Before They Marry

A/N:  Good day, everyone!  With the #BCWMHfairytaleweddingoftheyear coming up soon, a possible pre-wedding scenario popped up in my head again.  Allow me to share that scenario with you now.  I have high hopes that you’ll enjoy this one, as I definitely enjoyed writing it.

I can truly imagine our dear Maya Dela Rosa visiting Alex’s grave before she and Richard exchange I do’s. Can you?  Would you like her to?

Happy reading!

To my friends at, I especially dedicate this to you. Advanced Happy 7th month to all the members of our forum!  🙂

To Mr. Richard Yap, Ms. Jodi Sta. Maria, the entire cast, crew, and the very brilliant Creative Team of BCWMH, thank you for giving us an intelligently crafted, heartwarming show we hope to watch forever. BCWMH is truly a show that we will definitely remember for a long, long time. 

Kapit-bisig forever!

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Author: iamgarie



By iamgarie

Part 1

It’s Friday night, November 8, 2013, exactly a week away from their wedding. Richard and Maya have just spent an enjoyable evening with the kids: dinner out and a movie to cap off the night.

Richard cannot help but gaze and smile at his soon to be wife. The dinner and movie date with the kids were Maya’s idea, as she didn’t want to make Luke, Nikki and Abby feel alienated just because she and Richard have been spending less time with them, busy as they are with all the last minute wedding preparations and responsibilities at work. Richard can’t help but marvel and smile at Maya, grateful for all the love and attention she has always given him and their kids. He is one lucky man, indeed.

Maya is smiling, too! She is happy about how the evening has turned out for them. She truly loves Luke, Nikki and Abby like her own. She cannot help but imagine how exciting life will be once she and Richard are finally married. There was just one thing Maya needed to do before the wedding. It has been on her mind for many days now. Alex. She wants to visit and talk to Alex.

The short drive back to the condo was filled with the kids’ happy chatter about the movie they just saw. Luke, Nikki and Abby hardly even noticed that their car has stopped and they were right in front of Emman’s condo.

Richard: Here we are!

Maya: (Lovingly smiles at Richard as she unbuckles her seat belt) Salamat sa paghatid. (Then directs her attention to the kids) Sana nag enjoy kayo.

Nikki: Dad, Ate Maya. Thank you for a fun evening!

Luke: Yes, Daddy, Ate Maya. Alam po namin you are very busy because of the wedding pero you still made time for us.

Abby: I love you, Daddy and Ate Maya! Thank you po.

Richard and Maya: We love you, baby!

Nikki: Oh my gee! By Friday next week, you guys will be married na! I’m SOOO happy for both of you! And Ate Maya, we don’t have to take you back here every time we go out! Starting next week, we’ll all be going home together! We will all be living in the same house! Aww!  Isn’t that great? Oh my gee! I’m so excited na! Minsan, can we like have a sleepover sa room niyo ni Daddy? Parang camping lang! That will be oh so fun!!!

All Richard could do was roll his eyes as Maya nods and smiles at Nikki.

Abby: Yes, Ate Nikki! You’re right! We’ll have so much fun once Daddy and Ate Maya are married na. Ate Maya?

Maya: Yes, baby?

Abby: What do you want us to call you after you and Daddy get married po?

Maya: Ha, baby?

Abby: Mommy po ba or Mama? I wanted to ask you that before pa when I found out girlfriend na po kayo ni Daddy.

Maya: Ha, ah eh…

Nikki: Yes, Ate Maya. Parang ang akward naman kasi if we’ll keep calling you Ate Maya, diba? Eh you’ll be married na to Dad! So, technically, you’ll be our mom na rin, diba?

Maya: Ah eh, kayo ang bahala. Pero alam niyo naman na kahit magpapakasal kami ng Daddy niyo, hinding-hindi nangangahulugan na papalitan ko ang Mommy ninyo. Kailanman, walang makakapalit sa Mommy ninyo.

Luke: Alam naman namin yun, Ate Maya. Wala naman makakapapalit kay Mom. Pero we can call you Mama and also love you just the same.

Nikki: Even before you and Dad fell in love, we love you na, diba? Kasi you so super love us, too. Diba, I said na nga countless times before, you’re family! So, is it okay if we stop calling you Ate Maya?

Richard: (Upon noticing Maya in tears…) Maya, you’re crying again.

Maya: Hindi, ah.

