Do You Believe III

’tis is it..hehe..kung hindi pala mauubos ang chips ko sa poker e hindi ako sisipagin magsulat, un lang pala ang dahilan ahha..

eto na po. Sorry for the mega delay..IHopia Like It 🙂

Do You Believe I | Do You Believe II

Richard was back in his condo unit by late after four. It was a long day, indeed. He tossed his door keys in the table and dove in the couch. He feels ill, both physically and emotionally. Physically because of the extended hours in the hospital. Emotionally because of what had happened a couple of days ago. He didn’t notice that he had fallen asleep with his shoes still on.

He was awoken by the beeping of his mobile in his pocket. He dug in his pocket and pulled out his mobile.

Anniversary Date ❤

The sight of the ‘<3’ made him stumble from the couch with sudden excitement and glee. After a moment or two, his shoulders dropped after remembering that it was over.

He flicked his mobile in the opposite side of the couch then he checked his answering machine. He only had one.

“Call me, we got to be going out later”

Ram’s voice was very known to him even if he didn’t tell his name.

He fished his another mobile, his mobile where the hospital is calling whenever he has an emergency. He dialed Ram’s number, he answered for the first ring. It is as if he was really waiting for Richard’s call.

“Hello there! How’s your ‘achy breaky heart” Ram teased on the other end of the line.

“Look” Richard spoke with his annoyed voice, “It was a long day for me and if you just asked me to call you just so you could tease me well, you won, bye” he said in finality.

But before he was able to hit the end button, Ram yelled making his voice a little bit audible even if Richard’s mobile are inches from his ear.

“What?” Richard asked his voice was an octave higher.

“Look, teasing you was not really my agenda. Ray is hosting a house party tonight. Do you still remember Ray?” Ram  asked.

“Yes go on” Richard answered back, wanting that Ram will go straight to the point.

“Ok, I know that tone. I want you to go with me to have fun and for you to unwind yourself, to somehow forget what happened” Ram explained, his voice was sympathetic.

Ram and Richard were the best buds since high school days. They were partners in crime. Both were the campus heartthrob during those days.

“Dude, look at that girl standing right next to Gayle” Richard followed Ram’s finger then he nodded.

“Then?” Richard asked with his arched eyebrow.

“Isn’t she hot?” Ram asked him back. Richard slapped his nape making him spit the crackers in his mouth.”Look at that perfect booty slim curvy body, mouth watery” Ram waved his hands as if really shaping the girl’s body.

“Here we go again, you want me to pretend like I have a crush on her then I’ll get her number then you will pretend that it was me who she is texting right?” Richard said.

“You really know me that much huh?” Ram answered, feeling proud of himself. “No actually it’s not for me, it’s for you. I’ll introduce you to her, though you are not as handsome as me for sure she’ll like you” Ram explained as he finished his snack.

“Oh! You silly! I don’t need those slim, mouth watery…….” Richard wasn’t able to finish, his mouth dropped, eyes pinned with the girl who just passed in front of them. Unlike the type of Gayle, her skirt runs below her knee and her blouse didn’t shape much of torso. Her hair falls inches below shoulder blades.

Ram flicked his fingers to wake the ‘day dreaming’ Richard.

“So?” Ram looked at him quizzically.

“Let’s go, we’ll be late, she’s not of my type” Richard said in finality as he pulled Ram’s collar.

“Ok” Richard said just to please his ‘party going’ buddy.

“I’ll pick you up at eight, we’ll just bring my car so if we get drunk the cost is just a little. Your car is expensive to be scratched.” Ram explained and hung up.

“Silly party goer” Richard twitched the corner of his perfectly shaped lips.

He only has few minutes to prepare. He headed to his kitchen, pulled the whisky from the cabinet and got some cubed ice from the fridge. He knew he needed few shots to make his condition a little better due to his prevented late-afternoon-nap. He left the remaining ice cubes and the whisky in the nook.

It gives him a hard time to make the memories of yesterday drift his mind. While he was letting the water from the shower drift through his perfectly shaped god-like body, the break-up incident kept on replaying from his mind. He shut his eyes tightly then he punched the wall hard enough to make his fist reddened. He shut the shower and let the remaining water drift to his abs. he grabbed his towel and wrapped it around his waist.

