Almost – part 11

This is a continuation to Almost – part 10


Author: nylcoen




Richard found a space to parked his car. From there, he could clearly see the main door of the restaurant. He doesn’t have any plan to follow them inside, he just wanted to sit there and see what will happen once they step out from the restaurant.  Deep inside, Richard was apprehensive  of the things that might unfold right before his eyes. Richard could only hope that it won’t be something like what he was thinking right at that moment. He is afraid what would happen if he finds out, Maya is cheating on him!

An hour after, Richard saw Maya and James coming out from the restaurant. The two walked towards James’ car. Richard was nervous while watching them from his car. James opened the back seat door, took out Maya’s bag, and handed it to her. Maya and James talked for awhile till James spotted a taxi then hailed on it. He ushered Maya towards the taxi then kissed her cheek before she got inside.  He doesn’t like sing him kiss Maya but he  was glad when he saw Maya got inside the taxi and left alone. He really thought the two are planning to go somewhere leaving James’ car at the resto’s parking area. A few minutes more, Richard saw James’ car pull away from there as it took the other direction of the street. Richard knew he should be glad that Maya and James’ meeting ended that way but he just can’t bring himself to stop thinking useless things.

Richard was starting the engine when his phone received an incoming call from Maya . He picked his phone from the passenger seat and answered it. He heard Maya’s cheerful voice on the other line.

“Ricky nasa bahay ka na?”

“Wala pa.”

Came his brief reply.

“Ahh, okay…pauwi na ako. Ikaw?”

“Pauwi na rin.”

“Oh, bakit ganyan ang boses mo? Di ba maganda pakiramdam mo?”

He sounded so weak that it didn’t escape Maya.

“Wala..sige pauwi na ako.”

Before Maya could reply. Richard ended the phone call. He was really pissed with what he saw tonight.  He knew that he should not judge Maya right away but the thought that she went out with James just pisses him off. Even from the start, James just rubs him up the wrong way and seeing Maya with him infuriates him more.

Minutes later, Richard was following the taxi that carries Maya. He purposely overtook the taxi so that he will reach home first. He was glad he was able to make it. Manang Fe who saw him came in,  smiled at him but she was surprised to see his sullen look as he walk past her as if he didn’t see her, as he stormed in to his home office.

Ano kaya nangyari sa batang yon?

Manang Fe thought. She was still looking at Richard when she heard Maya’s voice at the main door.

“Hello Manang Fe! Magandang gabi po.”

“Maya..magandang gabi naman!”

Manang Fe smiled at Maya who was smiling at her as soon as she saw her.

“Kumusta ang date ninyo?”

“Date po? Anong date?”

Maya’s confused look equaled Manang Fe’s. They were both staring back at each other, both with furrowed brows.

“Kala ko ba magde-date kayo ni Ricardo? Sabi niya kasi siya na magsusundo sa’yo sa airport at sa labas na kayo kakain.”

“Talaga po? Eh hindi ko naman siya nakita sa airport..Kumain na ako sa labas pero iba kasama ko..Teka, baka naka-alis na ako nung dumating siya sa airport. Asan ba siya?”

Manang Fe pursed her lips, pointing to the home office.

“Ahh..sige po. Puntahan ko muna.”

“Mabuti pa at mukhang mainit ang ulo. Akin na yang bag mo at ako na ang magdadala sa taas.”

“Sige po. Thank you Manang Fe.”

The two separated ways, Manang Fe was pulling her bag along with her, taking the direction of the stairs,  while Maya went to Richard. She slowly walked towards the office and saw Richard typing on his laptop.


Maya tried to sound as cheerful as she can to distract him but he didn’t even bother to look up.

“Hello gwapo kong asawa..anong meron diyan at di mo ako pinapansin?”

Maya walked towards Richard and stopped just right beside him to peek at his laptop.

“Uh? Trabaho na naman? ”

Maya closed the laptop and shifted his chair so she could sit on his lap. Maya cupped his face and gave him a kiss on his lips. She was smiling down at him but she  was surprised to see the coldness in his eyes. Her smile fading slowly as soon as she look at them. His lips was pressed in a thin line and eyes  glaring at her.