Luke: Don’t deny it na, Ate Maya. Kita namin lahat.

Maya: Eh kasi kayo, eh. Alam niyo namang mahal na mahal ko kayo, diba?

Nikki: Aww, Ate Maya!

Richard: So, Attorney, what do you want them to call you?

Maya: Pwede sigurong Mama kung okay lang talaga sa inyo.

Luke and Nikki: Of course!

Abby: I love you, Mama!

Nikki: Si baby talaga, o. Kelangan siya parati mauna!

Luke: Good night, Mama!

Nikki: Kuuuuya! You’re so G-R-R-R talaga! Inunahan mo ko!

Luke: Ang baaaagal mo kasi!

Nikki: I love you, Mama-kins! Good night!

Everyone alights from the car to give their teary-eyed Mama kisses and hugs. Then Richard instructs the kids to stay in the car, while he takes Maya inside the condo.

Part 2

When the elevator door opens, Maya smiles lovingly at Richard and laces her fingers with his as they walk towards Emman’s unit.  Outside Emman’s door, Richard is suddenly in a laughing fit.

Maya: O, ano yan?

Richard: (Still laughing) Is Emman home?

Maya: Wala pa siguro yun. Lumabas siya kasama ng mga kaklase niya, eh. Bakit mo natanong at bakit kung makatawa ka naman eh wagas?

Richard: Just curious. Kasi every time I attempt to kiss you at your doorstep, he pops up! You still remember how I tried to kiss you when I brought you home after our first date?  He suddenly opened the door, diba? Tapos there was this one time I wanted to kiss you, then bang! He suddenly fell from the stairs and got himself hurt! (They both laugh uncontrollably. And then he suddenly stops and smiles mischievously.) Let me test my theory now. (He leans closer to Maya and whispers) I love you, Mama!

Maya: Ha? Ikaw rin?

Richard: Haha! Kakainggit ang kids, eh. I love you, Mama! Dream of me tonight, okay?

Then Richard flashes his lopsided grin at Maya, cups her face with both his hands, and gives her one sweet kiss leaving her craving for more.

Maya: Sige try ko yun.

Richard: Try ang alin? I-kiss din ako?

Maya: Haha! Sira!

Richard: You don’t even have to ask, Maya!  Basta you feel the urge to kiss me or to do whatever it is that you want to do, then gawin mo lang sa kin. I won’t mind. After all, we’re already engaged. And we’re about to get married. You don’t have to be so shy!  Diba we’ve had all that talk about intimacy na and making love?  One week na lang and I’m excited about unraveling the mystery to you. So, anong gusto mong i-try? I’m game!

Maya: Hoy, Mr. Lim! Masyado kang assuming! Ang gusto ko lang naman sabihin eh ita-try ko to dream of you, and–

Richard: Linawin mo kasi, Mrs. Lim!

Maya: And I love you, too!

Richard: Yun lang?

Maya: Yes. Ano pa ba dapat?

Richard: (Looks at Maya with a mischievous glint in his eyes) Hahaha! Lagot ka sa kin next week! Whether you like it or not, magha-honeymoon talaga tayo!

Maya: Hehe. Ikaw talaga, o!  Okay na nga sa ‘kin, diba? Nag-agree na nga ako 2-3 kids nga, diba?  (Blushes) Tama na! Change topic na!

Richard: There are only the two of us now, talking. It’s an intimate moment for us. Maya, you shouldn’t feel embarrassed whenever we talk about being intimate. Are you sure ayaw mo nang pag-usapan?

Maya: Hindi na nga. Okay na yung napag-usapan natin nung seminar… Ahhhm, Ricky… Pwede kayang… Ah… May gusto sana ako puntahan after natin magsimba sa Linggo.

Richard: Sure. Where do you want to go?

Maya: Kay Alex sana.

Richard: Okay.

Maya: One week na lang, ikakasal na tayo. And talagang gusto ko sana siya madalaw and makausap bago tayo ikasal.

Richard: (Smiles at her) Girl talk?

Maya: (Nods and smiles)

Richard: Okay. We’ll go visit Alex after we hear mass on Sunday.

Maya: Salamat, Ricky. (Hugs and gives Richard a lingering kiss on the lips)

Richard: (Smiles) Great move, Mrs. Lim! Now you’re learning!  I love your spontaneity! That’s intimacy at its finest.

Maya: Naku, Mr. Lim! Gusto ko lang din i-test yung theory mo about Emman.

