Almost – part 12

This is a continuation to Almost – part 11.


Author: nylcoen




Richard was in his office. He was trying to concentrate with work but failed. Thoughts about Maya and James together bothered him so much to the extent that he found himself staring into space alot of times. There was this instance when he was talking to Liza and never understood even an single word of what she said. Liza had to repeat everything patiently.

Richard was sitting on his swivel chair, facing the large glass window of his office, in deep thought, when Atty. Ryan came in. Ryan was already talking about legal stuff regarding the property that they found in Davao for their new hangar when he noticed Richard was not paying attention.

“Brod! Nakikinig ka ba?”

Richard was still staring outside that made Ryan curious of what he was observing outside the window. When Ryan notice there was nothing unusual, he playfully slammed down his bag on the table that surprised Richard so much. He almost toppled over the chair he was sitting. Ryan laughed so hard.

“Ano bang nangyayari sa’yo? Kanina pa ako daldal ng daldal dito di ka pala nakikinig.”

Richard moved his chair to face his table once again.

“Wala..I was just thinking about something.”

“Something or someone?”

Ryan gave him a knowing smile that make Richard shook his head.

“Come on brod, alam kung isa lang ang taong nagpapatulala sa’yo ng ganyan. It’s Maya, right? Any problem?”


“Oh come on, Brod.. malay mo makatulong pa ako!”

“Ewan ko brod kung makatulong ka nga when in fact sa’yo nagsimula ang lahat.”

Richard chuckled.

“Oh, bakit ako? Anong ginawa ko?!”

Ryan was surprised. He hadn’t seen him for awhile that it really confused him why.

“Remember Denise?”

“Denise? Oh, si Denise…anong kinalaman ko dun?”

“Kung hindi dahil sa pang-uudyok mo noon na magpartner kami one time sa bar, di ako hahabol-habulin nun! She kept calling and texting me which nakita ni Maya kaya nagkaroon kami ng konting misunderstanding buti na lang naayos ko.”

“Oh wala na namang problema eh.”

“No..di natapos dun. Remember my little secret?”

“Yeah… so anong kinalaman ko dun eh secret mo yon?”

“Sino bang dahilan kong bakit ako nalasing nun eh di ba, ikaw?”

“Pero…teka, kayo pa ni Alex that time. Ano bang kinalaman ni Maya dun?”

“Eh kasi di naman niya malalaman yon kung di ka pa niya nakitang may kahalikan sa restaurant weeks ago! Dahil dun, we had this conversation regarding secrets in which napaamin ako about the secret you knew kasi ang gusto niya ikaw ang tatanungin niya about it. I was afraid kung ano ang sasabihin mo kaya napaamin ako!”

“She saw me?”

“We saw you! ”

“Sorry brod…teka, bakit ako magso-sorry eh indirect yung participation ko.”

“But still ikaw yung ugat sa lahat why Maya is having trust issues with me. ”

“Naku! Sabi nga ni Laida.. ‘Trust! Big Word! ‘ ..Pag yan na ang issue ang hirap na..”

“Exactly! ”

“So yan ang problema mo ngayon? Di ka na niya pinagkakatiwalaan?”

“That I can understand…pero yung isang side ng problema namin di ko pa alam paano tanggapin.”

“What do you mean? ”

“The other week, I saw Maya and James together. I know it’s not right to judge them based lang sa nakikita ko but I’m worried. What if Maya was trying to get back at me just because of that trust issues, about Denise..and about that incident that happen long time ago . Lately she’s been acting weird and naguguluhan na ako sa kanya. At first I was trying to understand her pero nung nakita ko siya with James parang I was scared.”

“Ano bang ginagawa niya lately na naguguluhan ka? … Nagpaganda?…Nagpapa-sexy? … Out of reach minsan?..Wala na sa bahay minsan?..”

“How did you know?”

Richard was surpised with Ryan’s questions. He moved forward, eagerly waiting for his next words.

” Tsk tsk tsk ”

Ryan was shaking his head while his fingers caressing his cheek.

“Honestly, do you think…Maya and James…”

Richard couldn’t bring himself to finish his sentence. The mere thought of Maya having an affair with James really scares him.

