Will it work? – Part 11

Note: This is a continuation to Will it Work? – Part 10

Author: Alexandra Therese


Ni hao! I’m back! Sorry for the long wait. It’s sembreak time so I want to spare some of my time continuing what I have started.

Before anything else, I wanted to thank those persons who are still willing for the continuation of this story. Thank you for the patience guys. So without further ado, here’s the continuation of will it work.

Note: (This is purely fiction. From Alexa’s imagination only and is not intended to be related to the real storyline. There are some names and details that I used from the original story that is why I give credits to the owner).

-AlexandraTherese (Alexa)




Richard: Hold on Maya. Malapit na tayo sa hospital.

After Alfie’s arrival, Maya was bleeding. Richard was in panic and was driving too fast. One hand on the steering wheel while the other is holding his newborn. Maya cannot hold Alfie because she fainted due to her bleeding. She’s at the back seat right at the moment. Richard tries his very best to reach the hospital as soon as possible. He’s very worried but he believes that Maya can do it.

Few minutes and now they’re at the hospital. He immediately asked for help and then gave his son to the nurses who are now waiting for their arrival. Then, he went to Maya and assisted her. The nurses are all in hurry and brought Maya and the baby to the emergency room. Richard wanted to come in but he wasn’t allowed.

Richard: Oh please! My wife and my son need me!

Nurse: Sir sorry but you’re not allowed to come inside. Please wait here. Then he closed the door.

Donya Esme: Son, calm down. Everything will be okay. She will be okay.

Richard: Mom…

Then hugs her mom.

Donya Esme: Don’t worry son. Just trust her. I know that she’ll hold on.

Richard: This is my fault mom. Kung dinala ko na sana siya dito ng maaga.

Donya Esme: Shhhhh..Don’t say that son. Wala namang may kasalanan diba.


All the doctors are in a hurry checking the patient. The rest of the family are nervous especially Richard. They are just waiting outside. A nurse came out and called the doctor who is in the station.

Nurse: Doc, Doc, the patient is still bleeding.

Doctor: Ok, let’s go. I’ll check on her.

Hearing this from them, Richard asked once again.

Richard: What happened?!

Nurse: Sir maghintay lang po kayo dito. The doctor needs to check on her. Kayo po ba ang asawa ni Maya? Maya…

Richard: Yes..Yes.. What happened?…Is she okay? How about my baby? Is he okay?

Nurse: She is still bleeding Sir but don’t lose hope cause the doctors are here to help her. The baby is okay. Excuse me Sir.

Richard was so worried because he felt that his wife isn’t doing well. He is pacing back and forth. He went to the chapel to ask for a very big favor and guidance. He is just suppressing the tears that was about to fall but he cannot control it anymore. He gave in just to calm himself. He stayed there for few moments then he went back to the lobby/waiting area.

The doors swung open and a man in white came out.

Doctor: Sino po ang asawa ni Mrs. Maya..

“Ako po”.

Richard was surprised and look where the voice came from.

Richard: Hey, we are not playing games here. I’m the husband Doc.

Doc: Eh sino po ba talaga sa inyo?

Richard: Can’t you remember me? I am the one who brought my wife here!

Stranger: Ano? Ako po Doc ang asawa. Asawa ko si Maya. At ikaw singkit! Huwag kang makigulo dito. Buhay ng asawa ko ang nakataya dito. Ayoko din ng nakikipaglokohan kaya pwede ba tumigil ka na.

Richard: Oh shit! (in his thoughts – breathe Richard, breathe) Just don’t mind him Doc.

Stranger: Eh gago ka pala eh!

Sinugod ng lalaki si Richard. Hawak hawak niya ito sa kwelyo dahil nanggagalaiti na sa galit. Richard was surprised by the sudden attack but he was able to avoid his attacks. The doctor asked help from the others to stop the fight.

Stranger: Huwag mong inuubos ang pasensya ko Singkit!!!! Asawa ko si Maya!!!!!!!!! Maya Lee!

Richard: Huh?