Richard: Yun lang yun? Si Mrs. Lim talaga, o, puro palusot! For a theory to become a theory diba kelangan ma-test and ma-prove countless times? Try ko nga ulit!

Maya: Hep! Sumosobra ka na, Mr. Richard Lim! Tama na yan! Bumaba ka na nga. Siguradong naiinip na ang mga bata…

Richard: Okay.  I’ll miss you, Mama. Sweet dreams! (Then hugs Maya) Hmmm!!! Ang bango talaga ng misis ko!

Maya: Ikaw din kaya! Kaya nga ikaw si Daddy Bango ko, diba?

Richard: Kaya ba wala kang tigil sa pag-amoy mo sa kin dati?

Maya: (Pouts) Oo na! Bistado mo na ko! Alam mo palang panakaw kitang inaamoy, eh bakit di mo ko pinapagalitan?

Richard: (Shrugs his shoulders and purses his lips) Ewan ko nga ba… Hahaha! I love you, my Mrs. Lim!

Maya: I love you, too, my Mr. Lim! Sige na. Bumaba ka na!

Maya watches him as he walks toward the elevator. Richard stops by the elevator door, glances at Maya and smiles. When the elevator door opens, Emman suddenly steps out, and Richard and Maya, although far apart from each other, are suddenly in a laughing fit.  Richard smiles at Maya and says out loud, “Muntik na naman! Hahaha!” Emman acknowledges Richard’s presence with a nod, and shakes his head as he walks towards his unit, as Richard and Maya continue to laugh uncontrollably.

Part 3

Sunday morning after breakfast, Richard, together with the kids, drives to Emman’s condo to pick up Maya, so they can all attend mass together. While in the car, Richard noticed Luke and Nikki nudge each other several times, seemingly wanting to ask him for something.

Richard: Luke, Nikki, what is it?

Luke: Dad, can we go somewhere after the mass?

Richard: I promised to take Maya to Alex after we hear mass. Maybe after that we can go wherever it is you want to go to.

Nikki: Really, Dad? Ate Ma–oops! Mama really wants to see Mom? That’s sweet of her. Guess what, Dad?

Dad: What?

Luke: Actually Dad, dun po din namin sana gusto pumunta.

Nikki: It’s been awhile since we visited Mom, and since you and Mama are getting married na, we really want to see Mom sana. Can we pass by a flower shop before we go to the condo?

Richard: Sure!

Abby: Daddy, do you think Mom is sad because you’re getting married na po?

Nikki: No, baby! Of course not! I’m sure Mommy is happy that Dad fell in love again and that he will get married na.

Luke: And I’m sure she’s also happy for us, too. Kasi she can see how much A– Mama loves us.

Nikki: And you know what, baby? I think it was Mommy who sent Mama our way. She knows kasi how lonely we all were after she left. And she wants us to be happy again, kaya she made sure that Mama’s path crosses with ours. Diba, Dad?

Richard: (Overwhelmed with emotion, clears his throat) Your Ate Nikki is right, baby! Your Mommy is a thoughful, loving and caring woman. She knows how sad we have all been for a long time, kaya she sent Maya our way. You love Mommy, right?

Abby: Yes, Daddy, pero I also love Mama, too. Okay lang po ba yun?

Richard: Yes, baby. It’s okay to love both Mommy and Mama. I’m sure Mommy is happy because you and Kuya and Ate are happy. Your Mama makes all of us happy, and I’m sure Mommy is happy about that.

Luke: And para di tayo malungkot, baby, Mommy made sure si Mama talaga yung mapupunta sa atin– funny, sobrang makulit, very loving and thoughful pa at sobrang patient and understanding kahit na sobrang mean namin nina Daddy sa kanya dati.

Abby: Hihi! You’re funny, Kuya! Pero you’re right. And you forgot something pa, Kuya! Mama’s a very good storyteller also. Diba po, Daddy?

Richard: (Smiles) Yes, baby.

Nikki: You know what, Daddy-kins? I never thought I’d ever welcome any woman to our family for you! But Mama is really God’s special gift to us. And I super love her na, Dad! Really, really! And I must admit, you’re really so bagay kaya!

Richard: (Smiles) Thank you, Niks, Luke, Abby! This really means so much to me!  I just want you to know how grateful I am to the three of you for allowing me this chance to be happy again. Like you, Niks, I never thought that this would happen. And thank you, kids, for the initiative to start calling her Mama.