“Bakit ganyan ka makatingin?”

“Masaya ba?”

“Anong…anong ibig mong sabihin?”

For a moment Richard just stared at her. She slowly got off his lap. While Richard shifted his chair and opened his laptop again.

“Forget it…go to sleep. May gagawin pa ako.”

He dismissed her. Maya was hurt with his coldness. She knew he meant something but was holding it back. She got out of his office and went to their room. For the rest of the night, Richard spent it inside his office while Maya was alone in their room.


For the next few days, Maya felt Richard was avoiding her. It had been days since he slept at their room.  Mostly he worked overtime in his office or when he is home , he would keep his distance away from her. it’s either he was in the entertainment room, in the veranda, or in his office. In the morning, it’s either he left early or it would be Maya who would need to leave early. This setup troubled Maya so much. It’s hard to act as if they’re okay when they are not.

The kids started to noticed their dad and are asking her but she doesn’t know what to tell them. Fortunately, Nikki’s enthusiasm about her new found hobby helped Maya get away from the topic every time.

There are times, Maya thought Richard was tired of her already so he was avoiding her. Or perhaps he found someone better than her, or he missed Denise. Thoughts that she would quickly shook off her mind, reminding herself that no matter what,  she is the wife and no one can change that. By doing that, she would feel better again.

One afternoon, Maya was sitting at the crew lounge in deep thought, when Edselyn approached her. She noticed Maya seemed bothered so she tried asking.

“Eh kasi si Ricky parang …ewan ko Eds ha..parang galit sa akin.”

Maya said in an almost-whisper tone.

“Why? Ano ba ginawa mo?”

“Di ko nga alam eh..ewan ko ..bigla na lang siyang parang, iniiwasan ako.”

“Ganun? Baka may problema lang sa office or pagod…siya nga pala. May ibabalit ako…remember the booty shake?”

Edselyn was grinning, excited of her news.

“Oh bakit?”

“Kasi parang effective yung payo ni Mary Faith..I mean, yung honey ko parang natakot ata, I can see he is slowly changing na.”

“Talaga! Buti ka pa! Sa akin eh, parang napasama ata..”

Maya  said with a worried voice. Edselyn could only gasp in surprise.

“What?! You mean … oh no…you’re kidding..are you sure? ! ”

Maya nodded slowly. Edselyn was surprised when she confirmed her participation. She never thought Maya was having a problem with Richard as well, since she never told them about it in the first place. Sure, they also thought that perhaps Maya had a problem that time but it never occurred to them that their problem was the same.

“Oh well Maya…baka naman kasi wala naman talaga kayong problema …pero, teka..  bakit ba umiiwas si Richard sa’yo ngayon?”

“Di ko nga alam…basta bigla na lang siyang parang ayaw na niya akong makita!”

“Oh no! ”

“Tingin mo…may, third party kaya? ”

“Ewan ko Maya …di natin masasabi… pero kasi yung dating boyfriend ko kala ko busy lang sa trabaho. Yun pala iba na ang tina-trabaho.”

Maya covered her face for a moment as she  shakes her head. Edselyn reach out for her hand to calm her.

“Pero Maya si  Richard at yung ex ko di sila magkapareho kaya relax ka lang…who knows baka may iba lang talagang reason. Baka naman kasi kulang ka lang ng time kaya nagtampo-tampuhan lang para suyuin mo.”

“Ewan ko Eds..iba pakiramdam ko eh..”

“Teka, nagawa mo na ba lahat yung suggestions ni Mary Faith?”

“Nagpaganda na ako, nag-exercise, nagpa-miss…ano pa  ba kulang?”

” Eh yung  last step..”

Edselyn was suppressing a smile while saying it.

“Ano yon?”

“Yung… last step… yong  ‘be a temptress’ ?”

“Anoo? Ay ayoko!”

“Bahala ka…its the last part… ikaw din…baka magsisi ka!”

Edselyn said with a knowing smile. Maya suddenly felt her hands and feet grew cold and her heart beating fast.


9 thoughts on “Almost – part 11

  1. Maya needs to be seductive once in a while, that’s how to spice up the marriage…please add to the next chapter…shall we….addicts are waiting and waiting hmmp!!!

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