Doctor: Will both of you stop for a moment!!! Mr. Lee I think we had a misunderstanding here. We’re talking about Mrs. Maya Lim and not Mrs. Lee. Mrs. Maya Lee is on the other side Sir.

Mr. Lee: Oh..  I’m Sorry… Mr….

Richard: Mr. Lim. Richard Lim. L-I-M and not L-E-E.

Mr. Lee: I’m very sorry Mr. Lim. The names are the same and the surname, uhm, err, sounds the same as well. Please forgive me. I’m just in panic especially of the happenings that my wife is experiencing. I’m very sorry Mr. Lim.

Richard: It’s okay. I understand.

Nurse: Mr.Lee!..Mr. Lee! ..Your wife…

Dali dali tumakbo si Mr. Lee kung saan nandoon ang nurse na tumawag sa kanya. Hindi na nalaman ni Richard kung ano ang nangyari sa asawa ni Mr. Lee dahil hanggang ngayon ay gulat pa rin siya. Sa laki ba naman ng Pilipinas, dito pa nagkataong may kapangalan si Maya.

Doctor: Mr. Lim?..Mr. Lim!

Richard: Ah..yes doc? So how’s Maya? Yung bleeding?

Doctor: She’s okay right now. And okay na ang mga vital signs niya. She’s doing fine now and I believe na kayo na lang po ang hinihintay nila sa loob.

Richard: I thought siya yung sinasabi ng nurse kanina na kausap ko na she’s suffering from bleeding daw.

Doctor: Oh. I think it’s the other Maya. Maya Lee. The moment you arrived here with your wife okay na po siya. You just misunderstood it Mr. Lim. Well, I think she’s waiting for you inside.

He entered the room and much to his dismay, siya na lang talaga ang hinihintay sa loob.

Richard: Whooah! So ako na lang pala talaga ang wala. Bakit hindi niyo po ako pinatawag?

All: Shhhh!!! Tulog pa si Maya.

Richard: Sorry.

Donya Esme: Son, why don’t you change your clothes first? Mukhang ikaw ang nanganak eh.

Realizing that he still has stain of bloods in his shirt and his hair almost in disarray, he opted to change clothes.

Manang Fe: Oh eto Ricardo, magpalit ka muna hijo.

While he is inside the comfort room, he called Liza…

Richard: Liza, uhm, can you please order a bouquet of flowers and send it here at Makati Med? I wanna give it to Maya.

Liza: Right away Sir. Congratulations! And please send my congratulations to Maya too.

Richard: I will. Thanks Liza.

Everyone is excited to send their congratulatory messages to Maya kaya ng magising ito eh isa isa na silang lumapit sa kanya and hugged her.

Richard: Honey, for you.

Maya: Naku, nag abala ka pa. Anyway, thank you.

Donya Esme: Oh, Maya dear, huwag ka muna masyado gumalaw dahil baka mabinat ka hija.

Maya: Yes Mom. Thanks for coming.

Richard was seated beside Maya.

Richard: Do you want something? Are you okay?

Maya: Hon, I’m okay. Si Alfie?

Richard: He’s in the nursery rooom.

Then a few minutes. They heard a knock on the door.

Nurse: Mr. and Mrs. Lim here is baby boy Lim. May I just know what is the name of the baby for his record purposes.

Richard: It’s Richard Alfonso Dela Rosa Lim.

Nurse: Okay Sir. Please check it again para po sa spelling.

Richard: Okay na miss. Thanks.

Nagsilapitan kaagad ang mga nandoon sa loob ng room and all were very excited to see the new bundle of joy of the family.

Donya Esmeralda: Oh, Roberto, look, his eyes are so chinky just like Ricky’s and his lips, gaya ng Mommy niya.

Don Roberto: In short, the combination of both of them.

Manang Fe: Hay, naalala ko tuloy si Ricardo noong bata pa siya.

Don Roberto: Oh bweno. Kailangan na siguro nating umalis para makapagpahinga na sila. Babalik na lang kami para bumisita ulit.

Richard: Okay po. Dad, Mom thank you very much. Ingat po kayo.