Abby: Wait! What about you, Daddy-kins?

Richard: What about, baby?

Abby: What will you call Mama po after you get married?

Richard: Maya pa din. Or Attorney. Haha! She loves to argue kasi!

Nikki: Dad! That’s not sweet kaya! Think of something sweet, Daddy-kins!

Luke: Sweet pala ha. Parang Mallows siguro, Dad! Marshie na lang itawag mo kay Mama. Short for marshmallows.  Diba, Niks?

Nikki: Kuuuuya!  You’re so G-R-R-R talaga!   Daddy, o!

Richard: That’s enough, Luke! Don’t worry, I’m not going to call Maya ‘Marshie’. (Then he smiles at Nikki) I don’t want to be a copycat kaya.

Nikki: Daddy!

Richard: Haha! Just kidding, Niks! Okay, fine! I’ll think of something. Or I can always ask Maya what she wants me to call her. What if I call her Maya-kins? It sounds cute! Bagay kay Maya! Iyakin kasi. Haha!

Abby: I know! I know!

Luke: Ano yun, baby?

Abby: I think Daddy should call Mama ‘mahal’. Kasi dun sa bedtime story ni Mama for me, si Daddy yung Mahal na Hari and si Mama yung Mahal na Prinsesa.

Nikki: Oh my gee! That’s so cute! Mahal sounds bagay for you and Mama! Pero baby, what’s that story about ba?

Abby: Tungkol po sa Mahal na Prinsesa na napadpad sa kaharian ng masungit na Mahal na Hari!

Luke: Hahaha! Ikaw na ikaw nga po yun, Daddy!

Richard: (Pouts) Luke!

Luke: Just kidding, Dad!

Abby: Can I tell you the story tonight na lang, Ate? It’s so long kasi, eh.

Nikki: Okay, baby!

Luke: Sali ako ha.

Abby: Sure po, Kuya!

Part 4

Maya, together with Richard and the kids, enters Alex’s mausoleum with a bouquet of white roses that she bought the night before. As she places the bouquet of white roses on top of Alex’s grave, she hears Luke, Nikki and Abby all raring to share their own stories, as they each place a single stemmed red rose on their Mom’s grave. Richard places a basket of multi-colored flowers on Alex’s grave, too.

Luke was the first to speak.

Luke: Hi, Mom! Kamusta na po? We’re all okay and happy, Mom. Sana kayo din po. Mommy, I was in Singapore two weeks ago to check out the Engineering program of Singapore Aviation University . The campus is amazing and mukhang ang galing po ng Engineering program nila. Sabi po ni Daddy, I can study there if I want to.

Nikki: Kuya, me naman! Hi, Mom! You know, we’re almost done with rehearsals for our Noli Me Tangere play for Westeatro. And we’re ready na. I directed the play, Mom! I can’t wait for Dad and everyone to watch the play I directed. Sana lang Tita Rafi can watch also like last year. I’ll ask her later siguro. I already invited Lolo and Lola to watch the play and they’ll watch daw po.

Luke: Mom, si Nikki may crush na and marunong na pong mang-busted. Haha!

Nikki: Kuya, you’re so G-R-R-R talaga!

Luke: Eh, totoo naman diba?

Abby: Kuya, Ate, you’re both funny! Hi po, Mommy. I go to the same school as Ate na, and like when Ate was in Grade 1, I’m a star scout din po. And I have the best Ate and Kuya in the world because they always help me po with my school work! I love you, Mommy!

Nikki: Aww! Baby!

Luke: Ang sweet naman ni baby!

Richard: (Reaches for Maya’s hand) Hi, Alex! This is Maya.

Maya: Hello, Alex. Ah…

Luke: Mom, meet Mama. Daddy says he told you about her na. She’s…

Nikki: … the woman Daddy is marrying, Mom! Isn’t Daddy amazing? We’re so lucky cos he falls for the right people. Like with you, before. Tapos now naman kay Mama!

Abby: Ate Nikki is right, Mommy. And I believe what she, Kuya and Daddy said kanina.

Maya: Na ano, baby?

Abby: Na happy po si Mommy kasi dumating ka po sa min and made us all smile again. Tapos you all love us so much pa and you made me talk again pa po. Mommy loves us and wants us to stop feeling lonely, kaya po she made sure you will come into our lives.

