.”
“Woah, what a small world. What is his name? Baka kilala ko.”
“Nicolo Angelo Cortez. Or NicNic for his bestfriend Aira, haha.”
“WHAT? Pinsan mo si Nicolo?” Luke was in shock. Di manlang nabanggit ni bestfriend na meron pala siyang pinsan dito. Puro pasalubong kasi ang inaatupag.
“Uh, yeah. Why? Do you know him?” she’s getting confused. Weird stranger ‘to ah. Small world nga naman.
“Hindi ko lang siya kilala. In fact, he’s my bestfriend!”
“Really? Oh my goodness! He never mentioned you to me. By the way, I am Michelle Andrea Cortez. Michelle for short.”
“Nice to meet you, Michelle. Hatid na kita?”
Luke and Michelle made their way back to the school campus. He unconsciously want to know more about her.
Meanwhile back in Manila….
“Kuya Nicolo, why don’t you stay for dinner. Since you helped me in my homeworks just what like Kuya Luke does.” Abby said sweetly to Nicolo. He knows he cannot resist the charm of this lovely little lady but he should better be going before the level of awkwardness between him and Nikki arises.
“Ah, baby, sorry ah. May kailangan pa kasing tapusin si Kuya Nicolo na homework eh…” Nicolo said while scratching his head.
“Eh Kuya, I thought it’s your sembreak na? Di ‘ba your sembreak is the same kay Kuya Luke?”
Patay Nicolo. Anong idadahilan mo. Good thing Nikki joined in the conversation. “Ah, baby, sometimes the teachers give away homeworks and projects during sembreak so that they’ll have plenty of time to work on it.”
“Ah, oo baby, tama si Ate Nikki. ‘Wag kang mag-alala, next time, dito na ako mag-di-dinner. Promise!” Nicolo smiled with the signature “promise” sign.
“Talaga, Kuya? Sige ah. Next time.” Abby smiled back at him too.
Hay naku, Niknik. Gustong-gusto kong maki-salo sa dinner niyo, pero nahihiya ako eh. Baka isipin ng Kuya mo, nag-te-take advantage ako. 
“Baby, halika na, palit ka muna ng damit, dadating na sila Ate Maya at Daddy mo. Ah, Ma’am Nikki, Nicolo, maiwan muna namin kayo ha? Tara na baby.” Doris fetched Abby and went upstairs.
Spell awkward silence. Titigan. Hala, sige, mag-titigan kayo Nikki at Nicolo.
“Ah, Niknik,” Nicolo said to kill the silence, “tuloy na rin ako. Madami pa kasi akong gagawin eh.”
“Like what?” Nikki asked. OH EM GEE NIKKI GRACE LIM! DID YOU JUST ASKED HIM THAT? Oh no, pleaseeeeee. Sana hindi mo nadinig.
Aba, ba’t naman niya kaya natanong ‘yun? Concerned kaya siya? Ay nako Nicolo, nagtatanong lang siyempre kasi curious. Eh bakit siya curious? Ah eh, malay! “Ah ano, yung… Uh, ah, yung, project namin sa…. Sa…. Sa English. Yun sa English. Kelangan namin, gumawa ng…. Ng…. Yung…. ESSAY! Ayon, essay, tungkol sa…. SEMBREAK! Ayun, oo, tama.” Whew, good job Nicolo.
Essay? In English. Hmm, Kuya didn’t tell me about that. WAIT. WHY ARE YOU PROLONGING THIS CONVERSATION NIKKI GRACE?! Shouldn’t you shoo him away? “Ah, ok. Sige I’ll make hatid you na sa gate.”
“Ah, hindi, hindi na Niknik. D’yan ka nalang. Baka biglang dumating sila Daddy mo at Ate Maya. Sige, una na ako ah. Bye Niknik.”
Nikki was dumbfounded. Blushing.
Did he just kissed me on the cheeks? OH. MY. GEE. 
Nicolo left.
Tell me what you think, guys! 🙂 Sa susunod ulit. ❤

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