Donya and Don: Sige. Maya bye.

Maya: Mom, Dad, thanks again.

With that, the visitors left the room leaving only the three of them. Nakatulala lang si Richard habang tinitingnan ang kanyang mag-ina. Maya is busy carrying Alfie in her arms when she noticed Richard in deep thoughts.

Maya: Baby mukhang may iniisip si Daddy. Honey?

Richard: Hmmm?

Maya: Bakit parang ang tahimik mo?

Richard moves closer and then sits beside his wife.

Richard: It’s nothing Hon.

Maya: Weh? Ano ba kasi yun.

Richard: Well, hmm, parang hindi pa kasi ako makapaniwala na daddy na ako. Parang kailan lang diba? Noon focus ako masyado sa work tapos we’re like cat-dog who always fight. Pero ngayon, look, we have our own family. Hindi ko nga alam kung ano ang nagawa kong maganda dahil sobra sobra na ang ibinigay sa akin. And I am very thankful for that.

Maya is very happy knowing that Richard is mature enough and hindi na gaya ng dati.

Maya: Here, hon. Take him. I know gustong gusto mo na siyang yakapin. And also para mafeel mo na rin na daddy ka na talaga.

He carried Alfie in his arms. Seeing his little boy sleeping soundly in his arms is the best feeling he ever experienced in his entire life. He’s being emotional at the time being.

Maya: Hay, I hope we’re always like this. Kapit bisig lagi. Pahug nga ako sa two boys ko.

Indeed, it was a happy family especially that Alfie came into their life. But of course, problems are always there and cannot be avoided. Life would be boring once you do not have a problem.

After few days, Maya was released and ready to go home. They were surprised by the household as they were welcomed by them in the mansion. Manang Fe, Joma, Sabel, Doris, Donya Esmeralda and Don Roberto were there and they prepared a simple celebration.

Doris and Sabel: Welcome Home Alfie!

Sabay silang lumapit kay Maya to see the baby.

Doris: Hi baby ang cute! Naku Maya ang pogi ha.

Sabel: Oo nga. Kagandang lahi! Oh Maya ha, pag walang gatas wag kang mag-alala dahil pwedeng pwede ako magbreastfeed kay Alfie. Malaki laki rin ang imbakan eh.

Maya: (laugh) Si Sabel talaga oh.

Then, Alfie starts to cry.

Doris: Hala, Sabel. Yan na nga ba ang sinasabi ko eh. Tingan mo’t umiyak na tuloy ang bata. Mama pro lang ang peg, Sabel?

Sabel: Tse! Doris talaga. Nagsusuggest lang naman eh.

Joma: Uy kayong dalawa huwag nga kayong maingay. Tulungan niyo na lang kaya akong ibaba ang mga gamit mula sa kotse.

Doris: Ay mabuti pa nga. Halika na Mama Pro. Ah eh. Excuse me lang ho Ser Chief. Ah este Ser Richard. Hehe.

Richard can only smile upon hearing these jokes from his helpers.

Donya Esme: Hay ang dalawa talagang yon. So, you two I know gutom na kayo. Sige na kumain na muna kayo at kami na ni Roberto ang bahala dito sa apo namin.

Maya: Ay opo Mom. Baby kay Lola at Lolo ka muna ha.

Donya Esme: Oh..how cute my apo is.

Don Roberto: Mana sa akin.

Richard: Let’s go Hon. Let’s eat.

Maya: Okay.

The two went to the dining area while the oldies are fond of taking care of Alfie.

Richard: Hon, thank you.

Maya: For what?

Richard: For this. For everything. For loving me and for giving me the chance to love you. I am so blessed to have you. You and Alfie are the most precious gift that I have.

Maya: Naku, naglalambing si Mr. Lim. Siya sige na kumain na tayo.

Dahil sa sobrang excitement and busy ng mga tao, hindi nila namalayan ang oras. Kaya nang mapansing time to sleep na, they started to retreat to their own rooms to have rest.

Master’s bedroom…

Richard going out of their walk-in closet.