Maya: (Hugs Abby) Ah, baby! Ang sweet niyo talaga!

Luke and Nikki: Just like you, Mama!

Abby: Group hug!

Richard can only smile and thank the heavens for this beautiful, unexpected surprise, as he joins the four people who matter to him the most in a group hug.

Part 5

Richard: Ah, kids. Say goodbye to Mommy na muna. We will visit her again soon. Let’s just wait for your Mama in the car. Mag ge-girl talk daw muna sila ni Mommy niyo.

The kids all bid their Mom goodbye and head to the car, leaving Richard and Maya in the mausoleum.

Richard: Will you be okay here by yourself?

Maya: Oo naman.

Richard: (Kneels and touches Alex’s grave) Alex, I will leave you and Maya to talk muna ha. We will visit you again soon. (Stands up and turns to Maya) Take your time. (Kisses Maya on the forehead) The kids and I will wait for you in the car.

Left all alone, Maya then smiles at the grave of the woman who once held Richard’s heart.

Hello, Alex! Sa totoo lang, hindi ko talaga alam kung anong sasabihin ko sa yo. Gusto ko lang talaga magpunta dito at alayan ka ng bulaklak… Ahm… Sadyang mapagbiro ang tadhana, ‘no? Nagkatagpo kayo ni Ricky, sobrang nagmahalan, nabiyayaan ng tatlong napakamapagmahal at mababait na anak tapos bigla na lang nangyari ang mga nangyari. Para lang nung sa Mamang ko. At walang may kagustuhan nun. Pero ganun naman talaga ang buhay, diba? Walang kasiguruhan.

Nang una kong makilala si Ricky at ang mga bata at nung nalaman ang kwento nila, sobra akong nalungkot para sa kanila. Limang taon ka nang wala nang makilala ko sila pero damang-dama ko pa rin ang kalungkutan nila at ang sobra-sobrang pagmamahal nila sa yo. Alam kong hindi na kasama sa trabaho ko yun dati, pero talagang ginawa kong misyon siguro ang pasayahin sila at intindihin ko ang pinagdadaanan nila kahit na nung umpisa puro inis at galit ang naramdaman nila para sa kin, maliban na lang kay Abby. Hindi ko namalayan, sobrang napamahal na sila sa akin at naging mahalagang parte na sila ng buhay ko. Lalo na si Ricky kahit na nung una, para lang kaming aso’t-pusa. Haha!

Alex, sana okay lang sa yo na mahalin namin ni Ricky ang isa’t-isa. At sana okay din na mahalin ko ang mga anak ninyo. Sa totoo lang, mahal na mahal na mahal ko si Ricky, at damang-dama ko rin ang lubos na pagmamahal niya sa akin. Ibang klase siyang magmahal, ano? Hihi! Marami-rami na rin kaming pagsubok na napagdaanan at buti na lang ni minsan hindi namin naisipang bumitaw sa isa’t-isa. Araw-araw, mas lalo pang tumitindi ang pagmamahal ko sa kanya.

Pero alam mo, may mga takot pa rin ako. Hindi naman siguro mawawala yun lalo na sa mga taong nagmamahal. Pero sabi na rin nga ni Ricky, ano daw, one could never foresee, let alone prepare for everything. Kelangan lang talaga ay leap of faith daw. Faith na kahit ano pa man ang mangyari, kakayanin namin ang lahat. Tama naman siya, diba? Mahirap man, pero kailangan siguro matuto tayong manalig at magtiwala. Keep the faith, ika nga. Kasi hindi naman talaga natin alam kung anong mangyayari bukas. Walang nakakaalam. Basta kapit-bisig na lang siguro. Si Ricky alam nang makikapit-bisig at marunong ng mag-joke at dahil sa joke niya kilig na kilig ako! Nakadikit na daw ako sa kanya. Ayieee! At kailanman, hinding-hindi daw siya bibitaw.

Ilang araw na lang, ikakasal na kami ni Ricky. Siguro nandito ako ngayon para na rin hingin ang blessing mo. Pangako ko sa yo, mamahalin ko si Ricky at ang mga anak ninyo… ah, mga anak na natin pala, nang lubos lubos. Salamat sa oras mo, Alex, ha. Sa uulitin. Wag kang mag-alala mas kukulitin ko si Ricky na mas dalasan ang pagbisita namin dito at promise parati akong magbabaon ng kwento para sa yo tuwing bibisita kami dito. Friends na tayo ha. Bye, Alex. Babalik kami ulit soon.