He decided to go with his jeans that clung perfectly on his waist, a white linen shirt that perfectly fit his shape, a dark blue coat that perfectly matched his irises and a usual sneakers he wore to every party he’d attended.

“Damn Richard you look divine! I’m pretty sure you’ll get the sexy-hot-barbie-shaped girls’ attentions.” Ram exclaimed as Richard approaches him.

“Shut up!” Richard exclaimed as he punched Ram’s shoulder.

“Ouch! That hurts huh” Ram complained as he gets back in track with Richard.

Deafening sounds, disco lights, some are dancing , chatting, several known faces. They were welcomed by Ray with two bottles of vodka in his hand, both full. He handed them to the new arrivals.

“Come! I’ll introduce you guys to some of my friends” Ray said as he escorted them inside.

After the introducing portion, Richard and Ram settled out and leaned in the iron grills. While drinking their vodkas, three girls joined them.

“Hi handsome” the blonde beamed at Richard. “Carrie” she introduced and offered him her hand.

Richard as a gentleman, though he despises girls who are aggressive, he shook her hand.

Ram on the other hand is biting his lips as he stares at the brunette beside him.  Carrie kept on licking her lips while Richard doesn’t know how to divert her attention.

“Oh by the way this is my bud, Ram” Richard thought it would divert her attention. But both were not attracted to each other.

“Hi” was all they said to each other.

After several moments of small talks, Ram’s arm was already around the brunette’s waist. Richard shook his head with his ‘I knew it’ look to Ram. Ram just shrugged his shoulders and whispered something to the brunette and they both giggled. Carrie was making her moves, her hands in his chest. Richard doesn’t know how to avoid them. Carrie was about to kiss him when his mobile rang, good thing for him. As an excuse and answered the call immediately, while he was making his way to the bench under the tree, Carrie was still yelling at him to be back right away. He didn’t notice that on his way he would bump to someone.

“Goodness! I’m sorry” Richard yelled by his surprise.

It was dark, the moon have finally set its place. He didn’t notice who he had bumped with.

“I’ll call you back” he said then hung up right away.

“No it’s ok, I’m fine” After wiping the spilled wine to her dress, turning her head up to see who bumped at her, memories rushed back. It was like a de javu.

“Ow! Are you out of your mind?” Richard exclaimed.

“Ah! I’m really sorry, I didn’t notice you, I was looking for the admin office because I was in hurry and in an instant she pulled her hanky from her bag and tried to wipe his chest.

“Stup— !” he trailed, trying to control his temper, then he continued “ I don’t care! You should be careful! Look what have you done!” he exclaimed as he motioned to his stained shirt with annoyance, his eyes, narrowed, narrower than usual, his eyebrows almost met.

It seemed to be a flash back but this time, situations were reversed. It’s as if something made them remember each other way back in college.

“You?” both yelled at each other with surprise and annoyance.

“It was you?” they both spoke at the same time again.

“Ok you go first” Richard told her as he tucks his mobile in his pocket.

With the rush of her emotions, all her grudges way back during her first day in the premed school made her forget that he could be a doctor, but she still didn’t know that it was the doctor Lim whom Ben was endorsing.

“So it was you the arrogant medical student whom I bumped with during my first day in school” Maya’s chest was heaving. She was filled with mixed emotions. Her ego was on top of her.

“And it was you who spilled coffee with my uniform!” Richard yelled.

“Hey guys, what’s up in here?” Ram jogged towards the two with his hand entwined with the brunette and Carrie just right next to them.

“Chardie what happened?” Carrie asked while she was busy taking advantage in caressing Richard’s chest.

“No, no it’s nothing” Richard said just to avoid making a scene.

“Maya!” Cher screamed with all her voice.

“Don’t panic I’m fine, just bits of wine spilled in my dress, it’s not obvious anyway” Maya explained to tame Cher from over exaggerating.

The party went on, Maya and Cher went inside and took their seats beside the window. Richard let his temper lowered and they returned to where they are before the incident happened. They sat in the bench near the window pane. Richard was out of focused, while Carrie was still busy touching his muscles, nudging his ears with her nose but Richard seems to be numb. He had his fifth bottle of 200ml vodka that makes him feel dizzy.