“Brod relax… Lagi nga naming sinasabi a suspect remains  innocent until proven guilty. Observe mo lang.. malay mo di ba nagpaganda at nagpasexy lang si Maya for you. At ikaw lang tong kung anu-ano ang iniisip. ”

Ryan quickly backtracked when he noticed Richard starting to be upset. His ears turning red out of frustration. The least he can do for his friend is to comfort him thus he invited Richard to go out with him later that night, unfortunately, Richard declined saying he needs to go home early for he’s not feeling well and needs to rest.



That night, Richard arrived home a few minutes after everyone had their dinner. Manang Fe asked if he wanted to eat but refused saying he just wanted to rest. Opening the door to their bedroom. Richard spotted Maya’s sling bag and cellphone on her nightstand. It was when he stepped inside and closed the door behind him when he saw Maya came out from the other room in her hand was a red fabric. She was surprised to see him there. She was still in her uniform and was about to enter the shower room when she stopped and look at him.

“Andito ka na pala…kumain ka na? Tapos na kami kumain ng mga bata.”

“No. Busog pa ako.”

“Ah okay, sige shower lang ako.”

Maya entered the shower room while Richard slumped down the bed. Resting for awhile while he waits for Maya to finish. Ryan’s words kept playing again ang again inside his head. Richard wanted to talk to Maya and ask her to end his misery. But deep inside, he was scared of what she’s going to reveal. Richard was still trying to figure out with what to do when Maya stepped out of the shower room . Richard rise from bed, took off his shoes  then went inside the shower room to freshen up.

Minutes later, when Richard was done. He went out of the shower room and found and empty bedroom. Thinking Maya went downstairs. He proceeded to their walk-in closet to get his clothes. There he found Maya, fixing their stuff. She was wearing a red silky robe. She was trying to reach a small box at the upper section of the closet making her robe raise a little showing her beautiful legs. Good thing her back was on him, she didn’t see him swallow the lump in his throat. Even if he was upset with her, she still has this effect on him that a mere sight of her legs makes his heart beat faster and uncomfortable.

He approached Maya and reach for the box then handed it to her. He was trying to maintain a straight face but failed. When Maya faced him, he was stunned to see the red satin slip she was wearing underneath the robe. He knew instantly that what she’s wearing was new. He haven’t seen Maya wearing such nightdress before. He could only gulp for air upon seeing her.


Maya look up at him and smiled.

“Anong gagawin mo diyan?”

“May kukunin lang ako.”

Richard turned his back and got his pajamas and white shirt to change. Maya was watching his every move till he got out of the room.


Maya watch him as he lie down at his side of the bed. She sensed his discomfort, realizing his effect on him. Maya proceeded with her plan. She walked towards their bed smiling down at him.

“Ricky, bakit parang tahimik ka ngayon? Masama ba pakiramdam mo? Gusto mo masahiin kita?”

Richard knew she was teasing him, he suddenly felt nervous. Knowing he can’t control himself around Maya.

“Huwag na…matulog na lang tayo.”

Richard raise his blanket up to his waist then turned his back at her. All the while he thought Maya would stop, but he felt her hand around his waist trying to make him face her as she move closer .

“I missed you… di mo ba ako nami-miss?..”

Maya asked sounding as seductive as she could, trying to get his attention. Richard felt his pulse racing. His skin grew warm under her touch. Richard felt Maya’s kisses on his nape.


Richard shifted to face her. Giving the opportunity for Maya  to pin him in bed. She claimed his mouth for a long passionate kiss. Richard tried so hard not to respond but he just can’t deny himself of Maya. His hand found its way to  her nape and back, pulling her from closely to him. Maya deepened their kiss while her tongue sensually move inside his mouth, as she positioned herself on top of him.

“Do you even know what you’re doing Maya?”

He asked as soon as they parted to breath, trying his hardest to control himself. It’s been so long since he had Maya. Rejecting her bold invitation tonight is not an option.

“Of course … gusto mong malaman kung ano pang alam ko?”

Maya asked provocatively. She saw Richard’s chinky eyes rounded, stunned upon hearing her words. Maya didn’t wait for his  reply. She kissed him again. They made love , this time, it was Maya taking charge. She was the captor and he was the captive. She was the temptress that he can’t resist.


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  1. waahhh!! MAYA the TEMPTRESS! kalurkey mga tinatagong DAMOVES ni Maya Maria Clara.. XD nice one @nylcoen!!! next chapter pretty soon pls.. 😉

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