Part 6

Maya walks out of the mausoleum with a happy heart and a lighter disposition. She heads to their car and Richard opens the door for her. Inside the car, she smiles at everyone as she buckles her seatbelt.

Maya: (Looks at Richard) Okay na. Nakapag- girl talk na kami ni Alex. Balik tayo ulit dito ha.

Abby: Mama, what did you and Mommy talk about po?

Maya: Sobrang dami, baby. Kwentuhan kita mamaya.

Richard: Ako din, kekwentuhan mo?

Maya: Girl talk yun, Ricky. Girl ka ba?

Richard: Hahaha! (Then stops, looks at Maya and smiles)  You’re silly, Maya!

Maya, Luke, Abby and Nikki laugh, and Richard joins in the laughter, as well.

Nikki: You’re so funny, Mama! Aren’t we lucky? Mama’s here to stay with us forever.

Richard: You got that right, Niks! We are all truly lucky to have one another. But I’m starving! Who wants lunch?

Luke, Nikki and Abby: (In unison) Me!

Richard: Then lunch it is! (Smiles at Maya) MAHAL, what do you want to eat?

Maya: (Blushes!)

Nikki: O, see, Dad! Mama’s blushing na!

Maya: Kayo talaga! Hindi naman. (Looks at Richard) Nabigla lang ako sa itinawag mo sa akin kasi.

The kids giggle.

Richard: Bakit, ayaw mo?

Maya: Siyempre gusto ko yun, MAHAL!

Richard: (Smiles and turns red. Totally stunned!)

Luke: Yun, o! Si Daddy, o, marunong din pala mag-blush!

Abby: Hihihi! You’re all so funny, Daddy, Mama, Kuya and Ate! Daddy, Mama? Pwede po mag-wish?

Richard: Sure! / Maya: Oo naman, baby!

Abby: When Ate and Kuya had the slumber party in the house po, sobrang saya po natin lahat kasama sina Kuya Emman, Kuya Nicolo and Kuya Louie. I realized po, it’s fun pala to have a big family.

Richard: (Smiles) And?

Abby: Kaya po, can I have 2 more sisters and 2 more brothers po after you get married?

Maya rolls her eyes in disbelief as Richard, Luke and Nikki all laugh heartily!

Abby: Pwede naman po yun, diba?

Richard: Of course, baby! Pero if you do change your mind later and wish for a much bigger family pa, just tell Daddy at once, okay? Kayang-kaya ni Daddy and Mama yan. Your wish is our command, baby!

Maya: Ricky!!!

Richard: O, bakit na naman, Mahal? Ayaw mo?

Maya: (Purses her lips, then smiles at Abby and then at Richard;  Maya looks giddy yet scared at the same time) Siyempre gusto, Mahal! Anything to make baby happy!

Richard, Maya, and the kids’ laughter once again echo in the confines of the car, the all too silent witness to Richard and Maya’s amazing love journey.

Part 7

Up in heaven, a lovely vision in white is smiling at Maya.  Alexandra S. Lim is indeed full of love and gratitude for Maya, the woman who brought back the love and laughter in the hearts of her dear ones, Richard, Luke, Nikki, and Abby.

Alex has never questioned God’s will. When her life ended, all she ever wished for was that Richard and the kids could overcome the pain of losing her and learn to love and live again. Her wish came true the day Maya came and became Abby’s other mom and Luke and Nikki’s friend.  Alex knew then that it was only a matter of time before Richard and Maya would fall in love. And they did, much to Alex’s delight. And now that Richard and Maya are about to exchange I do’s, Alex is filled with immense joy!

In five days, on November 15, 2013 to be exact, Richard will marry Maya, and all Alex could wish and hope for is that Richard and Maya not only be blessed with more children, but with happiness, peace & contentment, long life, a great deal of faith, exciting dreams, and lots of love and laughter and happy thoughts to last them a lifetime.


Disclaimer:  I do not own the creative minds behind ABS-CBN’s Be Careful with My Heart TV show. This creative endeavor is just for fan fiction purposes. The characters are ABS-CBN’s BCWMH TV show’s sole property.

Allow me to acknowledge and thank BCWMH’s brilliant Creative Team as some of the scenes and lines mentioned in this piece were taken from the TV series.


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