Richard: Honey, do you think we should hire a nanny for Alfie? I know how much you wanted to take care of him pero baka mapagod ka niyan masyado.

Maya: Chard, thank you for the concern. Pero okay lang ba if ako naman ang magrequest sayo? Okay lang ba if huwag muna tayo mag hire ng nanny ngayon dahil gusto ko kasi na ako muna ang mag-aalaga sa kanya. Diba baby boy? (now talking to Alfie who is comfortbaly lying on his parents bed and waiting for sandman to come)

Richard: Okay Chief if that’s what you want. Pero you must promise me na hindi mo masyado papagurin ang sarili mo. And, nandito naman ako so salit salitan tayo sa pag bantay sa kanya, understood?

Maya: Yes, Daddy. Promise po.

Richard: You silly.

Maya: Ahm, papasok ka ba bukas?

Richard: Ayoko na sana pumasok pero may kailangan akong ayusin eh.

Maya:  Ah okay lang na pumasok ka. Baka mapabayaan mo naman ang company niyan. Eh ilang araw ka ding hindi pumasok right?

Richard: Well, yes pero alam mo na naman na mas importante kayo sa akin diba? Anyway, uuwi na lang ako bukas ng maaga para naman makapagbonding kami ni little boy.

Maya: Oh you heard him baby? Daddy will be early tomorrow kaya you have to sleep now.

Then she craddled Alfie into her arms and sang a lullaby to help him sleep while Richard made himself comfortable and readied himself to bed.

Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Time is so fast. Alfie is now in his six months. He’s growing too fast and Richard is very happy taking care of his son. Kahit busy siya sa work, he never fails to show how much Maya and Alfie meant to him. Minsan nga ng umuwi siya from work he saw Maya sleeping with Alfie. Then nung lumapit siya nagising yata ang bata and he suddenly cried. Nagising din si Maya and babangon na sana to take care of Alfie but Richard said na siya na lang knowing how tired his wife must be. He reached for Alfie and sang a lullaby that made him fell asleep again. Lahat ng pagod ni Richard ay nawawala lalo na pag nakikita niya ang kanyang mag-ina. One can say that they are already adjusted to their family life. With regards to Alfie, he’s a good boy naman but you cannot avoid that he will cry at night when he’s hungry or when he wanted to change diapers (just like what the other normal baby would do). Minsan kapag tulog si Maya, Richard would take charge of changing Alfie’s diapers or di naman kaya i-bottle feed si Alfie. Kahit madaling araw Richard would try his best to wake up and alagaan si Alfie dahil naiintindihan niya rin ang pagod ni Maya who most of the time takes care of their son.

Richard: Shhh…little boy. Stop crying na. Baka magising si Mommy. Shhh…Daddy’s here naman diba. O sige. I’ll sing you a lullaby… Rock a bye baby on the tree top…la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.

There is one instance that Richard and Alfie had their bonding time and Maya would just peek in to see what they are doing. Her heart leaps in gladness every time she sees the father and son sleeping soundly together. Since she’s very sentimental, she would take pictures of them and include it in her scrapbook.

One morning.. (during breakfast)

Maya: Good morning Daddy! Here’s your coffee.

Richard: Good morning Mommy. O nasaan si Alfie?

Maya: Ah nasa taas pa. Pinasamahan ko muna kay Doris dahil tulog pa.

Richard: Hon, what if kumuha na tayo ng nanny ni Alfie? Just in case kasi na bumalik ka na sa work mo eh di may magbabantay na sa kanya. And para na rin magkaroon tayo ng quality time together.He added in his thoughts.

Maya: Chard, diba napag-usapan na natin ito? Saka ano na ang gagawin ko kapag may yaya na siya?

Richard: Maya, ang gusto ko lang naman eh para hindi ka na mastress. Look at yourself. Mukhang napapabayaan mo na yung sarili mo.

Maya: What do you mean? Na tumataba na ako? Pumapanget na ako?

Richard: Maya, it’s not what you think. All I’m just saying is you should have time for yourself.. and for me also. He added.

Maya: Excuse me. I’ll just go upstairs.