“Hey! I think we have to go!” he yelled to Ram who was having something with the virgin-looking brunette whose legs were on top of Ram’s.

“Goodness! It’s too early! The party is just having its moment! Don’t be an old man who hates partying!” Ram yelled back then back to his brunette.

“Whatever!” Richard left the bench, good thing Carrie was inside.

He headed to the bench under the tree where he was about to go earlier. Maya on the other hand feels out-of-placed inside because most of them were drinking too hard, smoking like there’d be no tomorrow. She felt suffocated and decided to go out.

The stars were the only source of light outside that makes it difficult to distinguish a figure from a far. Richard held his face with his hands while Maya sat on the other end of the five-sitter bench.

Maya was busy looking at the twinkling stars above them. Richard sighed, then uncovered his face.

Maya caught her breath when she came to see who the guy beside her. When she was about to get on her feet, the drunk Richard grabbed her with her elbow.

“Don’t worry, I’m not as bad as you think” Richard joked that made Maya loosen her tension.

“I— I need to go back inside, my friend might be waiting for me” Maya stuttered while she tries to avoid him.

“Why are you girls always like that?” Maya arched her brow and searched if Richard was talking to somebody else, but she saw no one else. Richard continued “ I’m talking to you so you don’t have to look anywhere, you girls are always like that, you dump us guys easily when you get bored”.

Maya sat again thinking that Richard needs someone to talk to.

But where is that girl who….”

“I know you were thinking about Carrie, the girl with me a while ago. I’m not in to her or what I just met her earlier”

Maya just nodded, feeling a bit embarrassed.

“So it was you, the coffee girl in the campus” Richard giggled as he remembered that incident.

Maya giggle. “I was in a hurry and I think I was lost that time” she explained.

“Yeah! I know, you were so panicking that you didn’t even notice that the admin office is just right next to you” Richard laughed. Then he moved closer to her, turned to face her and propped his head on one hand.

Maya felt a bit tensed, they were closer than before. She can’t move farther because of the bench’s arm. And it’s just now that she realized that he was the doctor that she saw while she was talking to the daughter of their patient before. Things started to sink in her mind.

He was a resident doctor and specializes in surgery, tall and lean.

I think he’s nice but I bet he has a girlfriend

“My goodness, isn’t he the one whom Ben was talking about?” Her inner goddess is tipping her shoe. Maya covered her face.

“What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?” Richard shifted as panic run through his veins.

“No, I’m fine doctor Lim” Maya slipped her tongue.

Richard’s eyes grew bigger to the best they can. “How’d you know I was a doctor?”

“Hey Chardie! There you are” Carrie interrupted as she slid her arms from his back. “And who’s this lady you’re talking to?” she asked as she pinned a kiss on his neck.

“A—I just go inside, enjoy” Maya left to avoid being an intruder to them.

Richard tried to stop her but Carrie entwined her fingers with his’.

He tried to turn around, but Maya vanished right away. Carrie caught him with a kiss on his lips. Richard let go right away.

“Hey Chardie want to have some coffee?” Ram teased as he put a cup of coffee on the table. He imitates Carrie’s way of speaking.

“Back off!” Richard threw him the pillow beside him. He fell asleep in the couch while Ram on the floor.

“How’d we get home?”

“Of course I drove your car!” Richard snapped then sipped his coffee. Then he spit it right away because of the bitter taste. “My goodness! What kind of coffee is this!” he yelled and gazed at the smirking Ram seated next to him.

”Don’t be picky! Just say thank you!” Ram nudged him.

“Ok! Ok! Thank you, is that enough?” Richard asked sarcastically. “You know the last time we had coffee in  your office it was so delicious” Richard added.

“Oh! That? I wasn’t the one who made that coffee, it was Maya”

“Maya?” Richard almost broke Ram’s eardrums.

“Hey! Easy! Yes it was Maya, one of the nurses in the hospital. But sad to say she was transferred to station one, I guess a patient requested her.” Ram explained. “Why? Have you met her?” Ram added.

Richard was confused, unable to organize his thoughts. Then he catches a glimpse on his clock. It was quarter to nine. Goose bumps rush through his veins. He run to his room grabbed his towel and took a quick bath.



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