Richard: Maya…

Maya: I’ll just check on Alfie. Ingat ka sa pagpasok sa office.

Richard: Maya, are you mad at me?

Maya: No. Then she smiled a bit. Sige na baka malate ka pa.

He just sighed. Then, continued with his breakfast.

Meanwhile, Maya went to the nursery room to check on Alfie. Seeing that he is still asleep with Doris, she decided to go to their bedroom. She looked herself in front of the mirror.

Maya: Hmm. Maya, mukhang tama nga siya. You need to fix yourself. Mukhang tumataba ka na. And your eyebags. Oh Maya. Please. Ikaw pa ba yan? And your hair. What a mess. I think it’s time to pamper yourself. Eh pero saka na lang.


Richard: Honey, tomorrow we will be having a ball. It’s the opening of the new hangar in Laguna. You should be there.

Maya: Oh sige hon. I’ll just leave Alfie to Doris.

Richard: Okay.


At the ball…

Sylvie: Oh Mr. Lim!

Richard: Huh? I don’t mean to be rude but do I know you?

Sylvie: Sylvie. Remember?

Richard: I’m sorry. But…

Sylvie: You forgot. Well, let me introduce myself again. I’m Sylvie Cruz, Catherine’s friend.

Richard: Oh. Nice to meet you. Sorry I forgot. Oh, this is my wife, Maya.

Maya smiled at her but Sylvie just nod.

(In Maya’s thoughts) Aba. Ang taray ha. Naku Mr. Lim.


Sylvie: Is she the wife, Cath?

Catherine: Unfortunately, yes.

Sylvie: Gosh. What’s gotten into his mind? Look at his wife. Ang itsura parang napabayaan ang sarili.

Catherine: Sylvie, stop that huh. Okay naman siya ha. They already have a son so you better back off.

Sylvie: Whatever Cath.

Catherine: Naku, don’t test the water dahil baka kung saan ka damputin. Sa taray ba naman ng mother ni Mr. Lim plus the wifey pa.

Sylvie just smirks at her then proceeded to the bar at the ball.


Maya: Chard, sino ba yung Sylvie?

Richard: Honey, I met her during my site visit in Mindoro matagal na kaya nga hindi ko na nakilala eh. She was Catherine’s friend.

Maya: Oh so mukhang crush ka ah. Naku ang pogi kasi ng asawa ko.

Richard: Tss. Silly. Stop that hon.

Maya: Ayi.Aminin.

Richard: Honey, you’re supposed to…

Maya: What?

Richard: Nothing. Let’s not talk about her okay. Besides, I don’t want into trouble.

Richard dismissed their conversation and carries Alfie who is cuddled into Maya’s arms.

Richard: Hi Alfie. Did you miss dad? So what do you want? You want milk?

Maya eventually stop the conversation and raises her hands as a sign of defeat. She knew that if she continues to tease him, it might end up on arguments that surely she’ll not win.

Maya: Okay Chief.


Maya: Honey, are you mad?

Richard: Nope.

Maya: Hindi nga?

Richard: I said no.

Maya: Uy sorry na. I was just teasing you a while ago. Alam ko naman na wala naman yung Sylvie na yun.

Richard: Then bakit mo pa inuulit ulit kanina?

Maya: As I said before, I was just teasing you. Sorry na. Please.

Nang hindi pa rin ito kumikibo. Maya made the first move. She kissed him lightly on the lips. Then, another until kisses was raining on his face.

Richard: You really know my weakness, Mrs. Lim. Then he claimed her lips passionately. The two were turned on when Alfie cried from his crib.

Maya: Chard, si Alfie.

They stopped and then Richard attended his son.

Richard: Anak naman eh. You know, you and your mom are both silly. (laugh)


Richard: Hon, I’ll be gone for two days. Site visit to Clark.

Maya: Okay mag-iingat ka ah.

Richard: Yes Chief..


Liza: Sir, an emergency call from Manila.

Richard: Hello, Manang?

Manang Fe: Ricardo, umuwi ka muna dito.



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